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PVRC Elections Rules per By-Laws Section 2

The PVRC nomination of officers and Board of Trustees is now open and shall remain open until 31 October.
The specifics of this election process will remain the same as in all previous annual election years.
Chapter chairmen will ask for nominations at both their September and October meetings.
Chairmen will forward nomination results via email to the PVRC secretary not later than 31 October
PVRC Secretary Tim, N3QE will receive via email the September and October nominations from your chapter chairmen.
A list of all nominees received by Tim from all chapter chairmen will be sent to each chapter chairman via email on 01 November.
Chapter chairmen will hold elections at their November and December chapter meetings.
Chairmen will forward election results via the automated PVRC Meeting Attendance Report not later than 15 December.
Secretary Tim N3QE will post election results to the PVRC reflector not later than 31 December.
The PVRC by-laws Section 2 stipulate the following process: “The President shall call for the nomination of officers and the Board of Trustees in September. The floor shall remain open for additional nominations until October 31. The Officers and Trustees shall be elected by a majority vote of active, voting members. Election results will be announced by December 31.
We have an opening for a second Vice President.
Please consider nominating a member from one of the outlying regions of the circle for this position.
Bud W3LL