PVRC CALENDAR  -  Please see the REFERENCE PAGE for details

Weekly      Wed    
BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30 am, Basil's Deli, 
Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.

Monthly, Over-the-Hill Luncheon.  Date to be announced.  
Hosts listed on reference page.

Mar 3-5     ARRL SSB DX Contest - 5 Mil award

Mar 3       Thu    
PVRC/NC meeting at Ryans Family Restaurant, Cary Crossroads. 
5:30pm, meeting at 6pm

Mar 10      Fri    
SWVA at a meeting place to be announced suitable to view videos.

Mar 13      Mon    
Central meeting.  Temple Hills MD.  See reference page.

Mar 14      Tue    
Northwest at Tully's Grill, 1080 W. Patrick St, Frederick, MD at 7:30 pm

Mar 14      Tue    
Tidewater Colony.  Meeting with VA-DXCC.

Mar 14      Tue    
Central VA at the Crazy Greek.  Eat at 6pm and meeting at 7:30pm

Mar 24-26   CQ SSB WPX Contest - 5 Mil award 

Mar 27      Mon    
Southern MD Meeting.  Tentatively scheduled.  Please check with WR3Z

Charles B. Orr, Jr, W4NND of Fairfax, VA became a silent key on
13 February 2000.  Chas was a long time member of PVRC and
member of the VP7NG (Bahamas) DXpedition headed by Bob
Dennison, W0DX.  I belive it was in 1948 and was the first post
war DXpedition.  Reported by Bill Schuchman, W7YS

The editor of Autocall would like to run a monthly column
dedicated to the contester.  Autocall is published by the FAR
and distributed to 3,000 Hams in the PVRC contest area.  This
is an opportunity for a PVRC'er, with support from other club
members, to write a column that could pull some Autocall
readers into contesting and into PVRC.  Contact K3DI for
details and help.

TREASURERS REPORT (2/23/2000) by Dave Baugher 

PVRC would like to thank the following for the donation in
February: WZ3AR, KB3ENM, N3GB, K3IXD, N3AHA, KM3V, N3II, W3ZN,
and W3US/KH6.

Enjoyed opening nearly 100 donations from our members so far
this year.  Quite a few notes were enclosed with the donations
such as enjoy the club, where can I get something, change my
call or address, ect. I have tried to reply to all the notes
sent with the donations.  If I missed you it was not because I
am ignoring you, I just missed it. .  Please send me another
via Internet or packet if you can.  A general  " thank you"  to
all that have praised the club operation and the standings
against other clubs in the contests.

([email protected])

In attendance were members N5OKR, N4MM, W8OQL, W3ZZ, W8ZA,
N3YDT, K3SX, WZ3AR (ex-KB3CBW), and guests N3FX and W0YR.

Business:  My thanks to K3SX who took notes for me when I had
to leave suddenly on business. Two new members were voted in,
N3FX and W0YR. Welcome!

>From the introductions:  N4MM, John, has been elevated to the
office of VP at the ARRL. John told the group about the
League's new Self Education Program.  This initiative sounds
very exciting and quite a bit of discussion ensued.

K8OQL, Jerry was active in the 160 contest.  He will be headed
to W8ZA for the ARRL CW contest. WZ3AR, Nat, strutted his new
vanity call at the meeting.  He will be very sought after in
WPX.  K3SX, Sid, worked the ZK2 on Topband for # 197.  N3YDT,
Jim, is keeping the ether excited with his satellite

W8ZA, Bob, will host a M/2 for ARRL CW.  Bob announced his
station took first place in the multi two category for the ARRL
SSB 'test from last year for the 8th district.  He also had 200
QSOs in the 160 contest and 70 Qs in the VHF test.

W3ZZ, Gene, has a new Orion rotator to turn his antenna farm. 
N3FX, Tony, (OM of WZ3AR) years ago was licensed was KB3ENM. 
He finally had time to get back to the license manual!

W0YR, Mike, has settled in Round Hill VA.  Mike has operated
from several DX spots over the years.  Meeting adjourned...


The regional meeting took place Monday January 24, 2000 at the
QTH of Wayne, N1WR.  Attendees included members N1WR (Wayne),
WR3Z (Barry), K3DSP (Tom) and KD4D (Mark).

K3DSP has been more active on the HF bands since completing his
successful upgrading to Extra class and is now chasing states
and DX on a regular basis, while sharpening his CW skills.  Tom
plans to operate single op in the ARRL DX SSB contest.  He also
is looking to put up 60' of Rohn 25, and is working out the
details of purchasing the last tower components before
construction in the Spring.

N1WR operated in both CQWW contest during the fall, and along
with the ARRL 10M contest, recorded excellent scores (tops in
PVRC) under the Single Op Low Power category.  Wayne also
operated in both Sweepstakes contests and plans to operate in
ARRL DX also.  Wayne has been looking more into the potential
of serving as a packet node for Southern Maryland, with a
digipete through the Sunderland site.  More to come on this

KD4D operated at W3LPL in both CQWW contests, and will also
operate at Frank's (40M position) in both ARRL DX contests. 
Mark had his share of work related travel throughout most of
1999, and is now enjoying spending more time at home.  

WR3Z operated CQWW Phone at K1DQV's as Single Op and
accumulated 3.2M points.  For CQWW CW, Barry was to have
operated at KH7R, but due to family illness the trip was
cancelled.  Barry worked 20M at W3LPL along with K3LP and K9GY. 
WR3Z also operated in Sweepstakes CW, and is yet unsure as to
where he will operate for both ARRL DX contests.

The meeting ended with discussions tying in with SPARC
activities (WR3Z is the President of the Southern Patuxent
ARC).  This included looking into the next Amateur Radio
training session (Tech class) once restructure is completed and
initial discussions on this year's Field Day.  The next meeting
will tentatively take place in March.


The Annapolis Crew meeting was held over two evenings, the 16th
and 17th of February, at the home of K3DI in Arnold.  The
attendees were Dan K2YWE, Dave W3OQ, Nick K3NY, Ben N3UMA, Bill
K3AN, Steve W3OU, Rod WA0QII, and Dick K3DI.  Expressing an
interest but unable to attend were Fred W3ICM, Bill W3UL, Mike
W3MC, and Chuck N3WZR.  W3OQ was voted into membership.  K3NY
was a guest.

Though generally the Annapolis Crew meetings would be held in
association with antenna parties and station improvement
parties other meeting will be scheduled as needed.  In
particular, N3UMA and K3DI each plan on putting up a tower in
the spring.  K3AN and WA0QII agreed to operate at K3DI during
the ARRL CW contest.

Larry Schimelpfenig K7SV 

Meeting was called to order on 02/05/2000 1PM at the QTH of
NR4M. Attendees were K4JA, K4EC, K4EU, KT3Y, NR4M, K3NC, KB9CR,
KI4RO, W4JVN, and K7SV.  No old business.  

New business was to be planning ARRL CW DX CONTEST from NR4M. 
While it wasn't discussed formally, it was discussed in the
course of the meeting.  At the moment plans are to do a M/2
with K4EC, K4EU, NR4M, K3NC and K7SV operating. (K4GMH will
also be there, and expect WA4JUK will also). If others are
interested in operating, the effort might go to a 3 transmitter
M/M. Anyone interested, please contact K7SV or NR4M.

Next we went around the room introducing ourselves and giving
some indication as to what's new in our contesting life.

Steve K4EU has acquired 50 feet of Rohn 25 and is planning to
adorn the top with a tri-band cubical quad.

Phil KT3Y suffered a lot of damage to his super wire yagi farm.
He's hoping the wx will improve and the snow/ice will go away
so he can effect repairs.  He's still talking about assembling
a 15 meter stack on Eur. He has also discovered as K7SV did
that the lines holding up the wire antennas eventually grown
into the tree and become useless.

Jim KB9CR was a visitor. Many of you probably worked him as
5X1B, TJ1JB or YV6AQE. Jim tells us he's not a contester, but
he can certainly run pile-ups and he's a cw op, so we're gonna
work on him. He said he might show up to see what we're doing
during the ARRL CW, so that's a start!

Neal K3NC has been QRL making big changes to the shack and
tower. He has a pair of CC X9's fed with a Stack Match. A 3 el
M2 for 40 is on order, and he just replaced and FT1000D and
FT999 for an IC755 and IC746.

Larry K7SV replaced his IC735 with and IC746 and is very
pleased with it. He operated the CQ 160 CW contest l/p as
usual. He also put together a penant receive antenna to the
s/sw for top band. It proved to be a great weapon on 40 meters
in the ssb sprint on 02/05.

Paul K4JA is now more or less permanently in the area. He is
building a couple of homes and his big big station in Callao
VA. That's something like an hour and a half southeast of
Fredericksburg. If you don't recognize Paul's new call, you
will probably know the old ones - W9JA/KS9K.  During the summer
he trucked in two semis full of antennas hardware to decorate
his 123 acres.  Construction of his home has been delayed by
weather and by OSHA who thought the site was too large to be
simply residential! Maybe it's actually zoned for contesting??

Ken K4ZW who has been putting his own super station together
did well in the CQWWCW, but is now convinced he's going to have
to go to two radios to be real competitive. Congrats to Ken on
working the XZ0 on top band.

Steve NR4M has been as busy as ever marketing and supporting
DX4WIN software. The current balun on the 40 meter yagi blew up
the second night of the CQWWCW contest. It was quite apparent
that water got into it. In high claimed scores for the CQWPX CW
it looks like the crew ended up 2nd high M/M for USA. That
actually broke the record, unfortunately the NQ4I crew broke it
more! Steve's still battling problems with his h/b 8877
applefrier, but he has purchased one of the new TT Titan II
amps. That'll probably  take the heat off, so he'll get the
8877 perking real quick.

In the midst of things, there got to be quite a discussion on
the merits of vertical as opposed to (high) horizontal antennas
into Eur on 160. Beverages were also discussed at some length. 
John KI4RO seemed to enjoy the discussions.

The meeting was essentially adjourned when the pizza delivery
guy got stuck in the snow in the driveway and everyone went out
to try help push him out.  Everyone ended up down in the shack.
Dave W4JVN also showed up about that time.

I'd like to apologize for not get the word on this meeting to
the reflector.  I recently changed my ISP and hadn't gotten
back onto PVRC.

CVCC MEETING MINUTES 2/8/00  (+/- liberties) by John Youell WA4QDM

The unofficial meeting started about 6pm at the "Crazy Greek"
restaurant with most of the eventual meeting participants,
including newcomer to our area K4JA, Paul. We filled our "usual
corner" in the restaurant.  I only talked to Paul a short
while, but it sounds like he has plans for a big time station
in the Northern Neck of Virginia.  Welcome to the area, Paul,
and come visit often (maybe invite guest ops when your station
is up and running and get "mo" points!)!

After consuming "great quantities" (of mostly food), we
migrated about a mile north to the Mennonite Church on Staples
Mill Road for the meeting.  The following were on the sign-in
WK4Y, W4NM, W4HJ, W4MYA, K4JA,W4DR, KS4RX and KC4AUF (who had
to leave after dinner, but we give you credit for being there,
Tony - Hi!).  

Heckling by KB4DI resulted in a prompt start to the meeting at
7:30pm.  Our treasurer, AJ,  (W4NM - "New Money" - suspicious
phonetics for a treasurer!), says we are in real good shape,
with about $4,300.  We did collect a lot of dues at the January
meeting and at Frostfest.  We are sponsoring the Club
Competition Plaque in the Virginia QSO Party this year (we have
won it the last two years), so I asked AJ to send $40 to SPARC
to cover that.

FROSTFEST ATTENDENCE: I did put out a sign-in sheet at
Frostfest and the following are "in the log":WA4QDM, W4HJ,
KB3AUG, K4MW, NQ4E, WB4GVZ, KB4DI (troublemaker - hi), W4NM,
W4ML, AD4MG, W4HZ, K4JM, WA4IUN, W4MYA, KF4QQY. We passed out
many information sheets on the CVCC, Great Circle Maps and beam
heading/DXCC country prefix lists. Thanks Ronnie (WU4G) and Tom

VA QSO PARTY:Jim Green (W4ML) wasn't able to be present, but
offered that he will sponsor a multi-multi effort in the
upcoming Virginia QSO Party at his place. Bob Morris (W4MYA) is
also going to sponsor a multi-multi effort in this event. 
Ronnie (WU4G) and I were at the Manassas hamfest last year when
we accepted the plaque for the CVCC and there was a definite
challenge from the second place Loudon County crowd.  Let's
make sure we get at least 3 club entries and don't tie everyone
up in the m/m efforts!  For awhile last year, it looked like we
may have had the points to win the club plaque, but with all
the members in two m/m efforts, we could have lost for not
having 3 entries! There are some new rules this year, including
hours of operation and an "Expedition" category - check out the
SPARC site:  http://www.qsl.net/sterling/QSOParty-2.html
Packet status: The consensus seems to be that we will fix the
antenna situation at KG4W's whenever we can get a crane (maybe
through W4ML's contacts).  Ultimately, we need a better
solution, if anyone has any ideas.

DXTOTALS: The two new plaques sponsored by the CVCC for most
new band countries and best percentage increase on needed band
countries are about to be awarded. Bob (W4DR) is awaiting input
from any sleepers out there. We did have some confusion as to
how the totals were to be computed. The old totals on the
cluster included some "deleted countries", but we are now
looking for only "current countries". If you think you are a
contender for either of the awards, please promptly send Bob
(W4DR) a copy of your last years increase in band countries! I
am going to move the DXTOTALS to my web site, where I can more
easily manage the files. I will add a link on my home page to
"CVCC DXTOTALS" in the next few days.

Election of new officers: Normally, we task a committee this
month to look for new officer candidates.  When I asked for
anyone interested in being on the nomination committee, a
motion was made and seconded to keep the existing slate of
officers.  There was no disagreement with this motion, so
unless there is anyone out there who would like to nominate
someone and come forward next month, or you are stuck with us
for another year!  I will ask for any additional nominations in
March and we will vote in April.

THE PROGRAM:Roy (WK4Y) did the program this evening on the
Civil Air Patrol (CAP).  Roy discussed the history of the CAP
and outlined the different ranks attainable, admissions
criteria and discussed the war and post war value of the
organization. He also discussed the radio element of CAP - I
didn't realize that this involved Air Force frequencies and not
FCC enforced frequencies. Very well prepared and presented
topic.  Good job / good program, Roy!!

KF4QQY, (Barry - a neighbor of W4MYA's), has now attended at
least two regular CVCC meetings and was voted in tonight! FB
Barry! You get to buy the drinks at the next meeting!  P.S. You
have to upgrade and get a vanity call - I thought QDM was bad!

Future programs: Steve (NR4M) will do a WIN4DX program next
month. I have been requested to ask Steve to bring a manual or
two (for people who don't have printers) and order forms or the
actual product. I will put Steve on our CVCC distribution list
(I'm sure Steve wouldn't mind bringing some stuff to sell!). 
I've invited Steve to dinner at the "Crazy Greek", so look for
us there at 6'ish on the 14th of March.

SWVA Jan Meeting Minutes by John Mitchell, K4IQ 

SWVA PVRC met on January 21 at the Western Sizzlin Restaurant
at Crossroads Mall, Roanoke.  Attending were W4JAM, John;
W0MAN, Susanne; N4EL, Nat; K1GG, Gordon; K1SO, Jerry; KC9LC,
Randy; WA4BKW, Bill; and K4IQ, John.

After dinner, we each discussed our current station, planned
changes, and recent activities.  W4JAM has gotten up 70 feet of
55G and awaits better weather to move the tribander from the
small house bracketed tower.  He is looking for an LK800
amplifier.  W0MAN worked as ground crew on this project,
operating the winch to send the sections up.  K1GG lost an
element off the KLM 3 ele.  40M beam in the high winds last
week.  He is working with PVRC'er Mike C. to try to obtain
insulators to replace those broken.

N4EL operated in the ARRL rtty roundup and had a good time,
S+P'ing enough to earn the certificate for QSOs.  KC9LC just
returned from a Caribbean cruise and recommends the experience;
only brought an HT, though.  He tried to get a tour of the
ship's radio room, but found they are not doing those anymore. 
(May depend on line.  Please see SHORT NOTES just before
SCORES. -editor)  WA4BKW said we are all helping to support him
now, as he reached SS eligibility this year.  K1SO had a great
time operating a multi from Okracroke Island off the NC coast. 
K4IQ shared details of the folded unipole installation he is
attempting on the 100 foot tower for 160 M.

We then had a somewhat impassioned discussion about the FCC
move to restructure licensing.  The consensus was that,
although it was a shame, we would probably have to live with it
and make the most of it.  There will probably be both more
contesters, and more QRM, but the biggest thing was the loss of
our tradition.  Morse code is a common language most hams
shared, and now it appears that will go by the wayside.

We also discussed what we could do to make our meetings more
interesting, and agreed we would appreciate receiving videos of
any interesting presentations given at the larger chapter
meetings, as well as potential visits from DC area, or other
chapter members.  To make things more interesting, K1GG said we
should have competition among the chapters, employing a
weighting scheme to level the playing field, and recognize
outstanding efforts by chapters in a given contest.

We discussed the upcoming Dayton convention, and it looks like
SWVA will have a record number attending this year.  We also
floated the idea of mounting a "serious" field day effort this
year, and agreed to discuss it further at our next meeting.  We
will meet on March 10, everyone's February calendar being full,
and K4IQ agreed to try to find a suitable location where we
might view a video of interest as part of the meeting agenda.

from reflector posting by Jack Hammett, K4VV

The President of Force 12, Inc-Tom Schiller, N6BT will be the
featured speaker in our PVRC Year 2000 series at the Central
PVRC meeting on Monday, April 10th.

The Central PVRC meeting that night will be dedicated to Tom's
presentation on Antennas as a Key Driver of Station Performance
and he welcomes your inputs.  There will be three opportunities
to meet and engage Tom on April 10: lunch, dinner, and the
meeting.  Lunch is to be planned.  Dinner is 5:30 or 6:00 to
7:10 PM at the Olive Garden, a place we know where we can
reserve space.  I will take a sign up list.  The meeting will
be 7:30 to 9:00 PM at the Vienna Library.  (The meeting place
may move if we need more space.) Most of the meeting will be
dedicated to Tom's presentation.  Brian, N3OC will keep us
focused to get the most out of our time with Tom.  We plan to
videotape the session for use in future meetings.


Leo, W3LEO, will again be active from Portpatrick in southwest
Scotland from about 29 February - March 17, 2000. However, Leo
states that this is a vacation not a DXpedition and "time on
the air will depend on the antennas, on propagation, and on
when the nearby pubs are open, HI..."

He will use the callsign MM/W3LEO and plans to be in the ARRL
International DX SSB Contest. Outside of the contest, he will
concentrate on 10, 12, & 17 SSB. He will use an Icom 706 (100
watts]), an R-5 vertical [10, 12, 15, 17, 20 meters], and wire
antennas on a DK9SQ mast for 40 & perhaps 80. QSL via his CBA
(with SASE) or via bureau. 
NOTE: the CEPT callsign for someone visiting Scotland is your
callsign preceded by "MM/" [not "GM/"] -- and there is NO
number after the prefix. Last fall, Leo had some hams tell him
he had to have a number after the prefix; not true... This was
confirmed by a telephone call to the U.K. Radicommunications

NOTE#2: "...when the nearby pubs are open..." There is a pub
just 22 steps from the front door of my cottage!!!!! Now, if I
can just get them to deliver a few pints every so often during
the contest :-)))))))

OVER-THE-HILL LUNCH MEETING 2/2/00 by Bill Leavitt, W3AZ

The Over the Hill Group met at the Oxon Hill Best Western (It
was previously named the Oxon Hill Ramada where we met before.)
at noon on February 2, 2000.  It was postponed from the
previous Wednesday because of the snow.  Those attending were
AA4XU Ben, W3CP Jim, W3GN Larry, K3ZO Fred and W3AZ Bill.  Sam
W4RV fell on the ice and broke his shoulder.  Congratulations
to W3ABC Hugh for election as Honorary Vice President of ARRL
on his retirement as an active officer.
W3AZ brought in some of his results of the his path to Europe
on ten meters using the K6STI terrain program for different
antenna heights.  Some very surprising results were found for
the sloping rolling terrain.  At a height of 25 feet, the first
elevation lobe had the -3 dB points at 2 and 10 degrees for a
free space beam gain of about 10.3 dBi.  With ground reflection
the peak beam gain is about 18 dBi.  The antenna is an
optimized beam with boom length of 26.5 feet and 6 elements. 
Its VSWR is below 1.5 for the frequencies from 28.0 to 29.7

OVER-THE-HILL LUNCH 2/23/00 by Ben Shaver, AA4XU

The PVRC Over-The-Hill Lunch Group met at noon today, 23 FEB
00, at MainstreetUSA, our new Virginia meeting place. The
following were present:  W3GN Lawrence Fadner, K6ETM George
Sinclair, W3AZ Bill Leavitt, K3ZO Fred Laun, K7CMZ Mel Woods,
W4RW Floyd Martin, and AA4XU Ben Shaver.  The next meeting will
be held in March in Oxon Hill, MD, W3AZ Bill Leavitt, Host.


Visiting ship radio rooms seems to depend on the line.  On the
three cruises we've taken I have visited the radio room, had
permission to use my HT, and, on one, operated HF from our
room.  On a Princess Panama Canal cruise I had permission from
the "electrical supervisor" at their US office and on the
second day, the chief radio officer called to see if I needed
help erecting antennas.  The British owned (EL flag) Princess
line didn't care if I use my UK or US call.  A greek ship radio
officer replied, "of course you can use you HT; it's your

Tyler Stewart, K3MM passes along info from Carl Cook, AI6V/P49V
that the NCDXF is looking for contribution to support the World
RadioSprot Team Championship 2000.  The Slvenian Contest Club
is hosting the WRTC200 and in which PVRC'er Eric Scace, K3NA is
participating.  Donations in excess of $250 may be submitted
via contribution to the Northern California DX Foundation,
earmarked "WRTC 2000" and sent to Bruce Butler, W6OSP, at 4220
Chardonnay Ct., Napa, CA  94558.  Contributions under $250
should be marked "WRTC 2000" and sent to Carl Cook, AI6V/P49V,
at 2191 Empire Ave., Brentwood, CA  94513.  For more info
either email [email protected] or go to http://wrtc2000.bit.si.

John Kanode, N4MM had 71 Q's and 16 mults for a score of 1136
in the PACC contest during poor conditions with 10 and 15 dead.

Bob Morris, W4MYA and Paul Hellenberg, K4JA propose that the
Virgina open house to be held at 'MYA in '00 and 'JA in '01. 
They are looking at Saturday, July 22, for this year.   Food
(lunch), beer, soft drinks will be provided.

Dallas Carter, W3PP lets us know that you can get his RF
Exposure program from http://www.qsl.net/w3tbg/index.html. 
Just click on the W3PP RF Exposure block and then you can
download the program.  He says you must keep your evaluations
updated and the program allows you to print out each

S C O R E S    by Bob Dannals, W2GG
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  Changes/additions/deletions to 
  W2GG via [email protected] or packet
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
     ### = missing information

ARRL VHF SS RESULTS (#5 Feb/24/00)
K1RZ    H  6   598  182    228,046
K3DNE   H  6   574  152    145,768
W4RX    H  7   567  142    116,156
K2UOP   H  7   284  116     52,200
K3ZO    H  2   364   90     32,760
W4MYA   H  3   197   63     14,364
K3IXD   L  5   196   50     13,750
N3II    L  2   215   49     10,535
K4SO    L  2   210   46      9,660
N3UMA   L  2    ##   35      4,795
N4MM    L  2    60   22      1,320
W3OU    L  1    29    8        232
W3FG    L  #    ##   ##         85
K3DI    L  1    14    2         28
W3YOZ   H  2   244   78     19,032
 15 LOGS       TOTAL       648,731
Last Year     Entries    Total 
 ^ -----Missing data------- ^

CQ 160M CW RESULTS (#6 - Feb/24/00)

W4MYA   950  53  37  258,750
K4ZW    644  53  32  162,860
N3OC    612  49  24  114,683
K2UOP   555  50  21   96,844
K4SO    410  50  20   84,630
K3MM    225   (66)    59,268
N4MM    243  47  23   56,700
K4HA    315  46  15   48,048
K3SV    220   (41)    40,140
W3GN    287  43  12   39,160
K4VV    250  45  13   37,642
N3AM    266  42  11   35,298
K4BAM   274  43   8   32,589
N4CW    260  43   7   30,650
K3ZO     87   8  26   22,644
N4XX     57  21  17    9,956

K7SV    568   (74)   108,188
WJ9B    525  44  15   69,384
W4YE    283  45  12   45,201
K4MA    323  43  13   43,064
W2GG    225  46  15   36,234
W0YR    236  40  10   29,400
W3CP    221   (48)    25,056
N1WR    211  42   5   21,949
W3DQ    166  40   0   14,720
W4VC    137  33   0    9,768
N3UN    106  32   0    7,168
W3FA     43  17   0    1,513

WK3I    500  70  20   86,870

K4IQ    811  54  34  206,008
N4RV    642  52  39  194,194
K8OQL   540  51  25  110,276
W3HVQ   356  47  25   75,024
K4PB    230  46  21   45,493
K3KO    232  45  17   40,672
WA4QDM  306  45   3   31,392
K3DI    119  38   4   12,474

TI7/N4MO 97  27  16   24,940

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
38 LOGS  CW TOTAL  2,368,850
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

LAST YEAR (combined SSB & CW)
Frankford R C       #,###,###
Slovenia Contest C  #,###,###
Contest C Finland   #,###,###
Potomac Valley R C  #,###,###
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Guest Operators:

Multiop operators:
Single op plus packet unless 
  indicated below.

W3FA is new call for NV3V

ARRL DX CW #3 (Feb.24.2000)
K3ZO      3860  408   4,723,416
N4AF      3317  372   3,700,000
K4MA      3070  338   3,105,882
W4MR      2155  332   2,146,380
N4ZR      2324  302   2,103,732
W0YR      1578  270   1,277,370
W4YE      1318  313   1,237,602
K2UOP     1286  280   1,080,240
W4ZV   10 1893  104     590,616
K2AV       693  241     498,147
N4MM       556  235     480,810
W4IF       469  167     234,969
K4VV       352  163     172,128
W3GN       162   52      25,272
N1WR      1270  309   1,176,363
WJ9B      1303  291   1,137,519
W3UJ      1120  273     916,461
W3DF      1027  287     884,247
W3DAD      669  229     459,603
W3FA       298  161     143,934
W3CP       303   67      60,903
K4HA       168   95      47,880
K3YDX      151   96      43,941
KF4OAD     137  106      43,556
W4VC       128   79      30,336
K3SV       140   45      18,900
WD3P       101   57      17,271
N3RR      2749  441   3,634,281
K3SA      2201  438   2,890,800
N3AM      2033  391   2,384,709
W4NF      1936  363   2,108,304
W3HVQ     1363  326   1,333,014
K3UG       725  282     612,504
K3KO       808  225     545,400
K2YWE      663  261     515,214
W3OU       357  235     251,685
WR3L      2733  425   3,483,300
W3LPL     8076  612  14,820,192
W4MYA     5964  535   9,538,515
NR4M      5261  479   7,519,821
K3DI      1069  363   1,164,141
WP3R      4542  321   4,373,946
TI7/N4MO  1238   57     211,698
  (15 m, LP)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
43 LOGS  CW TOTAL    81,745,002
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Club     Logs           Score
FRC      ###        ###,###,###
YCCC     ###        ###,###,###
PVRC     ###        ###,###,###
       K4EU NR4M K7SV
       K3RV W3LPL K3MM
W3FA   ex. NV3V



"Specialist in RF Connection and Coax"

213 North Frederick Ave, Suite 11, Gaithersburg,
MD  20877

Tech Support:  301-840-5477
24-hour FAX:  301-869-3680
Order line:  800-783-2666
email:  [email protected]

Please visit us on the web:

Our catalog includes UHF Series, N Series,
BNC Series, Adapters, F Series, DIN Plugs, 
Portable Radio Power DIN Plugs, Hardline Connectors,
Microphone Connectors, FME, Reverse Polarity 
(TNC, N, & SMA), and two dozen coax types.


Please send corrections to the editor.   
Changes in February are underscored  (in the paper issue).

PVRC Officers
  N3OC         Brian McGinness     301-652-6768      [email protected]
  Vice President                 
  K4VV         Jack Hammett        703-281-1308      [email protected]
  W2GG         Bob Dannals         410-472-2004      [email protected]
  WR3L         Dave Baugher        410-DX1-WR3L      [email protected]
  K3SA         Steve Affens        301-774-0558      [email protected]

PVRC Charter Members: 

PacketCluster Contest/DX System, MHz:
W3LPL   Glenwood MD   145.590 441.250
KE3Q    Bowie MD      145.570 445.375
WR3L    Baltimore MD  145.610 440.950
N3RR    Rockville MD  145.510 441.325
K3SKE   Frederick MD  144.930
N4OHE   Mt.Weather VA 145.710 440.925
NE3H    Harrisburg PA 144.970
K3MQH   S Mountain PA 145.630
N4SR    Woodbridge VA 145.630 *
K4FJ    Mt. Vernon VA 145.770 *
W4XP    Bull Run Mt " 144.990

This system is sponsored by the Potomac Valley DX Spotting
Network except "*" are independently funded by each SYSOP.

PVRC on Internet. 
PVRC web site by K3SA:
PVRC/NC web site by KS4XG
PVRC reflector:   (editor N4AF)
     Get latest scores & activities info here
     To post: [email protected] 
     To join* send email to:
     [email protected]  
*Members only.  If your call is not within your URL, then send
msg to [email protected]
PVRC dues and ARRL renewals:  The annual dues are by donation -
hopefully at least $10.  Club gets a cut from ARRL renewals
sent via PVRC.  Both dues and renewal checks should be made to
PVRC and sent to Dave Baugher, WR3L, 615 Rockway Beach Av,
Baltimore, MD 21221.  Thank you.

Newsletter & Autocall column Editor:  Dick Wilder, K3DI, 913
Shore Acres Rd, Arnold, MD 21012-1724.  Voice 410-757-6706,
FAX/modem 410-757-6720, Dxcluster packet, and [email protected] 
The Newsletter deadline varies around the 20th of the prior
month.  The FAR deadline is 65 days prior to the issue date.

CENTRAL:  The Central Meeting is always the second Monday
(except June, July, and August) at 7:30 pm.  The central
meeting generally alternates between MD and VA locations. A
pre-meeting dinner is usually held between 5:00 and 6:30 pm. 
Check via 147- repeater.

    VA LOCATION:  The Patrick Henry (Public) Library, Route
123, Vienna, VA. Pre-meeting dinner at Outback, Old Branch Ave.

    MD LOCATION:  Church of the Nativity (Episcopal), Route 5,
Temple Hills, MD.  Pre-meeting dinner at Mama Stella's Italian
Restraunt; a short distance from Topolino's ashes.

NORTHWEST:  Greg Altig 410-775-7313 [email protected]  Meets at
7:30 pm on the third Tuesday every month at Tully's Grill, 1080
W. Patrick St, Frederick, MD.  Same center as Shoppers Food
Warehouse.  Essentially includes WEST VIRGINIA area.

NORTH CAROLINA:  Chair: Guy Olinger, K2AV; Sec: Pete Soper,
KS4XG, [email protected], hm: 919-362-4635, wk: 919-481-6874. 
Activites: Jim Stevens, K4MA.  POC is K4MA & KS4XG.  Howie
Hoyt, N4AF, [email protected] is PVRC reflector editor.  PVRC/NC
meets at 6:00 pm the first Thursday of every month at Ryan's
Family Steakhouse at Crossroads in Cary.

Don Lynch W4ZYT 757-486-0728 [email protected]  Meetings
the 3rd Tuesday of every month are held jointly with the VA
DXCC at The Golden Corral corner of Battlefield Blvd South and
Volvo Pkwy in Chesapeake, VA.  Easy access from I-64 at Rte 168
(Battlefield Blvd S) exit.  Dinner at 1830 and meeting at 1925.

SOUTHWEST VA CHAPTER: Coordinator: John Mitchell, K4IQ,
Catawba, VA 540-384-7377, [email protected]  Monthly meetings
alternate between Roanoke area locations
THE BWI REGIONAL/PVRC:   Weekly breakfast Wed at 7:30 AM at
Basil's Deli Port on Elkrdige Landing Rd 1/4 mile South of
Winterson Road 410-850-4333.  Director: Ike Lawton, W3IKE,
410-263-2830.   Secretary: Howard Leake, W6AXX, 410-465-7008,
[email protected]

OVER-THE-HILL LUNCH BUNCH:  Rotating hosts announces meeting
info.  Ben Shaver, AA4XU, 703-534-4740, MainstreetUSA;  Andy
Anderson, W3XE, 301-384-7771, [email protected], Holiday Inn,
College Park; and Bill Leavitt, W3AZ, 301-292-5797, Best
Western, Oxon Hill

PENNSYLVANIA:  Steve Cutshall, K3TZV, [email protected],

RAPPAHANNOCK: Steve Bookout, NR4M 
(ex-NJ4F)   [email protected]  Also, Larry Schimelpfenig, K7SV,
[email protected]

WOODBRIDGE:  Jack O'Mara W4NF, [email protected] 703-680-4106
and Cliff Deel W4CE, [email protected] 703-491-0841 

CENTRAL VA:  Bob Morris, W4MYA 804-457-9011
[email protected] CVCC/PVRC monthly meetings are held
the 2nd Tuesday at the First Mennonite Church on Staples Mill
Rd at 7:30 PM.  Optional 6PM-ish dinner at the Crazy Greek
Rest, Staples Mill Rd.  Talk-in is 145.430 MHz.

SOUTHERN MD:  Chair: Barry Shapiro, WR3Z.  H:301-862-2466
[email protected]    Usually on the first Monday of 
Sep, Dec, Mar, and May at N1WR's.

EASTERN-SHORE (DEL-MAR-VA):  Dallas Carter, W3PP 302-875-0550
[email protected]

SHENANDOAH: Bill Hinkle  KB3AUG [email protected]  304-567-3138

NORTHEAST: WR3L  See info above.

ANNAPOLIS CREW: K3DI. See editor info.

OTHER MEETINGS based on prior year(s):
May.           Meeting at Dayton Hamvention
Jun.           W3LPL open house Sat before Field Day. With
               joint FRC/PVRC meeting on alternate years. 
               (1999, 2001, 2003, ...)
summer.        When joint FRC/PVRC is at FRC, they announce the date.
Jul.           PVRC/NC cook out 
Jul.           Open house, W4MYA, Goochland,
Aug.           NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ
Aug.           VHF++ meeting/workshop at ND3F
Sep.           PVRC meeting at the FARfest Bowie
Sep.           Open house, WR3L, Baltimore
Dec.           Christmas dinner, DC area.

Month and number of the full week end.
Jan 3              ARRL VHF Sweepstakes
Jan Last           CQWW 160m CW
Feb 3              ARRL DX CW
Feb Last           CQWW 160m SSB
Mar 1              ARRL DX SSB
Mar Last           CQWW WPX SSB
May Last           CQWW WPX CW
Sep 2              ARRL VHF QSO Party
Oct Last           CQWW DX SSB
Nov 1              ARRL Sweepstakes CW
Nov 3              ARRL Sweepstakes SSB
Nov Last           CQWW DX CW
Dec 1              ARRL 160m CW 
Dec 2              ARRL 10m Mixed

Standings at http://jctc.org/pvrc5m.htm
Roster updates at: http://www.pvrc.org/pvrcmm98.htm

A FREE (SHAREWARE) COPY OF CT 6.26 (with updated files) is
available from K3DI.