Dayton 2011 Presentations

At Dayton 2011 I did two lectures as part of the Contest University and one talk at the Contesting Forum.  These three items are available as .pdf files.


The Review of Contest Logging Programs is available in two formats, one as originally presented and the other in a reformatted version.  The difference is that the original treated each logging program separately.  That is, all of the information on WriteLog was presented, followed by all of the information on N1MM Logger, and finishing with the same on Win-Test. 

After the fact, I concluded that it would have been a lot easier to follow if each topic were to be addressed for all 3 programs at the same time - bandmaps, or multiplier tracking, or whatever.  The reformatted version takes that approach.

The CTU lecture on the Reverse Beacon Network and CW Skimmer is also presented here, as is my Contest Forum presentation on the same subject.  All are in .pdf format for easy accessibility.