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YPlog; A review by Tom Alderman, W4BQF

YPlog* is a shareware multi-functional software program that provides
the capability for radio control, contesting, logging, award tracking,
dx cluster via packet or internet, real time grey line image of the
earth, CW generation via sound card or LPT, that holds weight ratio at
speeds over 100 wpm, integration with MMTTY, PSK31, CDROM call books,
rotor control, and numerous other features. YPlog is written to run
under MS Windows operating system and is compatible with Windows 95,
98SE, ME, NT, 2K, and XP. I have operated it under both Win98SE and
XPpro with no problems.

CONTESTING. Contesting features include 50+ contests in the contest
calendar (each contest can be customized so users can update rule
changes), complete display of points and multipliers, single operator -
two radio (SO2R) contesting, fully networked multi-multi or multi-2
contesting with automatic sharing of log data, simple button clicks
update one or all stations on the network with shared log information in
case a computer has been off-line for a period of time. Multiple
Cabrillo submission formats, CW keyboard with call send-ahead features,
complete contest keyboard custom configuration including TR and CT
keyboard layout emulation. Search-and-pounce (S&P) and/or Run modes
selectable and automatically configured to switch to S&P when tuning
dial is moved more than 5 kHz. Built-in voice keyer for SSB. RTTY
contesting is fully supported with the option of using traditional TU's,
smart TNC's, or sound card systems such as MMTTY.

FEATURES. Logging features include contesting, CW/SSB keyboard
messages, PSK31 support, RTTY, log printing, grey line (sun terminator)
image of the earth,CDROM (Amateur Radio Call Book, Buckmaster, and QRZ)
support, beam headings, dup-checking, QSL label printing, and export to
database. Award tracking is provided for DXCC, ITU/CQ zone, IOTA, Grid
Locator, and Counties. Multiple computers can be networked for SO2R
type of operation or to share devices such as packet cluster access or
rotor control. ADIF support, both import and export. Log View 5 and
plain ASCII import.

DEVICES. Device support includes TR-compatible CW keying and band
switching using the LPT port, SO2R control using the Top-Ten devices
DX-DOUBLER, internal W9XT voice keyer, external voice keying, various
forms of PTT control and CW keying using a sound card and simple audio
detector. The control panel works with all Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, and
some Yaesu (FT-1000 series, including Mark V), FT-100, FT-817, FT-847,
FT-890, FT-900, FT-990 tested and supported).

REVIEW. I can not (and will not) tell you that YPlog "is the best" ham
software simply because I have not used all of the ham software that's
available, but I can tell you that, for me, it outperforms any other
software I have used. I no longer must have two or three computers
available for the different software; one computer running YPlog
provides me with all of the major functions I need and without
compromise. When you purchase YPlog, you get the total support of it's
author, Tony Field/VE6YP. For instance, when I first purchased YPlog
it's top speed limit was 99wpm. When I asked Tony if he could increase
the top speed to 120wpm, the following day I got a version that had a
max speed limit of 200 wpm! Following an update to TR and CT keyboard
emulation, I started using the updated version in a contest, only to
find out I could not get the CW speed to stay at a set speed. A quick
email to Tony and less than 30 minutes later I had a fix to the problem
and continued with the contest.

YPlog, when interfaced with my IC-781 provides me with VFO A and B
frequency readout in the control screen, A or B selectable, allows me to
select modes, select filters, use the wheel on my mouse to change
frequency, and I can flawlessly key the rig to over 100 wpm using the
computer sound card. You have a type-ahead buffer that is limited by
the amount of RAM available on your PC, you can have multiple 10-message
files saved, you can completely configure the keyboard to your personal

YPlog allows you to customize which windows and the number of windows
(of information) you have on your monitor. In my case for normal
operation (contest screens are set up quite different) I prefer to have
eight windows showing on my monitor. Control (shows radio information),
logging screen, CW screen, F-key buffer content, DX-cluster screen,
grey-line terminator, country worked/confirmed, and station
worked/confirmed. You can customize the size of each of these screens

When I run contest from home, I do not operate in either a multi-multi
or SO2R environment so I have no practical knowledge of how well those
functions perform. However I've read comments from SO2R users and they
seem to be quite pleased with that function. I was getting very bored
with contesting, mainly because I never felt CT was very "user friendly"
so I therefore limited myself to the CQ DX and SS test. However after
getting YPlog configured and running my first contest with it, the
operation was so intuitive that suddenly I found I couldn't wait for the
next contest! Contest configuration is almost completely customizable.

You can configure your own keyboard layout, use the TR or the CT
emulation for key functions; you can customize the operation of band
mapping; double click to move to a packet spot, have automatic dupe
checking, quickly erase a log field, quickly or automatically switch
from the Run mode to the S&P mode, send your CQ or contest exchange at
variable speeds, and monitor your real-time score and your run rates.

The one thing I do not like about YPlog is the evaluation version. I
think it is too restrictive, to the point you can not try the CW
keyboard and all of it's functions, you can not simulate a contest so
you can try the contesting function and there are several cosmetic
features that are disabled until you register the program. Hopefully
Tony will soon release a either a time-limited or a log-limited but
complete evaluation version so you can test all of YPlog's features.

I think if your going to use a computer in your shack, you at least owe
it to yourself to try YPlog before you decide which is the "best"!
* YPlog is written by Tony Field, VE6YP, 2636 Laurel Crescent SW,
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA T3E 6B3. A shareware version of YPlog may be
download from http://members.shaw.ca/ve6yp. A full feature version
requires a registration fee of $50 US. Other reviews are at


Elections were held during October. Thanks to those that voted, and
especially to those that chose to run for office. The PVRC Officers and
Trustees for 2003 are:
President: Jack Hammett, K4VV
Vice-president - North Brian McGinnes, N3OC
Vice-president - South Guy Olinger, K2AV
Secretary Bob Dannals, W2GG
Treasurer Dave Baugher, WR3L
Trustees KE3Q, K3MM, N3RR, N4ZR, W4MYA,


The "tenth" annual "Beezer" Christmas dinner at Madison's Steak &
Seafood (ex- Cuckoo's Nest), 3333 Olney-Sandy Springs Road (Rt 108),
Olney, MD on Wednesday, December 18th. Arrive around 6:00 PM and dine
at 7:00 PM. Cash bar.

Meals are served with tossed salad, baked potato, coffee or tea.
Chocolate sundae, apple pie, or sherbet. Prices include tax and tips.

From the $23 menu:
Broiled filet of flounder
Jumbo fried shrimp
Sauteed chicken marsala
Fried seafood combination
Baked stuffed flounder
NY strip steak (10 oz)

From the $28 menu (ordered special)
Prime rib (14 OZ)
Filet mignon (8 OZ)
N.Y. strip steak (16 OZ)

If you make a reservation and don't show, you pay for the meal. Please
RSVP by 12/13/02 via packet to W2BZR or Email to [email protected]


Climbers Frank W3LPL and Don K4ZA and ground crew Dave W3OQ, Ross W2OK,
Dan K2YWE, and Dick K3DI raised a 100' Rohn 45 in the morning of
September 28th and topped it off in the afternoon with a Force12 C31XR
14 element tribander. The other two towers are 80' of Rohn 25 with a
HyGain 40CD2 2-el 40m on one and a HyGain TH7-DX tribander on the other.
At the present two wires are up, an 80 meter half wave folded dipole and
160 meter "T" which is really a 5.2 MHz half wave with a feed line of
70-feet of shorted RG-58. Additional wires, especially for 160, are

The shack has two operating positions with room to add a third. I am
looking for operators for all of the club competition contests listed on
the reference page. During this season I expect to enter all contests
as unlimited to help the maximum scores and so new operators can become
good with CT.

As yet I only have made brief inconclusive on air comparisons of the
C31XR and TH7DX. During the CQWW-Ph the C31XR and non-members W4EE and
SM0WKA (aka SM0W) and members W3ICM and K3DI piled up the largest score
yet from this station. After the contest I asked Teemu ("Tom" is his
radio name) SM0WKA how he learned to speak English so fast seeing it is
his third language. (His Finnish family emigrated to Sweden.)
Grinning, this 20 year old replied that in language lab he played the
English tape at double speed. Thanks to W3LPL who had a full staff and
passed Teemu to me.

Carroll County PVRC Meeting Minutes
By Jim Nitzberg, WX3B Oct 18, 2002

In attendance were the following members:
WX3B, AK3Z, N3SB, NY3A, N3VOP, W3ARS, WX3F, AA3XZ, and W3SY.
Guests: WA3G, N3WM, K1RH, K1RH/XYL, and K3ZE

This was our First fall meeting þ and of course the main topic of
conversation that could be heard echoing around the table were station
improvements, past, present and future. The table was buzzing with
plans for the upcoming CQWW Phone and Sweepstakes competitions.

This was WA3G, John Lynchþs first meeting!
John is interested in becoming a PVRC member and expanding his
contesting abilities. He will be available during the upcoming season
to help out team WX3B. Weþre hoping for a good score from John during
the Sweepstakes event this year. Welcome John, and weþre looking
forward to having you as a member.

Rob Heath, K1RH and his wife Theresa were delightful dinner guests þ and
this was Rob's second dinner, but actually his third meeting. Now we
just need to vote him into the club so he can begin contributing. Rob
is looking forward to contributing scores to PVRC þ and he is testing
out his new secret weapon: the Heil headset!

This was also K3ZE's (Al) first PVRC meeting. He is very interested in
joining this group and we're searching for his second meeting so he can
be voted into the club þ hopefully BEFORE you read this article. Al is
also a member of the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club.

John, AK3Z is making statements about his 160 Meter inverted L again.
WE suspect he's gearing up for the 160 contests. It's good that thereþs
another station in Carroll County with a big signal on 160.

Steve, NY3A is enjoying the fruits of his two networked logging
computers running writelog. Steve uses two computers to control his
SO2R station. Steve is actually considering running high power for
Sweepstakes/CW this year.

Steve, N3SB is getting excited about his upcoming Dxpedition to VP5 for
the ARRL DX CW contest. In addition, ANOTHER toy has landed on his
doorstep þ and Icom 781. This new radio will be making its debut on the
10 meter operating position at WX3B.

Bill, N3WM came to be with the Carroll Country Group because he knows us
well. While he dabbles in contests þ we have to set the hook and get
him VERY interested in contesting. He already has many of the symptoms
of a contester (runs his own business, is an executive at the radio
clubþ) so itþs just a matter of time before he's recruited!

Steve, W3SY has also been contemplating what he could do to have more
fun in SS/Phone this year. His answer involves running a KW and
entering SS in high power mode. We also see that Steve has the
limelight in November QST for humorous correspondence about breaking
those BIG pileups!

Brian, AA3XZ mentioned that he might try and participate in sweepstakes
from his home. Also, the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club is doing a
Sweepstakes effort in phone this year.

Clint, W3ARS talked about his 432mhz antenna(?) and of course Clint
will be active from both his home station and the Club Station K3PZN
during Sweepstakes.

Mike, N3VOP mentioned the Carroll County Hamfest at the end of October.
He is in charge of the special events station which should have a very
special time since it is CQWW weekend.

Larry, WX3F visited at the beginning of the meeting but due to work þ he
had to leave early. Larry, weþre counting on you for those 1,000 SS

Jim, WX3B has decided that 2 element Quads are great antennas. The 10
meter operating position now generates a respectable signal thanks to
Lightning boltþs best þ a monoband quad up only 33 feet. It packs a
SERIOUS punch, and to Europe it's almost always louder than my Yagi up
55 feet.

After the dinner - a group of us adorned to WX3B to do some OPERATING!
John, WA3G was keeping 75 meters active and working Europeans by the
handful. NY3A got on 15 meters and proceeded to work JA, Tonga and a
few others. W3SY was cracking pileups on 20 meters. And Rob, K1RH
could be seen tinkering around with 40 meters þ but I donþt know if he
made contacts! It was a good test of band pass filters around the
shack. The evening didnþt end until well after midnight and many QSOs
in the logs. It was good seeing all those positions operating þ Now if
I can just keep people in those chairs for the other 45 hours during a
real contest!

Our group announced a regional Sweepstakes Award program during our
meeting. Al, K3ZE has volunteered to produce the very farmable award
certificates, complete with full color PVRC logo þ to be signed by Jim
Nitzberg and Brian McGinness. An award will be issued to any Carroll
County PVRC member who submits their Sweepstakes score. Special
recognition will be given to those who are first time contributors. In
addition, there will be several other awards to be finalized before the
competition. Best wishes to all for the upcoming contest season!

CVCC MEETING 10/8/2002 by John Youell, W4TNX

The þpre-meetingþ at the þCrazy Greekþ restaurant had 22 people present.
Steve (K4EU) came down from the Culpepper area and brought our guest
speaker, Ken (K4ZW). Paul (K4JA) and Bruce (W3BP) came down from the
Callao area. We overflowed our normal corner alcove into three tables in
the þcivilianþ area. Several others joined us at the regular meeting
place and counting the couple of folks that joined us for supper, but
couldnþt make the meeting, we had about 30 present for the evening.

Bob (W4DR) opened the meeting at 7PM with greetings and in keeping with
our recent format, we did introductions around the room asking for a
recent good or bad radio related experience. Bob started with the good
news that he has now received his 10M P5 QSL. Jon (W4HZ) hopes to have
his new rotator up in 2 weeks and AC (W4HJ) has been off the air
recently. Ronnie (WU4G) has been QRX radio while in the job hunt mode
and Tom (K4JM) said hi and was glad to be here. Marie (K4KML) worked Sri
Lanka for a new one on 15M and Becky (KS4RX) said the Virginia Beach
hamfest was a real disappointment. Tony (KC4AUF) worked JD0 (Ogasawara).
Paul (K4JA) said something like "nothing but a few small projects going
on" (anyone believe this?). Steve (K4EU) heard the P5! Seriously, Steve
recently returned from a trip to Kentucky, where he attended a gathering
of some of the Kentucky DX Association members, including his DX manager
of 25 years WA4QMQ. Steve presented WA4QMQ a plaque commemorating &
thanking him for his years of service. Ed (NW4B) said hi to the group
and Jim (KO4XB) said he didnþt get the P5, but got a P6 instead. AJ
(W4NM) did not go to the Virginia Beach hamfest (thatþs like our
Treasurer, saving his cash in case he has to bail us out!).

Jim (KZ5OH) is now back on the air, 1 mile or less from my QTH.
Fortunately, I havenþt heard Jim yet, but I'm afraid it's going to be
ear splitting when I do! Ralph (N4EHJ) got some new band countries (BCs)
and Roy (WK4Y) got 23 new BCs. Barry (KF4QQY) didnþt get the P5, but our
guest speaker Ken (K4ZW) got K4JA from his DX-pedition to JT land. Jason
(KG4PMJ) said hi, but no DX.

Bob (NK4H), uncharacteristically, (but probably owing to the HUGE
portions of food consumed at þthe Greekþ) had nothing to offer radio-
wise. Bob (W4MYA) said he hasnþt been doing much (probably only keeping
his dozen plus radios and dozens of antennas fed with RF þ I did hear
later that he þplayedþ in the WAE contest). Dave (N4DWK) has now hit 200
DXCC entities þ great milestone Dave! Puck (aka the Puckster, W4PM) said
he called CQ, but the P5 wouldnþt answer. Also, Puck pointed out that he
recently worked an 18 year old at 40 WPM on CW. Don (K7MX) worked a KH6
from his mobile and Dennis (N4DEN) has been keeping our cluster going.

This author, John (W4TNX) thanked the contributors to the þTNX DXþ
column of the CVCC newsletter and requests that input keeps coming as
well as any "member profile" information. Just as we were wrapping up
this phase of the meeting, Park (N4KFD) opened the door, introduced
himself and for his contribution said þLateþ.

Bob (W4DR) asked about recent contesting and the upcoming CQ DX SSB
Contest at the end of this month. W4MYA said he is ready to go for the
CQ DX SSB Contest as a M/M and that he did þplayþ in the recent WAE
contest. K4JA is 3rd claimed high score in the world in the WAE (way to
go Paul!) and is going to try the new M/2 class in the CQ SSB.

Dennis (N4DEN) reports that packet is going OK on RF as well as
Internet, but he could use any "dead" TNCs you may have.

AJ (W4NM) gave a Treasurerþs report and we are still solvent! This
author (and past ex-president) felt guilty about the way I left the
treasury, so I paid my 2003 dues tonight!

We have been looking for alternate meeting sites and Ralph (N4EHJ), Park
(N4KFD) and Dennis (N4DEN) had all done their homework and offered the
following options, respectively: Direct Health / Henrico Doctors Parham
Road, Mechanicsville near 295/Meadowville and Dennis's church near
Tucker H.S. (I hope I got most of that close to right - the info was
coming faster than I could take good notes). We decided that we would
try Ralphþs suggested meeting place next month, so will need good
directions in next monthþs newsletter.

Ken Claerbout (K4ZW) was the featured speaker for the evening. He gave a
very FB 35 to 40 minute power point presentation on his recent trips to
Mongolia in November of 2001 and September of 2002. There is no way that
I can give Ken due credit in a short write-up, so please take my word it
was a FB presentation. In addition to having some DXing fun and setting
a contest record from JT land, Ken helped his host Chak (JT1CO) install
a Titanex vertical for 80/160M. This should allow low-band DX'ers a
chance at zone 23 in the future. Ken had several slides of the local
hams and their þbeverages and beverage antennasþ, causes of local
þQRMooþ (harmful to beverage antennas), QTH's and beam antennas, plus
some tourist pictures of buildings, countryside, shrines and museums. He
also had a slide of an old JT club log with "W4MYA's" call in it. Ken
handled several questions throughout the presentation and was given a
deserving ovation at the end! Great job Ken!

The last order of business was a motion for the CVCC to endorse a
nomination for W4MYA to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame. This nomination was
carried unanimously and Bob (W4DR) will proceed with steps to elevate
our wishes to the PVRC to be a sponsoring organization for one of itþs
highest scoring contributors.

A good time was had by all and we look forward to an excellent contest
season. Stay tuned for directions to the CVCC meeting next month, it
will be at a different place (time also?)!


The Laurel Regional Chapter of PVRC met after the regular LARC meeting
Oct 23. Members in attendance included W3YD, KB3DVC, KB3BWR, KT3D,
KA8YPY, NX3K, K3HDM, W3DAD, N3TZA, and N3XL, who was attending his
second meeting and was nominated for membership. We have forwarded his
name to the Central Region for nomination; we are slowing approaching
the magic number (10) so we can vote in members by ourselves.

We discussed the upcoming major contests for us (CQWW, SS, and ARRL
10-meter), and reminded ourselves that participation with the club at
W3LRC did not rule out also working a few hours from the home QTH.
Pud/W3YD and Kevin/W3DAD will be doing this with back-up rigs, since
both have sent their OMNI VI PLUS stations down to Sevierville for
maintenance and tune-up. Dennis/KT3D will be trying out the N1MM
logging program he downloaded and hooked up to his Yaesu. Most others,
if time permits, will be helping the club W3LRC.

by David Jones, N4JED, SWVA Sec

The Southwest Virginia Chapter PVRC met Friday October 6 at the Roanoker
Restaurant. Present were K1GG, WM3T and KF4OKG, N4EL and KA4BSA, N4GU,

Following an excellent dinner, Gordon K1GG started the meeting on behalf
of the nominating committee. New officers were proposed - Mike N4GU as
chairman and David N4JED as secretary. A unanimous vote followed with
the two taking office immediately after. Thanks were expressed to John
K4IQ for his hard work heading the chapter since it's formation five
years ago. Mike N4GU was also commended for his service as chapter

General discussion followed ranging from VHF qso party to 80 meter dx
contesting. VHF contest activity appeared down and only two chapter
members reported operating. N4JED turned in a WAE and VHF score - though
small. Nat N4EL led a discussion on installing the new Rigrunner Power
Strip. Highly recommended it both operationally and construction wise.
Methods and strategies for operating 80 meters in contests were
discussed along with the difficulty of holding a frequency on the band.
John W4JAM discussed several of his operating experiences on 80 from
Florida and places and offered advice. Stacking and operating of
rotating dipoles on 80 were also mentioned. An impromptu vote of logging
software found CT and Writelog as the two top used programs with a
variety of other commercial and free programs cited.

Everyone was encouraged to participate in the upcoming contests and to
submit their scores regardless of how small. Members were reminded that
the Southwest Virginia Chapter was running its own 5 mil contest
concurrent with the PVRC program to encourage local participation.
Next meeting scheduled for Friday November 1 at the Roanoker Restaurant.
Holiday meeting to occur in January. Members were asked to check their
calendars and let N4GU know their availability. Meeting was adjourned to
the parking lot.


What can we do to boost our scores? Clearly the short range need is to
get more stations on, to operate more hours, and send in ALL logs. This
augmented by station improvements.

However, I suggest that we should not loose sight of the fact that
future years rely on our obtaining new members during today's battles.
I edit a monthly CONTESTING column in the AUTOCALL beamed to new Hams to
get them into contesting. (I'm begging for an article for that column.)
During a contest, I note stations in or near Anne Arundel county and
telephone them after the contest to talk about PVRC and operating at
K3DI. I picked up W3OQ so far.

What can you do? Perhaps you can enter less as SO or SOA, invite a
nearby ham over, hook his 100W rig to a spare antenna, and enter as
multi-something -- fun and more club points even if it's not a winner as
a station. Also, perhaps you have a chance to talk up contesting at
your local Ham club meeting and form a new chapter.

I plan on running as unlimited in ALL 5M contests. This will allow the
greatest flexibility in scheduling ops, the greatest points for PVRC,
and probably allow scheduling a new contester on slower bands while the
op develop interest and skills.

The prior comments are sort of traditional. A new thought is using our
postage imprint to cheaply send direct mail (200 pieces minimum)
solicitations to all non-member stations in our area who have submitted
a score in any contest. This effort would take somebody to extract
calls from magazine or internet contest listing.

The printing cost of the direct mail approach could be covered by
commercial advertising income from the PVRC NEWSLETTER. This will need
somebody to be the PVRC NEWSLETTER advertising manager. (It's overload
for me to do it.)

Perhaps the direct mail approach could be handled by three persons.
1. PVRC advertising manager.
2. Extractor of calls for results
3. Preparer of the mailer. I'll help.

I have one question. What is SMC doing that works?

S C O R E S by Bob Dannals, W2GG

Corrections, additions, etc. -
email to [email protected]
### - missing data

ARRL Sept VHF FINAL 15-Oct-02

Call P-B QSOs Mults Total

Single Operator
K3DNE H7 598 208 205,920
W4RX H10 493 177 156,999
K2UOP H9 263 113 52,658
W3EKT H5 180 53 12,127
N3UM L2 145 35 5,075
K3DSP L2 100 38 3,800
W6AXX L1 112 29 3,248
W3ARS L3 104 ## 3,180
N3AM L3 86 27 2,565
N3VOP L4 68 18 1,530
W8ZA L3 41 25 1,225
W4XP Q4 56 19 1,159
W2YE L1 42 14 588
N4MM L# 34 17 578
AD3F L2 35 ## 420
W3KHZ L2 30 11 330
K4NYS L3 13 ## 150
N3FNE L1 14 5 70
N4JED L1 3 3 9
K1SO L1 1 1 1
W3IY H10 840 1,681 179,867
K8GP H14 1985 426 1,412,190
W3SO H4 757 176 176,176
W3LRC L4 86 15 1,470

Logs: 23 Club Score: 2,221,335

Operators (non-PVRC in paren')

### - missing data
P-B Power and Bands

Corrections, additions, etc. - email to [email protected]

WAE SSB 2002 FINAL 15-Oct-02

Single Op - High Power
W4MYA 1656 1485 187 1,366,062
N8II 1189 1160 152 765,774
AD4L 606 605 107 273,686
K3DI 340 337 257 173,989
N4GG 263 258 96 116,183
N3AM 230 228 197 90,226
W3HVQ 254 253 176 89,232
KO7X 260 258 81 89,096
K2UOP 75 0 42 7,650
Single Op - Low Power
N1WR/3 703 686 145 449,064
N4MM 201 ### 162 64,638
K4WES 146 145 144 41,904
N4JED 120 82 109 22,018
N3FNE 64 40 39 6,552
W2GG 33 30 ### 2,772
K4JA 2147 1947 214 2,112,760
TA1/AJ3M 73 0 71 5,183

Logs: 17 Club Score: 5,676,789

KO7X - at KI7WX
N1WR/3 - KD4D at N1WR

### - missing data

CQWW SSB SCORE #4 31 Oct 02

Call Pwr-Bnd Qs Zon Cou Score
Single Op - Unassisted
K4ZW C 3202 150 547 6,353,852
K3ZO C 3136 137 486 5,547,192
NX9T C 1860 115 382 2,563,526
WR3Z C 1416 127 417 2,139,008
NR3X B 1320 103 111 1,651,188
K2UOP C 1002 115 384 1,397,699
N3UM C 873 90 301 951,694
N4MM C 762 109 319 905,220
N4CW C 800 87 294 853,821
K3JT B 734 79 258 683,436
N4GU C 607 95 257 596,992
N3HBX C15 1273 35 130 585,750
K3DSP B 638 72 228 530,400
K1KO C 577 67 231 476,502
K3WA C 500 75 243 441,702
K4EU B 510 94 220 426,098
N4JED B 520 69 195 375,936
N4EL C 500 65 199 361,416
N4MO B15 566 33 129 258,714
KO7X C 347 79 158 224,202
W3AZ C 359 61 161 221,334
KE4MILB 351 47 163 203,490
W3CP B 274 69 163 175,160
K4UVT B 260 64 172 165,672
K3SWZ B20 312 32 104 115,328
N3FX C 216 55 116 101,232
K4WES B 201 52 112 83,312
W4RIM C 165 36 90 53,460
W4XP B 145 45 90 49,815
N8CH C 118 32 82 38,760
N3FNE B 120 28 63 28,938
N3ZR B 84 25 47 15,624
N3XL B 13 8 12 520
Single Op - Assisted
W4RM C 1847 119 440 2,972,203
N3AM C 1675 119 435 2,656,984
WX3B C 1257 90 327 1,508,706
KV3R C 1067 112 361 1,443,596
K3KO C 725 111 383 1,000,350
W3HVQ C 508 113 337 616,950
N4GG C 595 76 256 551,784
K3SV C 250 78 206 118,192
W4WS C 2208 149 574 4,306,911
W3LJ C 728 93 316 807,366
K4JA C 4893 177 717 12,171,810
K3DI C 2346 151 558 4,629,061
W3LPL C 7676 186 761 19,379,408
W4MYA C 4999 178 698 11,723,508

B: Low Power
C: High Power
TS: Tribander and single element 160-40
BR: Band Restricted
R: Rookie

Logs: 47 Club Score: 92,463,822

Operators (non-PVRC):