PVRC July 97 Newsletter

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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 23:04:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Dick Wilder (K3DI)" 
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Subject: PVRC July 97 Newsletter

PVRC NEWSLETTER           Note: The paper edition via US mail will
                          be delayed due to the holiday vacation
JULY 1997                 at the printer.
PRESIDENT KE3Q   RICH BOYD       (301) 464-8014 [email protected]
VICE PRES K3MM   TYLER STEWART   (301) 414-5444 [email protected]
SECRETARY N3OC   BRIAN McGINNESS (301) 652-6768 [email protected]
TREASURER N3KTV  JIM HORTON      (301) 258-9731 
HISTORIAN K3SA   STEVE AFFENS    (301) 774-0558 [email protected]
PVRC Charter Members:    
PacketCluster Contest/DX System (MHz):
K3NA  Frederick MD  145.630                     
W3LPL Glenwood MD   145.590 441.250
KE3Q  Bowie MD      145.570 445.375             
N3RR  Rockville MD  145.510 441.325
N4OHE Mt.Weather VA 145.710 440.925                                     
N4SR  Woodbridge VA 145.630 *
WR3L  Baltimore MD  145.610 440.950             
K4FJ  Mt. Vernon VA 145.770 *
K3MQH S Mountain PA 145.630

The system is sponsored by the Potomac Valley DX Spotting Network except
for nodes marked with "*" are funded & operated by the Rappahannock DX
Packetcluster Group.
PVRC on Internet. PVRC web site:   http://www.pvrc.org  courtesy of K3SA
        PVRC/NC web site:  http://www.pagesz.net/~pvrc  courtesy of N4AF
        PVRC reflector:  [email protected] to join.  [email protected] to post.
Dues are by donation.  The mandatory $10 dues have been discontinued. So
please send your donation - hopefully at least $10 - to Jim Horton, N3KTV,
8527 Calypso Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20879-1522.  Make checks payable to
PVRC.  Thank you.
Newsletter Editor:  Dick Wilder, K3DI, 913 Shore Acres Rd, Arnold, MD
21012-1724.  The communication ports are:  (410) 757-6706, FAX/modem
757-6720, [email protected], and the DXcluster.  The deadline for articles
is Monday, two weeks before the central meeting.  The deadline during the
summer is ABOUT the first of the month.
The Central Meeting is always the second Monday except during the summer.
During June, July, and August, an alternative to the central meeting are
the various summer activities.  The NW Region meets through the summer.
Also, the Newsletter does not go on vacation.
PVRC Summer Meeting Calendar:
Tue     Jul 15  NW meeting, Legends Restr, Frederick MD at 8:00 PM
Sat     Jul 19  Open house at W4MYA.  See info next page.
Sat     Aug 16  Annual "Fowlfest" at W3YOZ waterfront, West River, 
                South of Annapolis., West River, MD.  
                Joint PVRC/NCDXC meeting.
Tue     Aug 19  NW meeting, Legends Restr, Frederick MD at 8:00 PM
?       Sep ?   PVRC meeting at FAR Hamfest in Gaithersburg.
Mon     Sep 8   First central meeting of the fall.
Sat     Sep 20  Open house at Dave's, WR3L, Essex. MD.  
                New hamshack with 10 mile view across water to NE.  
                Needs operators!
Charles N. Tidd (Nick), K4EBY, Woodbridge, VA became a silent key on 
6 February 1996.  He died of complications from chemotherapy.  
He was most active on 2 meters operating a repeater at his home in Dale
City.  Confirmation from his brother, Leon at [email protected]
I hope we can have a big, big turnout at W4MYA starting at about noon.
Bob Morris' station is the biggest multi-multi in Virginia, which makes it
one of the biggest in W4 (another one being N4ZC in Charlotte, NC).  This
event could be very helpful on "PVRC unity," an on-going challenge, if we
can get a good turnout from "up north" as well as "down south." de KE3Q
The address is 5303 St Paul's Church Rd, Goochland, VA.  Talk in will be
on the 145.430 machine and 146.58 simplex.  Phone number is 804-457-9011.
Vicky has graciously agreed to feed the folks lunch. Hot Dogs, hamburgers,
chicken, potato salad etc. There will be beer, soft drinks, water and
munchies available. Serving will be +/- 1PM. Hoping to have a tent or some
other type of shelter up in case it rains. I don't have enough room for
the 60+ folks that I expect in the house!  Vicky and I are looking forward
to a good afternoon!  cu then, MYA
Directions from the North:  I-95 South to I-295 West toward I-64 West. Get
on I-64 West to the 168 mile marker. This is the Oilville Exit.  (There is
a rest area just before this exit, if you have to go, do it, you are still
1/2 hour away). There is only one exit, At the top of the hill turn left
(takes you back over I-64 and is called Oilville Rd.). Oilville Rd "T"'s
at Rt 250. Turn right on Rt 250. and go to the first hard surface road you
come to on the left which is Fairgrounds Rd, (Signs say Goochland
Courthouse) Take a left on Fairgrounds Rd.  It will "T" with RT 522. Take
a left on RT 522. Rt 522 will "T" into Rt 6. Take a right on Rt 6. Go
approx 10 miles which will bring you to the intersection of Rt 6 and Rt
45. Take a left on Rt 45.  Go 2 miles on Rt 45 till you come to Rt 625.
Turn Left onto Rt 625 and go 3/10 of a mile I am on the right. WIll try to
have some signs up at least at Rt 6, Rt 625 and my driveway.
Directions from the South.  I normally come up Rt 29 toward Danville, get
on Rt 58, then Rt 58 to Rt 360 East to Keysville. Take Rt 15 North out of
Keysville to Rt 45 North out of Farmville.  Stay on Rt 45 thru
Cartersville.  When you cross the James river go 4 miles. Rt 625 is on the
right.  Go 3/10 mile to my driveway.
Directions from the West.  On I-64 go to the Hadensville, VA exit. There
is only one exit. Take a right onto Rt 623. This will "T" into Rt 250.
Turn right and then left onto Rt. 623. Rt 623 will "Y" into Rt 606.
Follow Rt 606 (Fife Rd) until it "T"s with Rt 6. Turn right on Rt 6 then
Left on Rt 45. Go two miles to Rt 625. Turn left onto Rt 625.  3/10 mile
on right will be my driveway.
Attendees were: KE3Q, K3SC, N3MIL, WB3ANE, W3AZD, W8ZA, K3TZV, KA3TGY,
N5OKR and Chrissie, W3UR, N3OSH (W3UR xyl), and Kyle (W3UR Jr).
Many others were there including a number of FRCers who for some reason
didn't sign the PVRC attendance sheet (hi).  I think they set up a tent
and held their meeting there.  Also, WV3B brought his Glenwood Tigers
(swimming pool) tent and NCDXA met there.  Also present were ZL1AS, S92AT
and a JA0 (I forget the suffix, sri, something like DAI or DAE).
The club gavel won by PVRC for 1996 unlimited SS was awarded to K3MM, who
had the highest (combined phone and CW) single op score.  The club gavel
from the 1996 (December) ARRL 160 contest was awarded to K4SO (ex-KX3Q)
for the top single op score in that one.  PVRC won the medium club
category.  The only club above us was FRC, the only club in the unlimited
category (over 50 logs).  We've now come in second in two single band
contests recently (ARRL 160 and ARRL 10) and could easily have won both if
we'd made a special push, which we didn't.  Our activity level in those
was "natural," just the guys who got on and sent in logs!  If we beat the
drums for activity we should be able to win these!  (We don't want to lose
our focus on SS both modes, CQWW both modes, and ARRL DX test both modes
though! -- and we should be able to win the January VHF contest, the only
VHF contest of the big three anyway that has club competition!)
K2WK of FRC has been having antenna difficulties with deep pocket
neighbors and has exhausted his war chest, according to FRC's newsletter
editor, who put the situation to us.  On a motion by N3KTV, PVRC voted to
donate $100 to help with the legal fight.
Four were voted into PVRC membership:  W3CQH, K3SW, K4GMH, and K2UOP.
Welcome, all!  W3CQH lived across the street from me in Silver Spring when
I was just getting started and is active in the VHF/UHF contests.  K2UOP/8
has a nice mountaintop QTH in West Virginia, where he's "retired" and is
very effective in the VHF/UHF contests too.  He is starting to get active
in HF contesting as well.  K3SW is a longtime FRCer who relocated to
Virginia some years back, but is still within (barely) the 175-mile radius
allowed by contest sponsors, and has kept his connection to FRC.  We
welcome him as a "dual member" and hope he will consider PVRC for some of
his scores!  We now have a number of dual members and don't want to twist
arms or coerce -- we welcome you -- but we don't mind cajoling and
encouraging (and maybe wheedling sometimes, hi).  K4GMH is a friend of
K7SV and NJ4F, the Rappahannock region boys.  Keep 'em comin', guys!
The annual W3LPL open house continues to be a popular event.  The two VE3
ops listed in the attendance made the trip from Ontario just for the get
together.  The pit barbecue place near Frank's set up their tent again for
us.  W3EKT was there with his rover station, a camper with antennas for
50/144/220/440/1296 MHz that can be set up in 15 minutes.  W3EKT and K3IXD
did a good job in the recent contest.  KA3EJJ, metal worker and high tech
metalworking machine repairman extraordinaire, was there demo-ing his
"rocket launcher" mast with dual rotator top (two Yagis independently
rotatable).  Contact KA3EJJ if you want one.  After hearing me give the
inside tour of Frank's station a few times, Amy, N3MIL, was able to
conduct it herself, for K3ANS and others.  Phyllis Donovan's BMW sure
looked nice!  And, the landscape plantings, flower beds and such, keep
getting better established...one very junior op was seen picking and
eating strawberries.  A hearty thank you to Frank and Phyllis for having
us in!
At the recent W3LPL open house, I was awarded the club gavel for the 1996
ARRL 160 meter contest.  Due to other commitments, I was unable to attend
and I want to extend my thanks to the club for the chance to receive this
award.  Without the efforts of so many of the club members in operating
the contest, and especially the multi-op win by W3UR and KE3Q and single
op scores by K4ZW and K3MM, there would have been no gavel for me to
receive.  When Rich first mentioned the club tradition of awarding the
gavel to the top single-op in the club that had not previously received
one, I was unaware of it, as perhaps others of you may be.  It has special
significance since it really recognizes the collective success of the
club.  In my case, as a non-CW contester, this contest represented a
personal goal realized, by making more CW QSOs than in any previous
contest.  Added to that, my new 160M homebrew amp held together for the
duration, I worked all states, and got a chance to try out my new call.
To have been further rewarded for a score that wasn't even in the top-10
was a real treat.  As responsibilities keep many of us from participating
fully in contests, it is still possible to contribute to the club's
successes and take satisfaction in that.  As the lucky recipient of your
efforts, I hope to continue to throw in a few points whenever I can toward
further club victories!  Thanks again, PVRC.
The Eastern Regional PVRC meeting was held at 3 PM on June 22nd at KE3Q.
Attending were KE3Q, N3MIL, K1HTV, K3XZ, and W3KN.  We'll hold another
meeting in connection with Field Day.  Had a good time talking about the
KE3Q packet cluster node, and talking contest stations and antennas.
BWI REGIONAL JUNE MEETINGS by Howard Leake, [email protected]
The four Wednesday morning meetings this month of June had the following
in attendance for coffee/breakfast:  W2EOS, K2YWE, WA0QII, K3IXD, W3GHR,
N3WKE, N3XPK, K3GEG, WB3AVN, N3KTV, and W6AXX.  It seems that the month of
June was devoted to the June VHF QSO Party and K3IXD joined the W3EKT
Rovermobile for operation in FM19, FM29, FN10 and FN20 grids.  They had
610 QSO's and 80 grids for 70,720 points claimed score.  They used 50,
144, 222, 432 and 1296 mhz.  Rusty, N3WKE; Mike, K3GEG; and Howard, W6AXX
each operated from their home stations.  Ike, W2EOS, Vaughn, W3GHR, and
Jim, N3KTV operated from the K3MQH site on South Moutain.  Rod, WA0QII
operated from his Rovermobile in FM19, on those nose bleed frequencies.
PVRC/NC JUNE 5TH MINUTES by Pete Soper, KS4XG, [email protected]
Site. The meeting was held at Houlihans restaurant in Raleigh from 6-8pm.
Attendees: K2AV Guy, N1RR Charlie, K3KO Brian, N3QYE Jim, K4HA Bob, N4AF
Howie, K4MA Jim, N4CW Bert, KF4MOK Dave, NT4D Jay,  KS4XG Pete, and W2CS
Membership:  This was the third meeting of Dave, KF4MOK and he became a
member by acclamation. Welcome Dave!  This was the first meeting of Gary,
W2CS. Since the meeting was quorate with 10 members in attendance a motion
was made and voted on and Gary      was inducted as a member. Welcome
Gary!  Chapter membership is now fifteen.
Bill Tippet, W4ZV sent his regrets as he was unable to attend the meeting
as planned.  Although Bill is outside the PVRC 175 mile circle he will be
making the long trek to visit us in the future.  We look forward to
meeting him.
Program.  Club business and announcements.  Howie restated the fact that
PVRC won the ARRL Sweepstakes gavel. He explained that the strategy that
Rich Boyd put in place last year was certainly the formula for success.
Everybody agreed that we should expect the Northern California (NCCC) to
redouble their efforts for Sweepstakes this year. PVRC traditionally gives
the Sweepstakes gavel to the highest scoring member who has not already
been awarded one.  The NY4A club call QSL cards are now in hand.
FOR SALE: N3QYE has a Teletec 150 watt six meter band linear amplifier for
sale.  He can be reached at [email protected]
WPX/CW Scores.  Most scores were submitted to Dave Blanchard.  Here are
additions.  Howie noted that member AD4ZE was active from /C6A in the
WPX/CW.  Warren has been sailing around the caribbean with his wife for
about six months.  K2AV took part in WPX/CW with a score of around 80k
Member activities.  K2AV demonstrated the ultimate optimism by getting TR
and a GAP vertical the day of the WPX CW contest and attempting to use it
for the test.  He succeeded with TR but a manufacturing defect kept the
GAP from performing. He still managed some good air time with his
remaining antenna.
K4HA has been traveling a lot and says he's getting a lot of conflicts
with the big contest weekends.
Bert N4CW sadly reports that his station is completely dismantled to make
way for a major home improvement project. 
K4MA described operating at AA4NC for WPX CW and how interesting the
propagation was.  He heard some Europeans on 10 meters but couldn't work
them.  Jim will be working Sweepstakes phone at the WP2Z Winwood station
this year running high power.  He and Will also have reservations for ARRL
CW in '99 and are on a waiting list to try to get down for the '98 CW
Jim also shared some thoughts about Dayton including new contesting hall
of famers (ON4UN, K1AR, AI6V and a PY now deceased). Fred Laun gave the
dinner talk and also won the CW contest. N4CW remarked about listening to
this kind of contest and the unbelievable skill of pulling a signal out of
the noise. Jim remarked that Fred doesn't use CW filters during contests.
N3QYE explained how a bureaucratic snafu at the university was the cause
of his email being cut off. Jim will be taking part in the upcoming VHF
contest either from White Tale Mountain or from the W4ATC university
station. The mountain site would have the advantage of allowing them to
try out a 100 foot rope yagi for two meters.
K3KO described his satisfaction with exceeding his all time high score
with his WPX CW effort. He slept four hours the first night and six hours
the second. Brian reports that his amplifier woes were cured when the
vendor finally agreed to replace the original Chinese (Pride) 3-500Z tubes
with a different brand. He also cured a balky rotator by adding filament
transformers to the normal motor supplies, restoring the 20% current loss
he had been suffering. Rotation time dropped from 1:20 to :47 with this
mod. He also described how he removed the 12 meter elements from his four
element Gem Quad because of the degradation of 10 meter performance.
Brian asked the group for advice about preserving/improving his radial
field as he is about to add a concrete driveway. He wonders if the radial
will work OK under the concrete and whether he should bond the radials to
the steel mesh in the concrete. There were mixed opinions about this.
W2CS introduced himself saying he arrived here in North Carolina two days
after hurricane Fran came through the area.  After getting good natured
ribbing about being another New Yorker invading the area, Gary described
his station plans. He said after being used to monobanders on towers his
current 80 meter wire dipole was quite a shock, but it seems to perform
better here than the same wire antenna would in New York.  Gary is
investigating building restrictions in his area (10 acres in NE Chatham
county) prior to starting on a tower project. In the meantime Gary has
been coordinating the Eastern Area Network (EAN). Gary said that his wife
Linda N2YL is an accomplished operator but preferred to shop that evening,
figuring the PVRC/NC meeting would be a "guy thing."
KF4MOK is involved with local packet projects including one to provide a
packet to Internet gateway. Dave said the sticking point involved dynamic
IP assignments and K2AV provided some ideas about IP masquerading that may
help with the implementation.
N4AF described a visit to the VOA site B at Greenville and how he was
dumbstruck by the giant antenna array there, with 100 towers on 1000
acres. Howie said the towers can be seen while six miles from the site on
rt 17. When asked if he was considering making a bid on the site he just
N1RR introduced himself. Charlie is visiting the area doing some business
at NCSU and was invited to the chapter meeting by K4MA. His work is close
to the school's club station and he had spotted the TH6 on the roof of the
EE building. Charlie is a member of the Yankee Clipper Contesting Club and
had some amusing stories about his own contesting exploits and some of the
super stations up North. Of special interest was Charlie's description of
how he got the better of an area contester pretending to run QRP and
claiming disproportionate scores.
Station upgrades.  K4HA has a second tower for a 40 meter beam in the
planning stage.
K2AV put up a 160 meter inverted L with a voltage feed network. He can
current feed it on 160 but voltage feed the end on 80, 40 and 20 meters.
He's very pleased with the performance so far, especially with the gain
and directional behavior on 20 meters. The GAP antenna defect turned out
to be caused by a resistive coating shorting a portion of the antenna
circuits. The vendor was quick to provide a remedy.
K4MA has made final preparations and is looking for volunteers to help mix
and pour concrete on Sunday for his 100 foot tower (N4CW, K4HA, AA4NC,
KS4XG volunteered and all work was completed in a half day). 
NT4D is putting up a 50 foot tower for a TA33. We'll be looking for the
word to get over and help Jay finish recovering from Fran.
KS4XG got the final set of Rohn parts, a rotator and Gem Quad in hand and
now it's a race to get the tower erected before the baby arrives (July 4th
due date but June 21st is a full moon). Unfortunately the next two
weekends are poor (Father's day and the W3LPL openhouse) but Pete will be
sending out a request for help the moment final preparation is in sight
and he's ready to erect the lower portion of the tower and pour concrete.
Next Meeting.  The next PVRC/NC meeting was scheduled for Thurs day, July
3rd, at the N4AF QTH in Apex.  But, it will probably be changed to July 10
to avoid the July 4 week, when some folks might be on vacation.  Burgers
and refreshments will be provided.  Please bring chairs.  Since this
meeting will be an outdoor cookout, 7/16 will be a rain date.  Visit the
PVRC/NC webpage at http://www.pagesz.net or PVRC/NC member to confirm the
In attendance were members: K3MM, K3SX (ex-K3SME), W3EKT, W3XE, WB3ECU,
Announcements.  The July summer meeting will be held at the QTH of W4MYA.
Date TBA.  The August meeting will be the "Fowlfest" hosted by Marti,
W3YOZ.  In addition to the regular meeting in September, Dave, WR3L, will
host an open house "end-of-summer" meeting.
Congratulations to all members who turned in scores for PVRC in the '96 SS
and ARRL 160M contests!  PVRC won the Unlimited Club category gavel in SS,
taking out NCCC!  In addition, we won the Medium Club category in the ARRL
160M contest!  Sounds like we are back!
The PVRC On-The-Air Reunion sounded like a big success!  At the top of the
heap was the omnipresent signal of Rich, K1HTV.  
George (ex-W9VL) is now K3UT.
K3SX (ex-K3SME), Sid, operated 220 at the Grid Pirates new QTH in FM08
along with their new call, K8GP.  He's putting up a new tower for a shunt
fed vertical on 160.
W3EKT, Ed, has been back from Florida for a couple of weeks.  He has his
21' RV setup for VHF Rover operation.  He and K3IXD made 600Q's x 80 grids
in the June VHF QSO Party.  K3IXD ran 2 and Ed did the rest.
W3XE, Andy, made is first NW meeting!  He's an avid CW County Hunter and
was on for the recent CW County Hunters contest, running 18 counties in 3
states for 945 QSO's!
N4ZR, Pete, does all HF these days.  He recently put up a 80M sloper array
ala K3LR, and he reports it performs great!
AA3LE, Miller, operated the VHF contest with his daughter on a 6 meter
long wire with surprising good results.
AA3KY, John, has 100 Watts into a Windom with a new FT1000MP.  He's
working on setting up a packet station.
WB3ECU, Rich, just got a new tower up.
K3IXD, Ed, went roving with W3EKT in the VHF contest.  They had a lot of
problems with noise from their DVK's.
W8ZA, Bob, has 90' of Rohn 45G going up (2nd tower) that will host
monobanders for 10/15/20.
WD3A, Tom, has been working on his house.  He recently took down a TV
tower, relating some scary situations.
N5OKR, Greg,  ...HE'S BACK!  Due to personal circumstances, not to mention
a new fiancee, he's decided to abandon those losers in CA and is moving
back to Libertytown!  Welcome back Greg!   Meeting adjourned.
NW meetings are always held on the third Tuesday of every month at Legends
Restaurant in the Hampton Inn located in south Frederick at the
intersection of I270 and Rt 85.  Dinner starts at 6 with a casual meeting
at 8.   73, Tyler K3MM
The annual PVRC Reunion On-the-air was held the first full weekend of
June, the 7th and 8th Eastern time.  The real thrust is a social activity
to renew contact with old friends.  Of course, you can't hold back world
class PVRC'ers as evidence of Rich's score.  If your score is not listed
please send it to K3DI to be listed in the annual issue Apr or May 98.
Call    QSO     Mult    Score Place
K1HTV   217     19      8264  #1
K3DI    162     19      6156  #2
W3UJ    163     18      5868  #3
AA3LE   25      11      5509  #4
W3PP    156     17      5340  #5
VP2VI   135     17      4590
K2UFT   125     18      4500
W4HM    110     19      4180
W6UM    109     18      3924
K3ZO    100     19      3800
K4VT    107     17      3638
K3MM    100     18      3600
N4AF    90      18      3240
W3CP    92      17      3128
N3NT    82      16      2624
W4ZYT   75      17      2550
W4YE    124     20      2480
W0SS    86      14      2408
W3HVQ   90      13      2340
K4LDR   65      16      2080
W5KL    74      14      2072
W3AU    77      13      2002
K3KY    59      15      1770
N6RA    53      14      1484
W4AGI   51      14      1428
K4ZW    60      11      1320
KE3Q    43      14      1204
W6MVW   80      15      1200
WB4FDT  57      10      1140
W2RS    50      11      1100
N4ZR    39      14      1092
AA4NC   41      13      1066
W3GRF   62      13      930
N4CW    35      13      910
K4RZ    35      13      910
W7YS    40      11      880
N3OC    33      13      858
W3GG    33      12      792
W2CS    26      14      728
W4SD    24      15      720
K3TM    32      10      640
W3AZD   33      9       594
ZP6CW   28      10      560
W3ABC   25      11      550
K6SG    41      12      492
ND3F    20      12      480
W4DM    23      9       414
WD3P    19      10      380
K3OSX   21      7       294
K3TZV   12      9       108
K4QQ    12      3       72
K7SV    24      1       48
WB3ECU  3       3       18
W3UR    1       1       2
Other active stations:
W3KC    W3FZV   W3BP    N4QQ    N3AM    N2PP    KE5JA   
K5RT    K4GKD   K4DL/7  K4AW    K3RV    DK5AD  
First, thanks to W0SS and WB4FDT who sent a contribution with their
Reunion score.  There was a father and two sons (now sporting the OM's
prior calls) participating in the Reunion.
        W5KL    ex W4YE & W4AGI(1930)
        W4YE    ex W4YZC
        W4AGI   ex K4CAX
I didn't expect to send in a score, just played around for one part of the
reunion - WD3P.  Please correct check sheet for me to indicate old call as
W3DPJ - N6RA.  My year should be 71 on checksheet - W2RS.  Was good to
hear the call W3GRF on the air again, along with W3AU and extraordinary
signals here on the left coast from W3PP on all bands - W6UM.   Beat my
1996 score of 51 16 1560 - W3AU.  My first reunion - Lotsa old friends -
Had a blast - W4ZYT.  Pardon the penmanship; writing on a ferry boat to
St. Thomas - VP2VI.  I certainly enjoyed the Reunion - W3CP.  Worked only
14247 kHz - W3AZD.  Seemed to be more activity this year - WB4FDT.
Delightful to work everyone, kinda eerie to hear W3GRF on the air again,
but at the same time, very fitting! - K2UFT.  Did a singleband (80m)
effort - W2CS.  Great to hear ZP6CW booming in all the way from 10 through
80! - K3ZO.  Claim only one multiplier due to software crash - K7SV.
Only all band Q's were with W3AU and K4GKD (back scatter on 10 and 15) -
Another fun weekend - K4VT.  Great to work so many members of the #1 SS
team in the USA - N4AF.  Moved to new home in Beverly Hills FL in Feb -
Better antennas next year - K4LDR.  Thank all involved for another fun
weekend with old and new friends - Not much time but did manage to work
Rich, K1HTV, on all 7 bands! - K3OSX.  IC-706 to Carolina Windom - Lotsa
fun - N4CW.  Great to hear Mike with the W3GRF call - W4YE.  Had a great
time and thanks to the News-letter via Email, I got the word - ZP6CW.
Enjoyed saying Hello to some old friends - K6SG.  Skip here to DC is very
poor - N4AF.  Only two hours and a low 20M dipole but it's a lot of fun
working contesters from way back in my career - I was interested to see
the new calls -  Good job on the new membership - Lookout NCCC, FRC et al
- W6MVW.
On a postcard report of his score: "Enjoyed hearing W3GRF call - we were
good friends in the 40's. His fist has improved!  Also, VP2VI surfaced
from his island.  We sked every Sun night 0300Z on 7030.  I still have his
QSL from what I think was the 1st postwar DXpedition - VP7NG.  I went to
his apt and worked him from his station so he could get DX credit for his
own call in March of 1948.  73, Bill, W7YS, Charter member." 
The PVRC club callsign, W3GRF in memory of Len Chertok, arrived in the
mail a few days before the PVRC reunion, and made its inaugural appearance
in the reunion.  I was able to get on the air Saturday evening and work
about 60 stations.  KE3Q suggested that I use a bug on the air, since
Lenny always did.  I still have Len's old bug here, so I cleaned it up and
used it for the reunion, (except for the times when I got all screwed up &
had to resort to the electronic keyer!).   Several contact turned into
nice rag chews, with many of our "more senior" members saying how nice it
was to hear W3GRF on the air again.  A highlight for me was my first QSO
with W3AU, one of the PVRC legends from before my time here.
The W3GRF callsign is available for club members to use in any contest or
similar operating event.  I ask that anyone interested in using it contact
me directly to coordinate its use.
Editor note:  The following is quoted in its entirety from a letter from
Nort dated 15 June.
Well today is Father's Day and, since I feel like one of the founding
fathers of PVRC, and, in response to N3OC's request for club Newsletter
material, I submit the following.
I was delighted to read in the Newsletter for June 1997 that the club had
won the 1996 Sweepstates Gavel!  Which brings many thoughts to mind.  the
most important, I believe is that you will receive the gavel in the year
which marks the 50th anniversary of the club's being.  I would guess that
many of the newer members of the club are unaware of it's humble beginning
fifty years ago.
The club was originally organized as "The Arrora Hills Amateur Radio Club"
because that was the name of the neighborhood in South Arlington, VA where
I lived.  The Charter members met in my living room to accomplish this.
That was some time in the Spring of 1947.  Sorry I don't have an exact
date but it would have been right after QST announced the results of the
1946 Sweepstakes contest.  Most of us had worked at the War Department
Signal Center at the Pentagon during WWII as trick chiefs.  We had all
taken part in that contest, which was the first one after the hams were
allowed back on the air.  Problem was we, in fact the whole country, were
all badly beaten by a guy named, "Vic Clark" W4KFC.  So, with the thought
in mind, "If you can't beat 'em, join em!"  We invited Vic to attend that
first organizational meeting.
From that small beginning the club grew and grew until such time as we
decided it was time to acknowledge the members in MD and the DC area and
changed the club's name to The Potomac Valley Radio Club.  We were
dedicated to the idea of winning all amateur radio contests and I can
assure you that there were BIG smiles on all our faces when we finally
beat The Frankfort Radio Club of Philadelphia in one of the early SS
contests.  We then went on to beat everyone in the DX and other contests.
Funny thing is that I came from Philadelphia!  My first call letters were
Even back then it was the custom for the ARRL to award a Gavel for winning
the SS contest.  Fact of the matter is that we started to win so many of
the gavels that we got well on our way to being able to give every member
a gavel!  If you had the highest score, among those that had not already
won a gavel, then you got the gavel for that year.  I still have the gavel
that was won by the club in 1950.  It is in good shape and hope that it
will eventually find it's way back to the club archives where it belongs.
I read the Newsletter every month and enjoy hearing about the good things
that are happening to the club and it's members.
In conclusion let me say again, "Congratulations Guys.  You are on the way
back to where the club should be - at the TOP!"  73, Nort, W4KFT"
(As a result of tracking down his new address and resending the annual
issue, Prose responded with a note on 5 June.  His new address is 1978
Village Green #105, Tallahassee, FL 32308.  Most of the note is quoted
here.  editor)
The aging process caught up to us, and we had to dispose of the old QTH,
gear, and antennas.  We are living in one of those so-called "personal
care" retirement dives and there is little alternative to the situation.  
I'm on the air here but barely, with my OMNI-VI and a 50' wire running up
from ground level to a third floor window casing and fed through a TEE
network with a tuned counterpoise under the antenna.  I'm lucky to have
this much of a station.  I had a nice chat with K3ZO one night on 40m and
have worked ZP6CW several times.  To my knowledge they are the only
PVRCers I've worked from here.
I can be on the air only at rare moments...my XYL, Ellanie, is the sad
victim of Alzheimer's disease and I am her care-taker.  I try to get on at
night around 11 pm when I get her in bed and spend an hour or so usually
on 40m at the frequency where there is a hole between local RFI.
Conditions are still stinko but they have to improve some day.  My regards
to all the club members.  Sorry, no reunion this year.  I'm the vintage of
Vic Clark, Lenny Shertock, and Ron Collins...I think I joined PVRC back in
about 1954.  I'll be 88 in February.  Take care and cheers.

--------------- end of PVRC july Newsletter --------------