PVRC Newsletter May 2001
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        Ham Radio Outlet         21, 22, 23
        The RF Connection W3RFC  156, 157
        The Daily DX      W3UR   520
        Array Solutions   WX0B   409, 410
        Force 12, Inc     N6BT   466, 467
        The Mast Company, K4TMC
The paper edition was mailed at Arnold, MD on May 4th at 10:30 am.
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Weekly               Wed
BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30 am,
Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.
Over-the-Hill Luncheon.  TBA.
May 3                Thu
PVRC/NC meeting
May 14               Mon
Central meeting
May 15               Tue
Northwest region meeting in Frederick, MD.
May 15               Tue
Tidewater Colony meeting night.
May 18               Fri
SWVA meeting at Shoney's in West Salem
May 18-20
Dayton 2001 Hamvention, Dayton, Ohio.  Thu, Fri,and Sat
May 26-27
CQ WPX CW.  A 5-million award contest
June 1-3             Sa/Su
PVRC Reunion-on-the-air.  See announcement in this issue.
Jun 7                Thu
PVRC/NC meeting
June 16              Sat
Open house at Frank Donovan W3LPL, 3055 Hobbs Road, Glenwood, MD
June 23-24
Field Day.  Please support the PVRC W3AO FD effort.  K3RA is the organizer.
July 21              Sat
Open house at Paul Hellenberg K4JA, Hamton Hall Rd, Callao, VA
July 21              Sat
Swap fest at Cary, NC.  Info from Jim, WW4M
Aug 18               Sat
Fowlfest at W3YOZ park in Churchton, MD
Sep 30
PVRC meeting at the F.A.R.fest 2001 at PG Stadium in Bowie, MD
May 26    Sat    Durhamfest NC
May 27    Sun    West Friendship MD
Jun 3     Sun    Manassas VA
Jun 9     Sat    Bloomsburg PA
Jun 9     Sat    Winston-Salem NC 'fest
Jun 10    Sun    Knoxville TN Hamfest
Jun 17    Sun    Frederick MD
Jul 1     Sun    Wilkes-Barre PA
Jul 4     Wed    Bressler (Harrisburg) PA
Jul 7     Sat    Salisbury NC Hamfest
Jul 15    Sun    Kimberton PA
Jul 21    Sat    Cary NC Hamfest
Jul 28    Sat    Western Carolina Hamfest, Waynesville NC
Jul 29    Sun    Timonium MD
Aug 4     Sat    Roanoke VA Hamfest
Sep 1 & 2        Shelby NC Hamfest
Sep 9     Sat    Poconos area PA (QTH?)
Sep 15    Sat    Schnecksville (Allentown)
Sep 16    Sun    York PA
Sep 30    Sun    F.A.R.fest, Bowie, MD
Welcome to our annual "reunion" edition of the newsletter.  This
annual issue contains an up to date membership roster, and
information on the annual PVRC Reunion, to be held June 2nd.
This edition is mailed to all PVRCers and goes to over 700
members.  On behalf of all of PVRC, I would like to thank our
newsletter editor, Dick Wilder, K3DI for another fine job.
Things are going well with PVRC.  Your current club officers are
in their second year, with hopes to continue for a third.  Our
current officers (myself included) are relative newcomers to
contesting, and I think it illustrates what a fine organization
PVRC is that it can pass the torch and still continue on.
Having said that, I would like to thank the current officers and
regional coordinators for hanging in there.  Our VP, Jack Hammett
K4VV has done a meticulous job in scheduling in some fine
speakers, the most recent being Jay Terleski WX0B, proprietor of
Array Solutions.  Thanks Jack, for arranging another great
This year I am making more use of our board of trustees to make
policy decisions.  We now have eight trustees, and we made a
point to include trustees from the outlying regions.  The
outlying regions are just as much a part of PVRC as the central
region, and we value your opinions.  The trustees have been
working behind the scenes to prepare a presentation to the ARRL
Contest Advisory Committee (CAC) on several areas of the club
competition rules, and our comments were well received.
A meeting of the trustees that were able to attend was held in
early April.  We had several items to address, including how to
recapture the sweepstakes gavel!  I am happy to announce that
Tyler K3MM has "volunteered" to act as contest manager for the
November sweepstakes.  Last year, we took an approach that if we
just talked it up, it would happen.  That was my mistake!  NCCC
simply put on a bigger effort than we did, and they apparently
captured the 2000 gavel.
We have more stations then they do, so if we better organize
ourselves I think we can recapture the gavel.  Tyler will be
working with the officers to explore different ideas to motivate
folks to get on the air.  We may even have an inter-regional
competition within PVRC as part of sweepstakes with a nice prize
to the winning region.
As many of you know, Steve Affens K3SA passed away just after the
2000 CQWW CW while contesting and vacationing in the Cayman
islands.  Steve was our first webmaster and put PVRC in the
internet.  I only knew him for six years, but in that time I was
amazed at his constant enthusiasm for contesting in general, and
PVRC in particular.  A year ago, as our "rookie" president, Steve
was nothing but supportive of my efforts.
As a result of the tremendous efforts by Burt Cohen W3GG and Dave
Sinclair K3KY, Steve's tower and equipment have been taken care
of in record time.  I went to see Steve's wife, Patty N3HOT a
couple weeks ago to pick up the PVRC historical documents, and
when giving me directions to the house, Patty said "I used to
tell everyone to look for the antenna tower.  Now I am having a
hard time describing our house!".  We both got a good laugh out
of that.  Thanks Burt and Dave, from all of PVRC, for an
important job well done!
Also, sadly Carl "Andy" Andersen W3XE passed away this January.
Many PVRCers attended his funeral and reception afterwards.  Andy
was a long-time PVRCer, County Hunter (or should I say County
Giver?) and played a major role in the development and operation
of the Ashton 147.00 2 meter repeater that most of our members in
the Washington and Baltimore areas use daily.  Andy, you too are
I mentioned I had retrieved the club historical documents.  I
have had a lot of fun looking through the wealth of information
about PVRC.  I see where some of you have been fussbuckets in the
past (you know who you are)!  I also found an AutoCall magazine
for the month and year that I was born.  Wow!  And guess what?
The only callsign I recognize in that book is W3GNQ...  Dick, I
didn't realize you were that old!  I guess I really do need to
start calling you MISTER Drevo...
Our new webmaster is Pete Smith, N4ZR.  The new site is on line
as always at http://www.pvrc.org - you can contact Pete at
[email protected] if you have any suggestions or questions
about the web page.  Our thanks to Scott Affens and Affcom for
hosting the web site until we were ready to assume operation of
it ourselves.  GO PVRC!
TREASURER'S REPORT; APRIL 25 by Dave Baugher, WR3L, Treas.
I would like to thank the following for the donation in April:
K4RB, N4MO, N4GU, W3US/KH6, W3OU, W3XG, WA8WV, AF4CD, W3UJ, and
I also take badge orders and ARRL renewals.  Please contact me
for more information.  I have enclosed an envelope for anyone
wishing to make a donation to the club.  Please remember we have
no mandatory dues, only donations.  Thanks to all that have
already sent donations.  I assume you the money will go to the
necessities to operate a successful contest club.  Look forward
to working you in the WPX contest and having PVRC as number one!
Dayton Hamvention announces banquet MC, speakers, and
entertainment: Carl Nichols, N8WFQ, will be back this year as
Banquet Master of Ceremonies for the 2001 Dayton Hamvention.
Nichols is Chief Meteorologist for WDTN Channel 2 news in Dayton.
The featured banquet speakers are Bob Heil, K9EID, of Heil Sound
Ltd; FCC Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement Riley
Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, and Space Amateur Radio EXperiment (SAREX)
Working Group Chairman Roy Neal, K6DUE. Their topic will be
"Amateur Radio, Past, Present and Beyond." Post-banquet
entertainment will be provided by Jim Whitter and Jude Johnson of
Canada--The Hammer Band. For more information, visit the
Hamvention Web site, http://www.hamvention.org/ . (From Dayton
Hamvention via the ARRL Letter)
THURSDAY DINNER AT DAYTON by Rich Boyd, KE3Q and Rob Shapiro, ND3A
On Thursday night we have an informal dinner with many PVRCers at
a Chinese restaurant that's southeast of downtown Dayton.  This
was formerly called "K3ZO's Mongolian Barbecue" but when the
Mongolian BBQ place closed we found another place nearby, the
Chinese place.  Typical attendance has been about 30, about half
of whom have been PVRCers and the others have been contesters
from the U.S. and DX.   We start gathering in the Crown Plaza
lobby late thursday afternoon and a decision is made at a certain
time to get going; usually between 5 or 6.  (Prior to then, the
restaurant should be telephoned to reserve the room/tables for
our group.)  Get in touch with K3ZO, W3LPL, or KE3Q at Dayton to
try to stay in the loop (e.g. leave messages for K3ZO and W3LPL
or ND3A or WR3Z at the Crown Plaza desk or KE3Q at the Dayton
The directions to China House (tel. 937-426-8532) from the Crown
Plaza in Dayton are as follows:  (The first four directions allow
one to get away from the Crown Plaza due to the one-way streets)
-          Proceed on E. 5th Street
-          Left on South Jefferson
-          Left on E. 4th Street
-          Left on Route 48
           (this is south on Main Street)
-          Proceed 3.9 miles to
           the town of Kettering
-          Left on E. Dorothy Lane
-          Proceed 3.5 miles.  The street name
           will change to Indian Ripple Road.
China House is at 4492 on the left side, in the parking lot in
front of a shopping center.
Interstate 675 (the loop around Dayton) is one-half mile down the
road so that is an alternative for persons travelling to the
restaurant from elsewhere.
Bernie will maintain a PVRC sign-in sheet at booth 520 which has
been his Hamvention location for four years.  Please visit our
advertisers that have booth at Dayton and feel free to thank them
for advertising in the PVRC NEWSLETTER.
  Ham Radio Outlet           21,22,23
  The RF Connection (W3RFC)  156, 157
  The Daily DX (W3UR)        520
  Array Solutions (WX0B)     409, 410
  Force-12, Inc. (N6BT)      466, 467
HZ1AB OPERATORS AT DAYTON by Joe Mitchell K4AW Indialantic, FL
In recent months the HZ1AB station operator roster has steadily
shrunk with the reduction of the foreign national work force in
Saudi Arabia and increased security concerns of the Saudis.  In
addition, the in-country support system and future existence of
the station is in doubt.  Access to the station is getting more
and more difficult and uncertain.
It's very possible that the station will be closed permanently
this year after a very active 54-year presence in the DX world.
Among many other contest award certificates and plaques, they
also achieved a 6-Band Worked All States certificate, not an easy
feat from Saudi Arabia.  A long-term commitment to QSLing 100 %
has produced 10-15,000 QSL's a year sent out from the club
members by Leo K8PYD in Dayton, a great QSL Manager.
Fifteen or more members of the active and ex-op group will be
present at Dayton; Bill Mills KC4AA, Dave Nygren W8UD, David
Sparvell G4FTC (from UK), Ed Campbell NT4TT, Jerry Johnson K0JJ,
Joe Mitchell K4AW, John Clausing KS6EZ, John DeHart K1VBM, Ken
Dyer GW0RHC, Manfred Reichert DF1IK (from Riyadh), Riku Kalinen
OH2LWO, Ron Holtane W7FLE, Terry Posey K4RX, Thomas Carlsson
SM0CXU (from Riyadh), and Leo Fry K8PYD. Please look them up if
you are an ex-op or just interested and check the web page at
Joe Mitchell, Bill Mills, Dave Nygren and other members of the
group will be staying at the Troy Marriott Fairfield and will
have a meeting there Thursday evening starting at 6 pm.
Jay Terleski, WX0B, has offered a discount for PVRC members at
Dayton.  A 5% discount for cash (or check) purchaces will be in
effect for everyone, and Jay will give PVRC members an additional
6.25% discount by paying the Ohio Sales Tax.  The discounts will
apply to Array Solutions and many other products from various
manufacturers who have agreed.  Jay will have stocks at Dayton
based on his previous sales experience, so he advises that we
shop early to insure availability.  You may have a PVRC friend
shop for you if you will not make it to Dayton.  Refer to the web
site at www.ArraySolutions.com for product information.  Please
pass the info on the program to your PVRC associates by email or
means other than ham radio (to avoid any appearance of commercial
activities).  Array Solutions booths are 409 and 410 inside the
Several members asked about the possibility of another Force 12
discount program this year.  Tom, N6BT has offered a repeat
discount opportunity similar to the one last year.  Tom will fill
our consolidated order with a 15% discount off the 2001 Catalog
prices, to be paid by checks or individual credit cards with
direct shipment to each individual as the antennas are produced,
as he did last year.
Jim Horton, N3KTV has volunteered to administer the program again
this year--to coordinate and consolidate the order for payment
and to oversee the execution for PVRC.  We appreciate Jim's
efforts for the Club.
The planned timeline is to use the Dayton season through mid-June
to collect the orders, then submit to Force 12 for shipments in
The new Force 12 Catalog and pricing are accessible at
www.Force12inc.com and linked from the PVRC web site (Commercial
Sites/Force 12 Catalog).
Please pass the info on the program to your PVRC associates by
email or means other than ham radio (to avoid any appearance of
commercial activities).
  Overview and attendance by Jack Hammitt, K4VV, Vice Pres.
  Summary of the briefing by Dick Wilder, K3DI
Jay Terleski, WX0B was our honored guest for two dinners, and our
speaker for two briefings.  He presented  A Short Study of
Stacking Yagi-Uda Antennas, addressing systems for 40 through 10
meters.  He gave many examples comparing realistic stacks and
created computer modeling displays on the fly.  He compared
stacks of "Shorty 40" beams vs. full sized antennas.  The
Briefings were well received.
   [Photo of WX0B here in the paper edition.]
         Photo by K4VV
The April 6 events were held at the Olive Garden Restaurant and
at the SAIC Conference room in Tysons Corner, VA.  The April 9
events were held at the Holiday Inn Restaurant in Beltsville, MD,
and in the Capitol College Auditorium in Laurel, MD.
The following signed in at one or more events.  Special
recognition is given as noted.
Dr Bill Troxler (President of Capitol College), K1KC, K1PX,
K2PLF, K3DI, K3DNE, K3IXD, K3LP, K3TM, K3ZJ, K3ZO, K4JA (Co-host
4/6 dinner), K4VV, K4ZW, K5RJ (NCDXA visitor), K7LU, KE3Q (did
the video), N1WR, N3AM, N3FX, N3HBX, N3HUV, N3HXQ, N3NNQ, N3OC
(Co-host 4/9 dinner), N3RR (co-host & coordinator for 4/9
dinner), N3SB, N4RV, N4ZH, ND3A, NE3H, W0YVA, W3DA, W3DAD, W3DQ,
W3GG, W3HXF, W3KHZ, W3LPL (Co-host 4/9 dinner), W3MC, W3OA, W3PP
(Co-host 4/9 dinner), W3TOM, W3UL, W3YD, W3YOZ, W3ZZ, W4CE, W4MYA
(Co-host 4/6 dinner), W4NF, W4RM, W8JVP, W8ZA, WR3L, WR3Z, WX0B
(Our speaker), WX3B (Co-host 4/6 dinner), WZ3AR
The follow are notes taken from the slides "A Study of Stacked
Arrays of Yagi-Uda Antennas" by Jay Terleski, WX0B.  The slides
contain volumes of radiation patters which may be viewed at
www.pvrc.org; see instructions just below the "Welcome..." line.
Or, directly to http://www.pvrc.org/Powerpoint/wx0b_files/frame.htm.
A good model for 20m and 10m will be 4 element 23 ft boom
designs.  On 40m, 2 and 3 elements are common.
We stack yagis for gain, clean pattern, control ft take-off
angle, radiate in multiple directions, and suppress static.  The
antennas may be both-out-of-phase (BOP) or both-in-has (BIP).
Typically BOP is at 180 degrees.  In a stack of four antennas,
they may use BOP, BIP, or both BOP and BIP.
A BOP rule is gain is always less in the main lobe.  But, the
gain may be better at all the nulls.  Various phasing may cause
coverage of your signal at the target area to be narrow or
slurred over a wider area.  Also, BOP may give higher take off
than BIP thereby improving the stack for a domestic contest.
Boom length and spacing were discussed.  A comparison of a good
boom length and spacing between antennas in stacks is:
   Booms      1.0        0.75      0.50      0.25
   Spacing    1.0        0.87      0.71      0.50
When stacking dissimilar antennas, one must consider the matching
technique, driven element offsets, and balun types.  Dissimilar
matching and baluns is complicated.  Antennas can also be staked
horizontally.  Also, a combination of horizontal and vertical
stacked can be used. Rotating a horizontal stack is complex as
the antennas rotate from side-by-side to nose-to-tail.  Multi-
direction beaming can be accomplished by rotating individual
antennas in a stack.  The stacks discussed in this paragraph are
too complex to be summarized in the Newsletter.
Gains that may be obtained by adding additional antennas on a
vertical stack:  Adding 2nd is 2.2-3 dB, 3rd is 1.5-2 dB, and
adding fourth is 0.5-1 dB.
Summary of take off angle.  Switching controls take off angle.
Poor spacing may yield bad lobe angles.  Stack lobe will be
higher than top yagi alone.  Peak to null is 18-20 dB.  Adding
phase delay on one antenna can create a larger target and
minimize nulls.
Summary of BIP and BOP.  BOP can give a high angle from 2-stack
with sacrifice of only 3 dB; good for SS and NAQP.  A high stack
can work like a lower antenna.
Summary of Pattern.  Stack can clean up unwanted high angle
lobes.  Boom length and spacing are closely related; watch in
modeling.  Rotate one or more antenna(s) of stack results in
beaming in one or more directions.  A slurred pattern can
increase the target area size.
Summary of 40m stack.  Shorty forty (SF) are effective in gain
and pattern.  SF stack equal or exceed a 3-ele full size and have
a better pattern.  A SF stack can beam in two directions.  SF is
OK but a full size 40 stack RULES!
Array Solutons has a product line of more than stacking control
systems.  At the conclusion of the briefing, Jay showed the group
Array Solutions new SO2R control box.  Please note their
advertisement below.
NW REGION MINUTES, 17 APRIL 2001 by Ed Steeble, K3IXD
The NW region met at Tully's Grill in Frederick.  In attendance
were: K3IXD, N3VOP, W8ZA, W3EKT, N3KTV, W0YR, K3SX, and WD3A.
After diner, K3IXD opened the business part of the evening with
the announcement that K4VV again has negotiated a special price
for PVRC members with Force 12.  Force 12 is about to, or has,
announced some new antennas. Watch their web site. I believe
N3KTV will be taking orders through June 30 with delivery later
in the summer. Watch for details from K4VV. N3KTV will again be
the coordinator for the orders.
Also K4VV has worked a deal with Jay, WX0B, Array Solutions, for
a special price on Array Solutions products purchased at Dayton
for cash. In addition to the 5% discount for cash at Dayton, Jay
will be giving PVRC members an additional discount. If you are
interested and aren't going to Dayton, give your cash to a PVRC
Buddy who is going and have them make the purchase for you.  K4VV
will be sending out more details.
Around the table: Ed, K3IXD, reported on his successful cataract
surgery last month and thanked Bob, W8ZA, for taking the minutes.
I will be out of town for the May meeting. Sid, K3SX, volunteered
to take the minutes of that meeting. I will look into have the
June meeting at the Mongolian BBQ, the May meeting will be at
Tully's. K3IXD made 9 QSOs in the 2m Sprint. I operated the WPX
SSB contest in the Single Operator Assisted, tribander plus wires
Tom, N3EYB, told me about CQ magazine article on electronic
QSLing (eQSL). N3EYB had 35 cards in the queue. N3VOP said he has
used it. K3IXD discovered he had 156 cards waiting for him. W8ZA
found out he had over 500 cards waiting for him. The question is
when will ARRL accept eQSL cards for awards? The web site is
<http://www.eqsl.cc>. (Yes, cc is correct.)
Mike, N3VOP, picked up a surplus 486 computer at the Carroll
County Radio Club meeting and donated it to W3LPL for the
PacketCluster. He gave a satellite talk and demo at the Carroll
Country Radio Club meeting. Mike was on for the 2m Sprint.
Bob, W8ZA, made 48 QSOs in the Polish contest. He is thinking
about phasing his two, three element 40m beams after attending
WX0B's talk.
Ed, W3EKT, was in FL last month visiting his grandchildren and
also took a week cruse. He is catching up on his QSLing. He asked
about printing labels with CT. DX4WIN's capability was also
discussed. In the 2m Sprint W3EKT made a dozen QSOs.
Jim, N3KTV, has been busy at work but he did volunteer to collect
the orders for the Force 12 antennas again. (We thank you Jim. I
am very happy with my C-3SS.)
Mike, W0YR, is usually in Europe but does attend when he is in
the area on a third Tuesday of the month. It was good to see him
again. He has one 90 foot tower up with 10m and 40m beams on it.
A second tower is planned, it will house the 15m and 20m beams.
He operated HA5JI in the CQ 160m SSB contest and believes he
obtained 2nd place, EU. He had 2 QSOs with NA.
Sid, K3SX, worked a LU on 6m last week for a new band country. On
160m, he has two new countries this year bring his total to 210
worked. With assistance from N3OC, Sid has phased his 160m
inverted Ls. It is working very well. Sid said that INRAD does
not make filters for the FT-100. Sid is the NA collection point
for donations for the ZD7K and ZD8K DX expedition now underway.
Tom, WD3A, attended WX0B's talk last Monday night.
The next NW Regional meeting is scheduled for the third Tuesday
of May, May 15, in Frederick, MD. The meeting begins at 7:30PM
with some showing up for dinner about 6:00PM.
OVER-THE-HILL LUNCH GROUP, 27 APR 01 by Bill Leavitt, W3AZ
The  Over the Hill Group met at the Best Western Hotel in Oxon
Hill, MD. on April 25, 2001.  Those in attendance were W3ABC,
K3ZO, W6AXX, W3GN, AA4XU and W3AZ.  Conversations ranged from the
repairs of FT-1000 MPs to breathing life back into a piece of
very old bread board gear.  The tube used in it has a 4 pin base
with the pins arranged in a square.  The filament connects to the
diagonal pins instead to 2 pins on one side of the square as in
an 01A.  Anyone have any suggestion what tube it may be?  In
those the tubes were only triodes.
A number of PVRC'ers attended the Greater Baltimore Hamboree &
Computerfest at Timonium, MD, on Saturday,May 31, and signed the
register as present at the informal meeting held at the DXCC Card
Checking booth where K3ZO & XYL Somporn were checking cards.
Those signing in were:  W4RX, ND3F, W3IY, W3GG, K3KY, W3DQ, N4MM,
K3LP, AJ3M, WB4FDT, KV3R, K3ZO, and K3GV,
Brian, ND3F, was busy discussing VHF contest rover skeds with
WA1ECF, who was also checking DXCC cards at the booth.  W3IY took
time out from the big Aurora to come over and attend, but was
back working 2 meter Aurora later in the day.  Burt, W3GG,
checked WA0QII's WAZ application while he was there and
pronounced it valid.   W3DQ brought along his DXCC cards and
qualified as a brand new member of DXCC.   Congrats, Eric!  John,
N4MM, pulled duty in the ARRL Booth along with ARRL President
W5JBP, Vice President WT3P and Vice Director W2ML.
John, W3BE, hasn't showed up on a PVRC sign-in sheet since
retiring as the FCC's Amateur Radio chief.  Pete, K3PD, was busy
promoting the Harrisburg Radio Amateur Club's July 4 "Firecracker
Hamfest".  Pip, WB4FDT, says he lives on the Eastern Shore now,
is thinking of trying to find a job closer to his residence.
AnywAay with the last two kids leaving the family nest for
college, retirement and full time dedication to his stamp service
may be a viable option.  Bill, KV3R, reminded K3ZO that he had
visited the K3ZO residence long ago to see what ham radio was
like.  Now "he are one" and his QTH serves as a base camp for the
K8GP operations to Bald Knob.
Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m. when K3ZO headed for the exit.
Respectfully submitted.
CENTRAL PVRC MINUTES 03/12/01, by Jack Hammett, K4VV, Vice Pres.
The meeting was held on Monday, March 12, 2001 at Temple Hills,
MD,  PVRC members in attendance were WK3I, W3HVQ, K3ZO, K3IRV,
NA1DX, N3UM, W3DQ, N3RR, KE3Q, W3YOZ, W3TOM, WR3L, and K4VV.
Allen Stevenson, KA3ZPA was a visitor.  N3OC was unable to attend
so K4VV chaired the meeting.
N3OC provided the President's report by email:
  1) Comments from the PVRC Trustees in regard to the club
competition rules have been forwarded to the chairman of the CAC,
AA7A.  Our comments were well received by AA7A, who noted that
ALL counties in Arizona touch his 175-mile circle.  Checking on
the NCC web site, they report a claimed win in the November
sweepstakes.  I was not able to view their claimed score, however
since they say it is in the hands of the log checkers, it must
besomewhat close.  Somehow they can get our claimed club score,
but we can't get theirs.  It is my intention to address the SS at
the upcoming trustees meeting in early April, to form a plan of
action for this year.
  2) A trustee meeting has been tentatively scheduled for early
April.  The trustees will discuss appointing a committee to
investigate moving the  club circle, forming a plan for this
year's sweepstakes, issues concerning the newsletter, and other
items as needed.
  3) The newsletter is always looking for material to publish.
If you have something of interest, please forward it to
[email protected] for publication in the newsletter.  The newsletter
is also looking for someone to coordinate advertisers to offset
some or all of the cost (PVRC's largest single expense).
  4) Arrangements are being made for another series of
presentations by Jay Terleski, WX0B, the proprietor of Array
Solutions (the Stack Match people), which will occur in early
April.  K4VV will provide more information on this.
K4VV gave info on the WX0B presentations in planning for 6 and 9
April.  WR3L summarized our status and distributed new badges
from the recent order.
One new member was voted into PVRC--Roy Goshorn, W3TEF, Bellwood,
PA.  Roy operated in recent VHF Contests at the W3SO mountaintop
site developed by W3YOZ near Altoona,PA.  Roy is Extra Class,
licensed in 1951, and retired from a Broadcasting career with
WBAL-TV and ABC-TV (ask Roy about China with Nixon). Roy has many
operating awards and 334 countries confirmed.  Roy was sponsored
by W3YOZ and K4VV.
War story summary highlights:
  1) Ben/N3UM--Pictures of new 60' Rohn 25 Tower w/C4 fed with
LMR, installed turnkey by MD Tower Service.
  2) Doug/NA1DX--Did 160 phone and DX Phone Contests w/new
FT1000, 121 countries in weekend, 101 on 10 meters, preparing for
WPX and Field Day.
  3) Irv/K3IRV brought cards.
  4) Fred/K3ZO--Murphy visited early on 1Feb, FT1000MP down so
used TS-830 for ARRL CW (#10 in USA), then borrowed FT1000 for
Phone (#5 in USA); had noise, 80m beam broke; preparing for WPX.
  5) John/W3HVQ--Playing bridge on the Internet, RF problem in
the Fall.
  6) Rich/WK3I--Will do WPX with a 2x2 call.
  7) Allen/KA3ZPA--Using A3 beam on HF, 14 el on VHF.
  8) Tom/W3TOM--Getting ready for contests.
  9) Marty/W3YOZ--New Packet node on 144.91 went down during ARRL
contest due to fog, so replaced the 432 link with a 220 one;
working on a second balloon antenna for 160m; comments on
 10) Rich/KE3Q--Operated at W3LPL about 40 hours straight; took
down a Big Bertha that was about 15-20 years old from the Arthur
Godfrey property with help from the W3NRS Team.  11)
Bill/N3RR--CW and Phone contest conditions unbelievable, lots of
Q's on 160m w/Europe using Inverted Vee at 94', invited Ops to
participate in the WPX.
 12) Eric/W3DQ--Discussed operating in DC, lack of presence.
 13) Dave/WR3L--Discussed busted calls on the packet network.
HELP WANTED by Brian McGinness, Pres, N3OC
The PVRC officers are looking for help from our members in
several areas.  If anyone is interested in any of the following
areas, please contact N3OC.
Auto Call Editor - This job involves maintaining a presence on
auto call, and occasionally writing something to encourage new
members or push upcoming contests.
Club Historian - A senior member who is interested in our past
history is needed to take possession of the historical documents
and maintain them.
Newsletter Advertising Manager - Dick would like an assistant to
manage the monthly ads.  If we are able to have someone willing
to work with potential advertisers, we can offset more of the
cost of the newsletter, our single largest expense.
N3OC dug the below photo out of the PVRC archives which is
supposed to be a FD group shortly after our 1947 founding.
Perhaps about 1950.  Vic Clark W4KFC SK is easy to spot.  Can you
ID any of the other three?  Please reply to K3DI.
   [Photo not included in this electronic edition.]
Jim Talens, N3JT recommends the follow site to obtain software to
convert your contest logs into the Cabrillo format:
The HRO ad has a discount coupon for $200 on an IC-706MKIIG until
Tom Kunkel, K3DSP, came in #2 as a Rookie in the WPX CW 2000
contest.  Congratulations and good luck in moving upward in
All ARRL members can obtain a free email forwarding via (your
call)@arrl.net to whatever your regular address is.  The ARRL web
site has details.  For example, isn't it easier to remember your
scores should be sent to [email protected] instead of
[email protected]?
Here are some roster corrections:
           K4HA is now [email protected]
           Please add [email protected]
           WA7LT is alphabetized as if still W9LT
And on the reference page:
           The Autocall editor position is vacant.
1. Eligibility:  All members of PVRC worldwide (Once a member,
always a member!)
2.   Object:  To contact as many other PVRC members around the
world as possible, using 7 bands as follows:
           CW:       80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters
           SSB:      20, 10 meters
3.   Date:  Always the first weekend in June.  This year's
reunion will be June 3, 4, and 5 (zulu) 1999
4.   Frequency:  CW always 47 kHz up from the bottom of the band
(3547, 7047, 14047, 21047, and 28047 kHz).  Phone frequencies are
14247 kHz (14250 as an alternate) and 28447 kHz on 10 meters.
(These are suggested frequencies.)
5.   Three contest periods (2001):
     2 June: 1400Z - 1800Z
     3 June: 0000Z - 0500Z and 2200z - (4 Jun) 0300Z
6.   Contest exchange:  Serial number, your call, QTH, your call
when first joining PVRC, and year joined PVRC.
     Example: NR73 W6XYZ CA W4XYZ 60
7.   Valid contact:  Completed two-way QSOs on any of 7 bands.
No crossband or crossmode QSOs permitted.
8.   QSO points:  Two points for each completed QSO.
9.   Multipliers:  Total multiplier is the sum of all states, DC,
Canadian provinces, and DXCC countries worked.  (AK and HI count
as a state or a country, not both.)  Each multiplier may be
counted once, not once per band.  Maritime mobile contacts count
only for QSO points; not a multiplier.
10.  Reunion call:  CQ PVRC
11.  Please send your score as:
       #QSO   #Mult   Score  (Score = #QSO x #MULT x 2).
     Also, please let us know the exchange you sent (example):
               W6XYZ CA W4XYZ 70
Send to the PVRC Newsletter editor ([email protected], etc.) by the
25th of June to make the July issue listing.  You do not need to
send in your log or the optional dupe sheet.
If you work a station that claims to be a member, but is not
listed in the roster, please send that exchange information with
your score and indicate that QSO is included in your score.
We'll check it out and adjust your score, as needed.  All soap
box comments are welcome!
Lets take a look at the participation of past reunions and who
placed in the top five.  The following lists the year, number of
scores received, and the number of QSOs by the #1 station.  The
calls are listed in order of finish.
Year       Rcvd      Q's by #1
96         40        191     W3UJ W4YE N4RP K3ZO KE3Q
97         54        217     K1HTV K3DI W3UJ AA3LE W3PP
98         42        213     K1HTV W3UJ K3MM W3PP N8II
99         37        149     K3DI W3TMZ W4YE WR3Z KT4P
00         38        157     W3TMZ W4YE K3CKT WR3Z W3GRF*
                                               *Op: W3MC
The number of QSOs of the winner may be more an indication of
activity than the number of scores sent in.  For example, in 1999
my log contained 57 different calls though only 37 logs scores
were received.  Based on the above, the reunion-on-the-air
activity seems to be dropping.  It appears that the reunion could
use more promotion.
   [The paper edition contained an OPTIONAL dupe sheet.]
S C O R E S by Bob Dannals, [email protected]
*  Changes/additions/deletions  *
*  to [email protected] or packet   *
           ### = missing information
CQ WPX SSB (#5 - 04.19.2001)
KF3P   C     3456 1036  9,092,972
K3ZO   C     2742  913  6,799,111
NY4A   C  10 2152  882  4,441,752
N3HXQ  C     1510  692  2,550,020
N3HBX  C  10 1187  629  1,832,906
KN1DX  C     1018  533  1,433,237
W3UJ   B  TS  997  530  1,349,910
K2UOP  C      903  499  1,136,223
NV4X   C      820  445  1,001,695
4U1WB  C  TS 1095  494    995,410
N4MM   C      798  496    984,064
N3UN   B      709  417    756,855
W4YE   C  TS  665  411    749,664
W2GPS  C  TS  725  419    713,138
K3DSP  B      644  415    653,210
KC8FS  B  TS  612  381    612,267
N4YDU  B      507  336    426,384
N3FX   C  TS  490  329    411,908
K3GV   C      436  292    299,884
W3UL   C      381  270    235,170
N3FNE  B      387  265    226,840
N3HS   C      300  243    199,746
N2NFG  B      231  184     95,128
N3EYB  B      172  149     60,643
KV3R   C     1558  740  2,823,840
NA1DX  B      752  498    988,032
W2GG   B      814  485    979,700
K3KO   C      450  443    559,066
KO4MR  C  10  460  318    395,274
K3IXD  C      450  341    391,809
K1SE   B  15  147  132     41,052
W4MYA  C    5390  1282 16,509,596
WR3L   C    2160   856  4,699,440
AK3Z   C    1839   811  3,392,413
A61AJ        ####  ###  4,485,102
TI7/N4MO  10 2113  712  3,574,240
7J1AOE C      322  195    174,330
A =  QRP
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 37 LOGS SSB TOTAL     76,072,603176
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4U1WB   AJ3M
A61AJ   W3ZZ plus 11 non-PVRC
         W3JJH N3YIM plus 1 non-PVRC
NY4A    W4ZV
         W4HZ W4MYA WK4Y WA4QDM
The paper edition contained additional advertisements from:
        Array solutions
        Force 12
        Ham Radio Outlet
        The Mast Co
Enclosed with the paper edition was a roster that contained:
        For each member:
        Call, Name, mail QTH, and home and work telephones
        List of Silent Keys and lost members (unknown addresses)
        Added page had email addresses, when known
        Regular reference page.
        Advertisement for
                The Daily DX and The Weekly DX (W3UR)
                The RF connection
For more info about W3UR's email DX bulletins
        visit www.dailydx.com
        email [email protected] for free samples
        Visit W3UR at booth 520 at Dayton
        Telephone 301-854-5650 or FAX 301-854-5105
        Or write:
          The Daily DX, 3025 Hobbs Rd, Glenwood, MD 21738