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This electronic version contains an obituary for W3EIV 
writen by K3ZO that is not in the paper edition.   --- editor

Weekly              Wed       
BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30 am, Basil's Deli,
Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.

Monthly             Fri       
SWVA meeting night and Roanoke location varies each month.  Please
check with K4IQ.

Over-the-Hill Luncheon.  Date to be announced.  Hosts listed on
reference page.

Oct 30/31                               
CQWW DX Contest.  Club competition & 5 Mil award.

Nov 5               Fri       
SWVA, Shoney's in West Salem, VA at 6:00 pm

Nov 6/7                                 
ARRL CW Sweepstakes. Club competition & 5 Mil award

Nov 8               Mon       
Central meeting at the Patrick Henry Library in Vienna, VA. 

Nov 12              Fri       
PVRC/NC meeting W0UCE.  Note meeting on Friday this month.
Directions in minutes.

Nov 12              Fri       
Central Virginia at First Mennonite Church, Staples Mill Road,
Richmond.  3DA0CA presentation.

Nov 16              Tue       
Northwest meeting, Tully's Grill, 1080 W. Patrick St, Frederick,
MD at 7:30 pm

Nov 16              Tue       
Tidewater Colony.  The Golden Corral in Chesapeake. VA.  Meeting
with VA-DXCC.

Nov 20/21                               
ARRL SSB Sweepstakes.  Club competition & 5 Mil award.

Nov 27/28                               
CQWW CW Contest.  Club competition & 5 Mil award.

Dec 4/5                                 
ARRL 160 Meter CW Contest.  Club competition & 5 Mil award.

Dec 11/12                               
ARRL 10 Meter Contest.  Club competition & 5 Mil award.

Dec 13              Mon       
All welcomed to the Central Christmas party.  Details to be

William R. Long, W3EIV of Gaithersburg became a silent key on 26
August 1999.  His licensed lapsed and was KC3AG for a few years. 
Bill was a long time member of PVRC and operated from many DX
locations while on overseas assignments with the CIA.  The
electronic edition of this issue at www.pvrc.org has a obituary by
Fred, K3ZO.


On Thursday 26 August 1966, Bill Long, W3EIV became a Silent Key. 
There will be a tree planted near the Hospice office and his ashes
will be placed under the roots.  Bill was a long time member of
PVRC and operated from many DX locations while working there.  My
first contact with him was while he was in the Philippines.  Now
he is operating from a place with no QRM, QRN or ignition
noise.  -- Andy Anderson, W3XE

It's a shame to let the death of a friend and fellow Radio Amateur
go by without trying to leave a little picture of what he did and
what he was like for posterity, so since I haven't seen anyone
else give a wrap-up of Bill's life on here, I will do my best.  I
didn't take any notes but I do have some recollection of some of
the things he talked about and if I don't get them exactly right
they are pretty close.  If anyone has anything to add I certainly
think it would be appropriate.

I wasn't a close friend of Bill's when I first joined PVRC.  At
that time he was the one I always confused in SS with another
PVRC'er, W3EIS, Don McLennon (SK), who later became W3IN and then
N4IN.  I remember driving around town not long after I came to
this area, trying to get a look for myself at all the PVRC antenna
farms.  All there was at Bill's house,however, was a lone 60 foot
wooden utility pole with nothing on it.  Bill was on one of his
many assignments overseas at that time.

However once I joined the Over-the-Hill gang I got to know Bill
much better, because he was a regular OTH attendee and also a
regular at the Friday repeater lunches at Shoney's in Laurel, and
since we had both spent a fair amount of our working lives
overseas we ended up swapping yarns on a number of occasions.

According to Buckmaster, Bill would have turned 82 only a couple
of weeks before his death on Thursday.  Up until a few months ago
Bill was in pretty good shape and was quite regular at these
functions.  His pipe was his constant companion and on occasion he
ruffled the feathers of a few fellow OTH'ers by dragging it out
and lighting it up after lunch, no-smoking-area be damned!

During the greater part of his working life Bill was a
Communications Officer for the CIA.  Though there was always a
certain vagueness about exactly what he did in that respect given
his employer's penchant for discretion, one had the impression
that he was principally involved in setting up equipment and
communications circuits as opposed to actually doing the operating
of the official radios.  Among the countries he mentioned having
spent a good deal of time in were Taiwan, the Philippines, Iran,
Venezuela and Paraguay.

Immediately after World War II the ARRL didn't require that a DX
station demonstrate that he had obtained a legitimate license or
that he was actually in the country he claimed to be in in order
to be counted for DXCC.  Amateur Radio operators were considered
to be proper gentlemen and it never even occurred to the DXCC
authorities to question the various operations of Americans
overseas, even though there was a little informal discussion among
DX'ers at the time about how Gus Browning really knew that he had
stepped across the border from Nepal into Tibet when the rugged
mountainous area was poorly marked.  But Gus worked everyone he
could hear and kept the multitudes happy, and so his QSOs from
Tibet counted.  All of this changed when the infamous Don Miller
got into the DXpedition game and tried to re-arrange the DXCC
Honor Roll according to what he thought it ought to be.

Bill said he managed to get on the ham bands from every country he
was in, usually from a radio installation in an American Embassy
or Consulate in the country in question.  He said that he told Vic
Clark and others just prior to one ARRL DX Contest that he would
be on from Maracaibo, Venezuela as YV1AW, and so he was, giving
everyone in the club what was at the time a nice rare 80 meter CW
multiplier.  Much later Bill made it known that YV1AW
was a self-assigned call and that he was operating from the
American Consulate premises even though the Consul General had
turned down Bill's request to let him operate from there.  Bill
simply waited until the Consul went out of town on business.  That
was Bill's customary way of getting on the air overseas -- assign
yourself a call that sounds legitimate and go on the air from the
Embassy.  But since Bill would show up for only a few QSOs, and
usually only during contests, his operations never caused a stir.

Bill was known as KC3AG for a number of years because he had
forgotten to renew his license in time and W3EIV expired.  He was
really happy when the recent Vanity Call Sign program allowed him
to get W3EIV back.

One of his favorite stories involved an ARRL DX Contest which he
operated in from this country as W3EIV.  Bill knew of a Government
rhombic farm which had recently been decommissioned but was still
equipped, so he arranged to use it in the contest, operating it by
remote control from a location at some distance from the
transmitter site.  When one British station stopped Bill in the
middle of the contest to say that he didn't care whether Bill was
using a 20 db rhombic fixed on Europe or not, he was STILL too
loud to be legal, Bill called the transmitter technician on the
landline and said: "I thought I told you to turn the power way
down this weekend."  The transmitter operator said: "I did.  We've
got it down as low as it will go."  "How much is it reading right
now?" Bill inquired.  The transmitter operator replied: "Why it's
only reading about 4.5 KW right now."  I believe Bill said he made
an immediate QRT at that point.

Bill's other hobby was sports cars, and I take it he had raced a
good bit in his younger days.  He also talked about hunting tigers
with Iranian Generals in the Iranian mountains during the time of
the Shah.  Guns were another subject dear to his heart.  But his
first love was always ham radio and he had been proud to be
associated with Vic Clark, Lenny Chertok and other contest giants
of this area.

CENTRAL MEETING MINUTES, 10/11 by Rich Boyd, KE3Q, Secretary

We met at the Episcopal Church in Temple Hills.  Congratulations
to W3AZ for keeping track of the meeting dates and making sure we
had the key from W3TOM!  We skipped the pre-meeting dinner since
we got word from W3AZ beforehand that Topolino's has burned down! 
We'll try to come up with an alternate restaurant for future
pre-meeting dinners.  In attendance were:  WR3L, KE3Q, N3OC, K3MM,
WK3I, W3AZ, K3ZO, K3TM, W3OU, AD3F, and KN6BU.

This was the second meeting for two who were voted in; W3OU had
attended the FARfest and KN6BU arrived late to last months meeting
but it was agreed that counted.  This was a first meeting for

Steve Bonk, W3OU, an extra class, lives in Riva (Annapolis area),
on a bluff on the South River with a 200 degree salt water shot. 
Just like W3AO Field Day, eh?  He has a new Cushcraft X7 on that
40' tower and a Hy-Gain HyTower.  His Butternut on 80/40 works
well too, he says, but he wants to put down more radials.  He also
has another place with a vertical in Ocean City.  Steve was
licensed in '66 and was formerly WN3GDX, WA3JDH, and KJ4G.  Was on
last year in CQWW phone and CW, uses CT, made 400K in one of the
DX tests last year.  He also enjoys boating.

Jim Heiertz, KN6BU, an advanced class, now lives in Woodbridge but
came to us from Anaheim, California, where he worked for
Autonetics, a division of Rockwell.  Back in California, his ham
friends said if he was moving here he should look up PVRC, the big
contest club!  All right!  We told him about the fine local club
there, Woodbridge Wireless, and the many PVRCers there and a few
who aren't in PVRC but that we wish were!  He has never lived
outside California, this will be his first experience with winter
(!) so he needs to buy a coat!  He has a TS-440 and plans to put
up an inverted vee.  I suggested he look up NR4M (ex-NJ4F) and
crew, and that K4JA would be needing ops too.  Jim was licensed in
1991 as KC6SWE, later KC6RNF.  Has done FD and opped at the KI6X
M/M and at WB6YPX and K6NX, mostly phone -- and has been the
mobile marine op for boat races.  I said he should hook up with
AARC since so many of them are boaters.

This was the first meeting for Gene Smar, AD3F, who is new to PVRC
and seems to be a big 160 fan.  He said he has a pair of Drake
C-Lines on 160, an inverted L, two EWEs, and was in ARRL and CQ
160 CW contests last year.  I believe he and K3TM came together
from Rockville near K6IR.

We went around and each spoke a little about what we've been up to
and plan for the fall season.  WK3I, an electrician, has been
swamped at work, so hasn't had much time to do ham radio, but
plans to let nothing stop him from getting on in the 160 and 10M
contests in December.  I'm sure he'll try to get in the CQWWs and
SSs before then too.  High winds from "Floyd" recently knocked
down his 160 dipole and inverted L, which he'll need to fix.

K3ZO has been trying to keep his two Titan amps working but
finally decided he needed another, so has acquired a third.  He
said a pair of 3CX800A tubes work great when they're new.  "Really
bark," is what he said.  And Fred is convinced 10M will be much
better this year than last, but he noted last year when 10 was
okay on Saturday and poor on Sunday, so if it's open on Saturday
you need to spend time there just in case things deteriorate
later.  But Fred thinks 10 will be big.  Mike Martin, RFI and
noise specialist, has been doing a lot of work near Fred's and
really has things quiet now.  Fred hopes it stays that way.  His
160 antenna came down in the winds too but is now back up.

W3AZ has been sidelined by health problems but seems to be getting
back into the action.  His old W3DZZ tribander has been going for
some 40 years.  A blown 15M trap was repaired.

WR3L expects AA3SC (a good young op) to single op in CQWW phone
and a multi-2 is planned for CQWW CW.

K3TM doesn't know if he'll be QRP or low power in SS CW.  For
phone SS he may be out of town, and he plans to go back to
Labrador as VO2WL for CQWW CW, giving out zone two.

N3OC agreed with Fred that 10M will be big this year.  Brian
leaves for the Caribbean next week where he'll be FS/N3OC before
going to V26B as part of the M/M crew for CQWW phone.  They'll be
head to head with PJ9B and others trying to claim (or keep) the
all time M/M DX record.  A lot of new gear has been sent to
Antigua this year such as an ACOM autotune amp and vertical arrays
off to the side.  Brian noted that W3GNQ will be out of town and
won't have his normal multiop on for CQWW phone.  Brian also lost
his 160 wire(s) in high winds and is looking forward to a big
effort in the 10M test, mixed mode.  He said he would have made a
bigger effort last time if he had known he would do as well as he
did.  When "up here," Brian usually contests from his place in the
Ocean Pines development of Ocean City, a nice oceanside marsh QTH. 
Weekdays he in Chevy Chase.

KE3Q plans to return to WP3R for both modes of SS and hopes all
PVRCers will seek him out for a QSO.  This thing can be won or
lost by just a few!  Be sure to confirm it's WP3R you're working
-- last year some miscopied the calls of others and worked NP3A or
other Puerto Rican stations instead of WP3R!  Hey, work others if
you care to, but be sure to work WP3R too!  And, Rich hopes to
return to A61AJ for CQWW CW, and will be at W3LPL for CQWW phone. 
New QTH plans are in the building permit stage.

K3MM, our president, had a good time doing CQWW RTTY at W3LPL with
"the usual crew."  Conditions were good, activity is up.  Last
year's world M/M record of 4.1M was eclipsed by this year's 6.2M,
but it looks like that'll only be good enough for 3d/world with
P3A at 7.5M claimed and HC8N at 11M claimed.  Ty was in his first
ever sprint CW and says he needs to tune faster -- the 5-kHz QSY
rule was challenging.  Ty has ordered a new Force-12 C49 tribander
-- 49' boom!  This has to be the king of the tribanders!  It has a
total of 26 elements, 4 on 20, 6 on 15, and 13 on 10 (which adds
up to 23??)  The cost, $1,700.  And Ty has ordered a second one
for a stack, and hopes to get the 40M beam too, designed to not
interact much with the 20/15/10 antenna.  Ty plans to be at W3LPL
for both modes of CQWW.  Tyler noted the upcoming hamfests, Oct.
24 at Westminster and Oct. 31 in Carlyle.  The latter conflicts
with CQWW phone.

A slate of officers for 2000 was nominated, being: N3OC for Pres.,
K4VV for VP, W2GG for secretary, and WR3L for treasurer.  The
nomination was passed unanimously.  Traditionally, at least in
recent years, our officers have worked their way up from
secretary, VP, to Pres. and we continued that this year. 
Certainly N3OC has "paid his dues" and deserved this opportunity
(in my opinion).  We got little or no feedback from the regions
about having officers from regions other than central (or nearby
ones), but this is something we are serious about.  K4VV said he
would gladly yield the vice presidency to someone from a region if
they will step forward, or if a region will put somebody forward. 
Our thinking is that going with new officers will buy us at least
another year for us to discuss with the regions coming up with and
implementing a plan to spread the "officerships" around.  We want
maximum involvement from regions and don't want the traditional
PVRC to just dominate everything forever.  If the regions are
contented to have us keep doing it the way it's been done
previously, we can do so, but we really would like the regions to
have every opportunity to take part in overall PVRC club
"governance," policy making, planning, you name it.

We had some discussion of the above and how we might have meetings
that draw from across "PVRC-land," like W3LPL's annual June open
house does.  I've suggested the possibility of an open house at
"the new KE3Q" on the afternoon of FARfest in coming years.  We've
talked with K4JA about having some sort of open house at his new
QTH on Virginia's Northern Neck in coming years.  We realize that
any meetings in Maryland are far north of our geographic center,
quite a haul for our farthest south regions.  We're still trying
to make a good transition from the old PVRC, whose center of
gravity was maybe in Maryland with our secondary pole in Northern
Virginia to the new PVRC with our NC and Central Virginia regions
being huge contributors.

Meeting second Monday of next month, at Patrick Henry Library,
Route 123, Vienna, Virginia, informal dinner for those who want to
at Outback Steakhouse nearby beforehand.  Meeting time 7:30 at the
library, over promptly at 9:00.  The tentative date for the
Christmas dinner is Dec 13th.

PVRC So MD by Barry Shapiro, WR3Z)

The regional meeting took place Monday September 20th at the QTH
of Wayne, N1WR.  Attendees included members N1WR (Wayne), WR3Z
(Barry), and N3AFT (Mike), as well as guests N3YZU (Dave), K3DSP
(Tom) and N3YUG (Jason).

After brief introductions and summary of summer activities, time
was spent introducing the guests to PVRC and discussing the
different aspects of ham radio that club members are exposed to
such as contesting, DX, VHF, antennas, and propagation.  Also
discussed was the history of PVRC, where we're at now with the
various regions and diversification amongst its members.

Discussion then centered on contesting and how various contests
can help sharpen ones operating skills in both CW and SSB (such as
Sweepstakes).  Dave, Tom and Jason were participants in this
year's Field Day.  Since upgrading to Advanced class recently,
K3DSP has been more active on the HF bands and is now pursuing DX
on a regular basis, while sharpening his CW skills.

WR3Z will be operating CQWW Phone at W3GNQ's and CW at WR3L's
homes.  N1WR will be operating either single op or multi-single in
both this fall.

The meeting ended with the group viewing the ZL9CI video from the
Dxpedition earlier this year.  The next meeting will take place in
December (or sooner if requested).

OTH MEETING OF 29 SEP 99 by Andy Andersen, W3XE

Those in attendance were:  Hugh, W3ABC; Bill, W3AZ; Jim, W3CP;
Lawrence, W3GN; Bill, N3RR; Tony, K3WX; Fred, K3ZO; Dale, W4DM;
Ben, AA4XU; Ken, K6IR; Mel, K7CMZ.

The first item of business was: CHOW.  With everyone with a full
plate the conversation went from loud to a dull roar.  As I had to
leave early I wasn't privy to the intelligent discussions which
went on before the meeting was adjourned.  To get details on this
contact Tony or other attendees.

Three people had made reservations but didn't turn up.  This
affects my credibility for the next reservation at the Holiday
Inn.  If you would like to be added to the list send me an email
([email protected]) or if your not on the net give me a LL
(301-384-7771 - Leave a Message).  The next meeting will be hosted
by Bill, W3AZ, LL to 301-292-5797.

SWVA MEETING by John Mitchell K4IQ

The SWVA PVRC Chapter kicked off the new contest season with our
first monthly meeting at the Western Sizzlin' Steak House in
Roanoke on October 1st.  Present were K1GG, Gordon; KC9LC, Randy;
K4EP, Philip; 5B4AFM, Stavros; W0MAN, Susanne; W4JAM, John; N4GU,
Mike, N4EL, Nat, and K4IQ, John.  We began by welcomeing our
guest, Stavros, 5B4AFM.  Stavros is a senior in EE at Va Tech,
where he is active with contesting from the club station, K4KDJ. 
Stavros likes the DX contests, such as CQ WW, WAE, and IARU, and
was also quite active from the home school contest station 5B4ES. 
Stavros plans to go on to grad school at Tech, so we hope he will
seek PVRC membership.  This will also help with the required 2/3
team makeup for club credit for K4KDJ multi operations.

We discussed upcoming contest plans, particularly club events. 
N4GU has a Force 12 C4S going up and is looking forward to SS in
particular, where he expects enhanced 40M performance over his old
wire antenna.  N4EL bought Mike's old TH2 antenna and rotor and
has dug the hole for his house bracketed 25G, and hopes to have
something turning in the air for this year's tests.  K1GG said
tonight's meeting helped him rev up for the upcoming season,
something both he and K4IQ said has kind of snuck up on us, with
everyone so busy.  K4IQ is hoping to get the Force 12 two element
40M on top of the 100 ft. ridge top tower before Sweepstakes. 
John, W4JAM, and Susanne, W0MAN, are adjusting to the smaller
antenna farm here in VA and looking at houses with good antenna
farming possibilities.  Randy, KC9LC, will get on for the tests
from home, using wire antennas and verticals.  K4EP, Philip, and
5B4AFM, Stavros will be on from K4KDJ.

Mike, N4GU directed us to the CQ Contest reflector archives to
find out about the new Cabrillo format for contest logging that
will be mandatory in Nov. 2000.  Talking about tower work, Gordon
remarked about the unusual phenomenon of wasps that follow towers
up to the top and then circle around them this time of year.  K4IQ
had noticed this phenomenon too, and Gordon said they look like
they're  nesting in the tower, but actually are just attracted to
the tower, swarming around it, paying little attention to people
working there.  K4IQ said he'd climbs with a bug bomb.

We set the next meeting for November 5, 6PM, at the Shoney's in
West Salem, off exit 137, I-81.


A dinner meeting was enjoyed with a great meal at Mortons Of
Chicago--The Steak House at Tysons Corner, VA, at 7 PM on
Wednesday, October 6, 1999.  The participants were:  W3YOZ, K4IQ,
K4VV, K6LEW, N3AM, K3SA, John Williams/K8JW, and Ted Cohen/N4XX. 
John and Ted were visitors.  Great steaks and a very enjoyable
evening were experienced with a lot of lively radio talk.

Marty/W3YOZ highlighted the continuing development of his VHF site
near Altoona PA; tower building continues with a Rohn 45 now at
100'; a 12'x20' building is under construction that adds to the
initial 10'x12' building).  Pictures showed the progress.

John/K4IQ discussed his plans for the 100' Rohn 25 at his
developing ridgetop site and alternative antenna choices; a Force
12 2el 40m yagi is being assembled.

Jack/K4VV is pleased with the performance of the C31XR @ 75', and
has tower capability for more antennas.

Jim/WX3B is exploring the potential for new land, house, and
tower(s) with various antenna possibilities.  Jim is planning to
operate CQWW at W4MYA.

Owen/K6LEW described the successes of the W8GP Team effort in the
September VHF Contest; an array of 8 antennas were employed on
432; the stack worked very well into New England.  A stack of
2x5el on 6m were employed towards New England.  The Team used 7
towers at 55'.

John/N3AM described his recent upgrade replacing his beams with a
Force 12 C31XR and a Cushcraft XT-240 with help from K3SA and
K4VV.  Patterns and VSWR measurements are very satisfying after
some tweaking.  John is pleased.

Steve/K3SA has new equipment coming, including an Alpha 87A.  He
is exploring other station upgrades such as automatic antenna

John Williams/K8JW has a new Force 12 C3 in the box awaiting the
right time to go up at his place on the water.  John has
participated in the Annapolis December Dinner(s).

Ted Cohen/N4XX joined us after meeting K4VV at work on the day of
the dinner.  Ted discussed some of his 160m experiences and
several of the propagation phenonoma detailed in his 1998 CQ
articles and recent book.  Ted enjoyed the evening, and added some
real sparkle to the conversation.  Maybe we can interest Ted in
PVRC and adding his 160m scores to our bottom line.

The Dinner Rover meetings are organized by W3YOZ, K4IQ, and K4VV
who meet often for a meal.  We sometimes plan far enough in
advance and are going to a place that is flexible enough to
accommodate a group, so we invite PVRC and other friends to join

Addendum #1  Another dinner at Morton's was enjoyed on Tuesday,
October 12, 1999.  The participants were K4VV, K2BU, and NI4F. 
Jerry NI4F from Fredrichsburg, VA often joins us on 3810 or 1865. 
Jerry commutes to the Beltway to work, and is not yet interested
in contesting, but is serious in station building.  Charlie
Gyurnia/K2BU from Tabernacle, NJ is an FRC contester whose
daughter is now a Freshman at George Mason.  Charlie has some
interest in lake-front property for future retirement--two VA
lakes are candidates.  Maybe PVRC is in Charlie's future?

Addendum #2  Dinner Meeting at K4VV's home.   An after work
business dinner of thirty people was hosted at the home of Jack
K4VV and wife Carol on the evening of Wednesday, October 20.  The
group narrowed down to four hams at the end of the evening:
PVRC'rs Jack/K4VV and John/W1HIR and two visitors--Ted Cohen/N4XX
(2d meeting) and Ken Irish/W8JVP.  We did a tour of the antennas
by flashlight and the radio room with a demo of computer logging,
radio interface (not working right now), autotune amp, and
automatic antenna switching.  We made a few contacts on 15, 20,
75, and 160m and talked about station upgrades.  We had a
conversation about the interesting activities of PVRC.  Ted Cohen
is speaking at the Vienna Wireless meeting on Friday night, 10/22
at 7pm; his subject is 160m operating experiences.  I will invite
Ted Cohen to our next Central Region meeting.

PVRC/NC October 7th meeting minutes by Pete Soper, KS4XG
PVRC/NC met at Ryans Restaurant, Cary 6-7:30pm (many came at

Attendees: Will AA4NC, Guy K2AV, Brian K3KO, Bob K4HA, Jim K4MA,
Jim K4QPL, Pete KS4XG, Mark KI7WX, Jim N3QYE, Dan N3ND, Joe NA3T,
Jay NT4D,  Jeff NX9T, Jack W0UCE, and Don W9VAK.

Next month's meeting will be FRIDAY November 12th at the new QTH
of Jack W0UCE, a long time PVRC member who has moved to the
Raleigh area.  Jack and his wife will be making a special effort
to host us so please RSVP via email to Jack at [email protected] or by
phone at 846-1848 so he can plan food and beverages.  Directions
to Jack's place are at the end of the minutes.

Jim K4QPL is looking for a station to use for Sweepstakes CW.  Jim
can be reached at [email protected]

Upcoming Contests:
  + October 30 CQWW Phone
  + November 6 Sweeps CW
  + November 12 WAE RTTY
  + November 20 IARU 160
  + November 20 Sweeps Phone
  + November 20 RSGB 1.8mhz CW 
    (imagine all those guys on one freq.)
  + November 26 CQWW CW

Membership  Jack W0UCE has joined us and so the chapter membership
is 32.  Jack brought two guests to the meeting, Don W9VAK and Dan
N3ND, part of the CW team during RARS Field Day.  Welcome Don and

Business  Joe NA3T was invited to give a presentation about a
novel method of detecting unusual VHF propagation at a future
meeting, probably in December.  Details TBD. PVRC/NC members
should rely on their email for meeting details.  It appears that
the regular Thursday Ryans meeting may be the exception rather
than the norm in coming months! KS4XG wants to do a spring

Members news  N4AF made it through his third hurricane in 12
months and is rebuilding his wire antennas.  He just added a 40m
diamond quad at about 100' which a couple chapter members heard
last night, getting S9+30 reports from Europe.  Howie will be
hosting a M/S effort for CQWW CW with K2AV.
AA4NC will host a M/S effort for CQWW phone and is looking for 
operators.  Will currently has KI7WX and K4MA signed up.  Will is
also having an open house October 26th for the NC State student 
club members.  After being clobbered by Fran NT4D was happy to
report an  uneventful session with Floyd.

K3KO put a 402CD on a new 70 foot Rohn 25G tower.  Asked what else
is on it Brian replied that this was antenna #11 and he's taking a

K4QPL was going to use the KS4XG station for CW Sweepstakes but
now need to get his own tower up quickly.

N3QYE is putting the NC State antenna farm back together and
preparing for Sweeps.  Jim asked for help with getting some gain
on 40m.  AA4NC and K4HA volunteered help with this to get a
rotatable dipole or two element beam mounted above the TH6.

K2AV is pouring concrete for his tower base soon.  He'll be
putting up a Trylon self supporting tower and plans a 40m yagi at
81' and  Force 12 C31XRs at 95 and 60 feet.  Guy is negotiating
with Force 12, considering buying one of their unadvertised 40m
antennas, a three element one with special linear loading and 85%
of full  size.  Guy is also getting a converted prop pitch rotator
from M2.

KS4XG expects the new building shell for his station to be put up
on the 15th with interior work starting soon after.  The hope is
to move equipment in for Christmas.  Amica was generous and
covered all material and labor costs for the original building as
well as full replacement of damaged contents.  Pete will operate
CQWW phone at N4AF.

K4HA will be hosting a M/S effort for CQWW phone with NX9T.  NX9T
has taken his tower and antennas down and is preparing to move. 
Jeff will be in temporary quarters for a few months while their
new house is finished and is expecting to make the final move in
the Spring.

KI7WX is preparing for a Rohn 25 tower and stacked X7 tribanders
for his home station.  Mark will be operating SS phone from the
N4AF station SOHP.

K4MA has a conflict for CQWW phone part of the weekend but will
pitch in at the AA4NC station.

Next Meeting  The next PVRC/NC meeting will be Friday November
12th,  starting at 6:30pm at the W0UCE QTH in North Raleigh.


"From the Beltline take Six Forks Road north, proceed past
Strickland, follow  Six Forks to the Bayleaf area (4 Miles north
of Strickland) Landmark is the  Bayleaf Fire Dept. and a vegetable
stand on the left.  Follow signs to Blue Jay Point County Park. 
Make the hard left turn on Six Forks just past the vegy stand and 
continue on Six Forks crossing Falls Lake.  Continue up the hill
and watch  for a long wooden privacy fence on your right which
ends at Pleasant Union  Church Road.  This will be the first right
hand turn after crossing the  bridge.  At the end of the fence
turn right on Pleasant Union Church Road.  W0UCE is the second
driveway on the left - 2913 Pleasant Union Church Road.  Phone 846
1848 and talk in on the RARS 146.64 Repeater.  Parking is
prohibited on the road into the park - pull into Jack's driveway
park to the right side.  The driveway will accommodate
approximately  10-12 cars so car pooling is recommend,"

Mark, KI7WX, adds the following comments. -editor. It's not at all
important, but I'll be installing Bencher Skyhawks at 75 over 40
feet rather than X7s.  I think Bencher has done FB with this one
and the few folks that have them up are saying very positive
things.  For those interested, it came down to the Skyhawk vs the
Force 12 C3E or C19 and a comparison between a tri stack at
30/60/90 and the 75/40 two stack.  For various reasons, including
the objectives behind the array, available space, and of course
financial resources, I eventually decided on the two stack.

Thanks to everyone that provided opinions on the topic.  Reasons
for choosing the Skyhawk over the Force 12 antennas are that (a)
the Skyhawk is about perfect size for what I want to accomplish
having a 24' boom with 3L for 15 and 20 with 4L on 10M (b) they
are priced very competitively at $699 from HRO which includes
stainless hardware and 1:1 choke balun at the feedpoint (c) there
are enough C3 stacks around already.  We'll see how they play when
they go up, won't be ready for this season, hopefully early

RAPPAHANNOCK CHAPTER MEETING by Bill DeLage K1SE, [email protected]

The Rappahannock Chapter of the PVRC met on Saturday, October 9th
at the home of K4ZW in Stafford, VA; the gathering was a
combination club chapter meeting and antenna /tower installation

In attendance was the host K4ZW and K4EU, K4GMH, K7SV, NR4M, and
K1SE.  The group gathered at approximately 1000 local and a
discussion of general ham radio topics over coffee and bagels
ensued, in addition to touring the antenna farm.

The club chapter meeting started at approximately 1100 local,
being called to order by K7SV.  There being no old business to
settle, the club members discussed the following:

NR4M surfaced the subject of recruiting new club members for PVRC;
sources and methods of recruitment and focusing on new CW

General discussion contest equipment such as amplifiers, rotor
control units, and band switching.

Contest participation for the 1999 contest season with a focus on
which contests.  It was decided upon that the first contest
participation for the Rappahannock chapter Multi-op station at
NR4M would be the ARRL CW SS.

The members then zero'ed-in on a list of requirements to make the
NR4M station ready for the CW contest season.  Topics included the
methodology for band switching, networking of PC's, contest
software preparation, selection of antennas and any work that will
be required on station equipment and antennas.

The members then discussed strategies for operating, operator
schedules, and other preparations.

The meeting adjourned at 1230 local, when all participants then
commenced with the antenna/tower work on the K4ZW antenna farm.

The PVRC chapter motto for the upcoming contest season will be: 
"The RappPack'ers are ready--are you?  Let the pileups begin!"

by Greg Altig, N5OKR ([email protected])

In attendance were members N5OKR, K3IXD, W8ZA, N8II, W3ZZ, W3NRS,

Business:  N5OKR, Greg, welcomed the members and reminded them of
the FARFest this Sunday.  He also reminded them that the NW
Regional Awards Program began as of 9/01/99 and to forward scores
and rumors to him to gather for consideration.

W3NRS, Norm, worked an exhausting 21 Qs in the MD/DC QSO Party and
logged 21 Qs in the VHF contest.

WD3A, Tom, just returned from 2 weeks in DL-land where he did a
little operating as DL/WD3A with a TenTec Scout and a dipole.  Tom
also reported recently purchasing a TS-850AT off the Internet via

W3EKT, Ed, reported warming a seat at K3MQH during the VHF

K3DNE, Ed, scored 123K in the VHF contest from home and is working
with W8ZA in preparation for the HF contest season.

K8OQL, Jerry, is a new recruit for Bob's HF multi/multi this year.

K3IXD, Ed, gave it the old college try, but attempting to work the
VHF contest from DM37 (Utah) with just a HT and 5 watts was NOT
beneficial to the PVRC score.  Sounds like he needs to get with
someone from the area to the north of us to get a better grasp of
the "captive rover" concept.

K2UOP, Tom, logged 89K in the VHF contest from West (by God)
Virginia, but noted the overall activity level was down.  He has
also ordered one of ETO's new Alpha 99 amplifiers, but they are
not even in production yet.

W3ZZ, Gene, reports the VHF portion of his home station is OK,
except the 2m feedline.  He operated on Spruce Knob with the K8GP
crew and contributed to their 1.1M score.  He will be at PJ9B
(perhaps PJ1B) for CQWW phone.  Finally, Gene will be reguying his
tower this fall to accommodate a new 3' dish.

K3LP, Dave, has bought a new piece of property in eastern
Frederick County, just south of Libertytown.  He will join N3NT,
K3UG and K7KL at J6R for CQWW SSB.  That crew will be active 10/22
- 11/2 and will operate J6/own call before and after the contest. 
QSLs will go to N3NT.

K3UG, Barry, reports that the Ft. Detrick Army MARS station has
paid part and full-time openings available for anyone with a
General Class FCC license or above.  The going rate is a very
respectable $19.80 an hour! Contact Barry for more details.

W8ZA, Bob, reports continuing preparations for the fast
approaching HF contest season.  Meeting adjourned.


In attendance were members N5OKR, K3MM, W8ZA, N3KTV, N4MM, WD3A,
N3HBX, W9LT, K2UOP, and K8OQL. and guests Lori and Tayler.

>From the introductions:  K3MM, Tyler, graced us with the presence
of his lovely wife, Lori, and adorable daughter, Tayler (a.k.a
Cheeky Cheese).  That's a brave man that lets his "womenfolk" in
the company of this riff-raff!  Tyler also announced the
nominations for PVRC officers this year.  He received a phone call
FROM (!) Force 12 telling him his two new C49XR beams were being
shipped the next day.  This antenna is a 23-element tri-bander
(10/15/20) on a 49' boom, with 4 elements on 20, 6 on 15, and a
whopping 13 on 10 meters.  These two monsters are destined to be
stacked at 48' and 96' on Tyler's new tower.  He also announced he
is slated to be teamed with his Siamese twin, K3RA, at W3LPL as
usual.  What is unusual is that these vacuum cleaners of the
airwaves will be on 15m vice 20!

WD3A, Tom, reports getting a new Hustler 5-band vertical in the
air and finding it is quieter than his old dipoles.  He has
WRITELOG up and running with his sound card for the RTTY contest.

N3KTV, Jim, proudly announced he impressed approximately 30
females recently.  Whoa, boys!  Further investigation revealed he
was in N. Virginia with a Girl Scout Troop for the JOTA.  They had
good success on HF, but didn't quite reach EU and missed a JA
opening on 10m.

N4MM, John, has been working with the help of K8OQL to up-grade
the contest station.  He also reports rumors of a N. Korea DX
operation coming up in March or June.

K8OQL, Jerry, is back on 160m for the winter, reportedly to "give
K3SX some competition".  He will be at W8ZA for CQWW SSB and CW.

N3HBX, John, announced all antennas are back up and ready for

K2UOP, Tom, told us that ETO has promised him his new Alpha 99 by
November (read, March).  He is currently improving his 40m setup.
W9LT, "Indiana" Lamar, just got back from the "other" coast where
he was visiting his son and daughter.  He has been working at
K3SA's station running new feedlines and other upgrades.

W8ZA, Bob, recently ran some new hardline to the 10/15m stacks to
replace some old RG-213.  Sounds good, huh? The problem is that
when the installation was complete, he found he lacked about 40dB
of receive signal all of a sudden! A check of one run resulted in
a reading of no reflected power; the other registered 0.8dB loss
over the 200ft run.  But when attached to a receiver; nothing. 
Reconnecting the RG-213 (luckily left in place) resulted in normal
signals again.  Things that make you go hmmmmm.


The Central Virginia Contest Club (CVCC - many members PVRC also)
invites you to a DX presentation by Jon Rudy, 3DA0CA on 11/12/99
at 7:30 PM in the Mennonite Church on Staples Mill Road in
Richmond, VA.  The church is about 1/2 mile north of Broad Street.
This program has been arranged by Jon's manager of the last
several years, Bob Eshleman, W4DR.

Jon is now living in Harrisonburg, Virginia studying at a
Seminary.  Jon was very prolific during his stay in 3DA0CA land
and Bob was quick to follow up with the QSLs.  Jon is also an
excellent CW operator who we hope to recruit for M/M contests for
PVRC.  This should be a fun evening!  (Info from John Youell,

All CVCC and PVRC members are asked to look for PJ4B from Bonaire
in both the phone and cw CQWW DXtests.  Among the ops will be 2
PVRCers with PVRC getting a percentage of the total score.  PJ4B
will be attempting to establish a new worlds record in each
contest and CVCC and PVRC members working PJ4B on all 6 bands will
be a big help. (Info from Jack Reichert, N4RV)


Scott Tuthill, K7ZO, was the originator of the Contest Station
database.  From 1995 through December 1997, Scott harvested
station descriptions from contest score reports on the 3830
Internet reflector.  When it got to be just too much work, the
database contained over 1000 descriptions of contest stations

This is where I come in.  For years, I've been fascinated by the
station design decisions contesters make.  Initially, I was
influenced by the famous 1966 QST series by Paul Rockwell, W3AFM,
which attempted to lay out a methodology for design decisions, in
terms of "dollars per db."  After spending a lot of time trying to
figure out how these techniques could be further developed to
account for today's much more sophisticated design knowledge and
tools, I concluded that developing a single analytical framework
is beyond me, at least.

So that left another aspect of Rockwell's work that intrigued me
-- his listing of the pre-eminent stations of the day, and their
equipment.  I thought it would be interesting to collect a
comparable list for 1999, and see what has happened to station
design over the last 33 years.

I contacted Scott, and got his permission to adapt his database to
the World Wide Web and make it available for on-line reference and
updating (at  Earlier this month
I got the first prototype running on my office machine, and the
rest is history.  Response has been very good -- over 60 visitors
to the web page on an average day, and close to 100K of revisions
and new entries in just the first week.

Plans for the database -- other than making it continuously
available --include adding fields as the need becomes evident,
perhaps adding another entire database for VHF+ contesters, and
then writing an article or articles about what the database shows,
for NCJ, CQ-Contest, or some other venue.  So stay tuned....

SHORT NOTES by the editor

Rich Boyd, KE3Q, the club Secretary, announced that PVRC Christmas
dinner will be Monday night, December 13, our regular monthly
meeting night.  If you are in the military and can get us into
either the officers club or enlisted club at a place like Andrews
AFB, we would appreciate your stepping forward.  We all prefer a
banquet room environment rather than the public restaurant
situation we've done the last few years.  We're exploring all
options.  Another good option might be a commercial restaurant
that has a separate room.  Location?  Anywhere near the DC Beltway
is probably preferable as compromise driving distance for most.
Ideas?  Please contact Rich.

Though not a club function, the popular annual "Beezer" Christmas
dinner will on Monday, December 20th, at the Cuckoo's Nest, 333
Olney-Sandy Springs Road (Rt 108), Olney, MD.  Please RSVP to
W2BZR via packet by December 9th.

PVRC members N3GM Ron Tobin, NB3O Steve Cuccio, and K3TM Roger
Kaul held a sub-regional meeting on Thursday, October 14, 1999, at
the Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD.  They discussed plans
for sweepstakes from their respective stations.

Leo, MM/W3LEO, will be QRV from Portpatrick in southwest Scotland
from 21 October to 12 November.  He plans to be in the CQWW, at
least on the Saturday.  Outside of the contest, look for him on 17
SSB or 10 SSB.  He'll use an Icom 706, 10-15-20 Meter Vertical,
and 17-meter dipole.  Leo says this is a vacation not a DXpetition
and times on the air will depend on the antennas, propagation, and
when the pubs are open.  QSL via W3LEO CBA with SASE or buro.

Howie Hoyt, N4AF lets us know that the PVRC/NC web site server has
been upgraded to a Pentium III 500Mhz with 45Gb.  Howie says that
messages to the PVRC reflector will BOUNCE if they include
attachments and your browser is set to use mime multi-part.  The
PVRC FAQ will be updated to reflect this.

Gene Smar, AD3F, asks if any reader has a Trylon tower?  He is
planning on building one to hold up a Bencher Skyhawk for a
single-tower station early next year and could use some expert
advice and assistance.  

ATTENTION SWEEPSTAKES OPS!.  Bob Dannals, W2GG, would like to
receive in addition to your large scores, a copy of your log file
electronically via [email protected]  Whatever SS log you submit to
the ARRL (phone and/or CW), please forward a copy to him also.  No
entry is too large or too small.  Bob will search the logs for
possible PVRC recruits by sorting the logs and checking distances
from the PVRC club center.  Lists of possible recruits will be
forwarded to all regional chairmen in January or February.

S C O R E S by Bob Dannals, W2GG

Changes/additions/deletions to W2GG via [email protected] or packet

### = missing information

ARRL VHF SS RESULTS (#7 10/4/99)


K3DNE      6   488  165    122,430
K2UOP/8    #   393  147     89,376
K3ZO       2   318   84     26,712
K4SO       2   125   37      4,625
KC4B       2    86   29      2,494
N4MM       #    43   24      1,032
K3DI       1     9    1          9

ND3F       #   572  159    190,000
W3CQH      5   107   39      5,187

K8GP      13  1809  414  1,114,902
K3MQH      #  ####  ###    798,000
W3YOZ      4   297  109     39,022

  12 LOGS       TOTAL    2,393,789



REFERENCE PAGE.  Please send corrections to the editor.   
No changes were made during October.

PVRC Officers
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  KE3Q              Rich Boyd          301-464-8014   [email protected]
  WR3L              Dave Baugher       410-DX1-WR3L   [email protected]
  K3SA              Steve Affens       301-774-0558   [email protected]
  Membership Sec 
  W2GG              Bob Dannals        410-472-2004   [email protected]

PVRC Charter Members: 

PacketCluster Contest/DX System, MHz:
W3LPL   Glenwood MD   145.590 441.250
KE3Q    Bowie MD      145.570 445.375
WR3L    Baltimore MD  145.610 440.950
N3RR    Rockville MD  145.510 441.325
K3SKE   Frederick MD  144.930
N4OHE   Mt.Weather VA 145.710 440.925
NE3H    Harrisburg PA 144.970
K3MQH   S Mountain PA 145.630
N4SR    Woodbridge VA 145.630 *
K4FJ    Mt. Vernon VA 145.770 *
W4XP    Bull Run Mt " 144.990

This system is sponsored by the Potomac Valley DX Spotting Network
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PENNSYLVANIA:  Steve Cutshall, K3TZV, [email protected],

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            When joint FRC/PVRC is at FRC, they announce the date.
Jul.        PVRC/NC cook out 
Jul.        Open house, W4MYA, Goochland,
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Dec.        Christmas dinner, DC area.

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