N3RR CQ Magazine Cover

Congratulations to PVRC Member Bill Hider, N3RR, He is on the April 1996 CQ Magazine Cover

Directly from CQ Magazine it says:

The highlight of Bill Hider, N3RR's antenna farm is his impressive 134 ft. tower in the background. This structure is the support for an EF180A 80 meter rotary dipole at 149 ft., 5-el 10 meter Yagi at 141 ft., and 402CD at 134 ft., all turned with a ring rotor. The smaller 55 ft. tower in the foreground holds an A-4 tribander.

Bill's primary interests in amateur radio are contesting and DXing. When he's not sitting in the shack, he serves a Vice-President of Telecommunications for Gannett Communications, Inc., publishers of USA Today. Bill was USA Today's 12th employee, with initial responsibility for establishiing their worldwide corporate satellite network.

Bill shares his life with his wife, two children, and four cats in their Rockville, Maryland home.

(Photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)

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