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Weekly             Wed      
BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30 am,
Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.
Over-the-Hill Luncheon.  TBA.  
Mar 2-4
ARRL 'phone DX Contest.  7pm ET Friday to 7pm ET Sunday
Mar 1              Thu
PVRC/NC meeting at Ryan's in Cary. 
Mar 12             Mon
Central meeting at the Maryland location. 
Mar 20             Tue
Northwest region meeting in Frederick, MD.
Mar 20             Tue
Tidewater Colony meeting night.  
Mar 23-25                   
CQ WPX SSB Contest.
Apr 5              Thu
PVRC/NC meeting.
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TREASURERS REPORT by Dave Baugher, WR3L, Treas.
(This report was received in time for the February issue but)
 (Murphy struck and I was not able to process it.  -editor
First, I would like to thank the following for the contribution
to PVRC in January:  K3VW, W3HVQ, K4JA, W8BOZ, WA8WV, K3ZO, KE3Q,
K4UX, W4PRO, ND3A, K9GY, K4ZA, W3DAD, K2PLF, and W7YS.
At the end of this report you will find a treasury report for
2000.  We were very successful with the donations, the newsletter
advertisements, and the miscellaneous income to keep our treasury
where we could afford to spend what we did last year.
Next on the list is the new badge orders (thanks to the N.C.
group for the new look).  We now have the blanks made and waiting
for calls to be placed on them.  They will be $13.50 sent to you
if order through the club by sending me a note via email, packet,
phone call or however.  Do NOT send me any money at that time, I
will send the bill with the badge when we get the complete order. 
The club will make about $1.00 on each badge.  I'll order when I
get at least 6 requests or at the end of each month.  This is an
easy way to get your new badge!  Please support PVRC with this
project. Also no longer ask N3OC for the badges.  So far I have
ordered 10 badges.  Order now as it takes about 3 weeks for the
I enjoy the job of treasurer with our very supportive club and
look forward to another successful year.
Balance as of 1/1/00                  $2240.27
Advertising                           1050.76
ARRL renewals; QSLs                    134.80
Badges                                  32.00
Donations                             3613.82
Awards                                1080.50
Donations                              100.00
Insurance                              325.00
Newsletter                            3016.67
Trophies                               150.00
Plaques                                120.00
Reflector                               35.00
Misc exp, postage                       62.00
Ending bal 12/31/00                   $2182.48
by Jim Nitzberg, WX3B
I am delighted to announce that we will have a very special guest
at the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club on Monday March 12, 2001
at 7:30 p.m. at the Westminster, MD Fire Training Center (1345
Washington Road).
Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, affectionately known as "The
Enforcer", will be speaking with us about his experiences these
past few years working for the FCC, and helping to clean up some
of Amateur Radio's rough edges (i.e. illegal operations).
Many of you have already seen Riley at previous engagements,
including past PVRC and Dayton Hamvention meetings.  Riley is a
very passionate and dynamic speaker, and you can tell that he
enjoys his work very much.  If you have never met Riley, you're
in for a real treat.
This meeting will be a joint meeting of both the Carroll County
Amateur Radio Club, and the Potomac Valley Radio Club.  Anyone
interested in Amateur Radio is welcome to attend.
Directions to the Westminster Fire Training Center (1345
Washington Road, Westminster, MD) are available at the following
Our local 2 meter repeater is K3PZN, at 145.410 (negative
offset).  If you have any questions, please contact me.
We're looking forward to seeing you at this meeting!
by Brian McGinnes, N3OC, Pres.
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM at the Vienna library
by N3OC.  Members attending were: N3RR, K4VV, N4RV, W3DQ, ND3A,
K3ZJ, and W3YOZ.  There was one guest, Scott Belleffuille KT4EZ.
N3OC gave the president's report:
Recent information from the NCCC Web site indicates they have a
higher claimed score for SS, so we probably will not win the club
competition back.  It looks like it will take more planning to
get the gavel back.  PVRC does look to be in a good position to
win the 10 meter contest.
The trustees have been formulating some suggestions that will be
forwarded to the ARRL CAC concerning how a club's area is
defined.  N3OC is still working on getting that written up and
forwarded to the CAC.  Once that is done, a committee will be
appointed to study any possible move of the circle and make
N3OC noted with regret the passing of Andy W3XE last month.  Once
again, many PVRCers (20) gathered for the funeral.  N3OC
expressed thanks to all the PVRCers that have been there for our
fellow members and their families.  A nice article written by
Jim, W3CP was passed around for all to read.
Dick, K3DI, our newsletter editor is looking for some help in
coordinating advertising in the newsletter.  Currently, the
newsletter represents PVRC's single largest expense, which is
only partially offset by advertising.  Dick would like someone to
explore ways to make the newsletter pay for itself.
Jack, K4VV gave the Vice-President's report.  He has made
arrangements with Jay Terleski, WX0B, proprietor of Array
Solutions t visit us in April.  Jay will be making two
presentations on stacking HF yagis, and will visit some member's
stations.  The tentative schedule is for Jay to be here the
Friday before the regular April meeting, first giving a
presentation in the Northern Virginia area that Friday evening,
and another presentation at Capitol College in Beltsville MD the
night of the regular April meeting.
Therefore, everyone please note there will be no regular Virginia
meeting in April - the meeting will be the Friday before in
Virginia, and Monday in Maryland.
There was one new member to be voted in.  Scott Belleffuille,
KT4EZ was present and had attended two meetings.  After a brief
introduction, Scott was voted into membership.  Welcome to PVRC!
The remaining time was devoted to war stories, since there was no
formal presentation.  N3RR gave some details on his experiments
with short beverages at his QTH.  The message was that a short
beverage is better than no beverage, and Bill has been getting
performance far superior to his EWEs using short beverages. 
Jack, K4VV has been getting things sorted out after the passing
of his wife, and no doubt will be on the air more in the future. 
Jack, N4RV is looking for a run operator for the next few
contests, as part of 2a small multiop from his QTH.  Jack enjoys
searching and finding that new multiplier, so he would like to
find some run ops.
The meeting was evicted at 8:59 PM by the library staff.
SWVA PVRC Jan 2001 Minutes 
by R. Michael Barts, N4GU
The Southwest Virginia chapter of PVRC met Jannuary 19th at the
Olive Garden restaurant in Roanoke, VA for a combination belated
holiday get together and first annual chapter awards dinner. 
This was one of the best attended chapter meetings to date with a
total attendance of 25, which strained our accommodations at the
restaurant!  In attendance were W4YE and XYL, W0MAN & W4JAM,
W4BKW and XYL, WM3T and KF4OKG, KC9LC, XYL, children and guest,
K1SO, K1GG, N4EL, K4BSA, KF4NVC, K4IQ with XYL and children,
K4EP, 5B4AFM/N1KH, and N4GU.
After a wonderful meal, there was not a formal meeting but a
short awards presentation.  K4IQ and W4YE were recognized for
receiving their 5 Million Point awards from PVRC and the plaques
were passed around to inspire the rest of us.  The following
awards were presented to recognize the fine efforts of our local
chapter members.
Little Pistol Award - N4EL, to recognize the improvements Nat has
made to his station (and scores!) this last year.
Highest Club 5M Total - K4IQ, for cranking out all those contest
Qs. (maybe this should be the Lead Butt award?)
Elmer Award - N4GU, for promoting amateur radio in the New River
Valley area W4KFC Congeniality Award - K1SO, to recognize Jerry's
contribution to the team spirit of the chapter
Golden Mike Award - W4BKW, for his consistently great audio
(which we usually hear every weekend on the local NPR station!)
DDDX (The Driving DX award) - W4JAM/W0MAN who drive the farthest
and rarely miss a meeting
Y2K Award (aka the Murphy Award) - K1GG, Gordon's bad luck with
antennas and bee stings in 2000 was truly millennial!
Best DXpedition - WM3T/KF4OKG, for their PA QSO party expedition
almost put them in contention for the Y2K award
SWVPVRC Op of the Year - W4YE, Buddy's consistent performance in
contests along with his invaluable experience make him a asset to
the club and chapter.
At the end of the presentations the official meeting was
concluded and the informal discussions from dinner continued.
The next SWVA PVRC meeting is scheduled for March 9, location to
be announced via email.
by Ed Steeble, K3IXD, Chairman
The NW region met at Tully's Grill vin Frederick on 20 February
2001.  Traffic was light and most everyone had arrived by 6:15. 
The meeting began at 7:30.
In attendance were: K3LP, K3SX, W3KHZ, K3SKE, W3NRS, K8OQL, N4MM,
N3VOP, and K3DNE.
Before we went around the table, I conducted some business. 
W3ARS was voted into PVRC.
I reminded everyone that the ARRL Buro rates will be $4 per 1/2
pound beginning on 1 March.  The old rates were $6/pound.
I have compiled an email list of those claiming NW as their home
region or wish to receive NW related emails.  The list contains
46 PVRCers.
K3DNE suggested, to me, several months ago, that PVRC sponsor a
single operator, low power plaque in the June VHF contest.  The
Club Officers have approved the suggestion.
N3OC told me that the new badges should be able to be ordered
very soon.  Orders will be direct to a commercial vendor.
I asked N4MM and W3ZZ if they had any news from ARRL and CQ.
N4MM gave an update on ARRL happenings.  The email alias problem
seems to have been solved.  ARRL is working to filter spam
emails.  John provided insights on how much email he, K1ZZ, and
N1ND get each day -- 300+.  The ARRL SS participation pins are
being packaged for mailing.  And, we discussed contest club rules
and some proposals.
W3ZZ gave a report from CQ.  He ran the CQ VHF WW contest this
year and the activity level was equal to previous highs.
Then we went around the table: As usual I did not record the
scores because W2GG continues to do a excellent job collecting
and posting them to the PVRC reflector and on the PacketCluster. 
K3DI insures that the scores are included in the newsletter.
David, K3LP - was at W3LPL's.  Sid, K3SX - has 208 countries on
160m, still trying to work D68C.  Art, W3KHZ - is recovering from
his operation.  Dan, K3SKE - a packet node was down for part of
the contest.  Bob, W8ZA - hosted a multi-2 effort which included
Jerry, K8OQL and Jeff, N8II.  Bob, W8ZA talked to Tony, A54ZN,
who says, "Hi" to the group -- he misses the NW meetings.
Tom, K2UOP - has two "rocket launchers" being shipped to him. 
Steve, W3SY - announced he was looking for military mast and
K3SKE said he had several.  They left to go look at them.  (On
the 147.000- repeater, after the meeting, we learned Steve now
has three masts to support his wires.)  
Marty, K2PLF - from an estate, the following are available: a 52
foot, crank up tower, Explorer 14 beam, and a Ham 4 rotor.  They
are still up.  A TS 440, and 2, 2m FM rigs.  All this is about 15
years old.  If interested or for more information, contact Marty.
Jim, N3YDT - past issues of AMSAT Newsletters are on CDs and will
be available at Dayton -- pricing wasn't known.  Ed, W3EKT -
continues to be impressed with his 160m lazy U; all his contest
QSOs were S&P.
John, N3HBX - has retired.  He has RFI from dimmer switches. 
W8ZA suggested trying Leviton slide switches.  K8OQL said W8ZA's
house is very quiet.  Bob has these every where, even in the ham
Mike, N3VOP - manages to operate VHF from a town house.  Ed,
K3DNE - his harmonics are limiting his operating time to
contests.  Ed, K3IXD - received his SS clean sweep mug, received
his 1st place single op, low power certificate for the January
2000 VHF contest.  N4MM said ARRL is getting caught up with past
due certificates.
The next NW meeting will be March 20th at Tully's.  The usual
place and date, the third Tuesday of the month.  The first
attendees arrive about 6pm for dinner. The meeting starts at
by Guy Olinger, K2AV 
The regular PVRC-NC meeting was held at Ryan's Family Steakhouse,
Cary NC, 5:30-7:30pm.  In from the cold: NT4D, N4XD, K4HA, N4CW,
Riotous proceedings called to order at 6 pm.  First meeting and
welcome: Dave W4IDX and Bill K4CIA.  Second meeting and voted
into membership: N4XD, N4YDU. Welcome Ron and Nate. Just in time
for ARRL.  Fresh meat.
On the question of picking the night for the Annual May Bash,
Thursday's still the favorite, consensus to at least stay away
from the weekends.
KS4XG about the country traveling for employer, Carnac standing
in...but with a notebook this time. The tower tear-down party is
still on for Saturday March 10th and he'll be syncing with folks
that expressed in interest in helping very soon.  To avoid long
term angst he'll be using the old station one last time, doing a
15 meter effort on the DX contest.
After a second-hand telling of his experience taking down a
rickety tower on his new property, we want you to know, Pete,
that we will get up a crew of twenty all equipped with hacksaws,
sledgehammers, and boltcutters the next time you want to do that.
We'll get it down for you...
N4CW tried to work the PSK31 contest, but couldn't find the party
(his words). Now has a 160 inverted V with apex at 90', did well
with it in 160 test.  Was complaining that due to travel and
having to be in New England, having a hard time finding place to
operate in ARRL. Finally decided to do a seat at KC1XX. Real
hardship case, there, Bert. Bring back a rotating tower with you.
By the way, NOT A CHANCE that we didn't see you get three
desserts. Also reported a case of the dreaded, mysterious switch
box noise. Source was a torqued off screw mysteriously actually
working several years. Probably due to letting the neighbor's 400
lb. gorilla tighten all the screws and bolts.
W4IDX is really KA4IKH in disguise. Making some noise now with a
N2NFG still has water-filled holes where tower and guys are
supposed to go. Got his 751 back from factory all spiffied up,
and then broke it in the RTTY. Smoke 'em Alsop taught you how to
do that, right?
Speaking of whom, now in serious contention for the second annual
Golden Bagel award, after having stress tested his new amp in the
RTTY without so much as a puff of smoke (previously reported),
reinstated the curse by blowing it up with a "dit". I know, a
minor fix, yeah, yeah, yeah...That "KO" in K3KO stands for what
he does to amps.
NX9T sent regrets. Reportedly will have antennas on top of that
new Trylon real soon now.
K4HA was at W2XL for 160. In totally other direction, has a trip
planned to see our own K4PB down in the land of lightning. Don't
bother to bring any back, Bob. Also had a lot good to say about
K9AY loops. Recommended that those of us with geographically
challenged lots give them a try.  Not quite a beverage, but a lot
better than NO beverage.
N4XD reports 5 new countries on 160 for him. His NE/SW beverage
working well.
NT4D, K2AV, and K3KO all report getting their 5 Meg Plaques in
the mail from the big Central chapter shindig last month.
N4YDU reports lazy H's, 10 meter V beam. All wires and ropes.
Calls it a bird trap. Price is right, though.
WJ9B has a new SkyHawk up. Passed around the latest PVRC gavel
for NAQP.
WW4M interrupted the NAQP for a wedding shower. Holy smoke, Jim,
you're supposed to save that kind of stuff for the Sprints....
K4QPL, who started a run-on thread on PVRCNC reflector over
virtues (or not) of WriteLog, managed to do it again at meeting.
I think he just muttered the word under his breath, was all it
took....  Also brought up a good Feb QST article on RX tuning.
Pretty good, no kidding.
K4MA and AA4NC ready for the ARRL SSB at 8P9JA. You need to teach
Bert and Bob how to do that instead of running up points for
YCCC. Explain SOUTH to them.
K2AV reported he needs to get a mast (hmmm... that has to be
progress).  Also relayed for N4AF that they are doing NY4A
multi-two in ARRL CW.  ARRL multi-two is very tough category, but
still looking for a strong showing.  Apparently this a repeat of
the old futz club staffing plan last used in their surprise WPX
m/m USA almost (maybe) win. On the '00 WPX CW m/m NY4A and NR4M
scores close enough that % of scoring penalties could throw it
either way, and haven't heard a peep from the contest committee.
Riotous proceedings reinstated at 7:15.
Next meeting Thursday 1 Mar '01 Ryan's Family Steakhouse in
Crossroads Plaza, Cary. Informals 5:30 pm, Formals 6 pm. On the
agenda: Get serious time for RARSfest table and meeting,
probables and polls for the Annual May Bash.
CVCC MEETING 02/13/2001 
by Tom Ogburn, N4ZJ
Meeting called to order by WA4QDM. There were 11 CVCC members in
W4MYA presented one of his winning gavels to the club to be used
for meetings. Introductions were made by all those present. W4MYA
is preparing for ARRL CW and SSB DX. Lots of work has been done
at his place. Members reported working lots of DX during the past
month, including the YK9A crew with W4DR and N4CFL
Treasurers  Report: Dues for 2001 continue to come in and there
have been no major outlays this month. 
The secretary reported that, overall, electronic distribution of
the newsletter in .PDF format was a success and that it will
continue. Bill, W4DAA was recognized as having donated a copy of
Microsoft Office to the secretary for improving club records and
updating the processing of the newsletter. Thanks Bill!!
Packet was down last weekend, and WU4G and others are working on
improving the paths. We are looking at getting a route through
Donnie Hensley. Paul, K4JA also offered numerous options for
improving our connections. Currently we get spots both from the
north by rf and from the mega-cluster over the internet. We also
discussed going to the AR Cluster software.
AR Cluster software costs 400 and there is a considerable
hardware need.  Paul suggested that the sys-ops come to his place
to check out AR.
Candidates for office:
President: WA4QDM asked for "volunteers" for president, and the
silence was deafening.
Special events station: WU4G gave us an update on the special
event station W4L at the walk for life fund raiser for cancer.
The Ashland group raised $79,000 last year. A 10 dollar fee is
required from participants to help defray local costs so more
money can go towards research. We are planning to participate
with a station and operators. More details will be forthcoming.
W4JM was presented the club plaque for the Virginia QSO Party
last year. Tom was the highest scoring single-op in CVCC.
A plaque was also presented to W4DAA as a small token of his vast
support of CVCC during the past year.
N4UYQ, TJ Johnston was unanimously voted into the club.
The Virginia QSO Party is next month. CVCC is again sponsoring
the High Club Score plaque and N4ZJ is sponsoring the Virginia
High Mobile plaque.
It was reported that W4SPT is recovering from surgery, is home,
and is doing fine.
After the business was conducted, we viewed a video of a Force 12
antenna presentation at PVRC 
Our next meeting will be back at First Mennonite Church.
by Ben Shaver, AA4XU
The PVRC Over-The-Hill Lunch group met at MainStreetUSA in
Annandale, VA on February 21, 2001 for lunch and to share ideas
and contest scores.  The following were present:  W3ZZ Gene
Zimmerman, W4RW Floyd Martin, W3AZ Bill Leavitt, W6AXX Howard
Leake, K6ETM George Sinclair, K3WX Tony Faiola, W3GN Lawrence
Fadner, W4RX Jim Ahlgren, and AA4XU Ben Shaver.
The March meeting of the Over-The-Hill lunch is in limbo as a
search is being made for a Maryland host.  Interested?  Please
contact W3AZ or AA4XU for more information.
Written by W3GN with contributions from W3CP
Carl Elwin Andersen Sr, W3XE, better known as "Andy", Silver
Spring, MD, became a Silent Key on 18 Jan 2001 at the Montgomery
County General Hospital, Olney, MD where he was a patient for a
broken left leg sustained in a fall on 3 January.  Andy was first
licensed as KN6BCG in 1953.  Subsequently, he held the calls
K6BCG, K3JYZ, briefly as W5TWT, and finally as W3XE.  He had held
several ARRL appointments, among them being SEC and RM.
He had retired from the Dept of the Navy in 1971.  Andy had been
active initially with traffic handling and then contesting.  With
the call K3JYZ he had organized a multi-multi contest station
that was active for several years.  In 1960 he joined the Potomac
Valley Radio Club (PVRC).  During the mid 1960s he served as its
President.  For a time he served as a Trustee in the Foundation
for Amateur Radio (FAR), representing the PVRC.
In later years, he was very actively involved with county hunting
on CW, both mobile and from his home station.  He had worked all
counties by 28 September 1984, his last county to qualify for the
award being Scioto co, OH, was, coincidentally, with another PVRC
member, W3GN/M.  He received USA-CA award #507 on 03/20/86.  Andy
appeared regularly for years at the Dayton Hamvention flea market
along with W3NRS, and was often a speaker at the County Hunter
sessions.  Andy enjoyed his many trips from MD to LA, TX, and CA,
always operating CW on the County Hunter Net frequencies, handing
out new counties to many while traveling on either Interstate
Highways or back country roads, casually driving along at posted
speed limits while operating.  Those who were lucky enough may
have worked him when he was operating mobile on a trip to Alaska. 
He frequently attended County Hunter Conventions that were held
at various locations.  W3XE served at president of the Ashton
Radio Communications Society repeater, K3WX, and also served as
one of three hosts for monthly luncheons of the Over-The-Hill
division of the PVRC.  
Funeral services were held on 25 January 2001 at the Episcopal
Church of the Transfiguration, Silver Spring, MD.  Prior to the
services a luncheon in his memory was held at a local restaurant. 
Among the ham operators attending one or both of these events
were: K1DQV, K3UT, K3WX, K3ZO, K6IR, KE3Q, N3AA, N3RR, N3YDT,
Photographs of Andy, W3XE SK in the paper edition were provided
by K1DQV and K3WX.
SHORT NOTES by the editor
Bob Eshleman, W4DR, of Midlothian, VA, is the winner of the
Clinton B. DeSoto Cup for 2000. This ARRL award being presented
for the first time--recognizes the station that's on top of the
DXCC Challenge List as of September 30 each year. The Cup will be
presented in May at Dayton's "DX Dinner" sponsored by the
Southwest Ohio DX Association.  Eshleman is practically a
lifelong DXer and DXpeditioner.  Licensed while in HS he is now
retired.   He and his wife Rosalie, N4CFL, are headed for a
month's trip to Syria and Egypt, during which they will be
operators as YK9A.
Lamar Ray, ex-W9LT is now WA7LT.  He' on in EWA with wires but is
collecting tower material for building this summer. Meanwhile,
Lamar does MS at NK7U.
Bill Klocko, N3WK, was surprised to receive a certificate for
being the most improved rookie in the CQ 1999 WPX CW contest. 
That category wasn't announced in the CQ magazine published
Leo W3LEO will operate as MM0LEO 20 Feb - 14 Mar from Portpatrick
in southwest Scotland.  However, Leo states that this is once
again a vacation not a DXpedition so his operation will vary. 
His callsign is MM0LEO and he plans to be in the ARRL
International DX SSB Contest.  He will use an Icom 706 (100
watts]), an R-5 vertical [10, 12, 15, 17, 20 meters], and a
40-meter dipole [in inverted-V configuration].  He will try and
get on PSK-31. QSL via his CBA (with SASE) or via bureau to
W3LEO.  MM0LEO's Probable Operating non-Contest Frequencies in
Scotland may be 28450, 24955, 21280, 18145, 14250 kHz +/-.
Dick, K3DI has made arrangements to borrow the use of JA1NUT's
fine station for operation in the WPX SSB contest on March 24/25. 
The hours of availability of Shin's station are not yet certain;
we have only spoke of a few hours starting about 0500Z Saturday. 
My prefix will be 7J1; I've asked for 7J1AOE that I held in 1993.
by Jack Hammett, K4VV
Jay is an accomplished contester and a practicing Electrical
Engineer who has developed a deep understanding of the theory and
application of stacking or phasing beam patterns of various
antennas.  He served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing
for one Corporation, and now leads his own Company, Array
Solutions, to pursue his passion for engineering and implementing
multiple antennas.  Jay has accepted our invitation to come here
during 6 to 10 April to speak twice and to visit some of our
Jay will present A Short Study of Stacking Yagi-Uda Antennas,
addressing systems for 40 through 10 meters.  He will present
examples of realistic packages that many of us may find useful,
such as results for stacks of C3 tribanders.  He will construct
computer modeling displays on the fly to address our interests. 
Jay will brief his comparison of stacks of "Shorty 40" beams vs.
full sized antennas.  Jay does not push product in these
sessions, but speaks to the practical science of arrays.  Jay can
backup his modeling with experiences of many specific designs
that were implemented and tested in the competitive world.  Jay
has evolved and improved his presentation over two years while
addressing prominent Ham Radio audiences in the US and Europe.
Two briefings are planned.  First, in Northern Virginia on Friday
night, April 6, Jay will speak at 7:30 PM at the SAIC Tower
Complex (where I work) in a conference room that seats 45+,
located very close to the intersection of Rt. 7 and Rt. 123 in
Tysons Corner, VA.  Directions will follow.  A dinner beforehand
with Jay is planned at 5 to 7 PM at the Olive Garden, nearby on
Rt. 7.
Next, Jay will speak at Capitol College (in the same superb
auditorium where ON4UN spoke last May) at 7:30 PM on Monday,
April 9, preceded by a 5:00 PM dinner with Jay a restaurant
nearby, to be selected.  Capitol College is 10 minutes outside
the Rt. 95/495 Beltway on the Washington Baltimore Parkway. 
Bill, N3RR has arranged for the use of the Auditorium and is
planning the dinner.
Jay will use the same briefing materials for both events.  He
welcomes questions in advance, so that he may be sure to address
most of our interests in the sessions.  Please send me your
questions or specific suggestions for him, and I will combine and
forward them with or without attribution, as you wish.
Our focus in working with Jay for these presentations is to help
us stimulate our creative thinking of alternatives and
possibilities to enhance the competitiveness of our stations. 
Many of our members continue to strive for performance for
contesting and for dxing.  Jay will be the third in a series of
very knowledgeable speakers, following Tom Schiller, N6BT and
John Devoldere, ON4UN.
Mark your calendars for your choice of these events.  Again, we
invite the NCDXA organization to join us as a cosponsor of the
presentations.  We also want to invite our friends who may be
interested in PVRC and the value we add for our members.  We also
encourage our members to contact and invite their local clubs to
participate in the briefings.  Due to potential space limitations
for the dinners, let's limit attendance to PVRC members and
invited guests.  PVRC members are welcome to make such
To indicate attendance, please send a note to me at [email protected],
or leave a voicemail on 703-281-1308.  We need the real headcount
for the dinners, a by name list for the April 6 presentation, and
a rough count for the April 9 presentation.
Brian, N3OC and I teamed up to arrange the WX0B visit and
S C O R E S 
by Bob Dannals, W2GG
*Changes/additions/deletions to W2GG *
* via email only.    [email protected] *
### = missing information
K1RZ    H  #   631  124    130,696
K3DNE   H  6   543  132    113,520
W3EKT   H  3   365   85     42,075
W3ZZ    H  #   213   73     22,922
K3IXD   L  5   263   48     17,088
W4RX    L  6   140   45      9,135
KF4QQY  H  3   139   41      5,822
N3UM    L  2   143   24      3,432
N3VOP   L  3   141   18      3,006
N3II    L  2   118   20      2,360
N4MM    L  2    82   18      1,476
N8II    #  1    71   17      1,207
N3AM    L  2    71   13        936
N3UN    L  #    38   ##        210
W2GG    L  3    15    7        112
WM3T    L  2    11    8         88
N3FNE   L  1    19    4         75
N4CW    L  9     9    3         27
ND3F    #  H   585  121    167,000
W3IY    7  L   127   48      9,600
K8GP    H 12  1297  233    501,649
W3SO    H  3   214   55     11,880
22 LOGS        TOTAL     1,044,316
K8GP   K1RA K3MM W4XP K8ISK plus 4-nonPVRC
CQ 160M CW RESULTS (#4 - Feb.05.2001)
W4ZV   1171  58  52  456,940
W4MYA  1138  58  51  397,632
N4CW    842  56  30  183,782
K4ZW    710  50  34  174,468
N3OC    568  53  34  143,898
K3SV    604  ##  ##  126,984
W4NF    423  47  26   82,198
W3EKT   307  47  23   60,340
W4YE    325  50  16   55,704
N4MM    306  46  20   54,978
K2UOP   280  43  23   50,952
K4VV    340  42  14   47,096
N3AM    276  43   8   32,538
K8OQL   204  42   6   22,752
WM3T    192  41   4   19,035
W2YE    159  36   4   14,360
W4HJ    142  35   5   13,280
N4TL     61  25   1    3,406
K1HTV   704  54  24  135,876
K7SV    507  49  24   92,415
WJ9B    567  52  14   85,932
W2GG    331  39  13   41,548
K4QPL   195  38   4   17,934
W4VC    184   (41)    16,564
W3CP    158   (40)    15,040
K2YWE   137  35   3   11,742
WX3B    107   (32)     7,712
N3UN    101  33   0    7,458
WK3I    545   (62)    75,454
NY4A   1036  55  50  356,790
W3UR    598  53  38  177,000
K4MA    496  51  34  119,000
W2XL    746  57  31   87,224
K3KO    450  51  20   81,863
W3HVQ   167  37  22   30,267
WA4QDM  250  42   5   26,367
K3DI    185  49   5   24,246
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
37 LOGS  CW TOTAL  3,350,775
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Multiop operators:
Single op plus packet unless 
  indicated below.
W2XL    K4HA (plus 1 nonPVRC)
ARRL DX CW #3 (02.22.2001)
N4ZR      2899  357   3,104,829
W3IO      1267  328   1,244,760
W4YE       965  294     851,130
W3AZ       908  270     735,480
K2UOP      779  299     698,763
W4BQF     1027  205     629,760
W4ZV   10 1752  113     593,928
W3GN       651  224     437,472
W4IF       358  161     172,914
W4VC       341  144     147,312
K6ETM      297  162     144,342
K3SV   80  328   67      65,727
W4ZYT       50   36       5,400
N4YDU     1589  355   1,692,285
N1WR      1570  324   1,525,068
WJ9B      1561  302   1,404,300
N4MM       732  305     669,780
W3CP       674  250     505,500
W3DAD      629  207     390,609
K1KO       449  169     225,615
AA4KD      386  193     223,494
K4QPL      185  102      56,610
W4HM   80  178   56      29,904
WD3P       188  113      63,732
N3RR      2749  493   4,065,771
W4NF      2292  443   3,046,068
K3KO      1544  411   1,903,752
N4ZJ      1645  381   1,880,235
W3EKT     1081  419   1,355,046
W3IO      1267  328   1,244,760
W3HVQ     1028  371   1,144,164
N3AM       963  374   1,080,486
W3UJ       951  335     955,755
W3UL       638  260     497,640
W4MR      3376  471   4,708,116
K4JA      6351  580  11,049,000
NY4A      5700  553   9,116,205
NR4M      4061  501   6,091,659
N4RV      1814  405   2,202,797
K3DI      1673  387   1,937,709
W3LPL     8693  672  17,504,928
W4MYA     6749  603  12,189,042
HR6/N4MO  1600   60     288,000
 (10 m only)
R3/K3NA    378  100     113,400
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
44 LOGS  CW TOTAL    97,993,247
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
K3DI   K2YWE K3DI plus 1 non-PVRC
        K4EC WA4JUK
        AI3M K3LP K3MM N3OC K3RA
        K3RV KD4D K4ZW
        WX3B WK4Y WU4G
The REFERENCE PAGE was unchanged since last month so was not 
included in this issue. -editor
The RFC ad was deleted prior to transmission of this electronic
edition to N4ZR in April 2001......K3DI