Weekly   Wed     BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30 am, 
                 Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.
May 29/30        CQ WPX CW Contest - 5 Mil award
Jun 3    Thu     PVRC/NC, Ryans at Crossroads Shoping Center, Cary, NC.
Jun 5,6          PVRC Reunion On-the-air.  Details inside.
Jun 15   Tue     Northwest meeting, Tully's Grill, 1080 W. Patrick St, 
                 Frederick, MD at 7:30 pm
Jun 15   Tue     Normal Tidewater Colony meeting with VA-DXCC. NEW LOCATION!  
                 See minutes and reference page.
Jun      Fri     SWVA meeting night and location varies each month.  
                 Please check with K4IQ.
Jun              Over the Hill Lunch Bunch.  Date to be announced.  
                 Oxon Hill host is W3AZ.
Jun 19   Sat     Joint PVRC/FRC meeting, 12:00 noon at W3LPL, Glenwood, MD.  
                 Direction below.
summer           SWVA picnic to be hosted by John Mitchell, K4IQ on a 
                 TBA date.
Jul              PVRC/NC meeting at home of K4MA tentatively the third 
Aug 14  Sat      NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ park, Churchton, MD 
                 at 12:00 noon
Sep 13  Mon      Next Central meeting 

We regret to report the passing of Jimmy K. Floyd, K4ZAM (ex-WA4ZXA), of
Thomasville, NC on May 22, 1999.  Jimmy has been an active contester and
member of the North Carolina chapter of PVRC.


The joint PVRC/FRC meeting will be held on Saturday, June 19th, at
Phyllis and Frank Donovan's, 3055 Hobbs Road, Glenwood, MD.  Festivities
begin at noon.  A local caterer will serve several varieties of BBQ and
N3IS will visit with his ice cream truck as well!  Each vendor charges a
very reasonable fee for their excellent services.  There will be lots of
liquid refreshments as well.  The event goes on rain-or-shine.

The directions below should allow you to find the W3LPL QTH from
wherever you might be wandering.  You can pick up a Maryland state
highway map at the rest area on I-95, just south of Rt 32 (Exit 38). 
The MD state map shows Hobbs Rd very clearly.

Directions to W3LPL QTH from I-95:

Exit I-95 at Route 32 West (Exit 38B).  After 8 miles Rt 32 becomes a
two lane road.  Two miles later, pass thru a pair of traffic signals at
Linden Church Rd.  Three miles beyond the first pair of signals you will
encounter another pair of traffic signals.  Turn left at the second of
these signals onto Burntwoods Rd.  Follow Burntwoods Rd for 1.7 miles
and turn right on Hobbs Rd.  Park in front of the towers.

Directions to W3LPL from I-70:

Exit I-70 at Route 97 South (Exit 76) towards Olney.  Follow Rt 97 for 2
miles and turn left at the flashing traffic signal onto McKendree Rd. 
Follow McKendree Rd for 1/2 mile and turn right on Hobbs Rd.  Follow
Hobbs Rd for 1 mile and park in front of the towers.

Directions to W3LPL from Georgia Avenue (Rt 97) in Montgomery County:

Follow Georgia Av north through Olney, Brookville and Sunshine into
Howard County.  Five miles north of Sunshine, turn right onto Burntwoods
Rd.  Follow Burntwoods Rd for one mile and turn left onto Hobbs Rd. 
Park in front of the towers.

DONATIONS RECEIVED (to May 23) by Dave Baugher, WR3L, Treasurer

PVRC would like to thank K4TMC, WM2H and K4ZA for the donation.  Please,
we need your donation if you have not sent it.  Remember to forward your
ARRL renewals to PVRC also.

South MD Regional Meeting Minutes, 3 May 1999 by Barry Shapiro, WR3Z
[email protected]

Meeting was held at the home of Wayne Rogers, N1WR.  Attendees were:
Barry, WR3Z; Wayne, N1WR; & Chuck, N3WZR.

N1WR reported his intent in operating the WPX CW contest this month. 
Intended station improvements include fix up of recently bought Drake
twins as well as a linear amplifier.  Wayne also has thoughts of
stringing out receiving antennas for 80/160.

N3WZR reported his recent successes after putting up a Double Zepp
antenna for 80.  Chuck began a new job on 3 May in Columbia which will
result in much longer commutes from his Lusby home.  Eventually, his
family will move 'up the road', possibly southern Anne Arundel county,
where he will set up a
new station.  Until then, Chuck will continue to perform his duties as
President of SPARC, including coordination of this year's Field Day.

WR3Z reported his intent on operating WPX CW at WR3L.  Barry also noted
current improvement activities taking place at the base MARS station,
including both HF and VHF/UHF antennas.  The major job remaining is to
fix the station's log periodic and rotor.  Barry will be at Dayton again
this year with Rob, ND3A, who will be coming back from KH6 for a short

It was decided that this meeting would be the last regional meeting for
the contest season.  Beginning in the fall, we will be switching over to
quarterly meetings (September, December, March, May).
[email protected]

The meeting was held this month only at the Fox and Hound in Cary from
6:30-8:30pm.  Attendees: Will AA4NC, Guy K2AV, Bob K4HA, Jim K4MA
(chair), Alan K4PB, Jim K4QPL, Dave KF4MOK, Mark Curran KI7WX and his
wife Jan, Pete KS4XG (sec), Jim     N3QYE, Joe NA3T, Howie N4AF, Bert
N4CW, Tom N4TL, Bill W4ZV and his wife Charlanne

Membership:  This was the first meeting of Mark KI7WX. Mark is moving to
the area from California to do molecular biology work in the Research
Park. Mark is an active contester and operated at KO7X in Utah and then
at W6EEN for the past three years. He plans to put up 100 feet of Rohn
45 with a Force 12 stack on it at his new QTH in Raleigh. Welcome Mark! 
Chapter membership remains at 31.

Club business and announcements.  WJ9B and WX9T sent their regrets.

K4MA will host the July meeting at his house, tentatively the third
weekend of July.

One or more cars will be heading to the W3LPL open house again this
year.  It takes place on Saturday June 19th. Send email to
[email protected] to join the expedition.

Upcoming Contests.  CW Honor Sprint #2 5/22,  CQWW WPX CW 5/28 (A PVRC 5
Million Award event)

Program.  W4ZV showed slides of the trip he took with his wife to
Equador and the Galapagos Islands. Bill, Trey N5KO and Steve K6AW were
the Multi-Two team at the new HC8N contest station during the ARRL DX CW
contest, currently claiming #1 world for this effort. As well as contest
related details Bill and Charlanne described the beautiful scenery and
wildlife of the area that they photographed during boat trips to the
various islands and shared many other interesting details.

Member notes.  N4CW has poured concrete! Bert said he expects to get the
first few sections up with the mast inside and then organize a tower

Next Meeting.  The next meeting will be 6pm Thursday, June 3rd at Ryans
at Crossroads Shopping Center in Cary.

PVRC OTH Meeting of 28 April 1999 by Andy Anderson, W3XE

15 seems to be the magic number as on this day we again had 15 hardy
souls who braved the bright sunshine and fresh air to get to The Holiday
Inn for lunch.  One person who was missing was Bill Long, W3EIV who has
cancer in his kidneys.

If you have time give him a call or send him a card to try and cheer him

Not to be outdone this day Jack, W3TMZ took a group picture so if you
need something to scare your children or grand children you might
contact him for a copy.  He used two cameras so that if the group
shattered the lens he had a backup.

It was nice to see Hugh, W3ABC back amongst the active and find that he
is slowly returning to his old self.  Among the notables attending was
Ken Miller, K6IR who has been chosen as "HAM OF THE YEAR" by the Dayton
Hamvention group.  Lawrence, W3GN was up to his old tricks, trying to
sit on a moving target.  Fell flat on his keyster.  To start the show
Henry, W3UJ tried to pour hot coffee into his pocket.  Guess he was
going to take it home to drink.  Then there was the Florander who is
here for the summer.  That is Dale, W4DM.  Oh yes I got back from Texas
$600 under budget.

Very important!!! If you plan on attending one of these future feature
luncheons please let the host know in advance as seating sometimes gets
confusing as we all sit at the same table and shout back and forth.  Of
course the OTH Gang has its share of hard of hearing people.

The Attendees:  Hugh, W3ABC.  Bill, W3AZ.  Jim, W3CP.  Lawrence, W3GN. 
Jack, W3TMZ.  Henry, W3UJ.  Tony, K3WX.  Jim, N3YDT.  Dale, W4DM.  Ben,
AA4XU.  Howard, W6AXX.  Ken, K6IR.  Bob, W2BZR.  Mike, W3MC
For # 15 the Host Andy, W3XE.  73 and see you on the low end


OTH Meeting 19 May 1999 by Ben Shaver, AA4XU

The Over-The-Hill division of the PVRC met for lunch and discussion at
Tom Westons Restaurant in Annandale, VA on 19 May 1999. The following

W4RX Jim Ahlgren, W3CP Jim Headrick, W4RW Floyd Martin, W4DM Dale
Harris, W3XE Andy Andersen, W3ABC Hugh Turnbull, W3GN Lawrence Fadner,
K3ZO Fred Laun, AA4XU Ben Shaver.

The June lunch meeting will be held in Oxon Hill, MD. W3AZ Bill Levitt
(301-292-579) is Host.

NW MEETING MINUTES, MAY 18TH by Dave Blanchard, N3II
We missed you Greg... there were 6 members in attendance with 2 visitors
attending their 2nd meeting. We did not have a quorum so we did not vote
Tony and Nat in .... they intend to attend Frank's meeting next month.
In attendance were: Tom WD3A Bob W8ZA Ben N3UMA Tony W3/G4KLF (A45ZN)
Dave N3II Wayne N3UN Tony ex- K3CQX 2nd meeting Nat KB3CBW 2nd meeting.

No business was discussed other than ordering our food and beverages
from a lovely young lady named Jen.
1. The Magic band was discussed extensively (6 meters) MUF... e-skip ...
f2-skip ... accomplishments over the last 4 cycles ... stories from A4
land by Tony (G4KLF).

2. War stories about the RAF Omani Air Force US Air Force were

3. Antennas were discussed of course.

4. Ben (N3UMA) was looking for a partner to work the VHF contest in June
from Gambrils.

5. PSK31 was brought up ... only need a sound card and an interface to
the mike connector on the radio?  Info at the members page of ARRL. 

We all enjoyed the informality of this meeting and accomplished little
despite the lack of leadership.

PA-PVRC MEETING AND ANTENNA RAISING, May 8, 1999 by Steve Cutshall,

A meeting of the PA Chapter of PVRC was called to order at 9 am at the
home of Wally Rumble, AA3RC, 2004 Carlisle Road, Camp Hill, PA.  Members
in attendance were NE3H, K3SWZ, KC3TL, and K3TZV. 

The first item of business was conducted this was Wally's second PA-PVRC
meeting and he was voted in a member by those in attendance.  Wally
lives in Camp Hill PA and is an extra class operator. He has achieved
DXCC and is quite active on the ham bands. He works as a guard at the
Camp Hill State Prison.  He's been licensed several years.  

Wally's errecting a 50 Ft aluminum tower (made by Universal) and has a
new Froce -12 C3E to stick on the top. He's presently using a Gap
Vertical on the bands and also has a G5RV dipole.  We got the tower
erected and the 24 ft mast inside the tower, but a problem with the
Tailtwister rotor and a heavy downpour curtailed completing the project. 
I might also add that the project sits in that status right now as Wally
is waiting a hearing in June to obtain a zoning variance.  After the
tower base was installed the (one of 2) zoning officer showed up and
informed him that he had found several problems with the permit that
they were about to grant and they wanted Wally to obtain a variance to
the code to meet a the little quirks of the law.  Hopefully all will be
wrapped up by mid-june that Wally can get on with his new beam.

We expect to have another meeting at the next "work party" and see some
other faces from the PA group.

(This is a great idea!  PVRC'ers getting groups together to help
prospective members to get on during contests. editor)


The new meeting place for the Tidewater Colony Chapter of the PVRC is
The Family Buffet, Virginia Beach Blvd at Newtown Road, and meeting time
is 1830 dinner, meeting at 1925.  The PVRC chapter meeting is held in
conjunction with the monthly meeting of the Virginia DX Century Club.

A short meeting was held with the DX Club meeting on Tuesday, 18 May. In
attendence: W4HM, K4UX, WB4DNL, W4PRO, W1WTG, K1KO, W4JLS, AF4CD, W4SD,
NW3K, W4ZYT, and KT4P (ex-W4HIR).  

Plans for the Field Day operation as W4DZ were briefly discussed - this
will be at K4UX's site, and we anticipate 2 stations: one CW and one for
the other mode.

W4ZYT gave a program on his visit to Ireland and operation as EI2IM/p,
and on his and W4SD's operations as VO1AA for the '98 SSB Sweepstakes
(from Signal Hill, St John's Newfoundland), and also the 1999 ARRL CW DX
Test as KG4DZ from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

K4IX recently underwent surgery. Members were updated regarding his
condition and it is noted he hopes to make a Field Day operation.

All members were reminded to submit all logs, and to indicate PVRC
membership accordingly.  The meeting was adjourned at 2040.

PVRC SWVA Chapter, March 19 by  Jerry Haislip, K1SO

(Sorry, but the March minutes were lost somewhere on my computer.  The
April meeting occurred while we were in distribution phase.  Glad to
catch up and see that SWVA is a happening. - editor.)

Potomac Valley Radio Club Southwest VA Chapter meeting held at the
Western Sizzlen, off Interstate 81 in Christiansburg, VA, on March 19,

The regular (dinner started at 6:00 p.m.) monthly meeting of the
Southwest Virginia Chapter with Coordinator John Mitchell, K4IQ
presiding, was held in the Christiansburg area, giving members in that
portion of the Chapter shorter travel time.

Attending the meeting, John/K4IQ, Buddy/W4YE, Michael/N4GU, Nat/N4EL and
Jerry/K1SO.  Introduction of visitor John Lido/KU4YL, formerly of NJ now
residing in Blackburg, VA.  John came at the invitation of Michael/N4GU. 
John is a somewhat new ham with many interests, one of which is
contesting and the other perked ears when he told about a project he is
starting into Contest Logging software.  Being a Software
Designer/Developer, John has knowledge in the computer end and wants
input from contest operators to get the best possible results.  Things
we might need and would like to see added that other programs do not
have.  If you have input, drop John/KU4YL a note via his Internet
address [email protected], let him know what you want to see in logging

Under Old Business: Reports of past contest activity from members
present.  Both K4IQ and W4YE worked the ARRL DX - CW and Phone contest.
Buddy/W4YE stated he did well in the CW part and operated low power in
the Phone portion doing fair.  K4IQ operated Single Op-High power in the
CQ 160 SSB and placed third in PVRC.  W4YE said he did work that contest
but only limited time.  No other member had reports to give.

New Business: Upcoming Contest activities were discussed - who would be
operating and in what contest.  The events discussed, CQWW WPX SSB (as
well as, the Phone portion of the WPX later in the year).  The
inter-club competition of the 5 million awards was talked about and
members were reminded to submit their scores for credit.  Both K4IQ and
W4YE have significant scores bringing them within range of this award.
Buddy/W4YE reminded the group of the upcoming Virginia QSQ Party, 
although not a PVRC contest, it is fun and great to get new operators 
into the action without pressure.  Could mean future members.

Dayton was the next issue of topic, John/K4IQ had plans, as well as,
K1GG (who was not at the meeting but would be with K4IQ's group). 
Jerry/K1SO would be going. Michael/N4GU was still in the planning stages
and would know soon.  The last of the formal business was handled when
the April meeting time and place was chosen.  It will be at Shoney's in
Salem, VA.  Dinner at 6 p.m., meeting at 7 p.m., on Friday night April
30, 1999.

The meeting was then open to discussion of a tower addition on the
current antenna system of Buddy/W4YE.  With the combined experience in
the group an engineering solution was quickly proposed. John/K4IQ was to
stop by and give the project a quick eye and report back if positive
results could be obtained with the addition.

After all business concerns had been handled, the group then discussed
some articles read in various publications.  As a result of some of the
articles, the discussion of some new and old rigs on the market took
center stage, with the popular consensus seeming to be the 1000MP.  The
always present antennas topic was also discussed.  Also a question about
PVRC logo articles ordered came up.  Had anyone in the SW VA Chapter
received anything?  This would be checked on and results reported back. 
The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

SW Virginia Chapter meeting, 4/30/99 by Buddy Smith, W4YE

The April meeting of PVRC/SW as held at Salem, Va. at the Shoney's
restaurant.  Present were:  K1GG, K1SO, K4IQ, N4GU, and W4YE.

Prior to the meeting, N4GU ably demonstrated eating jello using a straw. 
This proved a big hit with John's (K4IQ) children!   Mike has several
talents totally unrelated to ham radio!

After a fine meal, Chairman, K4IQ began the formal meeting.  John
reported on his recent visit to central meeting and interesting
conversations with all present...especially W4RX  (a long time friend of
W4YE I might add).  John enjoyed the video of Jeff Briggs station

The subject of building our membership was a major topic.  Our chapter
is small and while there are not great numbers of contesters/DXers in
this area we want to invite a few potential members to our next meeting. 
John will contact K4MX and Gordon will work on WA5FAC.  Mike noted two
friends in Blacksburg.  John noted that we have some great leads on a
number of people and we should try to get them to summer meetings. 

The second topic of discussion was the consideration of awards within
the chapter as well as some intra chapter incentives on a handicap
basis.  John will explore this idea with the central troops.

Questions came up concerning PVRC shirts, mugs and name tags. It was
hoped that they would arrive before the Dayton hamfest.  At least four
of the SW VA group will attend Dayton and hopefully PVRC will have some
type of sign in sheet.

The recent Va QSO party was discussed.  N4GU was high station in the
chapter here.  Mike had over 500 QSOs.  His "thrill" for the contest was
having a higher number than W4MYA at one point...this lead was short
lived however!

The 50th Anniversary PVRC book was discussed.  Buddy noted that he had
heard nothing in a long time about it.  It was suggested that he check
the PVRC web page for info.

Upcoming contests;  WPX cw...some showed interest in this event.

Antenna work for the summer is needed at K1GG, K4IQ and W4YE.  Our next
meeting is May 21 at Steak and Ale in Roanoke at 6pm.   John will host a
summer picnic at a TBA date.

PVRC - Southwestern Virginia Chapter - Meeting of May 21, 1999.
by Jerry Haislip, K1SO

The May meeting was held at the Steak and Ale on Route 419 in Roanoke,
Virginia.  Members on hand were: K4IQ, John (SW Coordinator); W4YE,
Buddy; K1GG, Gordon; and K1SO, Jerry.  One guest was present, Ray
Crampton, AB4YZ from nearby Daleville.  Ray introduced himself and the
members gave Ray information on the finer points on becoming a PVRC
member.  AB4YZ has been a Ham since 1956 and enjoys Contesting and
Special Events operations. He is an active member of the Roanoke Valley
Club, is married and has three sons, one of which is also a Ham, Ray,
Jr./KN4SK, Ray was welcomed by all.

Dinner was served at 6:00 p.m. followed by the monthly meeting at 7:00
p.m.  A discussion of past contest was held and all members were
reminded to send all their scores to W2GG.  The 5 million total was
reviewed and K4IQ stated SW group looks very good with some nice scores.

Dayton was then discussed and from the membership of SW group, 4
attended the 1999 Hamvention.  K4IQ, K1GG, N4GU and K1SO all traveled to
Dayton.  All signed up at the Daily DX booth on the PVRC sign-in sheet
and attended the Hospitality rooms at the Crown Plaza.

Buddy, W4YE - made a visit to Laurel, Delaware and made a stop by W3PP
Contest Station.  Had photos of his trip to show.  The meetings for the
summer months will be suspended in favor of the summer events for the SW
group (Picnic) and the visits to W3LPL station will serve as a meeting. 
Up coming contest were discussed and Buddy W4YE reminded every one of
the PVRC reunion.  Everyone is looking forward to WPX-CW coming up and
again scores should be sent in to keep our count up.

With no further business the meeting adjourned and moved outside the
Steak and Ale for some enjoyable conversations.  Time and place of the
next meeting will be sent out via e-mail to all member.
SHORT NOTES by the editor

Jay, WX0B of Array Solutions (see his ad in the May Newsletter or at
www.arraysolutions.com) says that he will give PVRC members a 10%
discount on purchases made before June 30th.  All should be grouped into
a single order and one check sent.  Contact K3DI for details.

Regional chair persons.  Please review information for your
region/chapter/etc on the reference page and pass any corrects to the

All members are requested to review the membership roster that was
mailed with the May issue and let W2GG know of any changes or additional
information.  We are especially eager to chase down addresses that are
listed as unknown.

Rob Shapiro, ND3A/KH6 reports that he will be operating in the 1999 CQ
WPX CW contest as WH7Q from the island of Maui as single-op, all band,
either low power or high power TBD when he gets to Maui.
([email protected])

Pud, W3YD passes along word that Marty, K2PLF, will be returning to the
area from California and eager to reactivate in PVRC.

Presorted Mail (formerly called Bulk mail).  For a year we have been
getting the 18.3c "automated rate" for 3.3 ounces because we bar coded. 
The Arnold PO finally discovered that the 18.3c rate required that we
bar code with Zip+4+ECR (Enhanced Carrier Route adds two digits that
allows an automated sort in the ordered delivered) and have a Coding
Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified mail list.  The Postmaster in
Arnold suggested I contact the area "expert" in Baltimore for advice. 
The latter suggested that the CASS certification would be expensive for
only twelve mailings.  We would need to pay a commercial service
quarterly to certify that the address and zip codes agree and to obtain
an updated ECR number.  Plus we would need to find special software to
print the Zip+4+ECR code.   His recommendation was that we use the 23.5c
rate for up to 3.3 ounces which requires that we presort (easily done in
dBase) and do some bundling though we don't need to bar code.   I will
probably continue to bar code because I think that will mean there will
be one less mail gobbling machine that our Newsletter will go through. 
I'm glad the jumbo May issue got through the system at the lower rate!

PS: I use "c" in the Newsletter instead of the cents symbol.  The symbol
might get lost during electronic transmission.

Here's a reminder that members can request an email copy of the PVRC
Newsletter to be sent directly by requesting it via email to
[email protected] (or [email protected]).  Please state your email address
because it may be different than address in your message header.  You
will still receive the paper edition.  The PVRC Newsletter is also
posted at www.pvrc.org.

The complete rules appeared in the May issue.  

Briefly, call CQ PVRC and work other PVRC'ers.  
Frequencies are near 3547, 7047, 14047, 21047, and 28047 kHz on CW 
and near 14274 and 28447 kHz on SSB.  

There are three periods:  5 June: 1400Z - 1800Z,  6 June: 0000Z - 0500Z, 
and 2200z - 0300Z (7 June).  

Exchange a serial number, your call, QTH, your call when first 
joining PVRC, and year joined PVRC.

     Example: NR73 W6XYZ CA W4XYZ 60

Score 2 points per valid contact multiplied by sum of 
states/DC/province/DXCC country.  Count multiplier once; not once per band.  
Send your score (# QSO, #Mult, Score) and your exchange info 
(call, state, old call, year) to K3DI; addresses on the reference page.

This year you are being asked to send in the information for the 
exchange that you sent so that we may verify information in the
PVRC dBase III database.

The results of the 1998 reunion published in the May jumbo issue 
were incomplete.  Here are the final results of the June 1998 Reunion.

K1HTV  213   19   8094             #1
W3UJ   181   19   6878             #2
W3PP   169   19   6422             #3
K4GKD  142   20   5680             #4
N8II   131   17   4454             #5
K3MM   195   17   4930
W7RM   120   18   4320
K3DI   117   16   3744
K2PLF/6 106  17   3604
KZ1O   54    29   3132
K2YWE  92    16   2944
W3TMZ  88    15   2640
W4YE   87    15   2610
W3KC   86    15   2580
W3GN/M 71    18   2556
K6SG   78    16   2496
N3NT   89    14   2492
W6MVW  82    15   2460
W2RS   66    17   2244
W4ZYT  43    24   2064
KT5X   61    16   1952
K3ZO   67    13   1742
W3CP   62    14   1736
W1ZM   40    19   1520
K2UFT  58    13   1508
AA3LE  55    13   1430
DK5AD  53    13   1378
W4AGI  51    13   1326
W3HVQ  54    13   1324
W3AU   54    12   1296
K2UOP  46    14   1288
W5KL   53    12   1272
N3AM   50    12   1200
W3FZV  42    14   1092
N6RA   56     9   1008
W0SS   41    12    984
K4LDR  39    10    780
K2UFT  58    13    754
W3UR   27    11    594
W4DM   30     9    540
KE3Q   36     7    504
N3UN   22    10    440
W3KQ   21     8    336
DL8TWA (K3TW op)
       12     8    192
N4RP   15     6    180
AJ3M   11     7    154
W4JVN  8      7    112
K4VT   9      7    126
JH1NBN 7      7     98
W3GG   12     2     48
K4ZW   6      4     48

Stations worked but score not received from K3CKT, K4RV, KZ1O, 

S C O R E S by Bob Dannals, W2GG

**  Changes/additions/deletions   **
**  to W2GG via email or packet   **
**    NEW EMAIL: [email protected]    **

   ### = missing information

CQ WPX SSB (FINAL 5/10/99)

KF3P   C     3570  969  9,632,829
KE3Q   C     3319  949  8,776,352
K3ZO   C     2750  844  6,744,404
N3OC   C     2088  769  4,260,000
K8OQL  C     1902  753  3,941,955
NX9T   C TS  1843  739  3,641,792
N3HBX  C 15  1469  667  2,640,653
KY3ORK C TS  1405  631  2,348,549
W4MYA  C 10  1371  534  1,811,328
AJ3M   C TS   983  552  1,428,576
WA4QDM C 15   891  473  1,150,336
N8II   C 10   966  466  1,130,983
K2UOP  C TS   764  430    903,000
N4MM   C TS   619  393    703,470
W2BZR  B 10   788  395    683,350
KS4XG  C      714  423    673,416
WI2T   C 15   577  350    487,200
K4ZW   C      512  329    444,150
WX4DX  B      307  223    220,770
W4YE   B TS   255  179    128,164
N4CW   B      228  202    121,200
NV3V   X TS   183  144     67,536
W3CP   B 15   150  150     59,850
K4HA   B      101   95     28,215
K4VV   C      107   97     27,645
W3JRY  C      100   93     26,784
W4SD   B      100   83     23,240

NV4X   C     2540  951  6,747,345
W3PP   C     1973  781  4,313,463
W2GG   B TS  1212  595  2,017,050
NA1DX  C RTS  841  497  1,166,459
K3DI   C      613  390    711,750
W3HVQ  C      436  308    415,492
K3KO   C TS   402  273    325,689
N3AM   C      374  308    320,628
W3DQ   B TS    77   69     18,285
W3USS  C      636  390    572,130
WX3B   C      542  355    416,415


TI7/N4MO B10 1726  614  2,617,482

A =  QRP

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 39 LOGS SSB TOTAL   71,747,935
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Club     Logs           Score
Contest Club Finland  125,880,210
Potomac Valley RC      95,387,420
Slovenia Contest Club  89,489,922

KE3Q    from W3LPL QTH
KF3P    K3MM

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