PVRC CALENDAR (Club competition contests are listed):
Weekly            Wed      BWI Regional weekly breakfast. 
Wednesdays 7:30 am, Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.

Monthly           Over-the-Hill Luncheon.  TBA. 

Nov 2             Thu    PVRC/NC meeting at Ryans.

Nov 4 - 5         ARRL CW Sweepstakes. 4 PM EST Sat to 10 PM EST Sun

Nov 13            Mon    Central meeting at Maryland location. 

Nov 14            Tue    Central VA meeting held jointly with CVCC. 

Nov 17            Fri    SW Virginia meets at the Western Sizzler rte
                         220 near intersection of rte 419.

Nov 18 - 19       ARRL SSB Sweepstates  4 PM EST Sat to 10 PM EST Sun

Nov 21            Tue    Northwest meeting at Tully's Grill, Frederick.

Nov 21            Tue    Tidewater Colony meeting night.

Nov 24 - 26       CQWW CW DX Contest.  7 PM EST Fri to 7 PM EST Sun      

Dec 1 - 3         ARRL 160 Meter Contest  5 PM EST Fri- 11 AM EST Sun

Dec 8 - 10        ARRL 10 Meter Contest   7 PM EST Fri to 7 PM EST Sun

Jan 20 - 21       ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes

Jan 27 - 28       CQ CW 160m Contest  5 PM EST Fri to 11 AM EST Sun

Clifford D. May, W4LUE became a silent key on September 6, 2000. 
Danny was a charter member of PVRC.    (tnx W7YS)

EDITOR on how you can get a log file from older software 
converted into the new format for electronic reporting.


In coordination with Brian, N3OC, the annual Christmas Dinner has
been set for Monday, December 11 beginning at 6 PM, dinner at 7
PM (for an estimated 45 to 75 people) at the Olive Garden on Rt.
7 in Vienna, VA, west of the 495 Beltway.  This is the same
location where the dinner has been enjoyed in recent years.

We will update the number of attendees as we get closer to the
event.  They have remodeled the Olive Garden and now have a nice
private room that seats 50 that would be ideal for us if we fit. 
The room would sure help us have a private environment for the
program.  But, we welcome all comers--members, potential members,
guests.  This event is fun and is a good one to introduce others
to PVRC.

Your responses to sign up are welcome early.  This will help our
planning.  Please reply to me and N3OC.  Directions will follow


PVRC would like to thank the following for their September and
October donations.  They are:  KC3VO, W3AZD, W3XE, K3SV, N3OPM,
W4RW, K1SE, N4RV, N3HXQ, AA4KD, W3LPL, W3UJ, and N3RC.

Would you like a copy of the new 2001 RAC Callbook on CD-ROM?  If
interested, the club could purchase them at a discount for resale
to you.
  Quantity        Price ea.         Save ea.
  1-3             $39               $0
  4-6             $37               $2
  7-10            $36               $3
  11-15           $35               $4
  16 +            $34               $5

All have to be shipped to one address.  Postage to each member
would be $1 if I have to mail it to you after or I can distribute
them at the Christmas meeting for no delivery charge.  What I
need from you by November 15th is a commitment that you want a
copy.  At that time I will order and pay the order.  I will then
notify you what the final price is and you can forward me a
check.  Please notify me by e-mail or packet and I will return
the confirmation the same way.  Shipping date is anticipated to
be November 24, 2000.  Orders to: Dave, WR3L on packet or
[email protected]

PVRC/NC MEETING OCT 5, 2000 by Guy Olinger, K2AV

The regular monthly meeting was held at Ryan's Family Steakhouse,
Cary NC on October 5th.  Facts, misunderstandings, and outright
fibs as recorded by Secretary Pro Tem K2AV.  It is NOT true that
notes were taken using a crayon on the back of several un-souped
meal receipts.  It was a ball point pen.

In attendance: K2AV, NT4D, WD8EBI, WJ9B, K3VW, K3KO, AA4NC, N4CW,
N2NFG, WW4M, K4MA.  Meeting called to order (?) at 6 p.m..

Noted regrets from KS4XG, with reference to extensive lame
attempt at excuse on the reflector.  PENICILLIN, Pete, and

Regrets from NX9T who actually ordered a Trylon tower.  This
apparently after sneaking a look at K2AV's base and bottom
section at the exalted height of eight feet.  You're easy,
Jeff...nosebleed starts at 80 feet, not 8.

K4QPL just said he wouldn't be there, no excuse or anything.  In
honor of that, we ate his dessert, so it wasn't a total loss.

Debbie, WD8EBI attending with hubby NT4D.  She's got her two
meetings in for this year.  We expect to hear THAT VOICE on the
SSB tests this year.  THAT VOICE worth at least 10 db effective
gain over hubby Jay's Texas twang.  Look for her in a pileup.

N4CW doing the Sprint from ME.  Even with rare state and an
SB200, couldn't run 'em from up there.  Need to get a 1-land club
call, Bert.  One Land Drawn Butter and Key Klix Klub or

Smoke'em Alsop, K3KO, has a new Acom linear.  Did over 1000 Q's
running hi power in RTTY test, and claims he did NOT smoke the
Acom.  Extensive questioning followed whether he may have had a
cold at the time and could not smell, or whether he can hear his
smoke detector go off with the cans on.  Several offers to
disassemble the Acom and inspect for RTTY damage.

WW4M was at KS4XG's for WAE.  Did 800 Q's and overheated Pete's
computer.  But avoided being struck by lightning.

AA4NC broke a cardinal rule of antenna construction and put up
new beverages in FAIR wx.  He may get away with it since the
wires are so close to the ground.  He also had fair amount of
lightning damage (again) and is planning to repair the 40 beam
using a crane (gasp).  Figures one of the loading coils is

K4MA [text obscured by chocolate pudding stain]  80 meter
inverted vee.

K2AV actually has some new sections up on his Trylon. 
(Independently verified by Price Waterhouse ... will wonders
never cease.)

N2NFG has holes dug for his tower and guy anchors.  Discussion
afterward centered on how much water the holes hold.

W3GCG came incognito, disguised with his new call sign K3VW. 
Willy also reports lightning damage, with a lot of aluminum now
on the ground.  (Has this been a bad year for the L' Strokes or
what?) Willy reported that all requests for a particular vanity
call received the same day now go into a pool and the winner
picked at random.  No more sending the electronic application at
the stroke of midnight ET.

WJ9B reports he has his two radio setup in place, but is fighting
the computer arrangement.  He was warned about SIDS (SO2R-induced
dyslexia syndrome).

KI7WX warned that all PVRC members not working him at W6EEN in
the CQP will be dropped from his will.  Several members requested
a written copy of his statement.

Formal meeting ended with announcement of next regular meeting at
Ryan's, 2 Nov.  Miscellaneous BS and scientific investigations
continued afterwards.

SWVA PVRC Minutes - 10-6-2000 by John Mitchel, K4IQ

SWVA Chapter kicked off the contest year with the first meeting
Friday at The Sunnybrook Inn in Roanoke.  Present were N4EL,
K1SO, N4GU, WM3T (ex-KU4RG), K4IQ, KF4OKG, and K1GG.  Several
members had previously called in their regrets, so our numbers
were down a bit, but the exchange was lively and a good start to
the contest year.

Anthony, WM3T, described his plans to be a rover the PA QSO party
coming up.  He and Shilynn have rented a cabin there for their
first anniversary and will have a ham-radio oriented weekend. 
Good thing Shilynn is a ham!  They are also planning a
multi-single effort for the upcoming CQ WW, Gordon, K1GG, is
still trying to round up replacement parts (insulators) for his
KLM 40M beam that suffered damage in last year's winds.  He hopes
to be up in time for Sweepstakes.

Jerry, K1SO, had to leave early to catch a plane out, but will be
active in this years' contests.

Nat, N4EL, obtained an extra Rohn tower section and guy kit and
is planning to go up a bit higher with his tri-bander in the next
week or so.  Mike, N4GU, reported a "down" recruiting year at the
Va Tech club station, which seems to be a sign of the times with
younger people and ham radio.  He will be active this year and
reminded us all that SS requires Cabrillo format for entries, so
be sure and upgrade software as needed.

K4IQ is hoping to get the two-element Force 12 40M beam placed at
100 feet this fall, with the new Prosistel (Big Boy) rotor in
place to turn that and the 80M Dipole.

Plenty of antenna work ahead, and the weekend crews in SWVA are
standing by and hoping for good weather.  Our next meeting will
be on November 17th at the Western Sizzlin' restaurant on Rte 220
South near the Rte 419 intersection.


The Carroll County PVRC group met Friday, October 13th at the
home of John Chesley, AK3Z in Westminster, MD.  A hearty thank
you goes out to John for providing his house and the pizza for
all to enjoy.

It was delightful to see John,  sporting a new amplifier  a
mint TL-922 at the meeting.  The amplifier, of course, would
become the center of attention later that evening.  He put his
G5RV back up  and I understand that later the same weekend, a 40
meter dipole was successfully installed.

We also thank Steve Beckman, N3SB for providing the beverage
service of the evening.  Steve has been testing out a new
vertical in his yard, as well as doing some listening on his TH7. 
He is also doing strength training in preparation for CQWW down
at W4MYA.

Shari Holstege, KA3TUL was the star of our evening show, as she
is a bright, 22 year old YL contester!  It was a real treat to
see Sharižs enthusiasm about radio and contesting  this was her
2nd PVRC meeting and she should be a member soon.  Although Shari
has a modest HF station, her Dad has a good one, and she has
worked contested from WR3L in a previous WPX contest.

This was also Art Brown, W3KHZ's second PVRC meeting.  Art is
located in Fallston, MD where he sports several top of the line
HF rigs, a few amplifiers, a TH7 and some wires.  Art also has an
impressive array of awards to his name, including an eight (8)
band DXCC!   Art is a member of VY2SS's Multi-Multi team, and has
also participated in many contests over the years from home.

This was also the first time I got to enjoy the company of Ed
Kucharski, K3DNE, at a local Carroll County PVRC meeting.  I
followed him to John's house -- his car was easy to recognize
since he had K3DNE his license plate.  Ed is easy to recognize
with his BIG signal on the VHF bands.

Wayne Wilson, N3UN and Dave Blanchard, N3II arrived together at
the very beginning of the meeting.  Wayne observed that John
Chesley lives on quite a hill and it makes for some interesting
driving when you have a manual transmission.  I saw Dave, Wayne
and Ed engaged in a rag chew for a good part of the evening.  No
doubt they were discussing upcoming contest strategy.

I finally got to meet Marty Green, Jr., K2PLF.  I have traded
many packet talk messages and chased DX using Martyžs spots as a
guideline.  Marty puts out quite a big signal and uses the AB/577
Military masts for his antenna tower.  Marty is quite active as a
single operator contester for PVRC.

A warm evening of fellowship, good food and war stories was
enjoyed by the entire group.  The moment of truth arrived when we
put Shari, KA3TUL to the test on the HF bands.  It was after
several minutes of calling in an (SSB) EA8 Pileup that she
confessed she was really a die-hard CW operator, and I had forced
her to operate phone.  She also mentioned that she can copy 30+
wpm during a contest!  Please keep Shari in mind for  your future
Multi-Multi CW operations.  Of course, she did break that pileup,
and then the mic was passed to W3SY.

It took Steve, W3SY, two calls to break the pileup, and based
upon the way he chased that operator, I'd say hežs ready for
CQWW.  Hežs also ready to put up the AB/577 he just ordered. 
Stay tuned for W3SY with multiple elements on 10, 15 & 20 ž and
he should also be a member by this time next month.

For John Pohlhaus, N3MNM, this was his first PVRC meeting.  John
is just getting started in contesting and is in the process of
getting his HF station on the air.  Since John was the newest
member of the ranks, and he has an electrical background, he was
quickly put to work wiring up Johnžs  (AK3Z) new TL-922
amplifier.  After an hour or so of trying to make existing plugs
work, it was discovered that they were incompatible.  Being
resourceful, he decided to hard-wire the amp to the 240V outlet.

With a small "click" the amp lit up, and tuned up perfectly
into the (ladder line fed) G5RV.  It was then that AK3Z got a
renewed lesson in RF feedback.  Balanced line is balanced, unless
there is something --ANYTHING-- to unbalance it.  We quickly QSOžd
with the latch on the kitchen stove, and several lamps in the
radio room.  We also worked many DX stations on 20 and 75 meters
and got excellent reports.  Thanks, John (N3MNM) for the wiring

Our next Carroll County PVRC meeting is going to be a joint
meeting with the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club in
Westminster, MD.   Our guest speaker will be Bernie McClenny,
W3UR and he will speak about his adventures earlier this year as
4W/W3UR in East Timor.   This meeting will be held at the Fire
Training Center, 1345 Washington Road in Westminster, MD on
Monday, November 13, 2000 at 7:30 p.m.

Directions to the fire training center: 
NW Regional Minutes Sep 19th by Chairman, Ed Steeble, K3IXD
(These minutes were received in time but mislaid 
while editing the October issue. editor)

People began gathering for dinner before 6:00 o'clock at Tully's,
in Frederick, MD.  About 7:30 NK3R, Greg, opened the meeting.  In
attendance were: NK3R, W8ZA, NE3H, K3WC, W6NRJ, N4MM, K2UOP,
K8OQL, K3IXD, and K3SKE.

Greg, NK5R opened the meeting and received a round of applause
for his 2 1/2 years of service as the NW Regional Chairman.  Then
Ed, K3IXD, took over as the new NW Regional Chairman.  The
members voted in John, N8UM.

Bob, W8ZA - Two of his three 40m beams are up.  He is still
looking for a Hygain 155 manual.  He is working towards being
ready for CQWW.

Joe, NE3H - He is changing to stacked tribanders, 32 feet apart
with a 40m beam in the middle.  They are installed, but during a
check out after the installation, he found out that the quiet,
40m band, was due to lack of a coaxial connection.  He hopes to
have this fixed in time for the RTTY contest.

K3WC, Dusty - He has installed modifications to his FT1000, has a
new tower, and a Force 12 antenna.

W6NRJ, Jim - Illness prevented him from lately attending
meetings, but he is looking forward to attending more now.  Jim
builds wire antennas.  He has a 200m horizontal loop (all
bands?).  He has completed four, 40m, quad loops, phased,
end-to-end He is happy with the reports, but would like to hook
up with someone willing to model it.  His next wire antenna
project is for 80m.  Any NEC models out there?

Tom, K2UOP - He was interviewed by the local paper.  The article
contained five pictures, of which one was the PVRC logo.  He has
sent the article to K3SA, the PVRC web master and club historian.

Tom just missed 100,000 points in the September VHF contest.  He
and Jerry will be going to the microwave update convention hosted
by the PackRats.

Jerry, K8OQL - He was in the IARU contest.  He has been working
80m and 160m DX.  He says listen on those bands when the K is 6
or lower.  He went to the Greenbank telescope dedication. 
Impressive.  And he visited W9GFZ, their special event station.

Dan, K3SKE - His tower grew from 70 to 100 feet.  Now installed
on the top is a Mosley.

Ed, K3IXD - He was in the September VHF contest as a single op,
low power on 50, 144, 222, 432, and 1296.  For HF he has replaced
his Quad with a Force 12 C-3SS.

Before adjourning, we discussed having a meeting or two at the
Paradise Restaurant, which features a Mongolian buffet.  No date
was set, but when we do one of the club's movies will be shown. 
Does anyone have a large TV with video cassette player and can
bring it to a NW meeting? I have a 12-inch TV with a built in
video cassette player.

The next meeting will be at Tully's, Frederick, MD, on Oct 17. 
Members begin arriving before 6:00, dinner is ordered around 6:30
and the meeting begins at 7:30.


People began gathering for dinner before 6:00 o'clock at Tully's,
in Frederick, MD.  About 7:30 Ed, K3IXD opened the meeting. In
attendance were: K3IXD, K3ZO, N3II, N3UN, W3ZZ, K3DNE, W8ZA,

Business: Five new members were voted in: Steve Sheinberg, W3SY;
Larry Solarczyk, WX3F; Joe Ebaugh, N3YIM; Shari Holstege, KA3TUL;
and Art Brown, W3KHZ.

Next the members voted for club officers and Board of Trustee for
2001. The results have been forwarded to N3OC. Then K3ZO and W3ZZ
presented N3II a Certificate of Recognition for his 6m packet DX
spots. The upcoming club competition contests were announced:
CQWW SSB (27 - 29 Oct.), SS CW (4 - 5 Nov.), SS SSB (18 - 19
Nov.) and CQWW CW 24 - 26 Nov.). Everyone was urged to
participate and send in the logs, whether or not the score was
large or small.  If you have a station and can host guest ops
contact the regional chairmen and/or officers. Likewise if you
are looking for a station to operate or want to participate in a
M/M or M/S effort. 

Concluding the business session was the reminder that QSL card
orders are due to N3NT by 19 Nov. 2000. The order form is in the
Newsletter.  Going around the table:K3ZO - He will be going to HL and will be checking DXCC cards,
(also checking DXCC cards at HS). then he will be at HS0AC for
CQWW CW, a MM effort They will be on 80m too. W3UR will be at
K3ZO's for CQWW CW using his own call sign.

N3II - Is active on 6m.  N3UN - Manages to get on each day.

W3ZZ - His station is still in need of repair. He operated 432 in
the September VHF contest at K8GP. He mentioned that the VHF
bands were open before and after the contest but not during.  He
will be W3GNQ for CQWW SSB, and they are looking for some more

K3DNE - He installed a Rocket Launcher with an A3 on it. He has a
new 6m station, ICOM 746 and modified Heathkit Amp. 

W8ZA - He corrected last months minutes, it should have read that
he modified his two, 2 element 40m beams to 3 elements. K3DNE and
WD3A will join him for CQWW SSB. K8OQL will single op the station
in SS CW. Plans for SS SSB aren't firm.

W3NRS - He has been inactive from home, but is on the 147.000
repeater while mobile.   K3SKE - He now has a user-input node on
445.125 in addition to 144.930.  WD3A - He will be at W8ZA for

K2PLF - Last year he did CQWW with a triband vertical, this year
he has a Rocket Launcher with a beam up. He has another Rocket
Launcher with a 6m antenna on it to link our packet nodes with
the ones in the northeast. Later he will have a 2m-user node at
his house. The 6m link was ultra reliable until yesterday when
noise wiped out the 6m signal, it can be heard on 2m too.

W3LPL - The rotating tower is finished. He purchased M2 (M
Squared) rotors and said they are costly but great. Regarding the
PacketCluster, W3NRS donated hardline, and W3EKT rebuilt 10
computers for the nodes. The PacketCluster lost the microwave
link to the northeast in mid-June. That link is being
re-established on 6m from W3LPL to K2PLF to N3RS (88 miles).  A
2m node is being installed at W3YOZ and also there will be a link
from W3YOZ to N1WR at Patuxent River. 

W3EKT - Operated the 222 and 432 sprints from K3MQH's QTH. Both
sprints were slow, had low activity, but he did encounter some
good propagation. He was busy with rebuilding the computers for
the PacketCluster.

N4MM - He has his 8 elements on 36-foot boom, 6m beam, up, He is
putting up an 80m antenna for SS. He told us to look at the
November QST; there are changes in the contest rules and hints on
how to assist the ARRL contest branch. The Contest Advisory
Committee is requesting comments. They can be e-mailed to
[email protected]  

K2UOP - attended the VHF/Microwave conference outside
Philadelphia, as did K8QOL, and W3EKT. He is planning on buying a
5760 transverter and a new 2m transverter.

K3IXD - He is looking forward to exercising his new C-3SS in CQWW
and SS. He was asked about his TVI and Telephone interference
status. It turned out his neighbor's answering machine was
inducing interference (on all bands from 160m through 432) into
the telephone system. Removing it solved that problem. The TVI
(also on all bands, 160m through 432) was solved when the
off-air, TV preamp was removed. There was no TVI with the
satellite TV. He thanked KC3VO for his technical and diplomatic
The next meeting will be at Tully's, Frederick, MD, on Nov 21.
Dinner about 6:30 and the meeting begins at 7:30pm.

by Larry Schimelpfenig, K7SV

The meeting was called to order at the home of K7SV at 10:30.  In
attendance were K4EU, K4JA, WA4JUK, K1SE, K4ZW, K4GMH, NR4M,
K7SV, and visitors N3BF and K3NC.

Two items of old business were discussed.  It was unanimously
agreed to that during multiop efforts, if software allows, the
operators name will be entered in the log for whatever periods he
operated.  This is primarily to be used to help analyze the
reason for unique or broken calls in the log.  In many cases
we're very much aware that an operator is entering what was sent,
and that brings up the question of what to when someone sends
something that you know is wrong.  A prime example was a 4O4
whose vox delay dropped the first dit in the first 4.  Someone
logged a VO4.  Again the idea is not to chastise anyone, but to
get the most bang from our efforts.  One of the members also
indicated he wanted to know if he's putting bum calls in the log. 
As a related issue, there was also discussion about recording the
entire contest in Writelog.  Again the purpose isn't to change
anything in a log after-the-fact, but to see what really

The second old business issue was contest planning for the late
2000 events.  For CW SS, K1SE, WA4JUK, NR4M and possibly K4ZW
will do a multiop from NR4M.  WA4JUK, K4EU, K3NC and K7SV will be
making single-op efforts from home.  For CQWWSSB, K4JA is going
to be doing a somewhat limited M/S, while K4ZW, K3NC, and K7SV
will be doing single-op from home.  At the moment SSB SS looks
like a multi-op effort from K4ZW with several others including
K7SV going single from home.  CQWWCW M/M at NR4M with K4GMH,
K4EU, K1SE, WA4JUK, K4EC, NR4M , and K7SV.  K4JA will be doing a
M/S and K4ZW a single-op effort.

Under new business, this was the first meeting for Brad N3BF who
recently moved to the Alexandria VA area from Penna.  He enjoys
contesting, especially cw and also rtty.  He has completed an
application.  This was actually K3NC's second meeting and he's
going to complete an application as well.  Neal is really into
RTTY, and also supports a packet node in the Fredericksburg area. 
We discussed holding a chapter Christmas Dinner meeting in the
local area.  Because of the 1.5 hour commute for many of the
chapter to Northern VA, it's pretty tough to make that Christmas
dinner.  We're looking at dinning in the Aquia (Southern Stafford
County) area on 6 December.  K7SV talked a little about an idea
for a low band antenna that covered both the phone and cw
portions of the band.  It was something the W6QHS/W6NL came up
with and was discussed on the tower reflector a month or so ago. 
Larry's going to replace one of his open wire fed dipoles with

Under attendee news, WA4JUK just swapped his Ten Tec Scout for an
OMNI VI -gotta wonder what Joe is going to do with all the extra
time he has now that bandswitching is really switching and not
replacing a hardware slice! K4EU has made the initial steps in
getting ready to put up his Rohn tower and triband quad.  K4JA
has all five towers up and plans to begin populating them with
antennas Monday! K4GMH hasn't had a lightning strike in the past
24 hours.  K4ZW just received his second 10 meter cannon and
hopes to get it on the tower tomorrow 22 Oct.  These guys don't
push things to the wire do they - CQWW SSB is next weekend!

The meeting was adjourned to be followed by lunch and the tape of
N6BT's presentation on antennas.


Leo, W3LEO, will once again be active from Portpatrick in
southwest Scotland from about 24 October - 16 March 2000.
However, Leo states that this is again a vacation and not a
DXpedition and "time on the air will depend on the antennas, on
propagation, and on when the nearby pubs are open, HI..." He will
use his new Scottish callsign MM0LEO and plans to be in the CQWW
SSB Contest. He will use an Icom 706 (100 watts]), an R-5
vertical [10, 12, 15, 17, 20 meters], and a Cheltenham
Communications HFV-1 helical wound vertical for 40 & 80 with
Slinky radials. He "may" try and get on PSK-31. QSL to W3LEO via
his CBA (with SASE) or via the U.S. bureau

"CQ SS" By Bob Dannals, W2GG 
(This will probably arrive too late for the SS-CW but in plenty
of time for SS-Ph. The hints are true of other than SS contests.

This is the final call to action for all PVRCers! .  ARRL
Sweepstakes takes place on Saturday November 4th (CW portion) and
November 18th (phone portion) starting at 21 UTC (4 PM EST).  The
Club needs everyone's support to reclaim the #1 spot in the club
competition category.

Last year PVRC placed second in club competition with the margin
of defeat being only 102,086.  We had more log submissions than
the first place club (that was good news) but they ended up with
more points.  139 logs (total both modes) were submitted from
PVRC members.  116 members took part in the contest (some in both
modes, some at multiops, some offering the hospitality of the
stations to others).  To everyone (ops, co-ops, and hosts) who
took part in last year's competition, the Club's thanks.  To the
2 out of 3 members in the area who were not active during the
event, please (PLEASE!) spend a few hours in one or both modes. 
Another 50 small logs (of 50 contacts with 25 sections) and the
victory would have been ours last year.

This year it will be tougher.  The competition knows that we're
hungry to reclaim the top position.  You can be certain that they
will put in a big effort.  Let's show them that Sweepstakes in
the new Millenium belongs to PVRC.

Things to remember . . . .
 (1) Be active.  If you were not planning on operating, please
put in a few hours.  Every point counts.  There is no such thing
as a small score.
 (2) It's no crime to use packet.  The Unlimited category is
yours.  If you simply want to chase sections or work on your WAS,
use packet during the contest.  Spot fellow PVRCers as you hear
them.  Every spot results in an immediate return of a few
contacts.  Even if you are just looking for a clean sweep, 80
contacts and 80 sections is 12,800 points.  Last year, 10 members
trying for just the clean sweep would have made the difference.
 (3) Try the other mode!  I know that this is blasphemy to some'
there are some phone guys who don't own a key and some CW guys
who don't know what a microphone looks like.  We need the points! 
Consider hosting an operator who doesn't mind blaspheming.
 (4) Call CQ!  If you can only be active for a few hours, try
Sunday evening, a CQ will create a pileup.
 (5) CW speed a bit slow?  Call CQ slowly!  The contact doesn't
count for the other guy unless you log him.  If he doesn't slow
down, work someone who will.
 (6) Send in the log.  Again, SEND IN THE LOG!!  And receive
confirmation that the log was received.  SAVE COPIES OF BOTH!!! 
The ARRL does confirm receipt of emailed logs by return email. 
If you do not receive confirmation, email the Contest Branch of
the ARRL.  Last year we lost a bunch of points because logs were
either not sent in or were lost in transit.  This year, let's
make every point count!  Yes, this year "Cabrillo" format logs
are required (do not panic!).  CT does it, TR does it, the rules
for it are in November QST.
 (7) Whether or not you are interested in competing in the Club's
5M Program, please let me know your claimed score.  The rules say
that we should provide the ARRL with a list of Club participants
in the contest.  I don't know that you've participated unless you
let me know.
 (8) In town, but too busy?  Considering hosting another op or
two.  If you wish to host another op, contact your regional
chairman and let him know or talk directly to operator and invite
 (9) In town, but becoming more experienced with life?  (As one
who is showing signs of grey and occasionally dozing off before
bedtime, I hate the expression "getting old".  "Becoming more
experienced with life" sounds more dignified.  Anyway . . .) 
Consider inviting another Club member over and multiop.  Order up
a pizza and something to drink and enjoy!

So here's a challenge . . . . 200 logs in 2000 ARRL SS!  Let's
make it happen.  Good luck to all!  

SHORT NOTES by the editor

We are sad to report the passing of CVCC member Jim Green W4NL
(x-K4ITQ) on Saturday, Oct 28th. His memorial service will be Nov
11 at 1pm at the river house at Walkarton.  Jim's death has
required the CVCC to reloacte their Christmas Party.

Cabrillo format:
1.  Jim Price WW4M has stated "I hereby volunteer to convert non-
Cabrillo SS computer logs to Cabrillo format for any PVRC member. 
If you can't upgrade/ convert in time, I'll make sure your log is
2. K3DI will write software to convert the QSO portion of
selected log formats into the Cabrillo QSO format.  This will be
a line for line conversion.  Then an editor (like note pad) can
be used to type in the header information.  The GWBASIC program
file will be in ASCII so that it can be sent as text via packet
or email. Please contact me about your needs.

Steve Affens, K3SA will be QRV from 7 mile beach on Grand Cayman
as ZF2SA for the CQWW CW and 160CW Contests with mostly CW
between contests.  The plan is for a Kenwood TS440 (100 watts)
and wire dipoles for 160-10.  If the hotel doesn't go for the
wires then he'll use a Spider mobile system for 80-10 bolted to
the balcony.  If no wires permitted, there will be no 160.  Watch
20 khz above the bottom of each band.

In the past 6 months, I have located two "wireless modem jacks"
that produced S9+20dB 24-hour/day QRM on 3509 and 3535 kHz.  The
were 0.65 and 0.90 miles from my QTH.  I used a loop to RDF the
source but when ready to knock on doors, I heard sufficient
telephone conversation to ID the sources.  One user replaced the
unit with hard wire and the other obtained a free replacement
from the manufacture tuned to 3.2 MHz.  If you hear loud carriers
(especially during the day) on 80m, check "wireless modem jacks"
at WWW.ARRL.ORG and get in touch with me for more information. -

Rich Boyd, KE3Q has been asked by several if we might put
together an group purchase for some more AB-577 "rocket launcher"
50-foot Army surplus antenna masts.  Interested?  Let Rich know
and we'll see if there are enough to make it worthwhile.

Jim Price WW4M reports that the PVRC/NC chapter website now has
its own domain: http://pvrcnc.org . Please change your bookmarks
and links as the old site will soon be history.  Thanks to Mark
KI7WX for underwriting the domain name and the new ISP!  Thanks
also to Howie N4AF and Pete KS4XG for hosting the site for the
past 4 years!  FYI this site sports a calendar highlighting dates
for the PVRC 5M Award contests plus a few others:

  S C O R E S
* Changes/additions/deletions *
* to W2GG via email only      *

### = missing information


W4RX      9/H  677  172    172,000
K3DNE     6/H  588  175    149,450
K2UOP     7/H  430  154     99,946
K3ZO      2/H  420   82     34,440
K3IXD     5/L  252   62     20,088
N3II      2/L  246   52     12,792
N4MM      2/L  135   40      5,400
N3UM      2/#  130   33      4,290
W3MR      2/L  102   33      3,366
W4MYA     3/H   50   18      1,044
K3DSP     2/L   35   18        630
W3JRY     #/#   30   13        481
W3OU      1/L   28    9        252

ND3F/R    #/H  786  180    312,000

K8GP      #/H 2223  455  1,605,695
K3MQH     4/H 1587  271    545,523
W3SO      2/H  ###   ##      8,460

 17 LOGS        TOTAL    2,975,857

         N4UK W4XP K6LEW K8ISK


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This issue does not contain a "reference page."  It is available
at www.pvrc.org.  It probably will be back next issue....just don't
have an electronic copy of this month's.    73, K3DI, editor