Paper edition Mailed at Arnold Maryland on May 1, 2003

PVRC NEWSLETTER - MAY 2003 SPECIAL Hamvention(R) and Reunion ISSUE

The Hamvention(R) 2003 will be held in Dayton, OH from 8am Friday
May 16th to the big door prize drawing at 1pm Sunday May 18th.
Details may be found at Annual Contest
Dinner, Van Cleve Ballroom, Crowne Plaza, Saturday 6:30p. Ticket
deadline is/was May 6 via [email protected] or 1-800-457-7373.

Please support our sponsors who advertise in the paper edition:

HAM RADIO OUTLET - Exhibiting at Dayton
THE RF CONNECTION - Exhibiting at Dayton
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EDITORIAL by Dick Wilder, K3DI

After 7+ years as your editor, I have advised the board that I
wished to drop out of editing and to go on to other activities to
promote contesting and PVRC. Here is what's ahead.
--- During six weekends it has been necessary to share time
between editing and CQ club competition contests. Now I can
focus on those contests.
--- I feel that more should be done to promote contesting and
PVRC. My CONTESTING column in AUTOCALL is one route to get the
message out to new Hams; especially VHF operators.
--- I also would like to start meetings of the "Annapolis Crew"
of PVRC. One objective would be to find more ops in this area to
support muti-op stations.
--- I would like to be the club agent; a person who gets station
owners and operators together.
--- I am preparing material for giving talks about contesting at
ham clubs. This is more of a "back burner" project for me but is
something that I think PVRC needs more of.
--- And, finally, it is about time for fresh ideas in the
publication of our club news.

The usual membership roster has not been included in this May
issue. Updated info may be obtained at:
VisitorsPage.asp,, or the FCC database most
easily accessed via

This is my last issue. However, the "bulk mail" permit is valid
at Arnold, MD until late August. The permit allows mailing 200+
identical pieces weighing up to 3.3 ounces for 27.8 cents. I
will be glad to handle club mailings until then. I thank all those who I
have worked with the PVRC NEWSLETTER over
the past 7+ years, especially W2GG who got a new DBF file to me
every month, and those who sent in chapter minutes and other
articles. And mostly thank you to the advertisers who typically
covered two-thirds of the costs. I hope that my involvement in
the PVRC NEWSLETTER since the February 1996 issue has helped the
club in some way.


The joint PVRC/NCDXA meeting will be held on Saturday, June 21th,
at Phyllis and Frank Donovan's, 3055 Hobbs Road, Glenwood, MD.
This year, it is the Saturday AFTER father's day. Festivities
begin at noon. A local caterer will serve several varieties of
BBQ for a modest fee. There will be lots of liquid refreshments
as well. The event goes on rain-or-shine.

The directions below should allow you to find the W3LPL QTH from
wherever you might be wandering. You can pick up a Maryland
state highway map at the rest area on I-95, just south of Rt 32
(Exit 38). The MD state map shows Hobbs Rd very clearly.

Directions to W3LPL QTH from I-95:

Exit I-95 at Route 32 West (Exit 38B). After 8 miles Rt 32
becomes a two lane road. Two miles later, pass through a pair of
traffic signals at Linden Church Rd. Three miles beyond Linden
Church Rd you will encounter another pair of traffic signals.
Turn left at the second of these signals onto Burntwoods Rd.
Follow Burntwoods Rd for 1.7 miles and turn right on Hobbs Rd.
Park in front of the towers.

Directions to W3LPL from I-70:

Exit I-70 at Route 97 South (Exit 76) towards Olney. Follow Rt
97 for 2 miles and turn left at the traffic signal onto McKendree
Rd. (small shopping center at this intersection) Follow
McKendree Rd for 1/2 mile and turn right on Hobbs Rd. Follow
Hobbs Rd for one mile and park in front of the towers.

Directions to W3LPL from Georgia Avenue (Rt 97) in Montgomery

Follow Georgia Av north through Olney, Brookville and Sunshine
into Howard County. Five miles north of the traffic signal in
Sunshine, turn right onto Burntwoods Rd. Follow Burntwoods Rd
for one mile and turn left onto Hobbs Rd. Park in front of the

CENTRAL PVRC IH9P PROGRAM May 12 by Jack Hammett, K4VV

The Central Region Meeting on Monday, May 12, has been moved from
Temple Hills, MD, to the Olive Garden in Vienna, VA for a special
presentation by four members of the IH9P team visiting from
Italy. They have a 30 minute video and 20-30 minute PowerPoint
presentation that covers their effort in the 2002 CQ WW Phone
contest. The team has operated from Pantelleria Island (African
Italy, Zone 33) as Multi-Multi Dxpedition station in this contest
for five years. In 2001, IH9P finished second (world) in the
Multi-Multi category and won the Dxpedition Plaque. IH9P is
competitive for a top ranking in 2002. This year's operation
included 20 operators. The entire station took a week to setup
and one day to tear down. The antenna system included
10M--two Yagis and a Delta Loop,
15M--three Yagis,
20M--two (phased) Yagis and a vertical,
40M--4-Square array and a Yagi,
80M--Vertical and a Sloped V, and
160M--Titanex Vertical, and three 200M long Beverages.

The video makes a short story of the complete operation: loading
the vans in northern Italy, operators' arrival by various ways,
general setup of antennas and stations, "work dinners," looks
into the single band stations in the contest, tearing down, and
more. The PowerPoint presentation covers some of the technical
details of the operation. This presentation would have been
scheduled in the contesting forum at Dayton, but the agenda was

The May 12 Dinner Meeting will be at the Olive Garden in Vienna,
VA (tele 703-893-3175), just west of the 495 Beltway at 8133
Leesburg Pike (which is Route 7). From 495, the Leesburg Pike
exit number is old 10 or new 47. We will begin to gather in the
bar about 5:30 or 6:00 PM for the early arrivers, and migrate to
the dinner area about 6:45 PM to get seated and begin ordering
about 7:00 PM. The program featuring the IH9P team will begin
about 7:45 PM.

This program may be a good opportunity to invite our friends from
local clubs to get some exposure to another aspect of contesting
and to meet some of our members. You are welcome to invite
guests and let us know.

Please reply to me and/or Brian to post your reservation. The
Olive Garden will set up for us in the private room if we are 45
attendees or less, or in the lower area where the Holiday Dinner
has been for the last two years.

Please relay this message to your PVRC friends who may not see
the reflector notice.

Special thanks to Ed Himwich, K3PN for arranging for the IH9P
team visit and presentation, and to Brian McGuinness, N3OC for
his leadership in station visits and hosting the team in his


Ken Wolff, K1EA, announced on April 2, 2003, that his popular
contest software is now FREEware. CT, and many associated
utility programs, may be download from for FREE. He
will still maintain it and will accept donations.

TREASUEER REPORT by Dave Baugher, WR3L, Treas.

Thanks to everyone that has supported PVRC in the past. Enclosed
is an
envelope if you wish to donate at this time or put the envelope
where you won't forget to make a donation when you are ready.
Your donations are continually needed to support our club.

PVRC would like to thank K3RR, W3CP, WB4FDT and W3XG for the
recent donations.

I will miss working with Dick when he leaves as newsletter
editor. He has been very important to me and PVRC helping with
the advertising in the newsletter.

2003 HAMFEST SCHEDULE by Glenn Kurzenknabe, K3SWZ

May 4 Wrightstown, PA
May 10 Lebanon, PA
May 25 W. Friendship, MD
Jun 1 Manassas, VA
Jun 14 Bloomsburg, PA
Jun 15 Frederick, MD
Jul 4 Harrisburg, PA
Jul 6 Wilkes-Barre, PA
Jul 13 Kimberton, PA
Jul 19 Jonestown, PA
Jul 27 Timonium, MD
Aug 2 Lewistown, PA
Aug 3 Berryville, VA
Aug 10 Westminster, MD
Aug 24 Hanover, PA
Sep 6 Bartonsville, PA
Sep 6-7 W. Friendship, MD
Sep 13-14 York, PA
Sep 20 Allentown, PA
Oct 12 Wrightstown, PA
Oct 19 Sellersville, PA
Oct 25 Carlisle, PA
Oct 26 Westminster, MD


The Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR) and the Columbia Amateur
Radio Association (CARA) again this year co-hosting the Fall-Fest
2003. on September 6th and 7th 2003 at the Howard County Fair

by Pete Smith, N4ZR.

Many of us use alias servers like and, to
alleviate the pain when changing Internet service providers.

Assuming you want to subscribe to PVRC and other reflectors using
your alias rather than the address it forwards to (for example,
as [email protected], rather than [email protected]), here's

Open Outlook Express and create an account (Tools|Accounts).
Open its properties. On the General tab, enter your alias
address in both the E-Mail Address and the Reply Address slots.
On the Server tab, enter the servers you use to send and receive
e-mail, your username on your Internet service provider, and your
password on that provider.

That's all there is to it. However, don't forget to go to the
Tools|Options|Send tab, set the Mail sending option to Plain Text
and uncheck the box above it that says "reply to messages using
the format in which they were sent." That'll prevent any error
messages about the use of HTML, which clogs reflectors and mail
storage through excessive file size.

REUNION ON-THE-AIR, 2003 Rules by Dick Wilder, K3DI

1. Eligibility: All members of PVRC worldwide (Once a member,
always a member!)

2. Object: To contact as many other PVRC members around the
world as possible, using 7 bands as follows:
CW: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters and SSB:
20, 10 meters

3. Date: Always the first weekend in June. The 2003 reunion
will be June 7, 8, and 9.

4. Suggested: CW: 3547, 7047, 14047, 21047, & 28047 kHz.
Phone: 14247 (14250 alternate) & 28447 kHz.

5. Three contest periods (2003):
7 June: 1400Z - 1800Z
8 June: 0000Z - 0500Z and
2200z - 0300Z (6/9).

6. Contest exchange: Serial number, your call, QTH, your call
when first joining PVRC, and year joined PVRC.
Example: NR73 W6XYZ CA W3XYZ 60

7. Valid contact: Completed two-way QSOs on any of 7 bands.
No crossband or crossmode QSOs permitted.

8. QSO points: Two points for each completed QSO.

9. Multipliers: Total multiplier is the sum of all states, DC,
Canadian provinces, and DXCC countries worked. (AK and HI count
as a state or a country, not both.) Each multiplier may be
counted once, not once per band. Maritime mobile contacts count
only for QSO points; not a multiplier. If the club call W3GRF is
active and sends a state of "PVRC" then "PVRC" is an additional

10. Reunion call: CQ PVRC

Please send exchange infomration and your final score (Call, Q's,
Mult, Score) to the secretary, Bob Dannals, W2GG, 9 Elizabeth CT,
Sparks, MD 21152 or [email protected] within 30 days. An example of
material requested is:
W6XYZ 100 10 2000

If you work a station that claims to be a member, but is not
listed in the roster, please send that exchange information with
your score and let us know if that QSO is or is not included in
your score. We'll check and adjust your score, if needed. Soap
box is welcomed!

Let's take a look at the participation of past reunions and who
placed in the top five. The following lists the year, number of
scores received, and the number of QSOs by the #1 station. The
calls are listed in order of finish.

Year Rcvd Q's by #1
96 40 191
97 54 217
98 42 213
99 37 149
00 38 157
01 21 110
02 16 136

Scores in Reunion-2002:

Call QSOs Mulp Score
K4GKD 136 16 4352
K7SV 141 15 4230
W6UM 88 16 2816
W4YE 73 16 2336
W3CP 57 12 1416
K3DI 58 10 1160
W0SS 57 10 1140
K3ZO 54 10 1080
N4KW 40 10 800
K3CMT 40 9 720
N3AM 35 10 700
N4ZR 31 11 682
K2PLF 34 10 680
WB4FDT 33 10 660
K3RV 35 9 630
KD6TB 26 10 520
K3WA 28 9 504
W3FZV 27 9 486
W4AGI 30 8 480
W3PP 30 8 480
N4AF 28 8 448
K4EU 24 9 432
K0RQ 18 11 396
W5KL 18 8 288
W6MVW 10 8 160
KH6AA 9 7 126
W7YS 8 4 64
K4KA 7 5 35

NORTHWEST MEETING NOTES, MAR 18 2003 By Robert Biss, W8ZA for
(These minutes did not appear in the paper edition...editor)

The NW region met at CITY BUFFET in Frederick, MD on the 18th of
March 2003. In Attendance were: W8ZA, W3ZZ, K4VV, W3TEF, W3BTX,
N3II, and K3MM. With the large number in attendance and a guest
speaker this meeting started at 6:50 and was finished at 8:30
sharp. Several stayed until about 9:00PM sharing ideas.

The members of the NW Region want to express their GET WELL
wishes to Ken, K6IR who became ill about the 1st of February.
Mike, W0YR brought everyone up to date on Ken's condition and
progress. Mike passed around a card for all to sign and will get
it to Ken. We all hope your up and about soon Ken.

Five were in attendance from Altoona, PA. The three visitors
(brought down by Roy, W3TEF and Tom, W3BZN) were introduced to
everyone. Bob, W3BTX (P49T, and Tom, W3BZN brother); Tom, KD3SA;
his daughter Amber, KB3EVN.

Also on the guest list were PVRC member Tom, W3TOM and his bride
Debbie, KA3VNF.

The business part of the meeting:

1) We voted on the application of KD3SA, Tom. Welcome to the
PVRC Tom and we look forward to your contributions in the club
competition contests.

2) N4MM, John reported on the ARRL January Board Meeting. As
many already know, the RTTY Contest has added the Club
Competition category. This will help some advance up the 5

3) John stated that the June VHF and Microwave contests were
still up in the air for a Club Competition category.

4) W3ZZ, Gene who writes the ARRL VHF column expanded on the VHF
contesting scene.

5) W3TOM, Tom is the SM for MD/DC and he gave a short
presentation on his responsibilities as the SM. Tom talked about
some of the emergencies that have occurred during the past year
and how the different ARES/RACES groups have responded. He
pointed out what may become a growing need for more of us with
the bigger HF stations in light of what is happening in the world
now. Tom is up for re-election this year and seeks our support
also. At the Central Meeting last week the PVRC members voted to
endorse Tom. The NW region followed suit.

6) Tom also gave a short pitch for Auto Call and its new editor.

7) K4VV, Jack told us about an Italian contesting team (IH9P)
that is coming to the DC area, on their way to Dayton, and the
PVRC has invited them to give a talk to the group. It will Be on
Monday May 12th at the Olive Garden in Tysons Corner VA. Worth
noting, their presentation would have been presented at Dayton
had the Forums not been filled.

8) Ed, K3IXD, our regular moderator is in Summerville, South
Carolina, buying a new home in order to continue his commitment
to retirement.

>From around the table:

Dick, W2YE operated the VA QSO Party using the Sterling Park Club
call (K4NVA) from his home. He had as many as six Operators
there, none of which were PVRC members. He's working on some of
them to become contesters.

Mike, W0YR also worked the VA QSO Party and noted some Stations
with 700+ Q's. Mike has written an "Opinion Piece" to be
published in June QST.

Dusty, K3WC bought WRITELOG and now needs some help inter-facing
it with (?). The new tower is STILL on the ground.

Joe, NE3H worked both ARRL DX contests and worked Marty,
KH6/K2PLF at SEAQMAUI. Marty, you missed the snow!

John, N3HBX says that after struggling to try and find his "RF in
the SHACK" problems it turns out to be a Computer Interrupt

Mike, N3VOP said that after only ever having one 160M qso he
jumped into the 160M Contest this year and he also took part in

Ben, N3UM say's for the first time ever he was able to partake in
all of the major contest this season. Nothing got in the way.

Tyler, K3MM has been satisfying his competitive juices behind the
wheel of a Camaro down in Florida. He did operate in a few Radio

Bud, W3LL worked the Russian DX SSB contest this past weekend. He
also worked the CQ160 SSB recently. Bud also recently received
Certificates in the mail for 1st Place CQWW WPX Tribander/wires
Category and the ARRL DX Low Power MDC. Good work Bud.

Bob, W3IDT who is =BD of the W3LJ Contest Team was in the ARRL DX
Phone contest.

Bruce, W3LJ say's they're trying to install a quad for WPX.
"They need better antenna's".

Scott, N3OJ is having his problems with RF getting into

John, N4MM has operated in all the contests since Jan. 1st. He
worked YI1BGG on 30M.

John had a kidney stone removed with a blast from a laser this
past week.

Tom, K2UOP Has been in all the major club contests. He had lost
one tower during the bad weather and is preparing to replace it
with a new one which will include a 2 element 40M beam.

Jerry, K8OQL has made all of the major contests from home. First
time in 8 or 10 years. He has been a part of several multi
operations most of that time. Jerry has been getting up 1 hour
before sunrise a lot to do some gray-line DXing.

Bob, W8ZA shut down his multi multi contesting since the 1st of
the year due to some health scares. So far that's all they have
been. SCARES. He did get on in most of the contests with small
scores from each. The BIG snow buried the feed points of his 80M
phased verticals, the beverages and a problem has arose in the
rotating 40M beam. Next season WILL BE BETTER!!!

Jack, K4VV and President of the PVRC has taken a new wife, moved
into a new house that has room for antenna's which he has been
doing some ground work for and designing. Other than that, "not
too active" He did make some Q's in the VA QSO Party.

Gene, W3ZZ says that he "bagged it for this season" (I think
being a columnist is getting to him. W8ZA)

Roy, W3TEF gave a rundown on the winter damage at the W3SO
contesting site. He has been doing some 80M and 40M Dxing from

Bob, W3BTX (P49T) was the previous owner of the property that
W3SO operates from. Bob spends part of his time in Florida where
this past year he accumulated 135 countries on 6M in 6 months.
He enjoyed some terrific openings to all parts of the world
getting DXCC, WAC and other awards all on 6M. Bob does work with
the W3SO contest team.

Tom, W3BZN is the brother of Bob (W3BTX) and he is a PVRC member.
He is active on 160 thru 10 and did work the CQ160 contest. Tom
recently bought a SGC Autotuner and says it really works slick.

(I wonder, who got their call first? W8ZA) Tom, KD3SA is new to
contesting and wants to improve his performances. He is part of
the W3SO contesting team. Tom is putting up 58' of Rohn 25 with a
tribander and some VHF stuff. He also works ATV. Amber, KA3EVN
is the daughter of KD3SA. She is a 10th grader in high school
and loves the flute. Dad's encouraging her to get her TECH, she
wants an 'open hole' flute. (Think I got that right, W8ZA).
Guess what dad's holding over her head. Hi hi Amber has helped
out on Field Day in the past. She does well in school and is
going to try and pursue a Law Degree at Georgetown.

Tom, W3TOM is very busy as SM for MD/DC what with the
emergencies that have come up, visiting and speaking at club
meetings, hamfests etc. He has recently bought an RV and has
installed a Kenwood TS-2000 in it. Tom helped organize the first
ever Maryland/DC Section Convention along with the FAR and CARA
organizations. This takes place at the FALL-FEST in September.
They would like to have a member of PVRC speak on contesting for
one of the forums.

Debbie, KA3VNF is the wife of W3TOM. She passed on comments.

Dave, N3II also bought an RV and is planning on going 'On the
Road'. He hasn't been active this past contest season and can't
anticipate his availability for the next season.

A couple of OPEN discussions started at the close of the round
table. One topic everyone was/is interested in is some 'FORMAL'
training about contesting. Something similar to what the YCCC
does with their contesting college.

NOTICE: Although it wasn't mentioned during the meeting, the NW
Region is in need of a chairperson. If anyone is interested in
taking the position please talk with either Ed or Jack, K4VV.
(K3IXD is moving to SC this summer. W8ZA)

The NW Region meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month.
Most arrive about 6:00PM for dinner and the meeting starts
at 7:00PM. The next NW meeting is April 22.

by Edwin Steeble, K3IXD, Chairman

The NW region met at City Buffet in Frederick, MD on 15 April
2003. In attendance were: W3EKT, K2UOP, N4MM, K8OQL, N3VOP,
W8ZA, K3IXD, K2PLF, and W3KHZ.

The business part of the meeting:

1) Ed, K3IXD, announced that Bud, W3LL, will be the next NW
Chairman. Ed thanks everyone for there support and the nice
e-mail he had received when he announced that he is moving to
Summerville, SC. He also thanked Bob, W8ZA, for filling in when
he couldn't attend a NW meeting. Ed plans on coming back to W3SO
for the June and September VHF contests. He plans on returning
to W8ZA for the ARRL DX SSB and CQWW SSB contests.

2) We voted NOT to have a May meeting since many plan on
attending the Central Meeting featuring the IH9P talk. If you
plan to attend, RSVP to K4VV.

3) In response to questions, Ed hasn't talked to nor heard
anything from Dan, K3SKE regarding the PVRC Store (shirts, etc.).

4) From ARRL, John, N4MM said that what is of most interest to
PVRC is the 40m band proposals at the WARC conference. He has no
insights on the proposals. And John said the Log Book of the
World is still in beta testing. Before it is released, there
will be a QST article.

Around the table:

Ed, W3EKT, is back from FL and he said he came back a month too
soon. It is still cold in MD. He had his 706 in FL and worked
20m conversational CW, as opposed to contest CW. He received his
6m DXCC certificate, it is number 626.

Tom, K2UOP, worked WPX SSB and will be on for WPX CW. He is
working on his towers.

John, N4MM, worked WPX SSB. He received his 5M plaque in the

Jerry, K8OQL, was only on Sunday in the WPX SSB contest. He has
been doing grey line DXing.

Mike, N3VOP, WPX SSB operating hours were cut short due to a
family emergency. He announced that Carroll County Radio Club
will have FD at the same site as last year.

Tom, WD3A, hasn't been on lately.

Jeff, N8II, recapped his efforts in the ARRL SSB and CW contest.
During the ARRL SSB contest his septic system backed up, flooding
his basement. In WPX SSB, he noted poor conditions.

Frank, W3LPL, said for the ARRL CW contest his ops
couldn't/wouldn't leave due to the snow. He has almost completed
remodeling the ham shack. It will be ready for the open house,
June 21st.

Art, W3KHZ, is doing S&P operating. His 80m and 40m wires, which
are over the tree limbs don't move anymore - the trees have grown
around the wires. He got several suggestions, one was to run the
wire through a piece of garden hose and let the tree limb grow
around the hose. (For more details on this contact W3CQH.) He
will be returning to PEI in July. Look for Art using his VY2MM

Marty, K2PLF, said, "Aloha". He operated ARRL DX SSB from KH6,
in the SO-Low power class. He started on 10m and when he went to
15m, the RF crashed the computer. He switched to a backup
laptop. There were a lot of lulls. He did ARRL CW at N4RV and
made the wise decision to leave Saturday night. He will be on
for WPX CW.

Dusty, K3WC, worked ZW0S on RTTY and that put him on the RTTY
Honor Roll! Regarding his tower, his fortune cookie read, "Rohn
wasn't built in a day, be patient".

Joe, NE3H, might be on for WPX CW. He entertained us with the
story of how he cut down a tree limb.

Joe has for sale his Force 12 80m dipole. Contact him if

Bud, W3LL, operated WPX SSB in the triband-wires category. He
now has four beverages installed.

Howard, W3CQH, worked WPX SSB in the QRP class. He is
reinstalling his HF and VHF antennas.

Gene, W3ZZ, decided not to go to A61 for WPX SSB. Gene reminded
everyone that this weekend is the 432 Sprint (7 to 11 PM local
time). For FD he is returning to CT (that's Connecticut) to
operate QRP 1A.

Jim, N3YDT, hasn't been on for six months.

John, N3HBX, worked WPX SSB as SB 15M. He said the conditions
were very poor. There was heavy snow static on Sunday.

Bob, W8ZA, dabbled in ARRL DX CW, ARRL DX SSB, and the 2m Sprint.
He is ready to repair his antennas, they took a beating in this
winter's storms. Bob brought his Bencher Low Pass filter, model
YA-1, that smoked in the CQWW SSB contest. He also had a print
out of his e-mail exchanges with Bencher. According to Bencher,
"...stuff happens...." They did say return it for a replacement.

Next meeting: There is no May NW Region meeting. The next
meeting is June 17,and it is at the City Buffet, 1306 W. Patrick
Street, Frederick, MD (301) 682-6066. It is in a small shopping
center. From W. Patrick Street, turn up McCain Dr. (the Mountain
View Diner is on the corner), then turn right into the shopping
center, then turn left and search for a parking place. The City
Buffet is tucked back in the left corner of the shopping center
behind Mountain View Diner; you can't see it from the street.

The NW Region meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month.
Most arrive about 6PM for dinner and informal discussions; the
meeting begins at 7:15 PM.


The Laurel PVRC contingent met in conjunction with the Laurel
ARC. Tho' normally meeting after the LARC meeting, we met
jointly because of the program for the evening. PVRC members
attending were: K3HDM, KA8YPY, KT3Z, N3TZA,W3DAD, W3YD, and WI3N.

The program was a presentation by John Dollen on INFRAGARD, an
information sharing and analysis effort between the government,
businesses, academic institutions, and state and local law
enforcement agencies. These entities meet regularly to share
information on communication vulnerabilities. The program is
under the aegis of the FBI. The premise (simplified) is that if
all communications are "hacked", amateur radio may have the only
links available to start the recuperation process.

John Dollen works for SAIC, who apparently are deeply involved
in, and great supporters of, this program. For more information
you can visit: or .


The Carroll County PVRC kicked off the 2003 meeting season in
style at the home of WX3B Saturday night, March 15th! I am
pleased to announce record attendance of 12 members and guests as
follows: Members Present were: WX3B, N3SB, AK3Z, N3VOP, K3DNE,
W3ARS, K3TM, K1RH, NY3A, K1EFI, and N3FNE. Guests: John Lynch,
WA3G, Jean (K1EFI XYL), Kathy (N3FNE XYL)

The meeting began promptly at 7:30pm at Jim's house. I was
delighted to meet Roger Kaul, K3TM for the first time. Roger is
a long standing member of PVRC and it was good to welcome him to
the Carroll County PVRC group meeting. Roger, I hope you will
consider operating some of the upcoming contests at WX3B - I
need your help!

It was also a pleasure to see Ed Kucharski, K3DNE at the meeting.
Ed has been getting into some HF contests - and will be part of
team WX3B for the WPX contest. John Chesley, AK3Z started the
meeting off the two surprises: the first sat prominently in the
15 meter position at WX3B: A brand new Icom 775 DSP HF
Transceiver! John wanted to "test it in combat" so it will play
at WX3B during the WPX contest.

John's second surprise was his employment announcement: I am
pleased to announce that we have a new "ham radio specialist"
real estate agent in town. John is working at Long & Foster's
Westminster, MD office (410-876-1010). John is an enthusiastic
ham and fellow contester; he can help you scout out your next
Contest QTH. Congratulations, John and we wish you the best of
luck in your new Career!

Rob Heath, K1RH is a new member and he is enthusiastically
improving his capability. He just added an Ameritron AL-80B to
his station for that 1KW pileup breaking signal. Rob reports
that most of the stations he hears, he works with a few calls.
Rob is limited to a Windom antenna right now, but he plans to put
up a tower or two with a tribander on it within the next several
months. Rob has generously offered to operate at Team WX3B for
the WPX contest, and he helped Jim put back up his 15 meter quad
over the weekend. Thanks, Rob!

Fred Lucas, K1EFI & Jean were in good spirits on Saturday night
even thought Fred continued to admit that his antennas and Alpha
amplifier continue to hibernate in the closet.

Mike, N3VOP presented Jim with a tape recording of his operations
as VP5/WX3B. Had he known he was going to be recorded for
"quality" purposes - Jim said he would have been more careful!

Pete, N3FNE & his wife came to the early part of Jim's meeting to
view the VP5LP slide show. Pete is going to operate the WPX
contest from his home this year.

This was WA3G, John Lynch's second PVRC meeting. He will become
a PVRC member shortly. John could be seen camping out in the 75
meter operating position at WX3B giving Virginia QSO Party
stations a contact.

Steve, NY3A admitted that he had purchased two more HF radios on
the sly. Then he confessed that they were really closed out
radio shack 10 meter monoband transceivers. He better get a lot
of use out of those radios now, because in a year or so they're
going to be very quiet. Steve hopes to be able to join WX3B for
part of the WPX contest...even though he prefers CW.

Steve, N3SB was also seen telling Amplifier stories from his
North Caicos vacation. In addition, Steve was helping Jim get
ready for WPX. Steve was our master antenna and tower
builder/climber at VP5LP and we have the pictures to prove it.
Steve was also the primary photographer of our effort and he took
over 100 photos. Steve can also be seen shoveling snow at the
BWI parking lot after his return from paradise.

Clint, W3ARS was getting ready to take an antenna tower apart on
Sunday morning. Clint is also going to be a major contributor to
the WX3B WPX contest effort. Clint noticed that the 10 meter
antenna lineup at WX3B continues to sport one of his antennas - a
vertical held up by a Windsurfing Mast.

Jim, WX3B was busy telling the VP5LP story and trying out a
PowerPoint presentation showing many of the pictures.

Pizza and sodas were enjoyed by all, then the "business" part of
the meeting got started. Five transmitters were placed on the
air simultaneously, and we did indeed feed too much RF into a 15
meter VGA monitor, and we managed to easily disconnect ourselves
from the Packet network because of RF getting into the VHF rig.
Jim had his hands full getting the station ready for WPX. This
year there will be two new quads, one for 10 and one for 15
meters, as well as an improved (but low) 160 dipole. Thanks to
N3SB, an Icom 781 and Drake L4B create an excellent operating
position. Thanks to AK3Z for his Icom 775DSP and Yaesu FT-1000D
"loaners". Hope everyone had a good time in the WPX contest!

OVER-THE-HILL LUNCHEON, MARCH 6, 2003,by Bill Leavitt, W3AZ
(These minutes did not appear in the paper edition...editor)

The Over the Hill met at the Holiday Park Inn at route 1 and the
Beltway on Wednesday, March 6, 2003. Those attending were K3ZO,
W3UJ, K3WX, W3CP, W3CB, K3RO, W3ABC, W3GN, W3LPL, W3ZZ, W3AZ and
AA4XU. Conversations covered the water front of amateur radio
and more. The food was good and everyone left with a satisfied

(These minutes were abridged in the paper edition....editor)

The OTH division of the PVRC met for lunch and discussion at the
Park Bistro restaurant in Falls Church, VA on April 23, 2003. The
following attended: W6AXX Howard Leake, K4ZA Don Daso, K3ZO Fred
Laun, K5VRX Roger Stephens, W3YY Bob Peterson, W3AZ Bill Leavitt,
K7CMZ Mel Woods, K9GY Eric Hall, AA4XU Ben Shaver.

The next meeting will be held in late May at the Holiday Inn,
I-95 at the Beltway I-495 near College Park, Maryland. Meetings
are held monthly and alternate between Virginia and Maryland. All
PVRC members and their guests are welcome. If you would like to
be included on the email announcement list for MARYLAND contact
Bill Leavitt, [email protected]. For the VIRGINIA list contact
Ben Shaver, [email protected].

The OTH division of the PVRC met for lunch and discussion at the
Park Bistro restaurant in Falls Church, VA on April 23, 2003.
Attending were: W6AXX Howard Leake, K4ZA Don Daso, K3ZO Fred
Laun, K5VRX Roger Stephens, W3YY Bob Peterson, W3AZ Bill Leavitt,
K7CMZ Mel Woods, K9GY Eric Hall, AA4XU Ben Shaver. Next month we
meet at Holiday Inn, College Park. All are welcome. To be
included on the Email announcement list contact Bill Leavitt
[email protected] in MD or Ben Shaver [email protected] in

CVCC MEETING MINUTES 4-08-03 by Roy Davis, WK4Y

I did not make the pre-meeting dinner at Nick's Roman Terrace,
but I understand that there was several in attendance. The
following are the highlights of tonight's meeting.

Those in attendance were as follows and I apologize if anyone is
left off. WK4Y, NK4H, W4MYA, W4HJ, W4DR, N4DEN, W4NM, KO4XB,

The program for the evening was "Echo Link" by Wilbur, (KR4AD),
assisted by Jerremy, (KG4YIZ). Wilbur described how one can use
their 2 meter HT or mobile radio transmitting to a 2meter radio
simplex or repeater interfaced to a computer to link with other
nodes and Amateur Stations worldwide via the internet. Wilbur
gave an excellent presentation and stirred some thoughts for
possible use of this by some of the members.

Officers for this fiscal year were voted on and installed at this
meeting, and assume office at the end of the meeting.

President - Roy Davis, Jr. - WK4Y
Secretary - Marie Long - K4KML
Treasurer - A.J. Szumski - W4NM

We would like to welcome two new members, WD4LBR - Bruce
Blackley, and his Wife, Sheila, KG4WNW. Congratulations, and we
hope you enjoy the contesting side of Ham Radio.

The Club picnic is scheduled for (MAY 3rd). Rain date (MAY
10th). The picnic will be held again at A.C. (W4HJ) cousin's
river place on the James River. Due to all the recent rains and
flooding, the picnic tables have been washed away, those of you
who have card tables, PLEASE bring them. Please bring seating
for your party.

The Club will furnish Burgers, Hotdogs, drinks, and condiments.
Each person is asked to bring a covered dish. If you plan to
attend the picnic, please contact Bob Ladd, (NK4H), by Sunday
April 27th, at 804-750-1269 Please give Bob the number in your
party that will attend and correlate with Bob what covered dish
to bring.

Paul (K4JA) is hosting an open house July 26. If you haven't seen
a super station, this is it! Put the date on your calendar! Paul
will put out more information as the date draws near.

We will again this year during the summer months hold informal
meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of June, July, and August, at the
River City Diner located in the Belgrade Shopping Center, at
Robius and Huguenot Roads, at 6:00 P.M. We will resume our
regular meetings at the Henrico Doctor's Hospital, Parham Road
Campus, on September 9th. September's program will be hosted by
W4MYA, Bob Morris, on (CT for Windows).

W4MYA is looking for operators for the CQ Worldwide CW WPX
Contest in May. Please contact Bob with your availability.

Jones, N4JED
(These minutes did not appear in the paper edition....editor)

Finally, a snow-free meeting for the Southwest Virginia Chapter
PVRC as members gathered Friday March 7th. at the Roanoker
Restaurant. Joining in the festivities were Chapter Coordinator
Mike- N4GU, John- K4IQ and his son Cory, Buddy - W4YE and his
better half Sarah, David- N4JED and his son Robert, Gordon- K1GG,
Jerry- K1SO, Bill- KC4D, and Randy KC9LC. Regrets were passed on
from others who could not attend. Following an excellent meal and
discussions ranging from racing to genealogy, the meeting was
called to order.

Most everyone has suffered some form of antenna and/or feedline
damage through the last couple of storms and activity as a whole
has been off. Several members including K1GG and KC9LC reported
starting contests only to discover problems several contacts
along leaving them out of the running. Everyone is looking for
some good weather to do repairs and upgrades hopefully before the
next test.

W4YE and N4JED participated in both the ARRL DX CW and ARRL DX
SSB. KC4D made several hundred contacts in the CW test. K1SO
went mobile with K4UK during the NC QSO Party and racked up 400+
contacts, most CW. Discussions of the TO1A call and how different
programs logged it led to a general discussion of how the
Cabrillo program worked and what data it actually reported.
General conclusion was that several of the small free programs
seem to work better (and crash less) than the big commercial
programs. They just don't have all the bells and whistles.

Latest PVRC newsletter was discussed including Dick- K3DI's
article on the future of the newsletter. Our group voted
unanimously to encourage the continuation of a printed copy and
the voluntary dues program. While it was noted that most of us
received our copies three or more weeks later than everyone up
north, the printed copy was much more desired and appreciated.

N4JED brought in his latest certificate. Seems he won first
place SO LP Virginia Section in the 2002 ARRL International DX
Contest and did not realize it. Certificate arrived a week after
the 2003 contest. That makes two international wins with his low
power verticals in the last year.

KC4D has made arrangements for the next meeting to be held in
Lynchburg April 4th. Meeting will be at the Piccadilly
Cafeteria's private dining room at the River Ridge Mall. Go
through the cafeteria line and bring your tray back to the room.
Meeting starts at 6pm and directions will be sent out closer to
the meeting date.

A copy of Fred- K3ZO's recent article on the reflector (3/3/03)
about his joy of contesting, sleep practices, IDing, etc was
passed around and enjoyed by all. Hopefully Dick will run this in
the printed newsletter for everyone to get a chance to read. Much
discussion and agreement with what Fred wrote.

That's it for another month. Meeting was adjourned and continued
in the parking lot for those who could stay. Everyone be sure to
get on for the VA QSO Party and the CQ WPX at the end of the
month. See everyone in Lynchburg April 4.

by David Jones, K4JED, Chapter Secretary

The Southwest Virginia Chapter PVRC had their annual Lynchburg
meeting Friday April 4 at Piccalilli Cafeteria in River Ridge
Shopping Mall. Excellent accommodations and meals were provided
along with good service. General consensus after the meal was we
should have more meetings each year there so watch for them.
Attending the festivities were chapter coordinator N4GU-Mike,
N2QT-Mark and his wife Susan, K4IQ-John and his son Cory,
KC4D-Bill, N4JED-David and his son Robert, W4DF-Fred, W4JAM-John,
W0MAN-Susanne, and WA4BKW-Bill. Regrets and scores were passed
on by W4YE and N4EL.

Dinner conversations ranged from discussions of Force 12 antennas
to what to put up for 40-meters. Contest scores and stories were
swapped. Many members still not up to operating capacity due to
weather, etc. W4JAM is still down with lightning damage up on the
tower, KC4D hopes to get towers up this month, N4GU pleaded
getting his draft thesis in to the University had to take
priority over WPX, and W0MAN is still too soft spoken from
loosing her voice for the mic. Another reason for CW guys.

VA QSO Party was operated by W4DF in expedition class, N4JED
worked a couple dozen stations Sunday and KC4D contacted 50 or so
stations mobile.

WA4BKW and N4JED operated in WPX. WA4BKW worked until called out
to help get trees off a house from the snow storm. N4JED turned
in 571 QSOs and 305 prefixes for 366,915 points. HE also had to
take a break to shovel snow and shake off the vertical.
W4YE-Buddy had to be out of town for the meeting but reported a
tad over 300 contacts in between the power outages from the
storm. All agreed conditions were unusual (in addition to the
weather) with very few European stations to be found on any band.
Lots of South American stations were worked for a change. And the
bands appeared to be unusually quiet QRN-wise. The political
commentary of some dx stations was also mentioned.

KC4D announced he plans to be in 7Q-land for several weeks this
fall and is already making plans to operate from there. Sounds
like a radio, amp and antenna may be available. Everyone stay
tuned for updates.

W4DF brought in 9V1YC's WRTC 2002 DVD. As the program was
showing, everyone chimed in with their stories of the competition
and whom of the contestants they worked. Several people expressed
interest in picking up copies at Dayton. Which brought us to one
more chapter meeting before Dayton and no PVRC 5mil contests till
the end of May.

Meeting was adjourned to the Mall where the boys went shopping at
the local computer game store. A special thanks to KC4D-Bill for
arranging the meeting and tv equipment for the dvd. See everyone
at the Roanoker Restaurant Friday May 2nd. for our next chapter


The PVRC/NC met April 3rd at Ryan's Steakhouse, Crossroads Plaza,
Cary. Members in attendance: Guy K2AV, Pete AD4L, Jim K4QPL,
Gary W2CS, Alan KO7X with XYL Eileen K7MZY, Bob K4HA, Chuck
K4NYS, Bill K4CIA, Bert N4CW, Ron N4XD, Jeff NX9T, Wes K4WES, Jim

Official Business: We will again have 2 tables at RARSfest, which
will be held April 13 at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. Anyone
signing the log or attending the 11am meeting will receive credit
for attending a PVRC meeting. There will be room for members to
sell gear. If you anticipate having a lot of gear, please contact
WW4M ASAP. Donations to cover the $43 cost for the tables and
electric hookup will be gladly accepted. Also, K4CIA and N1ND
will be checking cards at RARSfest. Bill and Dan will be having
dinner the night before at Mama Dip's in Chapel Hill, and anyone
interested is invited to join them.

This was KO7X's last meeting before he moves to Cheyenne,
Wyoming. Alan operated during the recent WPX contest and
announced he plans to give out the WY mult during November
Sweeps, operating 3 khz above VY1JA. Mark KI7WX already has a
buyer for the house Alan has been living in and will be taking
down the towers the last weekend of April. Everyone present
joined K2AV in expressing our warm wishes to Alan and Eileen on
their move back to the city where they were married.

K2AV has been taking care of his father in Kentucky, who
apparently had a small stroke and is experiencing
Alzheimer's-like symptoms. His father is now in a smaller
facility closer to home where his friends can visit him. Guy
will be part of the team at N4AF for WPX-CW.

NX9T got on for WPX for a few hours. He's going to Dayton and
hopes to make it to the contester's banquet.

N4XD operated in the WPX-phone contest. He said he spoke with
someone from Yaesu at the Charlotte 'fest who said the key
clicking problem with the FT-1000 series may be resolved by
tweaking the ALC circuit. He was told it's on the top of Yaesu's
list of problems to fix.

There followed a lengthy discussion of technology and key

N4CW is happy that MP has finally come back from the shop. He
also passed along greetings from neighbor N4TL, who is recovering
from surgery.

K4CIA has been busy with yard work. He'll be doing card-checking
again at RARSfest (see above). He was also happy to report that
he worked ST0RY on 160 during WPX.

K4NYS had fun in the WPX contest. He's been working on
reconditioning a TH-7 that's almost ready to go up, and has plans
for a 160m sloper for his tower, which he's been modelling with

K4HA got on the air for a while during WPX, but mostly he's been
doing honey-do's. Bob is looking forward to seeing everyone at
RARSfest. Everyone congratulated him on his recent appointment
as Section Traffic Manager for NC.

W2CS has been looking forward to operating with Guy, Howie and
Jim 'QPL at N4AF during the CW portion of WPX. He's also been
getting into amateur astronomy and described some of his
activities and new toys for that hobby.

K4QPL hasn't been doing much hamming lately (been cleaning up
from the ice storm damage) but is looking forward to WPX.

K4WES didn't hear many Europeans in WPX but will be installing a
50-foot tower and Force 12 C4SXL, so maybe that will change. He
brought some QSLs to the meeting for Bill to check, which put him
over the top for DXCC-RTTY (using all wires!).

AD4L has fixed the damage to his barn roof caused by the ice
storms and is getting ready to put his shack back together. He
recently discovered that a former coworker has discovered ham
radio and contesting and he was happy to be able to make a sked
with NE1V (in Vermont) on HF. Pete also lamented living beyond
the range of cable and the connection problems that result from
using satellite internet connections. K2AV lives not far away
and has a broadband connection, so they pledged to look into
using 802.11b/WiFi on 2.4 GHz (outlined in April 2003 QST) to get
faster service for Pete.

WW4M outlined the details concerning our tables at RARSfest.
AD4L will again bring a computer with RUFZ (tests your ability to
copy high-speed CW).

NC CHAPTER NOTES FROM RARSfest, 13 April 2003 by Jim Price, WW4M

Attendance: Joel W3RFC, Bill K4CIA, Henry W2DZO/W4WS, Jim WW4M,
David W4IDX, Brian K3KO, Bert N4CW, Henry K4TMC, Andy NI4S, Jeff
NX9T, Don WS4NC, Bill KR4LO, Jeff N3NPQ, Howie N4AF, Nate N4YDU,
Bob N2NFG, Gary W2CS, Raj KB6MTH, Willy K3VW, Pete AD4L, Will
WJ9B, Jack W0UCE, Tom N4TL, Jim K4QPL, Robert KG4NEP, Guy K2AV,
Bob K4HA, Chuck K4NYS, Gene WB4MSG, Will AA4NC. First meetings:
Maury AG4QZ, Tim AG4RZ, Ed AE4EC, Robert N4ZAK

The official PVRC/NC RARSfest meeting was convened at 11AM, with
no official business, just BS.

Pete AD4L reported the following scores from those who
participated (using their own calls or aliases) in the RUFZ CW
speed recognition contest:

Place Call Points Speeds Try Sum Note
1 K3KO 34269 347 347 1 3217081
2 W0W 29446 328 328 1 2783472 K3KO
3 KA1LOE 22455 271 271 1 2088503 N4CW
4 WN1IHN 21643 277 277 1 2115958 N4CW
5 W0UCE 21058 277 277 2 2059265
6 N4CW 20357 284 284 1 2058838
7 W1IHN 18009 250 250 1 1737654 N4CW
8 W0UCE 17957 250 277 2 1813875
9 W2CS 17276 260 260 2 1742294
10 W2CS 17129 260 260 2 1735268
11 WJ9B 14119 215 250 2 1397306
12 WJ9B 13936 250 250 2 1497114
13 K4QPL 12760 204 211 2 1238643
14 WA4A 9171 183 183 1 892657
15 K4QPL 6525 211 211 2 931131
16 KC4RTT 1154 126 126 1 303475 WA4A

Pete also heard an announcement over the PA system regarding a
hamfest presentation on contesting featuring N1ND, which
conflicted with our meeting. None of us had any knowledge that
such a presentation was scheduled (harrumpf) and only Pete heard
the PA announcement, but he attended and will have notes for us


Many contesters playing musical chairs with call signs, so I
though that the K3DI station should sign something other than a
mundane K3 during the WPX. First, I examined letters in groups
ordered by the letters least liked on CW.

I must not be musically inclined because some letters with
several sequential dots have a similar melody in my ears.
Therefore, I feel the least desired letters are: B, H, V, and
maybe S.

Then, I think life is too short to wait for long letters with
four elements. My second group of dislikes are: C, F, J, L, P,
Q, X, Y, and Z.

I know I'm tough to please because now I don't like the two
single element letters; they lack tempo. They are: E and T.

The resulting list of letters that seem to be OK rattling around
in my head are: A, D, G, I, K, M, N, O, R, S?, U, and W.

As far as numbers, I don't like a 5 because it sounds like an H.
I hope KH5x and K5Hx never work the same CW contest! Anyway, I
think the number should agree with a QTH.

Now to pick a call. First, I felt the call should be in the 2X1
series because they are short and can be 26 times more rare than
a 1X2 call. It should start with an A or N which are shorter
than K or W. The next task was to find somebody who I thought
may put up with my begging. My thanks goes to a former co-
worker, John Weidner of Queenstown, MD. We signed NG3U during
the WPX phone and plans on signing NG3U again in the WPX CW.

S C O R E S by Bob Daniels, W2GG

* * Changes/additions/deletions to W2GG via email or packet * *
### = missing information


Call Band QSOs Mults Score
Single Op High Power:
K3ZO 3363 433 4,368,537
N4ZR 2561 372 2,858,076
K4EU 2087 380 2,379,180
NR3X 1573 328 1,547,832
WF3J 1404 321 1,348,200
N4CW 1400 311 1,306,200
N3UM 1384 300 1,245,600
W3HVQ 1308 301 1,181,124
N4AF 1527 240 1,090,000
W0YR 1325 269 1,066,854
W4YE 1026 310 954,180
KO7X 1085 284 922,716
W3AZ 686 245 503,475
NE3H 690 246 500,384
WB4MSG 724 231 498,267
K1KO 661 234 460,512
W4ZV 10 1324 114 452,808
K8OQL 573 254 436,626
W3DAD 661 211 418,413
W4ZYT 550 238 392,700
N8II 20 1213 107 388,573
W3GN 517 220 341,220
K4EC 427 194 248,514
N4MM 393 210 248,220
K4CIA 353 207 219,213
K2UOP 40 543 81 131,949
K4TX 40 501 78 117,234
N4TL 251 153 115,209
W8ZA 250 148 111,000
N3JT 177 101 53,328

Single Op Low Power:
WJ9B 1698 306 1,556,010
N1WR 1057 285 903,735
K4FPF 770 290 669,900
W2CDO 669 262 525,834
K4UVT 591 239 423,747
W3CP 459 228 313,956
WK3H 380 185 210,900
K3DSP 326 161 156,975
N4JED 273 151 123,669
W4RIM 253 135 102,465
W4HM 10 308 87 80,388
WB4DNL 141 112 47,376
W4IDX 40 215 67 43,215
W6NRJ 104 69 21,528
W3CB 26 24 1,800

Single Op QRP:
K3TW 631 229 433,497
Single Op Assisted
K4MA 2327 463 3,232,203
W4NF 2211 431 2,858,823
N3AM 2007 409 2,460,135
W4RM 2080 392 2,442,552
W3GG 1262 351 1,327,833
K3KO 1001 404 1,213,212
K3JT 648 263 510,483
K3WA 400 188 225,600
W4JVN 228 140 95,760
NX9T 110 104 34,008

K4JA 5730 569 9,753,798
N4RV 4308 504 6,512,184
K3DI 2110 446 2,815,152

W3LPL #### ## 12,865,734
W4MYA 5359 564 9,006,516
NY4A 3742 481 5,379,504

VP5LP 7701 346 7,993,638

Logs:62 PV Score: 100,248,274

Operators (non-PVRC):


Call Band QSOs Mults Score
Single Op High Power:
K3ZO 2888 438 3,794,832
N4ZR 1168 327 1,145,808
NX9T 1028 299 922,116
K3PN 973 307 888,765
N3UM 875 283 742,875
KO7X 795 277 660,645
W4YE 725 263 572,025
N4CW 625 292 545,748
N4MM 606 270 490,860
N3HBX 15 1168 93 325,035
N3JT 500 213 319,500
W4ZYT 383 183 210,267
K1KO 358 163 175,062
K3GV 266 142 113,316
NR3X 251 138 103,914
K1RH 244 116 84,564
W6AXX 10 241 74 53,502
K2UOP 40 165 64 31,680
W4RIM 116 78 27,144

Single Op Low Power:
N8II 1068 296 947,496
W3LL 626 275 513,975
K4FPF 550 206 339,900
W4IDX 423 184 233,496
N4JED 425 176 224,400
W3ARS ### ### 219,600
K4UVT 305 165 150,975
WA4BKW 282 133 112,518
N4MO 261 128 100,224
N3FNE 256 126 96,768
N3VOP 238 119 84,966
W0YR 20 318 88 83,160
K4NYS 223 121 80,949
KR4LO 223 108 72,252
N3XL ### ### 43,992
K3YDX 137 82 33,702
WK3H 15 173 63 32,697
W3JRY 110 99 32,670
KE4MIL 102 77 23,562
N8CH 118 59 20,886
W6NRJ 100 62 18,600
KG6AR 101 61 18,483
W3CP 10 135 44 17,820
WB4DNL 38 32 3,648

Single Op QRP:
K3TW 529 239 189,795

Single Op Assisted
W4NF 1915 451 2,590,995
K3KO 727 344 750,264
K3DNE 946 257 728,595
K4YT 788 304 718,656
W3HVQ 652 355 693,315
N4GG 725 283 615,525
K3IXD 549 233 383,052
N4RV 486 258 374,000
WB4MSG 500 226 337,644
W4RM 501 219 328,500
NE3H 426 231 300,330
WX3B 377 175 197,400
AJ3M ### ### 93,291
W3UJ 192 90 51,840
WD4GOY 124 105 42,210
N4TL 139 96 40,032
KO4MR 10 110 95 31,350
W3XG 103 79 24,411
K8OQL 10 141 49 20,727
W8ZA 91 49 13,377

W3LJ 750 300 675,000
K3DSP 631 209 395,637
W4WS 587 198 348,084

K4JA 4841 594 8,574,984
K3DI 1420 412 1,753,884

W3LPL 6107 636 11,629,260
W4MYA 4255 575 7,272,600

KH6/K2PLF 2924 235 2,061,420
VK4UH 151 60 27,180
VP2V/W3IKE 81 37 8,991

Ph Logs: 69 Score: 55,986,746
CW Logs: 62 Score: 100,248,274
Totals: 131 156,235,020

Operators (non-PVRC):

CQWW 160 SSB FINAL 31-Mar-03

Call QSOs State DX Score
Single Op High Power:
W4MYA 1087 59 48 325,280
N3HBX 807 59 23 162,770
K4JA 462 53 25 106,175
NX9T 375 44 5 40,229
N3UM 333 45 8 39,750
K3ZO 279 44 1 27,765
K4YT 220 ## # 21,344
K1KO 136 28 5 10,989
K4MA 100 23 1 5,304
K2UOP 68 24 5 5,191

Single Op Low Power
W3ARS 309 48 9 40,641
W3LL 329 43 3 30,487
K3DSP 182 35 1 14,184
WK4Y 178 30 2 12,544
N3VOP 152 35 1 12,528
KG4NEP 131 36 3 10,647
K3DNE 139 29 2 9,641
N4MM 80 36 4 8,240
KR4LO 70 28 2 4,920
WK3H 88 25 # 4,850
WB4MSG 74 26 0 4,082
AF4CD 37 12 0 960
N4JED 22 10 0 440
W4ZYT 15 9 0 297

Multi-Op (SOA unless below):
W4DR 200 43 37 70,800
K3DI 406 55 16 69,651
K8OQL 252 46 5 30,141
K3KO 200 52 7 27,612
N4GG 230 40 3 22,317
W2GG 142 37 0 11,507
K3IXD 89 32 3 7,455
4U1WB(AJ3M) ## # 484

Ph Logs: 32 Score: 1,139,225
CW Logs: 54 Score: 5,061,174
Totals: 86 6,200,399

CQ WPX SSB #4 15-Apr-03

Call Band QSOs Mults Score
Single-Op High Power
NR3X 2227 837 4,082,770
K3PN 1511 650 2,052,050
K3ZO 1322 626 1,975,656
N8II 1272 638 1,831,698
N3HBX 15 1152 600 1,464,600
KO7X 858 439 800,297
NW4Z 716 420 749,280
K2UOP 738 411 686,781
N4CW 400 308 279,664
W4YE 355 270 239,220
N4MM 157 151 56,474
W3BP 171 136 50,728
KU4FP 15 ### ## 17,177

Single Op Low Power
N4JED 571 305 366,915
K3DSP 315 220 151,360
K4MA 275 200 119,800
K4WES 254 ### 91,043
KE4MIL 178 145 51,620
AA3WI 139 111 30,192
W3CP 117 102 25,194
N3XL 100 77 18,018
K4NYS 92 80 17,040
K1SO 86 60 15,480
K3GV 63 56 6,944
N3FNE 48 41 3,649

Single-Op QRP
W3CQH 194 139 40,449

Single-Op Assisted
K3KO 600 423 701,757
K8OQL 402 262 210,386
W2GG 300 199 118,803
K3DNE 262 141 43,992
K3IXD 10 8 128

N3UM 1016 525 1,170,750
KO1N 816 440 825,880
W3LL 748 382 676,904
NX9T 625 379 470,399
KV3R 670 358 444,636
N3FX 294 208 144,144

WR3Z 1915 771 3,427,866
WS4NC 2136 918 4,359,582
KM4M 1011 574 1,619,200
WK3X 906 432 742,176

WM4RM 2371 896 5,126,912
NG3U 2164 786 3,585,732

NW4V 4622 1126 10,827,616
WX3B 2385 789 3,492,114

VK4UH 376 219 229,074
SSB Logs: 46 Score: 53,442,150

Operators (non-PVRC):
KO7X: (at KI7WX)
NR3X: N4YDU (at N4AF)
WR3Z: WR3Z N1WR (at N1WR)