PVRC January 1998 Newsetter

weekly   Wed    BWI Regional  weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30
		am, Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI
Jan 7    Wed    PVRC/NC special meeting at Fox & Hound in Raleigh
		at 6:00 pm
Jan 12   Mon    Central meeting at Church of the Nativity, Route
		5, Temple Hills, MD. 7:30 pm
Jan 20   Tue    North-west meeting, Legends Restr, Frederick, MD
		8:00 pm
Jan 20   Tue    Tidewater Colony meeting with VA-DXCC China
		Palace Restr, in Norfolk.
Feb 5    Thu    PVRC/NC meeting at Luna's Restr. in Raleigh 
Feb 9    Mon    Central meeting at the Library in Vienna, VA
NEW PVRC AWARDS PROGRAM by Pres. Tyler Stewart, K3MM
I'm very happy to report that an officers meeting held on December 18th
was very constructive and thanks to N3OC, KE3Q, WR3L, K3DI, and W2GG for
their attendance and support .  We've got the basic framework done for our
initial awards program and I'll begin leaking information right away, with
a complete rundown in a few weeks.
Our initial plan is to resurrect the 5 Million Award that was so popular
for many years.  Although identical in name and purpose, it will be a new
program with an expanded list of 16 club competition contests and new
"normalized" scoring method.  The 5 Million Award is a cumulative award
with no time limit which is designed to promote activity in club
competitions.  We expect some members to qualify in it's first
year...others may take several, but it will be easily acheivable by all
and will have endorsements.  In order to make this a manageable task,
points will be assigned on the basis of claimed scores submitted to the
Club score accountant (for lack of a better title off the top of my head),
currently N3II.  In addition, it will be the responsibility of the members
to submit their scores to the Accountant.  It will also remain their
responsibility to submit their contest logs in a timely manner to the
respective contest's governing body for each contest.  What would this
world be without trust, right?
In order to get things off to a flying start, we are making the start of
this award retroactive to July 1. 1997.  I will post the list of contests
that will be eligible for this and other future awards tomorrow, as well
as some of the scoring criteria.
Starting July 1, 1998 we plan to launch an annual points championship
based on claimed scores during the contest year July 1, 1998 to June 30,
1999.  The 5 million Award will also use July 1 for an anniversary date.
Thus we will issue the first of the new 5 Million Awards next year.  The
plan is to present awards earned for the previous contest year at the PVRC
Christmas Dinner held in December.  We'll probably try to move this event
to a Saturday evening so that more of our distant regional members can
While the club is in good financial shape right now, the new programs will
pose a significant burden on the Club treasury, so I'd like to take this
opportunity to invite all of our members to help out by remembering to
send in a donation to the club for the year to the new club treasurer,
WR3L.  The more money we collect, the more Club awards and contest plaques
we can sponsor in 1998.  The suggested minimum donation is $10, but we're
grateful for any amount that makes you comfortable.
It's going to be an exciting year for PVRC!  Let's have some fun!
1997-1998 PVRC Club Competition Schedule for the 5 Million Award
Contest        Mode      Date
WAE DX         CW        Aug 9-10
WAE DX         SSB       Sept 13-14
CQWW DX        SSB       Oct 25-26
ARRL SS        CW        Nov 1-3
ARRL SS        SSB       Nov 15-17
CQWW DX        CW        Nov 29-30
ARRL 160m      CW        Dec 5-7
ARRL 10m       Mixed     Dec 13-14
ARRL January VHF         Jan 17-19
CQWW 160m      CW        Jan 23-25
ARRL DX        CW        Feb 21-22
CQWW 160m      SSB       Feb 27-Mar 01
ARRL DX        SSB       Mar 7-8
CQWW WPX       SSB       Mar 29-29
CQWW WPX       CW        May 30-31
PVRC Contest Calendar for January by Tyler Stewart K3MM
Log Deadlines:
January 7th        ARRL 160M Contest        
        Email .log, .dup, and .sum files to [email protected]
January 14th        ARRL 10M Contest        
        Email .log, .dup, and .sum files to [email protected]
January 15th        CQWW CW                
        Email .sum and text or bin log file to [email protected]
February 1st        PVRC 50th Anniv.        
        Send score to KA3TGY CBA or [email protected]
February 10th        NAQP CW                
        Email .log, .dup, .sum, and .mul files to K6ZZ
North American QSO Party - CW - 
Jan 10 1800Z to Jan 11 0600Z   Team Competition
Exchange: Name and QTH (State/Province/NA country)
Suggested frequencies:  
1815, 3535, 7035, 14035, 21035, and 28035.
Suggested times:  10M at 1900 and 2000Z.  15M at 1930 and 2030Z.  160M at
0430 and 0530Z.
This is one I always enjoy.  Single Op's do 10 out of 12 hours.  Score 1
point for any QSO times total sum of multipliers.  There are separate band
multipliers for 160 through 10 meters.  Be sure and join a team (no
requirements...anyone can join from anywhere, with up to 5 members on a
team) for added fun.  Passing mults is one of the keys to success for this
one!  It's a fun way to spend a few wintry hours on a Saturday, and it's
great practice for both passing and 2-radio single-op'ing.
North American QSO Party - Phone - Jan 17 1800Z to Jan 18 0600Z    Team
Suggested frequencies:  1865, 3850, 7225, 14250, 21300, and 28500.  (all
else same as CW)
ARRL VHF Sweepstakes - Jan 17
*Club Competition* - 5 Million Award
Exchange:  Grid Square
FM Frequencies (simplex only): 52.525, 146.550 & .580, 223.500, and
Basic Rules:  Work each station once per band per grid square.  Note that
if you OR the other station changes squares, you can work each other again
on all bands.
This is the only VHF contest of the year with club competition!  PVRC is
relatively new to VHF contests as a club, but some of it's members have
been doing it for quite a long time with great success.  We've come close
to winning the club competition, but havent quite made it yet.
Mobile stations that move from grid to grid are known as Rovers, and they
have been known to give out a dozen or more grids in a weekend!  Notable
PVRC rovers such as ND3F and N3OC go to many different grids over the
weekend, and can generate 50 or more QSO's for each station that works
them over the contest period.  Even if all you have is a 2 meter rig in
the car, please take a few minutes and work all the club efforts.
Remember that if you move into another grid square, you can essentially
start working people all over again, doubling your effective points for
the club!  Add another band and you double again the number of points!
Look for big operations from members at Multi calls K3MQH, K8GP, and
perhaps W4IY.  The regular single op's include K1RZ, WB2DNE, and N3OPM.  
If you want to keep track of other operations going on including rover
schedules, join the main VHF internet reflector:  [email protected]
As usual, send the word "subscribe" in the body of a message to
[email protected] to sign up.
CQWW 160M Contest - CW - Jan 23, 2200Z to Jan 25, 1600Z
*Club Competition* - 5 Million Award
Exchange: RST and QTH (State/Province/Country Prefix)
Single Operator with QRP, Low, and High power classes as well as a
multi-operator class are available.  Only multi's may use assistance such
as packet, etc.  With DX heavily weighted, it's important to do well into
Europe, as well as collecting multipliers.  QSO's outside your own
continent are worth 10 points versus only 2 for your own country and 5 for
the same continent.  It is requested that 1830 to 1835 be left clear for
rarer DX stations.
North American Sprint Contest - SSB - 
Feb 1 0000Z thru Feb 1 0359Z (Date unverified)
Exchange: Other stations call, your call, QSO number, Name, and QTH
Frequencies: 3840, 7225, 14275 (80/40/20 meters only)
Basic Rules:  NA stations work anyone, DX works only NA.  Work each
station once per band.  Soliciting station (CQ, etc.) may only work one
station before QSYing at least 1 kc to answer someone elses call, or 5 kc
to solicit (CQ, etc.) another QSO.
Typically, you want to answer a CQ then use that frequency to call your
own CQ, since the other station must QSY.  A key element that will
distinguish you as an experienced Sprinter will be where you send YOUR
callsign in the exchange.  If you are answering a CQ, you will get the
frequency when done, so you want to send YOUR callsign as the last piece
of the exchange.  If you were the solicitor and will have to QSY, you send
your call just after the other stations call.  Savvy Sprinters will pick
up on this subtlety to determine who will be left on frequency when the
QSO is over.  If you are left on frequency, listen for someone to pop a
callsign in before you even call CQ.  It's a fast paced contest that can
be a lot of fun and/or very frustrating!  Score is number of State,
Provinces, and NA countries times the number of QSO's.
At presstime  I was unable to verify the date for certain.  It's possible
that it will be on February 8 instead for phone.
Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Delaware QSO Parties - Feb 7 0000Z to
Feb 8 2400Z
A whole mess of QSO parties held concurrently...need I say more?  
North American Sprint Contest - CW - Feb 8 0000Z through 0359Z (Date
Frequencies:  3540, 7040, 14040 Mhz  (80/40/20 meter only)
(Same as phone above)
Unable to verify date for certain.  It may be held on Feb 15th instead.
Contest Tip of the Month
Of course, as soon as I recommended an internet contest calendar (LA9HW
last month), I discovered a very big problem with most of these web pages:
Their information is unofficial and often times outdated.  Case in point
was the ARRL Sweepstakes rules.  LA9HW had a copy of last year's rules on
his web page which stated that logs were due 30 days after the phone
contest.  Of course, ARRL changed this recently to make it 30 days after
the CW portion (2 weeks earlier!).  So this months tip is to be very
careful where you get your contest rules/info and make sure they are
current!  In the case of ARRL contests, make sure you get the rules from
QST or the ARRL Web Page.  Get CQ rules from CQ Magazine if possible.  CQ
rules on internet still seems to be a bit of a crap shoot, even on CQ web
by Brian Skutt, ND3F
The January VHF sweepstakes, held from 17 January (Saturday) 1800Z to 19
January (Monday, Sunday night local) 0300Z is a club competition.  Several
PVRC stations will be active, including the K3MQH South Mountain
superstation, K8GP/3 operating at W3LPL's QTH, K1RZ/3, and ND3F/rover.
Work on all bands 50MHz and up.  CW,SSB, FM all OK, no packet or
repeaters. Exchange is your 4 character grid square, e.g., FM19 or FM18.
Typical frequencies are the "calling frequencies": 50.125, 144.200,
222.100, 432.100, or on FM 144.55/58, 223.5, 446.0.  Because the rover
scoring rules are apparently changing starting soon, ND3F/rover is
attempting to set a scoring record under the current rules (he holds the
current January contest record for rovers).  Brian will start at Blue Knob
in central PA (3050' ASL), and drive to 10 other grids, ending in Virginia
Beach on Sunday night, taking equipment for all bands from 6M to 3cm. In
particular, he will be looking for PVRC on FM from 2030 local Saturday
night (from grids FM19, FN10 in PA), and early on Sunday morning 0600-noon
local from grids FM29, FM28 and FM18 on the eastern shore of Maryland.
You can work rover stations again each time they move.  Please help PVRC
have a big club score by working all of our active stations, including
W4MYA, WA0QII, W3IKE, N4MM, W3GN, N3OPM, W3IP, and many others. 
by Pete Soper, KS4XG
Site: The meeting was held at Luna's Pizza in Raleigh 17:30-19:15.
Attendees: AA4NC/W4MR, Will; K3CV, Jeff Keller; K4QPL, Jim; KF4MOK, Dave;
KS4XG, Pete (secretary); N3QYE, Jim; N4CW, Bert (chairman); N4AF, Howie;
NT4D, Jay; W2CS, Gary; W3GCG, Willy; WB8III, Steve
Membership: This was the second meeting of Jeff Keller, K3CV, sponsored by
K4HA. We forgot to vote Jeff in but gave him a lot of smiles instead,
knowing it would have been unanimous. Welcome to PVRC Jeff!,  Chapter
membership is now 21.  This was the first meeting of amateur extra Steve
Wilson, WB8III.  Steve is sponsored by NT4D and has been taking part in CW
tests at Jay's station. Licensed since 1970 Steve took the Roanoke
division in the 1972 Novice Roundup and has been enjoying CW ever since,
with a personal best effort for this year's SS/CW test. Welcome Steve!
Club business and announcements   N4CW commenced the meeting. N4CW
announced the January meeting will not be on the 1st  to avoid collision
with the holidays.  N3QYE suggested we have a special dinner meeting in
January to celebrate the new year with good food.  There was discussion of
a site and it was unanimously agreed that we'd try to get a  reservation
for a private room at the Fox and Hound in Cary.  We originally tried to
book the room for the 8th but had to settle for the 7th.  Details at the
end of the minutes.
N4AF announced that the chapter's Sweepstakes performance was excellent.
The chapter had a cumulative score of about one million points for both SS
tests last year while this year we totaled two million points, a fantastic
The old PVRC email reflector was retired and new reflectors are in place
and maintained by [email protected] The two reflectors are [email protected]
for PVRC and [email protected] for the NC chapter.
N4AF turned over maintenance of his excellent chapter Web site to KS4XG.
The new URL is http://pagesz.net/~pvrcnc and there is a link from the old
Upcoming contests are the ARRL 160 meter test, the ARRL 10 meter test
December 13/14 and the PVRC 50th anniversary QSO party on New Year's Eve
(email KS4XG for details). PVRC took  the ARRL 160 contest in 1996 and the
10m test last year so these should be special targets.
Member Activities:  N4CW topped his personal best performance during
CQWW/CW as W4MR at the AA4NC contest station.  AA4NC enjoyed the good
conditions for SS/phone and had a good time taking part in the W4WA
multiop effort for CQWW/CW. He commented that 80m conditions were very
unusual and W2CS said he noticed the same thing. Will plans to take part
in the 160 and 10 meter tests.
K3CV is building a station and asked about recommendations for an antenna
tuner. N4CW suggested that Jeff find a used Drake MN2700 and NT4D said his
MN2000 has been working fine for 25 years.
K4QPL said SS/phone sucked as he didn't have a voice keyer and the pig
farmers found him on 80 meters. Jim pointed out that care must be taken
with CT to avoid errors in off time estimates (the threshold for CT is 10
minutes while the minimum off time for SS is 30 minutes).  Luckily Jim
only lost 13 Qs and no mullets when he deleted the extra portion of his
log to get it down to 24 hours. Jim thanked Gary for the loan of a linear
and said this made SS bearable for him.
W2CS decided that SS/CW didn't suck after all, as his 81k QRP score is
holding up well. Gary said it was a pleasure working  SS/phone from the
N4AF station and he wishes he hadn't run out of energy, going through
three cartons of throat lozenges  in about 22 hours.
W3GCG has begun new tower work to prepare his station for future contests
and has passed out contacts during casual efforts in the meantime. 
N4AF said it was a pleasure having W2CS over for SS and described the
fantastic propagation during CQWW/CW, saying that 15 meters was as good as
it gets during one morning. Howie was again saved by a borrowed TS830,
this time Gary's, as  Howie's remaining functional 830 died again.
KS4XG said a year's worth of station building came together just before
SS/phone and he was very satisfied. Having a signal loud enough to resist
the pig farmer's best jamming efforts was a special bonus and Pete is
looking forward to SS next year, expecting another big improvement.
N3QYE reported success with the NC State (W4ATC) club station's SS/phone
effort (the amp didn't blow up this year!). Jim said  that Kemp, KF4ARS
greatly enjoyed taking part in the test and is upgrading from general to
advanced this month. Jim is hopeful that Kemp will begin attending PVRC
meetings in the near future.
KF4MOK said he had trouble copying other stations during SS.  NT4D said he
enjoyed both SS tests but suffered with a yagi trap  that failed and then
appeared to heal itself after eight hours.   He's considering buying a C3
and is preparing to add a crankup tower and asked for advice about getting
the large base hole dug. 
AA4NC said the new cluster is on Six Forks in Raleigh and is high enough
to provide very good coverage. The plan is to take the AA4NC cluster node
(144.93) down and depend on the new (147.57) node in the future with
formal transfer of trusteeship from W4DW to W4MR. W3GCG asked if there is
interest in a PVRC/NC repeater but there didn't seem to be enough to
justify the effort. 
KS4XG announced that N3QYE and KF4MOK will join him for a M/S NAQP/phone
effort in January.
Special January Celebration Meeting.   For January only we'll be
celebrating 1998 at the Fox and Hound pub restaurant, 1800 on the
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7.  Ask to be shown to the "PVRC table" in the private
(but glassed in) room in the back.   February's meeting will be the first
Thursday at Luna's as usual.
Directions to Fox and Hound:  The Fox and Hound is in Macgregor Shopping
Center in Cary  (ph 919 380 0080) in the SW corner formed by the US64 and
US1 intersection. 
>From the North:  Take the Raleigh beltline south as if going to Luna Pizza
but  proceed past Western Blvd and stay in the left two lanes as  you pass
exits for I40, Walnut St. and Cary Parkway. Take  the next exit to US64
West. Move into the left lanes as you pass through the light for
reentering US1 and take the  next left into Macgregor. Turn left again
into the shop area. The Fox and Hound is in the center. If you reach
Edinborough off US64 you've overshot but can hook around to the left and
get back to the shopping area.
>From the West take US64 East through Pittsboro and past Apex.  Soon after
passing a set of car dealerships on the right you'll pass right turns at
McKennen, Gregson and Edinborough. The next right will be the turn into
Macgregor. If you reach the  US1 entrance ramps off US64 you've overshot
and will have to  go up the hill to the fancy office building on the right
and get turned around there.
An informal dinner meeting was held at Vienna's Grill in Vienna, Va.
Attending were Norm/W3LYW and his wife, Marty/W3YOZ, John/K4IQ, and
Jack/K4VV.  We had an  interesting evening of antenna, tower, and contest
Ron Uthus, N4MO, will do (has done)  the 10 meter test from Texas at M/S
K0BCN.  Then in January, he'll stop off in Guatemala in route to Costa
Raca.   He plans to be in Costa Rica for both sections of the ARRL DX test
in February and March.  Probably the call will be TI7/N4MO, the same as
last year 
We received the following from Dennis Motschenbacher, K7BV, that said, "I
wish to thank the membership of the PVRC for sponsoring the Single
Operator North American Plaque in the 1997 ARRL CW DX Contest.  I was most
pleased to win this plaque while operating as VP2EV.  It now occupies a
proud spot in my shack.  Those plaques are so beautiful and I will always
remember the thrills of that particular contest, thanks to the PVRC."
Tom Davis (KR4ZU) sent in his new address, American Embassy New Delhi,
Dept of State, Washington DC 20521-9000.  In the letter he said, "The
application for the Indian Amateur Radio License was finally delivered and
accepted by the WDC (Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, Ministry of
Communications) on 24 October 1997.  The application package contained a
total of 32 pages of what they called requested information.  The
application instructions mentions that it can take up to two months to
process the paper for the Indian Radio License."  Tom continued, "I'm
looking forward to reading some information regarding contest software.  I
hope that an article appears soon that outlines or suggests some of the
better programs used or suggested by PVRC members.
Tom, based on a quick poll of PVRC'ers on the 'cluster, CT is the most
popular program.  The vote was CT=17, TR=5, NA=4, and others=4.
This issue is being edited on a notebook computer while visiting my wife's
son's family in Goldsboro and then my son's family in Winston-Salem, NC.
After I got away from internet access in Goldsboro, I found that I am
missing a couple meeting minutes that will be caught up in the next issue.
Thank you to Bob, W2GG, for stepping in to do reproduction and
distribution of the Newsletter.  If all goes well, I will be able to send
this MS WORD 6 file to Bob via Internet in time for him to do his thing.
Also, thanks to Jim, N3KTV who did reproducton and distribution for longer
than I have been your editor.  Seasons greetings from your Newsletter
PVRC SCORES by Dave Blanchard, N3II
(#11 12/19/97)
K3MM     1290    79    203,820
W3PP     1214    79    191,812
KE3Q     1210    79    191,180
KT3Y     1209    79    191,022
K3ZO     1169    79    184,702
N4AF     1133    79    178,382
W4MR     1124    79    177,592
N4ZR     1061    78    165,516
WF3T      954    79    150,732
K3JT        0     0    150,000
W9LT      937    78    146,172
N4CW      900    78    140,400
N8II      888    78    138,528
K3SV      801    79    126,558
K4IQ      741    79    117,078
N3OC      700    76    106,400
N3II      630    79     99,540
W4BQF     606    75     90,900
W3AZ      432    77     66,528
K4GMH 80  535    62     66,340
K3OSX     405    79     63,990
N3JT      401    76     60,952
W4MYA     357    73     52,122
K2AV      301    73     43,946
W8ZA      260    74     38,480
K4VV      290    65     37,700
W3GG      225    62     27,900
W3HVQ     132    59     15,300
W3GN       59    33      3,894
W3EKT      51    28      2,856
W3MC      822    79    129,718
W4YE      743    79    117,394
W3DA      680    79    107,440
W2GG      657    77    101,178
K3MQH     538    78     83,928
KM3V      498    79     78,684
W3UJ      496    79     78,526
K4QPL     517    73     75,482
AC4ZO     471    73     68,766
N4MO/3    415    74     61,420
ND3F      400    76     60,800
K4SO      361    73     52,706
K3RA      340    68     46,240
W3CP      286    71     40,612
WR3L      253    76     38,456
K3SA      250    68     34,000
WA4DAI    190    63     23,940
W4VC      137    62     16,988
K4EC      159    53     16,854
K3HH      135    60     16,200
W4HM      150    53     15,900
WD3A      122    51     12,444
N3UN      112    49     10,976
K4PB      108    46      9,936
NE3H       81    30      4,860
W3DAD      25    17        850
N3TG       10     9        180
W2CS      507    79     80,106
N3GM      288    72     41,472
WV3B      215    67     28,810
W3UR       34    19      1,292
   **  MULTIOP
W4RM     1050    79    165,900
NT4D      850    77    130,900
N3RR      728    79    115,024
K4MA      725    79    114,550
K4IX      645    79    101,910
W4ATC     638    79    100,804
K3DI      546    79     86,268
N3AM      517    79     81,686
W4ZYT     458    79     72,364
WA4QDM    317    79     50,086
WD3P      309    73     45,114
NY3M      294    71     41,748
K3SW      130    68     17,680
74 LOGS       TOTAL  5,810,534
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
       (CW & SSB) logs   total
P V R C         117  8,875,578
No Ca C C        77  7,409,132
Yankee C C C     83  6,106,238
Mad River R C    52  4,893,534
Multiop operators:
(Added since #6 in Dec issue) 
W4MYA       400   71    56,800
WB2BZR  10   62   19     2,356
WB4HFL  10   23   13       598
KB3AUG      361   79    57,038
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              CW     5,810,534
             SSB     6,771,802
149 LOGS     TOTAL  12,582,336
(#5 12/19/97)
K8OQL     830  68  16  143,724
K4IQ      802  75  11  141,556
W3MC      760  69  13  128,986
K3MM      663  74  13  119,277
K2AV      730  72   7  116,999
W3TMZ     522  73  13   93,396
W3GN      625  62   2   80,384
W4YE      552  66   0   67,452
K4SO      480  56   6   60,636
NY4A      460  59   4   58,527
W3AZ      333  55   9   44,352
W3HVQ     320  60   2   40,052
K4VV      333  51   2   36,960
N3AM      331  46   2   32,064
K3OSX     296  49   1   29,750
K2UOP/8   243  46   6   26,364
WA4DAI    170  45   1   15,778
K1HTV     850  67   8  129,750
N4MO      525  59   1   63,180
N4GU      414  54   0   44,874
WV3B      369  49   0   36,162
N3II      276  49   2   28,458
N3UN      279  48   2   28,200
W3EKT     278  46   1   26,273
K3MQH     290  43   1   25,652
W3CP      271  45   1   25,070
K3SA      242  47   1   23,376
W8ZA      173  42   1   15,007
WR3L      153  37   1   11,742
W0CN      150  36   2   11,628
W2GG      138  32   1    8,928
W4VC      107  38   0    8,132
N3TG      101  34   1    7,175
K3CV      100   0   0    7,000
WK3I      579  67   3   81,690
WD3P       99  33   0    6,534
W4MYA    1076  72  22  217,798
K3SV     1019  76  18  200,314
N3OC      844  73  20  165,075
W4MR      894  74  12  157,380
K4PB      764  71  12  130,310
NT4D      630  60   5   82,875
K3KO      512  56   9   68,510
K3KY      298  68   6   45,658
N3NT      321  58   5   41,391
WA4QDM    276  40   1   22,755
W4DR        0   0   0   10,788
K3SWZ     103  37   1    8,018
W4ATC      98  34   0    6,664
46 LOGS      TOTAL   2,749,734
LAST YEAR - 1996
                logs     score
FRANKFORD R C    54  4,568,173
          no other entries
P V R C          38  3,491,985
MAD RIVER R C    21  2,269,609
YANKEE CLIPP C C 27  2,202,159
SOC OF MIDWEST C 18  1,765,699
NORTH COAST CONT 11  1,324,231
K4PB:   K4PB   N4CW
N3OC:   N3OC   NB1B
NY4A:   N4AF
(#5 12/28/97)
W4MYA   1707  109  76  940,540
K4MA    1626  115  60  755,300
K3ZO    1275  107  59  620,176
N3II     844   93  46  360,844
W3EKT    524   89  42  193,880
K3CV     435   59  35   90,804
K2UOP/8  354   63  28   82,810
W4SD     133   52   7   24,426
W3DQ      30   14   5    1,634
WK3I     447  113   0  165,206
N3UN     393   69  34  101,146
K3MQH    220   53  20   56,794
W3CP      91   25   7   11,008
W3ECU     66   22   5    4,590
K1DQV   1254   57  46  258,324
K3OSX    721   54  31  122,570
N4MXT    464   55  35   83,520
KS4XG    374   41  20   45,628
KO4MR    250   49  32   40,500
KB3AUG/8 235   42  27   32,430
WB2BZR  1069   54  41  203,110
K4ZAM    946   52  50  192,984
WB4HFL   321   49  24   46,866
4U1WB    258   38   9   24,252
W3GN     651   55  26  211,896
WF3T     408   49  19  110,926
N4AF     132   29  14   22,532
W4YE     140   56   0   31,360
K3SV     140   36  10   25,760
W3TMZ    119   32  14   21,896
WV3B     175   31  13   30,800
WD3P      21   12   2    1,176
                      MULTI OP
K0BCN   1183   98  50  511,784
W9LT    1045   99  46  442,250
K3MM     868   99  70  430,950
K3KO     700   89  56  320,450
N3HBX   1182   55  57  264,768
W2GG     471   83  51  185,188
K3VOA    505   71  35  140,132
K3KY     321   61  18   81,844
K4VV     263   64  29   80,166
WA4QDM   221   65  21   62,092
W3UJ     187   47   0   43,776
K4PB     160   38  21   37,760
K3SA     150   32  22   32,400
W3MC     140   61   0   32,320
K3IXD    228   43  24   30,552
K3SWZ    143   34   0   14,552
N3NT      87   34   9   13,072
NY3M      93   24   0    8,928
K3DI      54   23   0    4,324
50 LOGS       TOTAL  7,141,262
LAST YEAR - 1996
P V R C          34  2,047,070
FLA CONTEST GRP  13  1,557,106
FRANKFORD R C    35  1,510,508
YANKEE CLIP C C  25    976,138
Multiop operators:
PVRC REFERENCE PAGE (Changes are underscored.  Other updates?  - editor)
PVRC Officers        
   PRESIDENT    K3MM    TYLER STEWART      (301) 414-5444
		[email protected]
   VICE PRES    N3OC    BRIAN McGINNESS    (301) 652-6768
		[email protected]
   SECRETARY    KE3Q    RICH BOYD          (301) 464-8014
		[email protected]
   TREASURER    WR3L    DAVE BAUGHER       (410) 410-DX1-WR3L
		[email protected]
   HISTORIAN    K3SA    STEVE AFFENS       (301) 774-0558
		[email protected]
PVRC Charter Members: 
PacketCluster Contest/DX System (MHz):
K3NA         Frederick MD          145.630
W3LPL        Glenwood MD           145.590 441.250
KE3Q         Bowie MD              145.570 445.375
N3RR         Rockville MD          145.510 441.325
N4OHE        Mt.Weather VA         145.710 440.925 
K3MQH        S Mountain PA         145.630
WR3L         Baltimore MD          145.610 440.950
N4SR         Woodbridge VA         145.630 *
K4FJ         Mt. Vernon VA         145.770 *
KE3QZ        Hollywood, MD         145.690 *
This system is sponsored by the Potomac Valley DX Spotting Network except
"*" are independently funded by each SYSOP.
PVRC on Internet. 
PVRC web site:
        http://www.pvrc.org      by K3SA. 
NC (N4AF) web           http://www.pagesz.net/~pvrc 
PVRC reflector:
        To post: [email protected] 
        To join send email: 
        [email protected]  
        Text: SUBSCRIBE PVRC
Dues are by donation.  The mandatory $10 dues have been discontinued.  So
please send your donation - hopefully at least $10 - to Dave Baugher,
WR3L, 615 Rockway Beach Av, Baltimore, MD 21221,  Please make checks
payable to PVRC.  Thank you.
Newsletter & Autocall column Editor:  Dick Wilder, K3DI, 913 Shore Acres
Rd, Arnold, MD 21012-1724.  Voice 410-757-6706, FAX/modem 410-757-6720,
[email protected], and packet.  Deadlines are the 25th unless prior
arrangements are made.
The Central Meeting is always the second Monday (except June, July, and
August) at 7:30 pm.  The central meeting generally alternates between MD
and VA locations. A premeeting dinner is usually held between 5:00 and
6:30 pm.  Check via 147- repeater.
      VA LOCATION:  The Patrick Henry (Public) Library, Route 123, Vienna,
VA. Premeeting dinner at Outback, Old Branch Ave.
      MD LOCATION:  Church of the Nativity (Episcopal), Route 5, Temple
Hills, MD.  Premeeting dinner at Topolino's.
Ty Stewart K3MM 301-414-5444 [email protected]  Meets at 8:00 pm on the
third Tuesday every month at the Legends Restaurant in Hampton Inn, at
I-270 and Route 85 in south Frederick, MD.  Essentially includes WEST
Chair: Bert Michaud, N4CW, [email protected]  Sec: Pete Soper, KS4XG,
[email protected], Activites: Jim Stevens, K4MA, [email protected]  POC
is N4CW and KS4XG.  Howie Hoyt, N4AF, 919-362-1301, [email protected] is
PVRC reflector editor.  PVRC/NC meets at  6:00 pm (may change to 5:30 pm)
the first Thursday of every month at Luna's, 3227 Avent Ferry Rd, Raleigh,
tel. 919-854-9600.   Luna's is in s strip mall behind Courtney's
Restaurant.  Go in, and proceed to the back, and up the stairs to a large
table set and waiting for you.
Don Lynch W4ZYT 804-486-0728 [email protected]  Meetings are the 3rd
Tuesday of every month in conjunction with the VA DXCC at the China Palace
Restaurant corner of Newtown Road and Kempsville Road in Norfolk.  Take 64
to the Newtown Road exit south.  Kempsville Road is the second traffic
light.  The restaurant is across the intersection to the right.
SOUTHWEST VA CHAPTER:   Coordinator: John Mitchell, K4IQ, Catawba, VA
540-384-7377, [email protected]  Meets at Denny's Restaurant in West Salem;
exit 137 to intersection & left before the traffic light  OR  Pargo's
Restraurant in Roanoke, VA.
Weekly breakfast Wed at 7:30 AM at Basil's Deli Port on Elkrdige Landing
Rd 1/4 mile South of Winterson Road 410-850-4333.  Director: Ike Lawton,
W2EOS, 410-263-2830.   Secretary: Howard Leake, W6AXX, 410-465-7008,
[email protected]
Rotating hosts announces meeting info.  Ben Shaver, AA4XU, 703-534-4740;
Andy Anderson, W3XE, 301-384-7771, [email protected], Holiday Inn, College
Park MD; and Bill Leavitt, W3AZ, 301-292-5797, Ramada Inn, Oxon Hill
RAPPAHANNOCK or WOODBRIDGE:  Jack O'Mara W4NF 703-680-4106 and Cliff Deel
W4CE 703-491-0841 [email protected]
CENTRAL VA:  Bob Morris, W4MYA 804-457-9011 [email protected]
WEST (Shenandoah, etc)  Chairperson: vacant 
NORTHEAST:  Dave Baugher, WR3L, 410-391-9735, [email protected]
Brian McGinnes N3OC 301-652-6768 [email protected]
EAST (Annapolis)  Rich Boyd, KE3Q, see info above
OTHER MEETINGS  (based on last year):
Jun.       W3LPL open house Sat before Field Day with joint  FRC/PVRC
           meeting on alternate years.  (1999, 2001, ...)
Jun-Aug.   When joint FRC/PVRC is at FRC,
           they announce the date.
Jul.       Cook out at N4AF, Apex, NC
Jul.       Open house, W4MYA, Goochland, VA.
Aug.       Joint NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ Park
Aug.       VHF++ meeting/workshop at ND3F in Ellicott City
Sep        PVRC meeting at the FARfest in Gaithersburg
Sep.       Open house, WR3L, Baltimore
Dec.       Christmas dinner, DC area.