W4KXV remembered (courtesy K2UFT)

W4KXV M/M was an eclectic collection of rigs, some his, some borrowed for the occasion.  

The Thunderbolt shown above K2AV (then K4VDL) was mine, the 75A3 in front of W1ICA (then K2VGR) was also mine.  

K2AV and I were double teaming on 40 meters, the amp was a WWII BC610 - you could tell who we were working by listening to the plate transformer hum in sync with the keying!

I believe the fellow behind Al N4AF (then K4PQL) was Rusty, W6OAT (K4BVD), but not really sure of that.

KXV4 picture is a close-up of the famous PVRC Offset Boom to Mast assembly that would permit adjustments to be made to the beam without taking it off the tower.

I'm not really sure of the year these pictures were taken, I borrowed them from W4KXV and scanned them.   The color picture included is N4RP (ex-W4KXV) at his FL condo in 2002 when I last visited him.  

Rigs of that era
PVRC mount at W4KXV
K2AV (K4VDL) & K2UFT Running em
N4RP (W4KXV) 2002