PVRC Calendar:
Wed     weekly  PVRC BWI  breakfast 7:30 AM at Basil's Deli Port on
		Elkridge Landing Rd.  -W6AXX
Thu     Oct 2   PVRC/NC meeting at Luna's, 3227 Avent Ferry Rd,  Raleigh
		at 6 PM.
Mon     Oct 13  Central meeting at Temple Hills, MD.  Nominations will be
		accepted from the floor.
Tue     Oct 21  NW meeting, Legends Restr, Hampton Inn, I-270/Rt85,
		Frederick MD at 8:00 PM 
Tue     Oct 21  Tidewater Colony meeting, China Palace Restr, Jct
		Newtown/Kempsville Rds, Norfolk
Sa/Su   Oct 25/26  CQWW SSB contest
Mon     Nov 13  Central meeting in VA at location TBA.  
		Election of officers.
Hang on.  I will explain why Christmas is scheduled before Holloween this
year.  No, it has nothing to do with the grinch trying to steal Christmas.
It was agreed at PVRC business meetings that we should have a column in
Autocall.  Great idea!  Each month, Autocall goes to about 2000
subscribers plus a couple hundred over the counter sales.  Great FREE way
to advertise PVRC to area Hams.  I have offered to write that column with
the first scheduled to appear in the October issue. (Oct text was not
received by Autocall!)  Now the catch.  We need a full month more lead
time for Autocall than the PVRC Newsletter.
What does this Autocall lead time mean?  Well, if you are planning on
holding a PVRC meeting, Christmas party, or other activity in December,
and if you want the advantage of having it pushed via Autocall, I need the
final details by October 25!.  Hence, Christmas (scheduling) is before
The deadline for the PVRC Newsletter is still about the first of the issue
month and we publish about 10 days later.  However, if you send me advance
schdules for Autocall, I will include in the page 1 calendar of the
Newsletter.  - K3DI
Newsletter and Autocall deadlines are the 25th of the month.
At the October 13th central meeting, to be held at Temple Hills location, 
the trustees of  the Potomac Valley Radio Club will present a slate of
nominees for offices in the club for the year 1998.  At that time,
additional nominations will be accepted from the floor.  Then, at the
November 13th central meeting, to be held at a Virginia location, the
membership will vote on those nominated.
It is necessary to attend one or two meetings (depending on the contest)
each year for your score to count toward the PVRC total.  If you live in
the Baltimore/DC area, a quick way to get those meeting credits is to
attend the PVRC/BWI breakfast group that meets every Wednesday morning at
7:30 am in the vicinity of the BWI airport.  More information on the "PVRC
REFERENCE PAGE" which is the last page of this Newsletter or contact
Howard, W6AXX.
We had a great turnout for this well-attended hamfest!  The meeting was
held in the PVRC tailgate area near the Main Exhibition Hall shortly after
11 AM, convened by K3MM.
In attendance in order of sign-in: ND3F, N3SLN, N3YDT, N3RR, W3ZN, WB2BZR,
YY2G, N4QQ, ND3A, WR3Z, W3TMZ, AA3NM, and W3LPL.
K3MM reminded all of the upcoming VHF contest next weekend and the CQWW DX
RTTY contest at the end of the month and of the first Regular PVRC meeting
of the fall season being held tomorrow night, Monday the 8th at 7PM in
Vienna, VA.  N3RR will discuss the latest happenings with the new RF
safety standards at this meeting. 
On display were the new sample updated logo's encompassing the full region
of the club.  Votes must be registered with K3IXD by the end of September.
Our spies indicate that the early favorite is #3, which most accurately
depicts the entire region of the PVRC circle.
Three new members were voted into the club!  These were:  KC3VO, Bob
Curry, is an Advanced class amateur from Adelphi, MD.  Bob is a station
engineer at WHMM TV Ch 32 and is often spotted at various functions riding
his motorcycle towing an HF KW trailer!  He also takes great pride in his
experimentation with bigger and better power amps, especially for VHF and
up, using "un-obtainium" parts.
KR4ZY, Tom Davis, an Advanced class ham, calls Oakton, VA home.  He's
retired from the US Government, but will be headed to India soon and looks
forward to getting on the air from there, especially on RTTY.
W4LIP, Bob Lipp, is an Extra class amateur from Oakton, VA as well.  He
works for SAIC and has recent contest experience in the ARRL DX contest
and Field Day.  He is also a member of Vienna Wireless and has a 75 foot
tower with various beams and wires as well as a very respectable DXCC
Suggestions for future meeting programs were solicited and W3ZZ suggested
a comparison between the major contest softwares:  CT, NA, and TR.
The meeting was hastily adjourned and bargain-hunting resumed!
9/8/97 by Brian McGinness, N3OC, Secretary
The meeting was called to order at 7:40pm by Rich, KE3Q.  Members and
guests were introduced.  There was a brief discussion about the ARRL
requirement of attendance at two club meetings per year to be able to
submit scores for PVRC in ARRL contests.
Membership applications were received from KD3VK, K3KZ, and N4ZH.  KD3VK,
Ken Nichols, is advanced class operator who lives in Gaithersburg and is
sponsored by N3KTV.  K3KZ, Malcolm Ringel, is an extra class operator from
the eastern shore in St. Michaels, MD and is sponsored by KE3Q and is a
regular KE3Q node user.  N4ZH, Terry Hines, is an extra class operator
from Vienna and is sponsored by N3TG.  All were considered seperately, and
all were voted into membership.  Welcome to PVRC!  
A report was given by Ed, K3IXD, on the logo revision project. Samples
were shown, and N3OC stated that the version reflecting the 175-mile
circle needed to be stylized to reduce some of the detail on the map, to
make it reproducable and less "busy".  Several members expressed their
desire to see the final revisions before the vote was taken. N3OC said he
would try to get someone to work on having that ready for the next
newsletter, and we would repeat the vote.  It was agreed that rather than
vote for a non-functional logo, we would delay things another month to try
to get them all presented on an equivalent basis in the next newsletter.
A motion was made by N3OC, and seconded by N3RR, to delay voting on the
logo until logo #3 is cleaned up and ready to be presented.  The motion
WR3L reminded everyone of the open house at his place on Saturday,
9/20/97.  N3RR/MM will be shoving off from Sandy Point at 10am sharp, and
Bill promises no pushing will be required this trip!
Phil, KT3Y spoke about the Sprint contests, and strategies used.  Phil has
an all-wires station with wire yagi monobanders and is a top-ten
N3RR gave a report on the FCC RF exposure regulations, including the
changes made that effects amateur radio, and a report on the newly
released technical document that goes with the regulation (OET-65).
There was a general discussion held about the upcoming CQWW CW and SSB
contests.  The meeting was adjourned at 9pm.
NW REGIONAL MEETING MINUTES - Sept. 16, 1997 by Tyler Stewart, K3MM
The meeting was held at Legend's Restaurant in the Hampton Inn in
Frederick MD.  In attendance were members: K3MM, N3RR, W9LT, W8ZA, K3SX,
K3UT, W3XY, K1DQV, WD3A, W3ZZ, W3EKT, K3IXD, and WB2DNE, as well as guest,
Jim Randall, N3YDT.  Introductions were made around the table:
N3RR, Bill Hider, has installed his 5th ring rotator with a lower 20 meter
beam for a rotating 2-stack!  Bill is planning on running his station as a
multi-op in SS phone and is looking for operators.
W9LT, Lamar, reports that AA8NY, now N8PC, is planning a new tower after
his recent lightning strike and fire.  K8OQL is out of ham radio until
family matters settle down and may join Lamar for SS.
W8ZA, Bob, had a lightning power surge in July that took out a lot of
consumer electronics.  He has 50' of Rohn tower up now for a new tower
that will house a couple of 5el 20's that are under construction.
K3SX, Sid, has his new 80' tower up with an A4, 11el on 2, and a 1/4 wave
sloper for 160.  He will be installing multiple VHF/UHF beacons for the
Grid Pirates group.
K3UT, George, has rebuilt his 70' tower, upgrading from 25 to 45G.  His
rebuilt KT34XA is ready to go back up.
W3XY, Denley, "hasnt done anything lately".
K1DQV, Roger "Power Radio" Miner, has his pole erect and standing proud!
He's been working feverishly on a major rebuild/beef-up for a 2 element 80
meter beam that has put the rest of his Big Bertha project behind
schedule.   It's now in the final tuning stage.
WD3A, Tom, has been doing a lot of climbing at W8ZA's place.
N3YDT, Jim Randall, is a guest sponsored by W3ZZ.  He's been working on
phased helical antennas for 2400 and 1296 Mhz.
W3ZZ, Gene, reported on lots of last minute assembly that went on at the
K8GP Unlimited Multi effort on Spruce Knob.  WD8ISK built 7 computers on
site and was upset when 2 didnt work!  Only 6 meters started on time.
They had big power on 903 and 1296 with 500 and 600 watts respectively, as
well as a respectable 60 watts on 2304.  (The "Grid Pirates" had a huge
810k point score, breaking many band records in the process.  Great job,
guys! - ed.)
W3EKT, Ed, was roving with K3IXD, reporting a respectable 95k points or
so.  He used a Radio Shack voice keyer to replace noisy DVK's.  Ed
described a 2304 Mhz QSO he made with Delaware using 10 watts and
accidentally using 10 degrees elevation to shoot over a local mountain!
K3IXD, Ed, operated with EKT roving.
WB2DNE, yet another Ed, also worked the VHF contest, earning 127k points
single-op., his personal best.  He used a new MFJ voice keyer stock with
an FT736 and reported no RF troubles.
K3MM, Ty, operated at K3MQH on almost all bands during the VHF contest and
made his first ever EME QSO  with W5UN.
N3RR gave us an update on the upcoming rules for RF radiation from amateur
stations, with several examples and lots of heckling from the peanut
gallery.  These rules come into affect January 1, 1998, and will affect
ALL amateurs to some degree, even if it's just confirming compliance.
Those in trouble will be hams running big power on small lots with low
antennas...especially in the 30 to 300 mhz range.  Contact N3RR for more
Meeting adjourned.
9/4/97 PVRC/NC Meeting Minutes  
by Jim Price, N3QYE and Howie Hoyt, N4AF for KS4XG
Site: Luna's Pizza in Raleigh 18:00-19:30.
Attendees  NT4D, Jay; AA4NC, Will; N3QYE, Jim; N4CW, Bert; K4PB, Alan;
K3KO, Brian; K2AV, Guy; N4AF, Howie; KF4MOK, Dave; K4QPL, and Jim; K4MA.
Membership: This was the second meeting for both Jim Jordan, K4QPL and
Alan Harp K4PB.  Welcome to PVRC Jim and Alan !  Chapter/PVRC membership
is now seventeen.
Club business and announcements:  N4AF commenced the meeting at 17:30 and
Howie reviewed the chapter's previous year:  300%+ membership increase,
Over 13 Meg point contribution to PVRC scores, Over 1 Meg contribution to
PVRC SS winning score, A winning year for PVRC, with upward momentum,
created by all chapters of PVRC acting in concert.
K4MA was recognized for his outstanding contribution, in the previous year
to PVRC scores. Jim makes all the major tests and turns in big scores from
both modes. Additionally, Jim organized a 600K+ PVRC team effort in
N4AF then 'passed the gavel' to N4CW who now assumes chairman duties for
the PVRC/NC. 
Member activities:  Jay, NT4D, plans an effort in the RTTY CQWW at the end
of the month and has a tower up and is QRV for SS.  Will, AA4NC, is QRV
all contests (as always) and plans expeditions to FS5 for CQWW SSB and
(possibly) KH7 for CQWW CW.  He reports all antenna systems at AA4NC are
N3QYE and KF4MOK report that W4ATC is QRV for the fall season with a TR7
and they are working at making the linear amp fully operational in time
for SS/Collegiate championship contests.  K4PB will make his contest
station available in SS & CQWW CW to N4CW.  Alan hopes to be in the NA
Sprint this weekend.
K3KO has a new Hygain 18HT vertical up for 80M.  Additionally, Brian has
added a 600' beverage to the K3KO arsenal. Brian reports some problems
with the current release of CT and is working to get NA up and running.
(Brian reports some problems w/ NA support for LPT2 and a slow NA partial
check routine).  K3KO is QRV SS & CQWW both modes !  K4MA is looking
forward to an effort from the American Virgin Islands in SS/SSB. Jim
reports efforts on raising a tower are progressing and that he is looking
for help this weekend to add additional sections.
K2AV has been busy modeling a 160 antenna that is not ground dependent.
Guy reports he is actively looking for a 'state of the art' transceiver,
such as FT1000MP/1000D or TS990. Guy is working to master TR logging
software before the SS.
K4QPL is also working to master TR log and is also looking for a new rig.
Jim reports that his TR4 does not offer the selectivity required for
today's bands.  N4AF reports he has 400' of AB105 on the ground at his new
QTH and hopes to begin construction this winter.  Howie hopes to keep his
present station up through the SS. 
An informal survey of members shows that CT is still the logging software
of choice(6), but that a growing number are looking into either NA(2) or
TR(2).  N4CW adjourned the meeting at 19:30.
Next Meeting:  The next PVRC/NC meeting will be 6pm Thursday October 2nd
at Luna's in Raleigh.  The directions to Luna's Pizza (3227 Avent Ferry
Rd, 919 854 9600) is given on the PVRC REFERENCE PAGE on the last page of
this Newsletter.
The over the hill meeting was held at the Ramada Inn, Oxon Hill, MD on
August 27th.  Those attending were W3CP, W3XE, W3AZ, W4DM, W3EIV (KC4AG),
AA4XU, and W6AXX.  W3CP brought along some DX QSL cards with dates around
the mid 1930's.  Some of them would be pretty good DX today.  I bet a good
portion of PVRC membership had not seen the light of day when those QSO's
were made by W3CP.
Several of you have asked me (as chairman of the PVRC RF Safety committee)
if there was a methodology for complying with the FCCs RF Safety
regulations which take effect for amateurs on Jan 1, 1998.
The U of Texas has an excellent discussion and reference page dedicated to
this subject.  They also have an on-line calculator which will perform the
calculations given your inputs.
They are on the Web.  A link to their homepage is available from the PVRC
home page (www.pvrc.org) in the Amateur Radio Clubs section, number 42.
The U of Texas homepage is 
The U of Texas page with the RF safety info is:
Also interesting is the FCC guidelines for this evaluation:  OET Bulletin
65 - Evaluating Compliance With FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to
Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields - August 1997
The OET Bulletin is available at the FCC home page:
http://www.fcc.gov/oet/info/documents/bulletins/#65  or from a link from
the above U of Texas homepage.
All hams should be aware of the above since we'll all have to be in
compliance and certify compliance whenever we renew/modify our licenses.
RESULTS FROM LAST SEASONS CQWW CONTESTS, edited from packet messages by
Rich Boyd, KE3Q
With the arrival of the October CQ magazine, we have the sum of both modes
for last season.  The sum of the SSB and CW club scores were:
        FRC:                    328M
        YCCC:                   276M
        PVRC:                   130M
        NCCC:                   49M
        SCCC:                   43M
        North Coast:            43M
        SOMC:                   42M
        Central Ariz:           32M
        SEDXA (GA):             30M
        SWODXA:                 25M
        North Texas:            25M
PVRC was a solid third.  We should be able to improve on this benchmark
every year and close the gap with #2 and even #1.  Our roster work
indicates we already have more active members than even FRC.  How do they
have such a huge score?  On the average, their active members put in
bigger efforts than ours and including more contest DXpeditions than we
have.  A Caribbean (or other) DXped can rack up a big multi-million-point
Individual highlights:  K3ZO, perennial top-tenner, #7 single op high
power; K3MM, #6 U.S. single op assisted, W3LPL #2 U.S. multi-multi; W4YV
#1 10M; W4DR #2 160M; K7SV/4 #5 single op high power; N8II #1 15M single
op low power; N4MO #1 20M single op low power; W4HM, #2 40M single op low
power; K3DI #3 QRP all band; W3GG #1 W3 multi-single; W4PRO #2 W4; and
W4MYA #14 U.S. multi-multi.
Others, KT3Y, #2 in W3 call area single op high power; W4RX #1 in W4
single op high power with NC PVRCer N4CW #2 in W4.  W9LT/8 was #1 single
op high power in 8-land.  And many thanks to the many others who
contributed to the 130 million point club total!  
This year the CQWW SSB is the weekend is October 25th and the CW section
is the weekend of November 29th.
Three of us went to Wopsononock ("Wopsy") Mountain (elev. 2480 ft.) near
Altoona, PA, Grid FN00 for the ARRL September VHF QSO Party on 14-15
September.  Marty Johnson, W3YOZ, is building a station on his land on the
mountaintop, about 3.5 hours from DC.  The station site is within the PVRC
circle, so any activity there can count for the club.  Marty has been
actively improving the site recently, installing six power poles (three
60' ones for antenna purposes and three for guying a large tower), and
putting up a 70 foot Rohn 25G tower in preparation for the September
contest. The shack is a 10 x 12 foot building providing three operating
positions.   Maurice/KA3EJJ brought a 100' portable crank-up tower to
support the 2m and 432Mhz antennas on independent rotors.  The 6m beam was
mounted on the 70+ foot tower. 
Some equipment was provided by Glen/KC3EK.  Operating for 18 hours were
W3YOZ--6m, K4VV--2m, and KA3EJJ--432Mhz.  We had a lot of fun and made
plans for further upgrades to the station.  If  interested in future
operations call Marty/W3YOZ (410-867-1911), Maurice/KA3EJJ or Jack/K4VV
for coordination.
A note from Jack, W3TMZ, reports that he recently returned from Cedar
Rapids, Iowa area and had a chance to visit with an old time PVRC member,
W0SS, formerly, K4 something.  Dave was quite active in the area in the
late 1950's and spent a great deal of time with W4KFC and family.  He
looks good and certainly enjoys the PVRC reunion.
Bob, YB0ASI/K4RB reports that he is leaving Jakarta and will be in the DC
area until March or April at which time he heads for Mali, TZ.  His
present address is POB 1588, Arlington, VA 22210-9998
Bill Frisbie, W3EMH, sent in the following:  "During the open house at
W3LPL's, I saw a call on a name tag which caused me to stop and dig deep
into my memory bank.  It seemed familiar and the individual's name seemed
to fit in with the data that was slowly being recalled.  By that time Jim
noticed me, looked at my name tag, and started his memory search that
ended with a big smile and a "I'll be darned!".  Bottom line - back in
1961, K3SW and I use to carpool to work!"
Jim Price, N4QYE, sent, "This year is the 4th North American Collegiate
Championships, which piggybacks the Sweeps and allows campus clubs to
compare SS scores in the spirit of collegiate rivalry. W4ATC, the club at
NC State (since 1930), will be participating in SS/CW and will be
submitting scores for PVRC. I hope to have a couple of PVRC members
perating.  More info at:
Here are four logo enhancement options for your consideration.  The goal
is to maintain the current general logo "look" but recognize the important
part our various regions other than MD/DC/VA play in PVRC.  And we ARE
grateful for the contribution the NC, PA, WV, and DE regions are making!
The logo enhancement concept has been unanimously endorsed repeatedly at
the general meetings but this is the first official vote on the specific
enhanced logo design and the first request for a vote of any kind to come
from the PVRC leadership.  Your prompt response to N3OC, our secretary, is
appreciated. (See below. -editor)  We hope to have this completed by late
October, so time is of the essence.  We recommend that you discuss this at
your upcoming regional meetings and vote as a group, forwarding the
group's vote to N3OC, but if you can't make your regional meeting in this
timeframe, forward your individual vote to N3OC.  Thank you. 
73 - Rich, KE3Q, PVRC President."
In a packet message to the editor, the club Secretary, stated that his
employer pays for his Internet usage.  He requested that the following
preference ordered channels be used to send him votes.
        Voting at club meetings is most preferred.
        Send vote via packet to N3OC > N3RR.
        Send to [email protected]
        Send to Brian McGunness, N3OC, 4618 DeRussey Pkwy, 
	Chevy Chase, MD 20815-5332.
Further, he requested that all should be careful that your vote is only
recorded once and he stated that voting will end on 30 October 1997. You
must be a member to vote. -editor
-------------------- optional voting form --------------------------
PVRC member?  ______(y/n)   Call sign _______________
Select one proposal:  #1 ____ #2 ____ #3 ____ #4 ____
The descriptions below are for readers of electronic transmissions which
no not contain graphics.
Proposal 1:
Has same line work as the present logo but adds PA, DE, WV, NC evenly
spread inside the border.
Proposal 2:
WV VA and NC inside the border below the river line and PA MD & DE above.
Proposal 3:
This has outline map of states, the bay, and DC with states and DC labeled
with two letter abbreviations.
Proposal 4:
Same as #3 but "PVRC" has been added centered inside the logo.
This "page" is under contruction.  When finished, I will include this page
every issue and underline changes since the prior month.  I hope to fit it
on one page by using a smaller font.  We shall see how that works out.  I
thank all that sent in corrections and expansions.   --editor.
PVRC Officers   
PRESIDENT KE3Q          RICH BOYD               
(301) 464-8014          [email protected]
(301) 414-5444          [email protected]
(301) 652-6768          [email protected]
(301) 258-9731
(301) 774-0558          [email protected]
PVRC Charter Members:    
PacketCluster Contest/DX System (MHz):
K3NA    Frederick MD    145.630
W3LPL   Glenwood MD     145.590 441.250
KE3Q    Bowie MD        145.570 445.375
N3RR    Rockville MD    145.510 441.325
N4OHE   Mt.Weather VA   145.710 440.925
N4SR    Woodbridge VA   145.630 *
WR3L    Baltimore MD    145.610 440.950
K4FJ    Mt. Vernon VA   145.770 *
K3MQH   S Mountain PA   145.630
This system is sponsored by the Potomac Valley DX Spotting Network except
for nodes marked with "*" are independently funded by each SYSOP..
PVRC on Internet. 

PVRC web site:          http://www.pvrc.org  by K3SA. 
NC (N4AF) web           http://www.pagesz.net/~pvrc  
PVRC reflector:         [email protected] to join. 
                        [email protected] to post.
Dues are by donation.  The mandatory $10 dues have been discontinued. So
please send your donation - hopefully at least $10 - to Jim Horton, N3KTV,
8527 Calypso Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20879-1522.  Make checks payable to
PVRC.  Thank you.
Newsletter & Autocall Editor:  Dick Wilder, K3DI, 913 Shore Acres Rd,
Arnold, MD 21012-1724.  Voice 410-757-6706, FAX/modem 410-757-6720,
[email protected], and the DXcluster.  Deadlines: Newsletter is the 25th of
the month before the issue date unless prior arrangements are made.
Autocall is the 25th of second month before issue date, that is, 35 days
before the issue date.!  Members can received the Newsletter by direct
email by sending an email request to the editor.
Rich Boyd, KE3Q, 301-464-8014 [email protected].  The Central Meeting
is always the second Monday (except June, July, and August) at 7:30 pm.
The central meeting generally alternates between MD and VA locations. A
premeeting dinner is usually held between 5:00 and 6:30 pm.  Check via
147- repeater.
VA LOCATION:  The Patrick Henry (Public) Library, Route 123, Vienna, VA.
Premeeting dinner at Outback, Old Branch Ave.
VA DIRECTIONS:  The Vienna VA meeting is at the Public Library route 123
outside the Beltway.."  Take the Beltway to VA Route 123 South (Chain
Bridge Road at this point). Cross over Route 7 and pass Tyson's Corner.
On right will be JKJ Chevrolet. Continue on 123 into Vienna where 123
becomes Maple Avenue. After passing Beulah Road (on right with light),
look for Park Street (about 3 blocks). Park Street has a light.  The
Library is along one block on the left, just before Center Street.
Entrance to the library parking lot is a left off from 123 Maple.  The lot
is just before the library itself.  Alternatively, if you take I-66 off
the beltway, and exit at Nutley Street toward Vienna, you will run into
Maple Ave.  A right turn takes you into town. The library will be on your
RIGHT just after Center Street.  Going this way, you will not have to make
a left turn into the parking lot across heavy double lanes traffic.
MD LOCATION:  Church of the Nativity (Episcopal), Route 5, Temple Hills,
MD.  Premeeting dinner at Topolino's.
MD DIRECTIONS:  The Temple Hills MD meeting is at The Church of the
Nativity (Episcopal), Route 5, Temple Hills, MD at 7:30 PM. Take the
Capital Beltway to Exit 7-A.  Head south on Maryland Route 5 (Branch Ave)
toward Waldorf.  Go about two blocks on Branch Ave and turn right on what
may be Old Branch Ave or a road leading to Old Branch (I need help on
this. -editor) and come back up Old Branch to Manchester.  In the middle
of the block (which block? -editor) on the left hand side, you will notice
the Church of the Nativity sign next to the church entrance.  Go up the
drive to the top and park in the church's parking lot.  Directions to
Topolino's:  On Old Branch Ave about 1/4 mile south of Allentown Rd.
Serves a Italian buffet for about $10.  CAUTION: The roads and these
directions are under construction.  
Ty Stewart K3MM 301-414-5444 [email protected].  Meets at 8:00 pm on the
third Tuesday every month at the Legends Restaurant in Hampton Inn, at
I-270 and Route 85 in south Frederick, MD.
Chair: Bert Michaud, N4CW, [email protected].  Sec: Pete Soper, KS4XG,
[email protected], Activites: Jim Stevens, K4MA, [email protected].  POC
is N4CW and KS4XG.  Howie Hoyt, N4AF, 919-362-1301, [email protected] is
PVRC reflector editor.  PVRC/NC meets at  6:00 pm (may change to 5:30 pm)
the first Thursday of every month at Luna's, 3227 Avent Ferry Rd, Raleigh,
tel. 919-854-9600.  Direction to Luna's:
To get to the "Beltline" surrounding Raleigh, coming East on I40 follow
the signs to Wade avenue, then pass the Blue Ridge Road exit and take the
next exit, which puts you on the beltline going South (i.e. US1 south,
going toward US64 and Sanford).
From the "Beltline" take the "Western Blvd, NC State, Downtown" exit
toward downtown Raleigh. This is the second Western Blvd exit (the first
one goes West, toward Cary) The Western Blvd exits are the ones after the
Hillsborough street exit.  Proceed about 0.8 Miles East on Western Blvd to
the second light and take a right onto Gorman Street.  Go about 1.3 miles
to the second traffic light and take a right onto Avent Ferry. There's a
strip mall behind Courtney's restaurant.  Take the first driveway on the
left, about 150 feet from the intersection.  (Or go through that light,
immediately turn right into shopping
center, Luna's is on the left).
From East Raleigh, taking Beltline along south side and exiting on Gorman,
go right at bottom of ramp and proceed 1mi to 1st traffic light. Lunas is
in strip mall on left as you approach the light. 
From the west (Apex), take 64W to Tryon Rd. Make a left on Avent Ferry
Road and follow it for a couple of miles to the first strip mall on the
right.  Go in, and proceed to the back, and up the stairs to a large table
set and waiting for you.
Bob Morris, W4MYA 804-457-9011 [email protected]
Don Lynch W4ZYT 804-486-0728 [email protected].  Meetings are the 3rd
Tuesday of every month in conjunction with the VA DXCC at the China Palace
Restaurant corner of Newtonw Road and Kempsville Road in Norfolk.  Take 64
to the Newtown Road exit south.  Kempsville Road is the second traffic
light.  The restaurant is across the intersection to the right.
PA: Steve Cutshall K3TZV 717-763-0462 
Brian McGinnes N3OC 301-652-6768 [email protected]
Jack O'Mara W4NF 703-680-4106 and 
Cliff Deel W4CE 703-491-0841 [email protected]
PA: Steve Cutshall K3TZV 717-763-0462 
Brian McGinnes N3OC 301-652-6768 [email protected]
Jack O'Mara W4NF 703-680-4106 and 
Cliff Deel W4CE 703-491-0841 [email protected]
Dave Baugher, WR3L, 410-391-9735, [email protected]
EAST (Annapolis)  KE3Q (see officers)
WEST (Shenandoah, etc)  Chairperson: vacant
Lamar Ray, W9LT, Runker Hill, WV, 304-229-7711. Essentially part of NW in
meeting in Frederick.
John Mitchell, K4IQ, Catawba, VA 540-384-7377, [email protected]
Weekly breakfast Wed at 7:30 AM at Basil's Deli Port on Elkrdige  Landing
Rd 1/4 mile South of Winterson Road 410-850-4333.  Director: Ike Lawton,
W2EOS, 410-263-2830.  Secretary: Howard Leake, W6AXX, 410-465-7008,
[email protected].
OTH luncheon. Rotating hosts announces meeting info.
Ben Shaver, AA4XU, 703-534-4740
Andy Anderson, W3XE, 301-384-7771, [email protected], Holiday Inn, College
Park MD
Bill Leavitt, W3AZ, 301-292-5797, Ramada Inn, Oxon Hill
OTHER MEETINGS  (based on past year):
Jun.     W3LPL open house Sat before Field Day.
         Joint FRC/PVRC on alternate years. 
Jun-Aug. FRC alternates joint meeting. Date TBA.
Jul.     Cook out at N4AF, Apex, NC
Jul.     Open house, W4MYA, Goochland, VA.
Aug.     Joint NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ Park
Aug.     VHF++ meeting/workshop at ND3F in Ellicott City
Sep.     PVRC meeting at the FARfest in Gaithersburg
Sep.     Open house, WR3L, Baltimore
Dec.     Christmas dinner, DC area.