W7YS (then W9ACG) at WAR (ca 1945)
La Plata, Md in 1945)
The Western Electric receiver is three bays wide and
our frequency allocation was 12kc bandwidth which was divided 
into an upper and lower sideband, each containing two 3kc channels.  
The upper sidebands contained 32 channels of rtty and the lower sideband 
was used for an order wire and sending fax photos. 
We had five of these (this one was on the circuit from Frankfort, Germany 
callsign DAAA.  We had about 25 single channel RTTY receivers in space 
diversity which means one receiver on a rhombic, and the companion receiver 
on another rhombic which was spaced about 1/4 to 1/2 mile away in the same direction.  
The station was at the center of probably 40 or 50 3 curtain rhombics.  We also had a few very
special receiving antennas.

The commcenter was in the Pentagon, and the Transmitting and Receiving
stations were about 35 miles away in different directions linked by
and 152mc uhf equipment for backup.  Our callsign was WAR.    de bill W7YS
PS - that's me in the photo!