From [email protected] Sun Jul  7 18:09:26 1996
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 1996 16:17:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Dick Wilder (K3DI)" 
To: Steve Affens K3SA 
Subject: July Newsletter for WWW

  PRESIDENT KE3Q   RICH BOYD       (301) 464-8014 [email protected]
  VICE PRES KF3P   TYLER STEWART   (301) 414-5444 [email protected]
  SECRETARY WA3WJD BRIAN McGINNESS (301) 652-6768 [email protected]
  TREASURER N3KTV  JIM HORTON      (301) 258-9731 
  HISTORIAN K3SA   STEVE AFFENS    (301) 774-0558 [email protected]
PVRC Charter Members:
PacketCluster Contest/DX System (MHz):
K3NA  Frederick MD  145.630                     
W3LPL Glenwood MD   145.590 441.250
KE3Q  Bowie MD      145.570 445.375       
N3RR  Rockville MD  145.510 441.325
N4OHE Mt.Weather VA 145.710 440.925       
N4SR  Woodbridge VA 145.530 *
WR3L  Baltimore MD  145.610 **          
K4FJ  Mt. Vernon VA 145.770 *
*  These nodes are separately operated and funded by the Rappahannock DX
Packetcluster Group.  The others listed are sponsored by the Potomac
Valley DX Spotting Network.
** WR3L is temporally unavailable to users while being used as link to
PVRC on Internet:  
Visit the PVRC Home Page, courtesy of K3SA, at:
Dues are by donation.  
The mandatory $10 dues have been discontinued. So please send your
donation - hopefully at least $10 - to Jim Horton, N3KTV, 8527 Calypso
Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20879-1522.  Make checks payable to PVRC.  Thank
Newsletter Editor:
Dick Wilder, K3DI, 913 Shore Acres Rd, Arnold, MD 21012-1724.  The
communication ports are:  (410) 757-6706, FAX/modem 757-6720,
[email protected], and the DXcluster.  The deadline for the August issue is
Monday, July 29.
PVRC Meeting Calendar:
Tue,    Jul 16:    Regular NW meeting, Frederick. *
Sat,    Jul 20:    Open house at KT3Y in Mansass *
Sat,    Aug 3:     Open house at N3RR in Rockville *
Sat,    Aug 17:    Fowlfest at W3YOZ in West River, MD.
Tue,    Aug 20:    Regular NW meeting, Frederick. *
Mon,    Sep 9:     First central meeting of the season.
Tue,    Sep 17:    Regular NW meeting, Frederick. *
Sat,    Sep 21:    Open house at WR3L in Baltimore.
                  *See details in article in this issue
OPEN HOUSE AT KT3Y, Saturday, July 20th 8516 Custer Court, Manassas, VA
The two highlights of this meeting are to talk to Tyler (KF3P), Fred
(K3ZO), Gene (W3ZZ) and Phil (KT3Y) who will have just returned from the
WRTC held the prior weekend and to see a competitive contest stations
using only wire antennas. There will be soft drinks and light munchies.
Bring chairs.  Directions:
Via Route 66:  Take 66W to Route 234 South. Follow Route 234 through town
past the Manassas Fairground.  Go straight through the traffic light at
Brentsville Road, then take a right onto Coles Drive (Rte 694). Take the
first right off Coles onto McGrath Road. Take the second right off McGrath
onto Custer Court (gravel road).  Go to 8516, the second house on the
Via Route 395:  Follow 395 south until the Manassas/Dumfries exit. Follow
Route 234 north for about 12 miles until the Lake Jackson dam. Take a left
at the traffic light onto Coles Drive.  Follow Coles until the fire
station, then take a left onto McGrath Road. Take the second right off
McGrath onto Custer Court (gravel road). Go to 8516, the second house on
the right.
PVRC Reunion Results will be formally announced in the August issue of
this Newsletter.  Preliminary results show that top five are W3UJ, W4YE,
N4RP, K3ZO, and KE3Q.  The score difference between Henry and Bud is very
small -- more on this next month.  If you have not done so, please send
your score of QSOs and Multipliers to me by any method.  Address on page
1.  - K3DI
THE PVRC MEMBERSHIP ROSTER that was published last month was our first in
several years and probably contains errors or old infomation.  Don't be
bashful.  Please send any corrections or additions to the Secretary,
WA3WJD.  Addresses on page 1.    -K3DI
Hi Gang!  Open house at my QTH on Saturday, August 3, 1996 from Noon until
... .  All Contesters, DXers, VHFers, UHFers, and HAMS and HAMS to be,
XYLs, Harmonics, etc are invited!  Food and beverages will be
available...more on this as we get closer to that date.
Bring your kids...my 12 year and 9 year old son & daughter promised me
they would have sports ready to entertain ham and non-ham kids alike!
If you plan to come, please RSVP with the number in your party.  You can
RSVP via PacketCluster (tm), Email, or catch me on the 147.00 repeater!
(Or any other way you can reach me!) I'd like to be able to plan the event
properly!!  Routes are: 10241 Lakewood Dr, Rockville, MD 20850-3661,
N3RR>N3RR,  [email protected], 301-424-2707 (voice), or 301-279-5613 (fax). 
Directions are: Follow I-270 South from Frederick, MD or North from the
Capital Beltway, I-495 until you get to the Shady Grove Road exit (exit
Follow Shady Grove Road west until you see a hospital on your right.  Turn
left at the light past the hospital entrance onto Darnestown Road.  Stay
in the right-hand turn lane and turn right at the next light, Glen Mill
Follow Glen Mill Road 1.7 miles.  Along this road, at one point you will
see my tower straight ahead.  Turn right onto Lakewood Drive.  Follow
Lakewood Drive past the pond on your right into the cul-de-sac.  My house
is the house immediately to the left of the towers at 10241 Lakewood
Drive.  Park where indicated.  If there is no parking available, park on
Lakewood Drive.  Talk-in 147.000- K3WX repeater.
MINUTES OF OPEN HOUSE AT W3LPL June 16th by Rich Boyd, KE3Q with
additional information from W3LPL and WR3E.
The PVRC summer meeting (NCDXA met jointly with us) at W3LPL 6/15/96 was a
great success, some 100 or so in attendance, and from as far away as
Kentucky, North Carolina, and New Jersey.  CJ's BBQ was quite good --
we'll get the final total of number served from Frank or from CJ's, just
for interest -- and maybe WY3P will have a total of ice cream customers
In attendance, as reflected on the PVRC sign-in sheet (and we no doubt
missed some who got there early and left before the sheet got to them):
K7SV, KD4D/KG4NA, WA9INK, K8OQL, KI4HN, W1IHN, KS4XG (these previous 3
from NC), N4QQ, W3GNQ, W3NF, KJ4VH (Kentucky, also of BS7H and other
DXpeditions fame), NF3I, KE3OM/AE, N3KKM, K3NA, WD3Q, NV3V, W3LPL,
W3FG, W3HVQ, K3GEG, KE3Q, N3UMA, AK2P and XYL N3SCD, WQ3E and W3FM from
Eastern PA, and KA3IWP (digs tower holes).  Also, WR3E, N3OSH (Mrs. WR3E),
WR3E-junior, and WR3E-juniorette.  And I know we missed a few -- we had 3
guys from Bethesda who I know we didn't get calls from -- think one of
them was NG3-something.Thank you very much, Frank and Phyllis, for a fine
event!  Thank you N5OKR for traffic control.  Tnx KK4HD and NJ4F for the
DX4WIN demo in the hamshack, tnx NCDXA for the drinks and fine support as
usual!  Tnx CJ's and WY3P for dinner and dessert.
Must be a lot of scuttlebutt from conversations we could put in the
"minutes" or highlights.  N2RM noted he's eligible for membership -- maybe
we should do it!  Also, KZ2S has been to AT LEAST 2 meetings -- very hot
FRC op!  WM2H is twisting KZ2S' arm to come op at PVRC multis.  When you
hear guys (try 3753 I think it is -- Monday nights or is it every night?)
talking about fish head gas and phased sluggos, it's probably these guys.
N2RM noted his station is much smaller than W3LPL -- one Rohn 45, the rest
Rohn 25, and shorter.  But, he has a good seacost location and good ops,
so he can be very competitive with W3LPL and other top multi-multis.  FB
W9LT...who brought a young recruit from WV, KB8UUE.  Also, N3QYA, son of
W3MR (AA Co.).  There were some other budding contesters in their teens
and twenties there, so seems contesters aren't all us old guys.
Interesting to see WA3WJD's "rover" VHF mobile.  Interesting setup --
plastic tubing used as a rack for the antennas.  Guess it's invisible
electrically to the antennas so they're fully operational as is -- no
putting up masts and stuff at each stop.  Very, very nice.
KF3P donated $43 to PVRC from the 10% of his I.C.E. sales he's giving to
the club.  Tnx!  A number of others donated, so well over $100 was taken
in donations.  Tnx guys.  The donations help keep us competitive...so we
don't have to dun people for dues -- which really turns some people off!
See you at meetings as KT3Y, N3RR, and W3YOZ.
Northwest Regional Meeting Minutes June 18, 1996 by Tyler Stewart, KF3P
The meeting was called to order at 8PM by KF3P.  In attendance were
members: KF3P, N3KKM, K3ZNV, W3GHR, W3LPL, W3ZZ, AA6DC, K3MQH, K3SKE, and
WD3A, as well as our newest member, AA3NM, Steve Gemeny, who was voted in
at this meeting.
Introductions were made and stories were told.  N3KKM did his rover thing
in the June VHF contest.  K3ZNV took a mild lightning hit recently.  W3GHR
operated at K3MQH in the VHF contest.  WF3T is looking forward to Field
Day at NIST and is still looking for op's who enjoy air conditioned
K3SKE has the K3NA node running successfully at his house.  W3ZZ op'ed the
microwaves at the W3ZZ/8 Unlimited Multi effort from EM98 in the VHF
contest.  AA6DC just got back from his trip to the United Arab Emirates
and gave KF3P the FIRST A61AF qsl card from his operation.  W9LT is still
working on antennas, especially on a special RX antenna for EU on 160.
K3MQH's Limited Multi crew has apparently set a new record for the class,
claiming 870k points in the June VHF Contest.  They apparently dodged a
lot of the bad weather that plagued others in the area and had no major
failures.  AA3NM, Steve, will be putting up a 40' bracketed tower and
tribander up at his house in a couple of weeks.  KF3P had fun op'ing 2
meters at K3MQH and is starting to get excited about going to WRTC, now
that it's getting close.
W9LT reported that new member AA8NY's house sustained major damage after a
direct lightning hit on his 80M Zepp antenna.  Although the antenna was
disconnected outside the house at the time, it ran near the eaves of the
house and arced over, starting a fire in that area.  He is hoping to be
able to move back in soon.
AA3NM was voted into the club with no delay.  Welcome Steve!  Meeting
The next NW regional meeting will be held, as usual, on the third Tuesday
at Legends Restaurant in the Hampton Inn in south Frederick. (See dates on
page 1. -editor)
OVER-THE-HILL MEETING MINUTES - June 26th by Bill Leavitt, W3AZ
The Over the Hill Gang met at the Oxon Hill Ramada on June 26.  Those in
attendance were AA4XU, W6AXX, W3GN, W3CPB, KC3AG, W4DM, K3ZO and W3AZ.
The question was raised who was the oldest member including the silent
keys and not including the silent keys.  The answer arrived at was
including the silent keys the oldest is Leo Young Sr., W3WV.  He was first
on the air in 1909.  When the silent keys were not included, AA4I, Walter
Stewart is the oldest.  Stu attends the Over the Hill Luncheons when he
can.  You can check his birthday by SH/BUCK AA4I on packet.
I'M MOVING TO MEMPHIS by Steve Rutledge, N4JQQ
The following packet message was received on 5 May.  It missed the May
issue and was squeezed out by the membership roster in June. -editor
Effective 6/1/96 I will change my address to 199 S. Grove Park Road,
Memphis,TN 38117, 901-374-0927.
I am leaving Charleston, WV after less than two years.  Fortunately, I was
promoted and will be moving to Memphis to head up the U. S. Secret Service
Field Office in that city.
I hope I have less trouble getting a tower up there than I did here!  My
neighbor here, a radiologist with lots of cash, attempted to stop the
erection of my tower via our fine legal system.  The city allowed amateur
radio antennas but the fine doctor's lawyer found a clause in my 1924 deed
that allowed only "structures for residential purposes" on my property.
SOME courts have ruled that an amateur radio antenna/tower is a structure
for NON-RESIDENTIAL purposes.  They hung their hat on that hoping I would
go away.  My first stop was the ARRL who gave me little hope.  I figured
at this point, the only way to prevail was to hire a bigger, badder (more
expensive) attorney than they had which I did.  We intimidated them to the
point that the tower went up after about six months and I never heard
another word out of them.  Not even when six meters was open!  The point
of my sad tale is to warn you that deed restrictions are not always what
they seem to be.  If your deed allows antennas or doesn't exclude them, it
does not mean that something else in there does.  Who would have thought
that something written in 1924 would have worked against me.  BE CAREFUL!
I am entering into the same situation in Memphis but my lot is 110 X 300
with big trees so hopefully I can hide it.  I made the honor roll this
year and had lots of fun on six, two and 432 from my 1200' QTH.
I am still renting the C6 QTH if anyone is interested.  Not a competitive
station for a contest but a great place to take your XYL and family.  I am
going to replace the R7 with the R7000 this July which will add 80 meters.
The rate for PVRC members is $100 a night vs. $110 for those OTHER clubs.
Seriously, I miss the meetings but I don't miss DC.  I don't think I will
ever be able to go back to all that traffic.  Please keep in touch and
call me if you visit Memphis or need anything there.  Thanks much guys,
73, Steve
FIELD DAY SURPRISE by Jeff Strandberg, WB3V.
I have to travel extensively for work, and found myself in a rural segment
of 9-land on Field Day.  I had an HT with me and struck up a QSO with
someone who invited me to his club's Field Day.  Faced with the
alternative of another evening in the company of cable programming, I
quickly said yes.
The directions included a proviso to "keep going straight" when I
encountered a T-intersection (which I obeyed) and I eventually found
myself deep in the confines of uncharted terrain.  Just when I figured I
was lost, I encountered two cabins made from hand-hewn logs, and I gambled
by knocking on the old door of the more distant one: inside I met four
hams and one older Yaesu HF rig situated just beneath a wooden cross and a
grid map.
Obviously, logging was done via paper, but I remembered I had CT loaded
onto a laptop in the trunk of my car.  Thanks to battery power, we managed
to add a late 20th Century complement to the operation.  Free-roaming
chickens, turkeys, and dogs added a nice touch to the cacophony of CW and
SSB signals as the night wore on, with ample infusions of black coffee and
Rice Krispies treats.  Others in attendance included a church organ
repairer, a farmer, an insurance agent, and a telephone technician who
turned out to be a world traveler and DXer to boot.  Trips to the
convenience outside meant bouts with bat-sized mosquitoes and curious
curs.  I retired to the modern comfort of a motel room before dawn Sunday,
but several of you were in the log by the time 40m got noisy Sunday
The club call was KB9KAQ in Starke County Indiana between Bass Lake and
I was invited by Doc, N2MD (not a PVRC member) to participate in a
two-operator effort in last December's ARRL 160-meter contest.  We both
had a good time as we racked up the top multi-operator score in the
Western New York section.  That is the last contest we will be in as
Western New York; as of 1 January 1996, we are now in the Northern New
York section of ARRL.  Keep in mind now that the letter after "NN" isn't
always going to be a "J" any more, hi.  Being in the new section has
brought some people out of the woodwork who hadn't been active in
contesting before, including a few folks who QST published as part of the
Western New York results for the January VHF contest; that glitch has been
resolved.   Some of us got on in the February NA Sprints, all with names
ending in (of course) "-NNY", just to let the world know we're here.  
We're looking forward to November Sweepstakes, which is the first contest
in which NNY is a multiplier.  We won't be as rare as VE8/VY1, but we have
to be semi-rare since there are fewer amateurs in the whole NNY section
than there are in one of the larger radio clubs in Western New York!  We
aren't as far north as VE8/VY1, either, but we did have snow all day on
Mothers' Day this year.  CU in the 'tests from NNY.
During FD I found myself on a bus stop bench in Anchorage screaming "CQ
Field Day" into an HT.
Let me backup.  My XYL, Martha, N3FZB, has always wanted to see Alaska and
go on a cruise.  We booked a land tour followed by a 7-day Crown Princess
cruise via the Inside Passage from Seward to Vancouver.  A minor glitch
was that the trip conflicted with Field Day so I carried along a dual band
The afternoon before Field Day, while operating "train mobile," I worked a
station at the Anchorage FD site who invited me to visit during the
contest.  They were planning on being KL7AA or KL7CC and operating class
4A but, unfortunately, I could not work in a visit to thir site.  Oh well,
I doubt that the Anchorage FD would have been as unusual as Jeff's
encounter in the preceding article.
During Saturday morning (FD started at 10am AK time) we were on a bus tour
of Anchorage.  During a long stop at museum and shorter stop at a gift
shop, I called CQ on 146.49 ("49th state") and 147.57, the DX spot
frequency.  I logged 6 QSO's and watched the locals wondering what that
stupid looking tourist was doing.  My four hour window to work FD closed
at 2pm as we boarded a bus to Seward to meet our cruise.
Prior to the cruise, I made several calls to Princess Cruise, to obtain
permission to bring along an HF rig.  I was not surprised to receive
negative replies with folks mumbling it would interfere with the ship
radio.  During the cruise, I arranged through the purser's office to have
a meeting with the radio officer and visit the radio room.  During that
visit he advised that they occasionally will allow HF operating about the
Crown Princess if papers are in order.
The Crown Princess is a British owned ship, operated by Italians, flying a
Liberian flag.  The radio officer said that operation would require a
Liberian license, permission of the Captain, and operation on a
non-interference basis.  I touched on but did not get clarification of
what licensing would be considerd sufficient if operation was limited to
territorial waters.  The radio officer said that interference from HF
operations was not likely because they operated mostly VHF and satellites.
When asked, he said that they do occasionally use Morse Code on HF and he
found the hand key tucked in a drawer.
I did not have many QSO's during the week of the cruise.  At sea, we were
often either out of sight of land (I suspect outside Alaskan waters so
they could open the casino) or along BC wilderness areas.  However, I did
have some pleasant chats on 2m when we were in port.
Now Martha has had her vacation, I can start planning a Caribbean
DXpedition during the ARRL CW contest in February.  You can bet that our
winter vacation will include more operating time!
PVRC membership sorted by 3-digit zip code.  Data as of 11 June 1996.
008 VP2VI
014 KM3T
015 K8UR
015 KO0U
017 W1ARR
018 W1CLF
021 NZ1W
028 K3IU
030 KZ1O
032 W1JY
037 WA3ECT
038 W1KGH
052 W1KQ
062 KA1ZD
063 W1ZM
064 K1JX
064 K1SB
064 K1WA
070 K4YT/DL4YT
074 W2RS
086 KN1K
091 W3US
105 K2TT
109 K2AV
117 K1AR
119 W2BA
130 N2PP
136 N4TW
142 LU9CF
151 KR4IQ
153 WA3CGE
161 K3LR
173 K3MQH
174 N3KKM
180 W3MM
182 N4LT
184 AC3I
189 N3EC
199 WW3V
200 AA3EI
200 K3QFG
200 K4YEP
200 N4FK
200 W3FQB
200 WD3Q
200 WD3S
201 W3EMH
206 K3BE
206 KF3T
206 W3AZ
206 WA3TAI
206 WK3H
207 K1HTV
207 K2LEQ
207 K3MZY
207 K3TW/SO5TW
207 K3WS
207 K3ZO
207 K7GPD
207 KA1GD
207 KA3WPD
207 KE3Q
207 KI4Z
207 KM3A
207 N2FB
207 N3CW
207 N6CZG
207 W3ABC
207 W3CPB
207 W3GN
207 W3YOZ
207 WA3RSK
207 WD3P
207 WI3A
207 WK3V
208 AA4FR
208 AK2P
208 K1RZ
208 K3KMO
208 K3NR
208 K3RT
208 K3SA
208 K3TM
208 K3YGU
208 K6IR
208 KA3TGY
208 KA3UBJ
208 KC3AG
208 KC3DN
208 KC3RN
208 KD3IY
208 KD3P
208 KF3P
208 KT4W
208 KZ3H
208 N3BE
208 N3FBN
208 N3KQY
208 N3KTV
208 N3RR
208 NW3S
208 W3BE
208 W3FYH
208 W3GG
208 W3GNQ
208 W3IDT
208 W3IUU
208 W3UJ
208 W3UO
208 W3ZN
208 W3ZZ
208 W8BOZ
208 W8KUX
208 W9VL
208 WA3AMH
208 WA3WJD
208 WB2BZR
208 WB4YMT
208 WD3I
208 WI2T
209 AA3HA
209 K1DQV
209 K3CKT
209 K3KU
209 K3TLX
209 K3WX
209 KC3D
209 N3AM
209 N3GB
209 N4QQ
209 W3HWE
209 W3SP
209 W3XE
209 W4ZC
209 WB2EKK
209 WB3ARZ
209 WV3B
210 AA3HM
210 AA3KX
210 K3DI
210 K3NS
210 K3ON
210 K3SO
210 K3YDX
210 KA3EIE
210 KB3MF
210 KW4T
210 N3AOE
210 N3CBJ
210 N3ORY
210 ND3F
210 W2IRD
210 W3FG
210 W3MR
210 W6AXX
210 WA3EKL
210 WA3VUQ
210 WA3YEK
210 WB3AVN
211 AA3DI
211 AE2P
211 KB3PY
211 KO7V
211 N3II
211 W3BP
211 W3DF
211 W3TMZ
211 WB6VGI
212 K3RA
212 KC3EK
212 N3KS
212 N3OPM
212 WB3ECU
212 WB4FDT
212 WR3L
214 K3ZZ
214 KO4A
214 W2EOS
214 W3HVQ
214 W3ICM
214 W3RR
214 WD4IEH
214 WG3J
216 NV3V
216 W3BY
217 AA6DC
217 K3IXD
217 K3LYW
217 K3SKE
217 K3SME
217 K3WL
217 KB3OK
217 N3UN
217 N5OKR
217 W3EKT
217 W3GHR
217 W3LPL
217 WD3A
217 WR3E
220 AA4I
220 AA4XU
220 AI2C
220 K1ZZI
220 K3NA
220 K3RV
220 K3ZJ
220 K4CGC
220 K4IPV
220 K4OKZ
220 K6ETM
220 K7MPP
220 KA4RRU
220 KC3AJ
220 KC4FYA
220 KD4BK
220 KD4DGQ
220 KD4FBU
220 KK4WQ
220 KM4GM
220 KM4YY
220 KN4ZT
220 LU3YL
220 N1KCE
220 N2AW
220 N3AHA
220 N3HIH
220 N4DS
220 N4OHE
220 N4UU
220 N4YE
220 W0YVA
220 W3YY
220 W4AAU
220 W4ACN
220 W4CBQ
220 W4DM
220 W4LUE
220 W4NND
220 W4QAW
220 W4VBX
220 W4VC
220 W4YE
220 WD4EBY
220 WF3J
220 WJ1R
220 WR3Z
221 AA4KD
221 K4EBY
221 K4FPF
221 K5EK
221 K8SYH
221 KB7ZZ
221 KD4QVT
221 KE3KL
221 KH2T
221 KJ4VG
221 KO4FM
221 KT3Y
221 KU3M
221 KX3Q
221 N4MO
221 N4RA
221 N4RV
221 N4SL
221 N4SN
221 N4TX
221 ND3A
221 NR4L
221 W3HHG
221 W3IY
221 W4BQF
221 W4JVN
221 W4RW
221 W4RX
221 W7BBX
221 WB4FLT
221 WB4GKN
221 WB4NFS
221 WB4RDV
221 WB4RMJ
221 WB4VMB
221 WC4J
221 WD4AXM
221 WK3W
221 WR4S
222 K4FJ
222 N3JT
222 W4QY
222 W4RV
222 WB4J
223 AD4B
223 CX1EK
223 F6IIR
223 K8EI
223 N3RC
223 W4ABY
223 W4KZQ
223 W4TKR
225 AD4FX
225 K7SV
225 KE9A
225 N4NW
226 K4OD
226 N4MM
226 NB3O
229 AD4TU
229 W4EI
230 KC4AUF
230 KC4ZRH
230 KG4W
230 KR4JQ
230 N4EHJ
230 W4MYA
230 WU4G
231 KC4URI
231 NK4J
231 W4DR
231 WA4DAI
231 WA4HOT
231 WB4GVZ
232 AC4OB
232 AD4KE
232 AD4TS
232 K4BAM
232 KB4DI
232 KD4JXY
232 KS4RX
233 KG4O
233 N6ZO
233 WA6GVC
234 N4AIG
234 NW3K
234 W1WTG
234 W4HIR
234 W4HM
234 W4ZYT
234 WB4DNL
234 WD4GOY
235 K4IX
235 N4HX
236 KO4MR
236 W4PRO
237 W4IF
238 WA4QDM
240 KC4DY
244 N4MV
244 W4YJ
245 W0AFR
245 W4YV
245 WB2NQT
254 AA8NY
254 K3ZNV
254 KW8I
254 N4ZR
254 N8II
254 W8LRL
254 W9LT
267 K8OQL
270 K4JO
271 K4CAX
272 K3PI
275 K4PQL
275 KB3MP
275 WB3GCG
276 K4FGO
276 N4CF
276 N4SW
276 W0UCE
276 WA6IDN
282 WZ3Q
284 W3NL
285 K4RZ
285 KC3X/
287 K4KA
288 N4AA
292 W0RUE
296 KP4XS
296 N3KK
300 K4VT
300 WB4BQX
303 K2UFT
303 W4BFR
307 W4FOA
318 VK3ACS
320 WR4K
323 K4AQQ
323 W4BW
325 W4WKQ
326 K4IQH
326 N3MG
326 W4KFT
327 K4GBE
327 KN1D
327 KV4AM
327 NW5E
328 K4OS
329 K4AW
329 W2KI
330 KJ4I
331 K9CQ
331 W4BD
333 KX3S
333 N4RP
333 W3AZD
333 WB3ANE
334 W4PHL
335 K4GKD
336 WB4BAF
338 W3IKN
338 W4PNK
339 W1HKD
342 K4JQA
342 W4JAT
342 WA3SSB
344 K4LDR
344 N4KW
346 W3AU
352 NH6T
372 K3CQ
377 K3AV
377 N4VV
378 KA4S
378 W4NL
381 N4JQQ
395 N5XA
403 N4AR
405 NM3U
431 W8KXT
443 NZ6E
453 W4CKD
460 WB3DNL
462 W9OCL
481 AG8K
494 KG8I
523 W0SS
528 W8CG
554 WA3JXJ
598 N3TR
600 WA9BOW
600 WD9ISG
606 WA9NWK
631 KB0ZL
634 K4VX
726 W5KL
730 N3US
750 KB4O
750 KS1G
750 N5JB
750 WB4OZH
752 KI5YL
752 W5RR
754 N5RM
770 K5GB
770 K5WS
770 ND0P
775 KE5JA
775 KI3L
780 W3XO
782 W5AR
787 W5EQD
797 W5KGX
801 K2SCU
801 N0TK
803 K2NA
804 K0RQ
838 N7GLP
840 K3TA
850 WB7ATN
852 K0WPG
852 K4TJ
856 KE7U
856 W3FZV
857 W7GJF
860 W7YS
875 KB3EI
875 KT5X
902 K5KT
908 W6UM
920 K6UA
920 KJ0P
920 N6XX
920 W6MVW
920 W6OVP
921 AA4M
921 KD6TB
923 W6JGS
925 K6WX
925 WA3LWT
926 K2PLF
926 K3JET
926 N4EA
926 W6AZ
932 K6OZL
932 W6YO
941 N6RA
945 W6TMU
945 W6ZF
950 N6XI
956 K2BA
956 K3EST
956 K6SG
965 WG4Q/VK1CA
965 YB0ASI
967 KH6BZF
967 KH6JFI
968 KH6AA
972 W3XY
980 K3US
980 W3JPT
981 KG7K
982 K4DL
986 K0CMF
986 W7RM
998 W3ML
F   N3RL
QTH Unknown
    N0FFZ SK?
In the paper copy, the following page was an order form for PVRC
QSL cards.  Intersted persons should contact Craig Lee, AA3HM, for 
details.   -editor
The cover contained a list of upcoming contests and the Maryland
Radio Center advertisements.   These items are added by N3KTV during
reproduction and not part of the edited document file.  -editor