5M Program Score Submission

Before the log deadline, please consider using the forms at 3830 Scores instead of this generic form.

WARNING!!! If you submit a score to 3830 Scores and post a score using this form, the score posted using this form will be overwritten when the data from 3830 is collected.

PVRC 5M Score Reporting Form
Note:May be left empty for contests with a single multiplier like WPX or Sweepstakes


Single Operator

The Call Used field is the call you used on the air. If it is a club call or a temporary dxpedition call, enter your primary call in the Operator(s) field. If you were a guest operator, enter the call of the host in the Host field.

For example, if AA4FU operates as a single operator at N4AF using the call NY4A, the Call Used would be NY4A, the Operator(s) would be AA4FU, and the Host would be N4AF.

Multi Operator

The host should enter the score. The individual guest operators should not enter duplicate scores.

The Call Used field is the call used on the air. In the Operator(s) field enter a list of all operators, including the host, if the host was an operator. The Host field is the primary call of the station owner.