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   bd14579_.gif (267 bytes)  The Reverse Beacon Network - Spots And More (WWROF webinar presentation from February 2014)

  bd14579_.gif (267 bytes) Review of Logging Programs and Reverse Beacon Network/CW Skimmer Status Report (Dayton CTU and Contest Forum 2012

  bd14579_.gif (267 bytes)  My Ham History

   bd14579_.gif (267 bytes)NCJ Articles and my NCJ Column - "Software for Contesters"


        NCJ Reviews MultiNEC (Sept 2003)

        The Simplest Sound Card Interface (Sept 2003) [pending]

        NCJ Reviews N1MM Logger (May 2005) [pending]

        NCJ Reviews the PIEXX TS-930 microprocessor board (July-August 1999)

        NCJ Reviews Win-Test - A French Twist on Contest Logging (Sept 2005)

        Receiver Protection for the Fledgling SO2R Station (Nov 2005)

        Single Tower SO2R - Design Challenges and Some Solutions (March 2006)

         NCJ Reviews the MicroHam MK2R+ (March-April 2007)

        NCJ Reviews the Elecraft XG-1 (July-Aug 2007)

        So You Want to Skim? (September 2008)

        Introduction to CW Skimmer (DXAtlas web site, late 2008)

        Using WintelnetX to Combine Cluster and Skimmer Spots (K1TTT web site, late 2008)

        QuickStart Guide to W2RF's RigSync (late 2008)


        Sep-Oct 2004 - Audacity and RecAll

        Jan-Feb 2005 - Windows Contest Simulators

        May-June 2005 - VE3NEA Software

        Sep-Oct 2005 - Buying a Computer; Backup Software and Virus Protection

        Jan-Feb 2006 - Hamcalc and On-Line Scoreboards

        May-June 2006 - SH5 Log Analysis Software

        Sept - Oct 2006 - "This Changes Everything"

        May-June 2007 - Modeling Pitfalls

        Sept-Oct 2007 - Location Tools for Contesters

        Jan-Feb 2008 - RUFZ XP, AutoHotkey and Drawing Block Diagrams

        May-June 2008 - Backup

        July-Aug 2008 - CW Skimmer

        Jan-Feb 2009 - Exploring Windows XP to Solve Problems