Weekly   Wed    BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30 am,
                Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.
Jul 1    Thu    Normal night for PVRC/NC, Ryans at Crossroads
                Shoping Center, Cary, NC.
Jul 20   Tue    Northwest meeting, Tully's Grill, 1080 W. Patrick
                St, Frederick, MD at 7:30 pm
Jul 20   Tue    Normal Tidewater Colony meeting with VA-DXCC.  New
                location.  See minutes and reference page.
Jul      Fri    SWVA meeting night and location varies each month. 
                Please check with K4IQ.
Jul             Over the Hill Lunch Bunch.  Date to be announced.
summer          SWVA picnic to be hosted by John Mitchell,
                K4IQ on a TBA date.
Jul             PVRC/NC meeting at home of K4MA tentatively
                the third weekend.
Aug 14   Sat    NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ park, Churchton, MD
                at 12:00 noon. Directions will be in the August issue.
Sep 13   Mon    Next Central meeting


At Dayton 1999, two well-known contesters were inducted into the
CQ Contest Hall of Fame: Frank Donovan, W3LPL and John Crovelli,
W2GD.  The abridged biography of W3LPL follows.

For more than 30 years, Frank has been at the forefront of
contest station design technology.  In numerous public forums as
well as within his own club, the PVRC, he has been generous in
imparting this knowledge, along with his extensive knowledge of
radio propagation, to his colleagues and to the general amateur radio

W3LPL is also a world-class contest operator. Before devoting
himself to constructing and maintaining a major multi-multi
contest station, he took first place single operator/USA numerous
times in the ARRL CW DX Contests and the CQWW CW contest.  He was
also an operator in world record setting multi-multi operations
from Curacao.

He also regularly topped the third district in the ARRL CW SS in
those years. He developed the theory, since proven out by
countless others, that one should begin the CW SS by two or three
hours of rapid S&P before settling down to run stations.

Frank has demonstrated that you don't have to be a millionaire to
build and maintain a top-notch multi-multi contest station.
Through a combination of aggressive pursuit of surplus government
tower materials and thoughtful, common sense station design,
where he home-brewed the single-band amplifiers himself, Frank
has consistently produced champagne-budget results with
beer-budget input.

In the two decades since W3LPL began to operate as a multi-multi
station, he has won top USA Multi-Multi honors dozens of times in
the ARRL and CQWW DX contests on both modes.  His was the first
multi-multi station to win both DX contests on both modes in one
season and he has now done this several times. His station now
has amassed over 100,000 Q's in CQWW SSB and CW and ARRL CW, and
lacks only a few thousand Q's to reach the 100k mark in ARRL SSB.

W3LPL has also been the mainstay of his contest club, PVRC.
Through his cajoling, cheerleading, and sheer force of
personality, he kept the club together and motivated through some
of the lean years when few youngsters were joining the ranks of
Amateur Radio.

Along with fellow PVRC'er N2FB, Frank established the PVDXSN
Packetcluster in the earliest days of that technology and
pioneered many of the techniques which now are taken for granted
in the mating of this new technology with traditional contest
operating.  This evolved into one of the premier spotting
networks in the world, the East Coast Megacluster which covers
the entire Northeastern US.  The Packetcluster in turn has been
an instrument for club cooperation and unity.

In all ways. as an organizer and leader, as a source of
innovative technical designs, and as a world-class operator,
Frank Donovan is a most deserving member of the CQ Contest Hall
of Fame.

MEETING OF MAY 21, 1999 by Jerry Haislip, K1SO

The May 1999 meeting was held at the Steak and Ale on Route 419
in Roanoke, Virginia.

Members on hand were, K4IQ, John (SW Coordinator) W4YE, Buddy,
K1GG, Gordon and K1SO, Jerry.  One guest was present, Ray
Crampton, AB4YZ from nearby Daleville.  Ray introduced himself
and the members gave Ray information on the finer points on
becoming a PVRC member.  AB4YZ has been a Ham since 1956 and
enjoys Contesting and Special Events operations.  He is an active
member of the Roanoke Valley Club, is married and has three sons,
one of which is also a Ham, Ray, Jr./KN4SK, Ray was welcomed by

Dinner was served at 6:00 p.m. followed by the monthly meeting at
7:00 p.m.  A discussion of past contest was held and all members
were reminded to send all their scores to W2GG.  The 5 million
total was reviewed and K4IQ stated SW group looks very good with
some nice scores.  Dayton was then discussed and from the
membership of SW group, 4 attended the 1999 Hamvention.  K4IQ,
K1GG, N4GU and K1SO all traveled to Dayton.  All signed up at the
Daily DX booth on the PVRC sign-in sheet and attended the
Hospitality rooms at the Crown Plaza.

Buddy, W4YE - made a visit to Laurel, Delaware and made a stop by
W3PP Contest Station.  Had photos of his trip to show.  The
meetings for the summer months will be suspended in favor of the
summer events for the SW group (Picnic) and the visits to W3LPL
station will serve as a meeting.

Up coming contest were discussed and Buddy W4YE reminded every
one of the PVRC reunion.  Everyone is looking forward to WPX-CW
coming up and again scores should be sent in to keep our count

With no further business the meeting adjourned and moved outside
the Steak and Ale for some enjoyable conversations.  Time and
place of the next meeting will be sent out via e-mail to all

SWVA LUNCHEON MINUTES, JUNE 11, 1999 by Buddy Smith, W4YE

SWVA chapter PVRC held a special meeting Friday, June 11th at
noon in Roanoke to greet fellow visiting PVRC members:  W3LPL and
W4NL.  Frank and Lynn had arranged a meeting to exchange some
equipment and Roanoke was the mid-point between Maryland and
Tennessee.  The equipment exchange involved the largest rotator
any of us had ever seen.  No doubt it will be turning something
new and big at W3LPL prior to the new contest season.

A fine lunch was held at Shaker's at Valley View Mall.  John,
K4IQ, the coordinator of SW VA PVRC called the informal session
to order.  Some members could not join us due to work demands. 
The following PVRC members introduced themselves:  WA4BKW, N4GU,
K4EP, K1GG, K1SO, K4IQ, W4YE as well as W3LPL and W4NL.

John, K4IQ gave a brief report on the organization of the SWVA
Chapter, and expressed appreciation for the support and
motivation provided by the Central folks.  The SWVA chapter has
grown from 3 members in 1997 to 12 today.  Buddy, W4YE asked the
club to recognize and congratulate Frank on his recent induction
to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame.  The was unanimously approved.

Mike, N4GU will operate K4VPI, QRP cw battery power in the
upcoming Field Day.

Gordon, K1GG asked several questions of our guests about their
stations.  Gordon has a premier station in this area and is
gleaning ideas to make a super station even better.  He was
especially interested in Frank's plan to rotate his AB-105 tower!

Buddy gave each member present a relic of the past:  the 1975
yellow ribbon "I like contests and DX" Potomac Valley Radio Club. 
This item was given out at the ARRL National Convention at Reston
in 1975.

Frank and Lynn both told of their experiences with PVRC, work,
travel, and contest/DX experiences.  Frank's story of his KH7R
phone SS work was fascinating.

Lynn gave us a lesson on "bigger is not better" when he told us
of how he outscored W3AU year's ago in a DX contest with a 20m
yagi that was at about 75'.  Ed quickly noted Lynn's engineering
and incorpored it into his station.

Frank noted that one of the hallmarks of PVRC is the tradition of
helping each other build stations.  Each of these members has
helped countless others with antenna design and installation.  He
and Lynn both agreed that the various regional groups throughout
PVRC land have made a real impact on the organization and are the
key to our Sweepstakes dynasty.

John noted that Frank's open house for the club is June 19th.  It
was hoped some of our group here might be able to  attend.  The
W3YOZ PVRC Fowlfest is in August and again, we hope to have 
representation from SW Va.

All of us here were honored to have such distinguished fellow
hams take time to meet with us.

Our meeting adjourned but continued outside in the parking lot
around Frank's Chevy pickup for another half hour.  We surely
enjoyed learning a few new techniques from Lynn and Frank.  The
group bid our guests a safe trip home.

PVRC members visiting the area are always welcome.  Contact K4IQ
and we can perhaps arrange a special meeting.  The next meeting
will be a picnic at K4IQ, date and time TBA.

by Don Lynch, W4ZYT

The new meeting place for the Tidewater Colony Chapter of the
PVRC is The Family Buffet, Virginia Beach Blvd at Newtown Road,
and meeting time is 1830 dinner, meeting at 1925.  The PVRC
chapter meeting is held in conjunction with the monthly meeting
of the Virginia DX Century Club.

A short meeting was held with the DX Club meeting on Tuesday, 18
May.  In attendence: W4HM, K4UX, WB4DNL, W4PRO, W1WTG, K1KO,
W4JLS, AF4CD, W4SD, NW3K, W4ZYT, and KT4P (was W4HIR).  Plans for
the Field Day operation as W4DZ were briefly discussed - this
will be at K4UX's site, and we anticipate 2 stations: one CW and
one for the other mode.

W4ZYT gave a program on his visit to Ireland and operation as
EI2IM/p, and on his and W4SD's operations as VO1AA for the '98
SSB Sweepstakes (from Signal Hill, St John's Newfoundland), and
also the 1999 ARRL CW DX Test as KG4DZ from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

K4IX recently underwent surgery.  Members were updated regarding
his condition and it is noted he hopes to make a Field Day
All members were reminded to submit all logs, and to indicate
PVRC membership accordingly.  The meeting was adjourned at 2040.


The meeting was at Ryans in Cary from 6-7:30pm.

Attendees.  Guy K2AV, Bob K4HA, Jim K4MA (chair), Alan K4PB, Jim
K4QPL, Mark KI7WX, Brent KO4PY, Pete KS4XG (sec), Bert N4CW, Jeff
NX9T, Gary W2CS, and Will WJ9B.

Membership.  We're sad to report the passing of Jim Floyd K4ZAM
who died May 22nd.  Jim was a great contester and will be missed. 
This was the second meeting of Mark Curran KI7WX.  Mark was 
enthusiastically voted into PVRC.  Welcome to PVRC, Mark! 
Chapter membership remains at 31.

Club business and announcements.  K4MA will host the July meeting
at his house.  Watch your emailbox.

Upcoming Contests.  June 19-20 All Asian DX CW, June 19 Kids Day, 
July 10-11 IARU, July 10-11 CQWW VHF, July 17 NAQP RTTY, and July
24 IOTA.

Member notes.  KI7WX purchased a 1000MP and is making plans to
put up a tower and tribander.  He's looking for sources of Rohn

K2AV has completed the great kitchen rebuild and his wife wonders
if he has some other project in mind.  Guy has the green light
for his tower at last and can take his C31XR off the step ladder.

NX9T took part in WPX/CW with QRP but is focused on the arrival
of another child.

K4QPL also spent some time on WPX and continues to collect
components for his tower project.  Jim will probably join the NC
State students and faculty at the W4ATC Field Day effort this

N4CW has his tower at 80 feet with one section left to go. An X9
and 40m yagi are planned for Bert's new tower.

W2CS has been under the weather the past few months. Gary is
putting up a vertical at home and is looking for guest op
opportunities starting with Field Day.

WJ9B took part in WPX.  Will is sending his oldest child off to
university on a full scholorship so his ham budget is getting a
boost.  An X9 may replace his current (A3?) tribander.

K4HA is helping N4CW with tower work as he assembles the parts
for his second tower.  Bob described some awesome mobile towers
he lined up for Cary Field Day. They might be headed for another
#1 if they can get enough good operators.

KS4XG is building switched receive and stub filters, rebuilding
his quad and putting up monobanders for 10 and 15 meters for
future contests.

K4PB is preparing for Cary Field Day.  Alan was recently added to
the DXCC Honor Roll.

K4MA was focused on his 8P9JA QSLs.  Jim described Romeo's visit
to the Dayton Ham Fest.

Next Meeting.  The July meeting will be at the K4MA QTH, details
TBD.  Subsequent meetings will be at Ryans as usual.

NW Regional Meeting Minutes - June 15, 1999 By Greg Altig, N5OKR
([email protected])

In attendance were members N5OKR, K3SX, K3IXD, W8ZA, WD3A, W3EKT,
A45ZN, W6HZW, and K3AN.

Business:  Upcoming events, including the W3LPL open house this
Saturday, Frederick Hamfest this Sunday, and Field Day the
following weekend were announced.

Regional Awards Program: N5OKR, Greg, announced the NW Regional
Awards Program will commence September 1, 1999 and run through
August 31, 2000.  Despite the lack of membership input, I have
come up with three awards to start with.  I continue to welcome
any and all suggestions and can be reached via email, packet (via
ND3F), snail mail or phone.

The first award is the "Lead Butt" award that will be given to
the member that enters and submits a log for the most contests
during the period.  All published contests are eligible for
credit, those included in the 5M competition and otherwise.  I
will extract regional member scores from the PVRC reflector
postings for the 5M contests.  For those contests outside the 5M
program, it will be the entrant's responsibility to report their
participation to me for credit.

The second award is the "Iron Stomach" award, which will go to
the person that attends the most NW Regional meetings for the
period.  Special consideration will be given to those that can
actually finish a plate of Tully's Thermonuclear Hot Wings.

The final award, the "FUBAR Award" (a.k.a. the WD3A Honorary
Award), will be given to the member that commits the biggest
amateur-related blunder that brings shame to the NW Region.  Tom,
proud to be chosen as the namesake for this award based on his
performance in his first foray into an RTTY contest earlier this
year, mentioned the possibility of funding it further to make it
a fancy plaque vice a certificate.  This award will not be for
"Murphyisms" that often crop up during the heat of battle, unless
they are a direct result of operator error (did you accidentally
switch the coax connections after the last thunderstorm and start
the contest by loading full legal limit into your 2M J-Pole?).

The region chairman will be the final authority in picking the
winner each year, and can (and WILL) base the decision on rumor,
innuendo, speculation, and circumstantial evidence, although
every attempt will be made to confirm each nominated instance
with the offender(s).  Denials will probably be ignored.

So what does it take to be a recipient of one of these
prestigious, suitable-for-framing, awards?  All you have to do is
claim the NW Region as your home region on the PVRC Membership

That's all there is to it! And if you live generally west of
Westminster and north of Germantown, you SHOULD be claiming the
NW as your home region.  This includes all of West Virginia, and
I extend an invitation to the PA Region to co-sponsor these
awards with us.

>From the introductions:  K3SX, Sid, an emaciated 115 pounds
lighter according to the sign-in sheet, was at the West Virginia
site of the K8GP "dueling busses" for the VHF contest, and worked
the 903/1296MHz bands.  They probably finished a very respectable
second.  He also reports buying tower sections recently, although
he doesn't know why yet.  Sid is also getting interested in fast
scan ATV and is looking for some equipment.

WD3A, Tom, has been helping W8ZA upgrade Bob's contest station
computers.  He said he "completely forgot" about the VHF contest
last weekend.  Are you trying to get a head start on next year's
FUBAR Award, Tom?

W3EKT, Ed, was one half of the Ed2 rover team in the VHF 'test
that operated in Lancaster, PA area.  He will be spending next
weekend as part of the champion W3AO 4B class Field Day team at
their killer site across the bay. Can they beat that 26B class
entry for top overall score this year?

A45ZN, Tony, has passed his Extra Class tests and has been issued
the new callsign AA3SN.  Don't change your roster just yet,
though, because he has requested the vanity call N3ZN. 
Congratulations, Tony! He took part in the WPX CW contest as part
of a crew at K3LP.  He also reports working Texas with an indoor
delta loop on 6M!  Tony leaves for a short stay in EA7-land next
week, but has definitely left his mark during his short time
here.  He reports 184 DXCC countries worked just since his
arrival in February!  Good job! Have a safe trip, and come back
to see us real soon.

W6HZW, Barry, has also joined the Extra Class ranks and has asked
for the vanity call K3UG.  Way to go, Barry! He op'd at K3MQH
during the VHF contest and struggled through poor 6M conditions.

K3IXD, "Denim" Ed, has put up a 40' tower next to the house that
will hold antennas for 6M through 1296MHz (less 903MHz).  He was
the "other" half of the Ed2 rover team for the VHF 'test.

K3AN, Bill, reports he is looking at relocating and offers his
"excellent" 3-acre radio site for sale to anyone willing to make
the commute from Dillsburg, PA (about 30 miles NE of Gettysburg). 
He will be op'ing from Gambrill State Park as part of the N3IC FD

W8ZA, Robert, reports he is modifying the monobander beams
pointed at EU with additional elements.  Another testimony to the
saying "A contest station owner's work is never done".  Meeting


Congratulations to N3OC for being the winner of the FM grid for
the Topbanders.

About the time you receive this issue, Buddy will be near the end
of his W4YE/7 operating from operation from Rawlins, WY with an
IC-706MkII and a wire.

The US has signed the CEPT agreement so now we can operate in
most of Europe and various territories with your FCC license, a
pass port, and copy of the FCC Public Notice written in English,
German, and Spanish.  The public notice will be in the August
Newsletter for you to tear out and save.

We can thank Joe Knoblock, W3RFC (ex-KA3QPG) for the below new
advertiser business card.  You should check out RFC.  Their
catalog or web pages includes UHF Series, N Series, BNC Series,
Adapters, F Series, DIN Plugs, Portable Radio Power DIN Plugs,
Hardline Connectors, Microphone Connectors, FME, Reverse Polarity
(TNC, N, & SMA), MCX Series, MMCX Series, a couple dozen coax
types, balance lines, antenna wire, ground wire and rods, and
rotor cable.

"Specialist in RF Connection and Coax"
213 North Frederick Ave, Suite 11
Gaithersburg, MD  20877

Tech Support:  301-840-5477
24-hour FAX:  301-869-3680
Order line:  800-783-2666
email:  [email protected]

Please visit us on the web:


Nearly the same number of stations participating this year as
last year (58 in 1998 and 57 this year) but fewer stations
operated during all periods resulting in lower scores.  Below, is
a listing of the top five scores from 1998 and the results, thus
far, of the 1999 reunion.  (The '98 score of K3MM has been
corrected to as shown.).  More scores and soapbox comments will
follow in a later issue.


K1HTV  213   19   8094  
W3UJ   181   19   6878  
K3MM   195   17   6630  
W3PP   169   19   6422  
K4GKD  142   20   5680  


K3DI    149     17      5066   #1
W3TMZ   123     15      3690   #2
W4YE    115     16      3680   #3
WR3Z    118     14      3304   #4
KT4P    86      16      2752   #5
K6ZH    91      14      2548
N4RP    89      14      2492
W0SS    91      13      2366
K2UFT   68      14      1904
N3II    71      12      1704
N3NT    76      11      1672
W4ZYT   63      13      1638
W3GN    56      14      1568
W3GRF   60      12      1440  Op W3MC
W3CP    60      12      1440
W5KL    62      11      1364
N4AF    67      10      1340
W4DM    52      11      1144
W3FZV   46      11      1012
K3OSX   35      10       700
K3ZO    37      9        666
KZ1O    36      8        576
K1HTV   36      8        576
W2GG    28      10       560
W3HVQ   33      7        462
W2RS    30      7        420
K2YWE   27      7        378
ZP6CW   26      7        364
W4PHL   18      6        216
K3TM    15      7        210
N0TK    16      6        192
W4AGI   14      6        168
W3DQ    10      7        140
N3RC    10      6        128
K1EFI   11      4         88
W6MVW   7       4         56
N4MM    1       1          2

The following members were heard or worked in the PVRC reunion
though their scores are not yet reported: DK5AD, K2PLF, K3CKT,
W3AZD, W3CB, W3DA, W3KC, W4HM, W6UM, and W7YS.  Please send
REUNION scores to K3DI; all other scores to W2GG.

S C O R E S  by Bob Dannals - W2GG

* * Changes/additions/deletions to W2GG via email or packet * *

* NEW EMAIL: [email protected] *
### = missing information

 CQ WPX CW (FINAL - 6/21/99)


NY4A   C     2985  776  6,529,264
K3ZO   C     2554  719  5,831,809
KT3Y   C     2484  733  5,633,838
N8II   C 15  1801  709  3,426,597
N4ZR   C     1156  501  1,773,540
NV4X   C TS  1228  518  1,763,790
N1WR   B      918  486  1,314,630
WA4QDM C 15   950  436  1,142,320
W4YE   C TS   852  426  1,107,600
WJ9B   B      787  404    869,004
W3AZ   C      681  381    838,284
K2UOP  C      733  401    829,268
K4BAM  B      420  272    330,752
K4QPL  B TS   438  263    266,945
KS4XG  B TS   390  268    265,320
W3CP   B 40   244  197    186,559
AA4KD  B      283  198    128,898
K4VV   C      245  191    127,397
W4VC   C      251  192    118,080
N4CW   B      191  171     92,682
K4HA   B      136  103     45,835
N3II   B      120  104     39,832
W4SD   B      126  104     37,960
NX9T   A TS   130  111     37,185
N3WK   B R    120  109     31,283
N4MM   C TS   102  ###     26,820

W3PP   C     1816  709  3,871,849
KF3P   C     1751  699  3,793,473
K3KO   C TS  1305  578  2,212,584
W3HVQ  C     1043  516  1,560,384
K3DI   B      564  372    639,468
W2GG   B      217  169    103,935


NR4M   C     4576  997 13,080,000
WR3L   C     3006  ###  6,850,992
K3LP   C     1797  692  3,406,716

V26E   C     4050  874 10,978,314
WH7Q   C     1729  596  3,399,584

A =  QRP

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 37 LOGS CW TOTAL    82,692,791
 39 LOGS SSB TOTAL   71,747,935
 75   GRAND TOTAL   154,440,726
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Club     Logs           Score
Contest Club Finland  125,880,210
Potomac Valley R C     95,387,420
Slovenia Contest Club  89,489,922

KF3P    K3MM
NV4X    K2AV
NY4A    N4AF
V26E    N3OC AB2E
WH7Q    ND3A

Please send corrections to the editor.  6/25/99 changes are
underscored (in the paper edition).

PVRC Officers
  President   K3MM  Tyler Stewart   301-414-5444  [email protected]
  Vice Pres   N3OC  Brian McGinness 301-652-6768  [email protected]
  Secretary   KE3Q  Rich Boyd       301-464-8014  [email protected]
  Treasurer   WR3L  Dave Baugher    410-DX1-WR3L  [email protected]
  Historian   K3SA  Steve Affens    301-774-0558  [email protected]
  Membership  W2GG  Bob Dannals     410-472-2004  [email protected]

PVRC Charter Members: 

PacketCluster Contest/DX System, MHz:
W3LPL   Glenwood MD   145.590 441.250
KE3Q    Bowie MD      145.570 445.375
N3RR    Rockville MD  145.510 441.325
N4OHE   Mt.Weather VA 145.710 440.925
K3MQH   S Mountain PA 145.630
WR3L    Baltimore MD  145.610 440.950
N4SR    Woodbridge VA 145.630 *
K4FJ    Mt. Vernon VA 145.770 *
KE3QZ   Hollywood MD  145.690 *
K3SKE   Frederick MD  144.930

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wk: 919-481-6874.  Activites: Jim Stevens, K4MA.  
POC is K4MA & KS4XG.  Howie Hoyt, N4AF, [email protected] is PVRC 
reflector editor.  PVRC/NC meets at 6:00 pm the first Thursday 
of every month at Ryan's Family Steakhouse at Crossroads in Cary. 

Don Lynch W4ZYT 757-486-0728 [email protected]  
Meetings are the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of every month in
conjunction with the VA DXCC at The Family Buffet, 
Virginia Beach Blvd at Newtown Road.  Dinnter at 1830 and meeting
at 1925. 

SOUTHWEST VA CHAPTER: Coordinator: John Mitchell, K4IQ, 
Catawba, VA 540-384-7377, [email protected]  Monthly
meetings alternate between Roanoke area locations

THE BWI REGIONAL/PVRC:   Weekly breakfast Wed at 7:30 AM at 
Basil's Deli Port on Elkrdige Landing Rd 1/4 mile South of
Winterson Road 410-850-4333.  Director: Ike Lawton, W3IKE, 
410-263-2830.   Secretary: Howard Leake, W6AXX,
410-465-7008, [email protected]

OVER-THE-HILL LUNCH BUNCH:  Rotating hosts announces meeting info.  
Ben Shaver, AA4XU, 703-534-4740;  Andy Anderson, W3XE, 301-384-7771, 
[email protected], Holiday Inn, College Park MD; and Bill Leavitt, W3AZ,
301-292-5797, Ramada Inn, Oxon Hill

PENNSYLVANIA:  Steve Cutshall, K3TZV, [email protected], 717-763-0462.

RAPPAHANNOCK: Steve Bookout, NR4M (ex-NJ4F)   [email protected]  
Also, Larry Schimelpfenig, K7SV, [email protected]

WOODBRIDGE:  Jack O'Mara W4NF, [email protected] 703-680-4106 and 
Cliff Deel W4CE, [email protected] 703-491-0841 

CENTRAL VA:  Bob Morris, W4MYA 804-457-9011 [email protected]

SOUTHERN MD:  Chair: Barry Shapiro, WR3Z.  H:301-862-2466 
[email protected]
Usually on the first Monday of Sep, Dec, Mar, and May at N1WR's.

EASTERN-SHORE (DEL-MAR-VA):  Dallas Carter, W3PP 302-875-0550 [email protected]

WEST (Shenandoah, etc):  Chair vacant 

NORTHEAST: WR3L, see info above 

EAST (Annapolis): KE3Q, see info above

OTHER MEETINGS based on prior year(s):
May.      Meeting at Dayton Hamvention
Jun.      W3LPL open house Sat before Field Day. 
          With joint FRC/PVRC meeting on alternate 
          years. (1999, 2001, ...)
summer.   When joint FRC/PVRC is at FRC,
          they announce the date.
Jul.      PVRC/NC cook out 
Jul.      Open house, W4MYA, Goochland,
Aug.      NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ
Aug.      VHF++ meeting/workshop at ND3F
Sep.      PVRC meeting at the FARfest Bowie
Sep.      Open house, WR3L, Baltimore
Dec.      Christmas dinner, DC area.

Month and number of the full week end.
Jan 3           ARRL VHF Sweepstakes
Jan Last        CQWW 160m CW
Feb 3           ARRL DX CW
Feb Last        CQWW 160m SSB
Mar 1           ARRL DX SSB
Mar Last        CQWW WPX SSB
May Last        CQWW WPX CW
Oct Last        CQWW DX SSB
Nov 1           ARRL Sweepstakes CW
Nov 3           ARRL Sweepstakes SSB
Nov Last        CQWW DX CW
Dec 1           ARRL 160m Mixed
Dec 2           ARRL 10m Mixed

Standings at http://jctc.org/pvrc5m.htm
Roster updates at:

files is available from K3DI.  Send an request to [email protected] 
for a copy returned as an email attachment.   CT 6.26 was released 
by K1EA as shareware, therefore it can be legally distributed to 
prospective contesters.