PVRC CALENDAR                 
(The calendar format is under construction ... including more contest info.)

Weekly      Wed     
   BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30 am, 
   Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.
Monthly     Fri     
   SWVA meeting night and Roanoke location varies each month.  
   Please check with K4IQ.
   Over-the-Hill Luncheon.  Date to be announced.  
   Hosts listed on reference page.
Dec 2       Thu     
   PVRC/NC meeting at Ryans Family Restaurant, 
   Cary Crossroads. 5:30pm, meeting at 6pm
Dec 3       Fri     
   SWVA, normal meeting night.*
Dec 4/5             
   ARRL 160 Meter  CW  Contest.  
   Log deadline Jan 5th. [email protected]
Dec 11/12           
   ARRL 10 Meter CW/SSB Contest.  
   Log deadline Jan 12th. [email protected]
Dec 13      Mon     
   All welcomed to the Central Christmas dinner in Tyson's Corner, VA.  
   Details below.
Dec 14      Tue     
   Northwest, normal meeting night* at Tully's Grill, 
   1080 W. Patrick St, Frederick, MD at 7:30 pm
Dec 14      Tue     
   Tidewater Colony, normal meeting night.*  Meeting with VA-DXCC.
Jan 6       Thu     
   PVRC/NC annual special dinner.  See minutes.
Jan 22/23           
   ARRL VHF Sweepstakes.
Jan 29/30           
   CQ CW 160M Contest.
Feb 19/20           
   ARRL CW DX Contest.     
Feb 26/27           
   CQ SSB 160M Contest.     

*Holiday activities may impact the normal meeting schedule.
Please check with the chapter chair person.

LOG DEADLINE INFO with contribution from Tyler Stewart, K3MM

Dec 1. CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB
E-mail: [email protected]
Mail: CQWW SSB Contest, CQ Magazine, 25 Newbridge Rd,
Hicksville, NY 11801

Dec 8.  ARRL Sweepstakes CW
E-mail: [email protected]
Mail: November SS CW, ARRL
225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111

Dec 22. ARRL Sweepstakes phone
E-mail: [email protected]  
Mail: November SS Phone, ARRL, ...

Jan 15. CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW
E-mail: [email protected]
Mail: CQWW CW Contest, CQ ...


The PVRC Christmas Dinner will be Monday, December 13, at the
Olive Garden Restaurant, 8133 Leesburg Pike (Route 7), Tyson's
Corner, Virginia, telephone 703-893-3175.  Suggest exit 10B off
the Beltway (Rt. 495).  It's a convenient location for many,
especially northern Virginians; full menu selection at regular
(reasonable) menu prices -- e.g. I think lasagna was $8 or so. 
The known disadvantages that we will try to deal with:
restaurant Muzak too loud -- we will ask them to turn it down
during our speaker(s) -- and we will bring a small PA system of
our own so our speaker can be heard; table setup -- largely a
matter of at least one of our people being there an hour or
more before the dinner time to guide the table placements.  We
hope you can make it!  More info (and encouragement) to follow. 
But for now mark it on your calendar -- Monday, Dec. 13, in the

CLUB DONATION REPORT (11/22/99) by Dave Baugher, WR3L, Treasurer

PVRC would like to thank the following for the donation in
October and November: W4HM, K3ZO, AA4KD, W4JVN, W3OU, W3CP,
W4RW, AD3F, N4RV, N4RP, W4VC, K3FT, N4XX, and KC3EK.

A treasury report  will appear in the January newsletter
instead of the December issue so that I can complete the year. 
Keep the donations and ARRL renewals coming.


The Over-The-Hill Division of the Potomac Valley Radio Club met
for Lunch and Discussion in Annandale, VA during November. The
following attended: K3ZO Fred Laun, W3AZ Bill Leavitt, K6ETM
George Sinclair, N4MO Ron Uthus, W4RW Floyd Martin, K3WX Tony
Faiola, W6AXX Howard Leake, W3GN Lawrence Fadner, W3ABC Hugh
Turnbull, W3UJ Henry Herman, W3XE Andy Andersen, AA4XU Ben

As in previous years, the December Lunch meeting will be
omitted because of holiday conflicts. The next Lunch meeting
will be held in January 2000 in Oxon Hill, MD, Bill Leavitt
W3AZ, Host.

Info from Andy Andersen, W3XE:  The last meeting of the OTH in
the 20th Century will be on 8 December 1999 at the Holiday Inn
on the corner of US 1 (north) and the Beltway.  We will start
ordering at 12:00 noon so don't be late or all that will be
left is Turkey.  I have reserved a set-up for 20 people and
have to provide a final tally on Tuesday 7 December.  If you
received my email, please respond if you are in our out. 
Others please respond if you can come.  All are welcome.  
[email protected]


The Eastern Shore Chapter meeting was called to order at the
W3PP station at 6 PM on 29 October.  Members present were: 
N3KW, W3OR, N6ZO, N3HUV, NX3A, K3FT, KW3Z, and W3PP.  Guests
were: AA1K, KD3UC, NW3Y, and KB3DTT.

The main discussion points at the meeting were centered around
UBN reports and how to maximize the score in CQWW and minimize
the UBN penalties.  The following specific points were
suggested and discussed:
   Never trust a packet spot, confirm all spot QSO's.
   Make certain the station you log is working you, ask if you
are not sure.
   Log all QSO's, Dupes, and W's.
   Make use of the Notes function for anything that will help
in preparing the logs.
   Running is how you make points.  During slow periods, 20 min
   During your off periods, make use of the spotting positions.

After these points were discussed, a general discussion
followed about tactics and plans for the upcoming Sweeps. 
Glenn, N3HUV will be giving the U class a go, and because he
will have no power class, will use an amp for the first time. 
He is looking for a mug and his seventh consecutive set of pins
for CW and SSB.  

W3PP will give the Multi-op class a try for the first time. 
Ron, N4MO will be the second op, and a few others have been
extended an invitation.  Could use another op.  Ed, N3KW will
give CW SS a try, and focus on a more substantial effort on
SSB.  Chuck, K3FT will be joining the WR3L crew again this year
for SS.

With that, we settled in, getting familiar with the operating
positions and warming up the ether for CQWW SSB.  We will have
another regional meeting just prior to the CW weekend of CQWW.

PVRC/NC Meeting Minutes 11/5/99 by Pete Soper, KS4XG

The meeting was at the home of Jack W0UCE and his wife Fran in
Raleigh from 5:30-8pm. The food was delicious and a good time
was had by all.

Attendees: Brian K3KO, Jim K4QPL, Henry K4TMC, Pete KS4XG, Dan
N3ND, Bert N4CW, Jay NT4D, and Jack W0UCE.  Regrets sent by

Membership:  This was the second meeting of Dan Atchison, N3ND.
Dan is an avid CW operator looking for a way to get back into
contesting despite property restrictions at his current QTH (a
little extra wiring may be appearing in his attic!). Dan was
voted into PVRC unanimously. Welcome to PVRC, Dan!  Chapter
membership is now 33.

Club business and announcements:  There was discussion about
meetings and it was agreed:
1.  To avoid extra schedule burden near Christmas the December
meeting will be Thursday 12/2 at Ryans as usual (details below)
2.  The annual special dinner will be Thursday January 6th,
tentatively at Fox and Hound (someplace further North would be
helpful considering our membership center has moved in that
3.  (post-meeting)  NA3T was contacted about giving his VHF
propagation talk but unfortunately Joe will be back in VK until
after the January meeting.

Upcoming Contests
  Sweeps phone November 20th
  CQWW CW November 26th
  ARRL 160 December 3rd
  ARRL 10 meter December 10th
  Stew Perry December 18th

Member notes: K4QPL put 30 feet of Rohn 25 up temporarily to
get a TH7 up for Sweeps.

K4TMC came back from a long hard business trip with a virus and
missed CQWW. 

K3KO found a source of high quality (albeit low power) relays.
Contact Brian for details.

W0UCE had a log periodic in view of his kitchen window during
the meeting. Jack and K4QPL will be doing joint tower projects
soon to have their base holes dug and concrete poured at their
two sites in a single day.

N4CW got an SB200 for his station in Maine.

Next Meeting:  The next meeting will be at Ryans Family
Restaurant at Cary Crossroads. Come at 5:30pm for extra rag
chewing or 6pm for the formal meeting.

CENTRAL MEETING MINUTES - Nov 8, 1999 By Tyler Stewart K3MM

After many enjoyed a nice dinner at the Outback Steakhouse in
Vienna, we moved the meeting to the Patrick Henry Library down
the street!  In attendance were members:  N3OC, W4RW, K4VV,
W4VC, WR3L, W3DQ, AD3F, K3ZO, K4YT, K7LU, and K3MM.

Introductions:  WR3L, Dave will have a year-end treasury report
published in the January newsletter.  He did another
Multi-Single (MS) in CQWW phone with 433k Single Band (SB) 10
meters.  In addition, his crew also turned in a nice 803 x 79
score in CQSS CW.

AD3F, Gene, attended his second meeting tonight and is looking
forward to the ARRL 160 and 10 meter contests.  W4VC, Hal, was
forced to QRT shortly after startup due to TVI.  AA4KD, Clair,
made a "token effort" in both SS and CQWW so far.

R3/K3NA, Eric, did 40M at W3LPL for CQWW phone with an
excellent score.  As usual, working 40 phone meant working
split all the time and losing the listening frequency every 5
to 10 minutes.  He just purchased a new toy:  a Kachina
pc-controlled radio which he hasn't had a chance to try....yet.

N3RR, Bill, put in an outstanding effort in CQWW CW as a SOA
with 6.2 million points in 40 hours of operating.  However, he
still missed prime run time on Sunday AM by sleeping in for 6

W4XP, Chuck, did part-time operating at W3LPL for CQWW CW,
mostly on 20 meters.  Chuck recently moved to Haymarket on a
mountain top near K8ISK.  He's got 80' of SSV tower that he's
planning on putting up to support a huge VHF-microwave array,
using Rohn 25 as the "mast"!

W3ZZ, Gene, traveled to Bonaire for CQWW SSB and assisted
K3EST, Bob Cox, on 20 meters as PJ4B.  He reports making at
least 400 of the 4800 total QSO's made on 20!  They failed once
again in there quest to link up to internet for automated
spots.  Instead they had to rely on "sneakernet" to travel from
table to table with little bits of paper for the rare ones.
Claimed scores so far by the biggest MM's:
        CN8WW  = 76 million!
        IG9A   = 70 million
        PJ4B   = 65 million

N4RV, Jack, also made his usual trek to Bonaire at PJ4B.  He
noted that this was the 30th anniversary of the group started
in 1969!  He is looking forward to a rematch on CW w/ the
addition of the F12 "Team Vertical" possibly going to YV land. 
He may do a MS from home in SS phone?  KT4W used his station in
CQWW phone and racked up 4.2 million points!

N4MO, Ron, did a single band 15 low power effort from home in
CQWW SSB and took part in a MS effort at W3PP for SS CW making
1205 Q's and a sweep.

W3DQ, Eric, was on airplanes during all contests but it looking
forward to the ARRL 10 meter contest from DC.  K4YT, Karl, just
got back from 4X land.

K3ZO, Fred, put out his usual excellent synopsis of CQWW phone
on the contest reflector.  He made close to 4000 Q's and
stressed the high bands.  He noted a lot of jammers this time
with someone playing a "UA9MAR" tape at him in answer to his
CQ's at one point.  He also worked a Polish CB'er on 10 meters! 
For SS CW, he did NO S&P at all and thought it worked fairly
well with 1139 Q's, but he missed the sweep.

W3HVQ, John, had his antenna design article published in the
most recent ARRL Antenna Compendium.  His antenna, the
"Bumbleshooter",  is featured on BOTH covers - one up and
running and the other loaded with ice.  John had 1.2 Million in
CQWW phone and 120k in SS CW.

W3GNQ, Dick, lives!  He had to cancel WW phone plans due to
work but may be on for SS phone.  Dick brought a bunch of
Andrews CDROM's containing design and catalog information as

N4XX, Ted Cohen, made this his 3rd meeting but he's looking
forward to CQWW 160 contesting.  K4VV, Jack, was only able to
muster a couple of hours for CQWW due to work and family though
he did run a wire at the beach on SS CW!  W4RW, Floyd, has been
working on the W4RX station all summer with a rigger but he'll
be on for CQWW CW.

N3OC, Brian, barely made it to FS land before the hurricane hit
and shut everything down just before CQWW phone.  He was at
V26B again for CQWW phone and reports "it was a big mess" after
the hurricane went through.  Then the 20 meter op and equipment
didn't show up.  Even so, they ended up just short of the NA
record at 36.3 million points!  He got back Thursday just
before SS and op'ed 15 hours with a sweep in SS CW.

K3MM, Tyler, is having too much fun with Tayler!  Operating at
W3LPL on 15 meters, they ended up a solid 4th in MM!  SS CW was
done at home, but ran out of poop Sunday AM and had a bad case
of "spring fever", creating a 16 hr effort with 144k points.
Election Results:  Elections were conducted and the previously
nominated slate of officers were voted into office unanimously. 
Congratulations to your Y2K PVRC Officers who are are:
   N3OC - President
   K4VV - Vice President
   W2GG - Secretary
   WR3L - Treasurer
   K3MM, KE3Q, & N3RR - Trustees

Topics:  K3MM noted the apparent demise of KLM Antennas.  Some
parts may still be available via email.  He also reminded
everyone to make big plans for the ARRL DX contests this
Spring.  It's the one we are pushing for a PVRC win in 2000,
but it will take a lot of extra effort to pull off.

Someone noted that N1ND, ARRL Contest Director, Dan Henderson's
house burned down a couple weeks ago and that he had no
insurance on it. (CORRECTION:  maybe I wrote it down wrong, but
it was KR1R, Billy Lunt who had the house fire.)

AD3F, Gene Smar, and N4XX, Ted Cohen were voted into membership
unanimously!  Gene is an Extra from Rockville working for MCI. 
Previous calls are WN3EWV, and WA3EWV.  He's big on the 160
contests with a Drake C line and antennas which are an inverted
L and several EWE's.  Ted is also an Extra from Alexandria, VA,
sponsored by K4VV.  He was previously WN9VZL, W9VZL, and W4UMF. 
Also a big 160 guy, he has a TS940, AL811H, and a nice inverted
L.  Congratulations!  Meeting adjourned.

NW REGIONAL MEETING - 11/16/99 By Greg Altig, N5OKR ([email protected])

In attendance were members W8ZA, N3KTV, K3DNE, W3JRY, WD3A,
N3HBX, K3IXD, W6NRJ, and N8II.

Business:  There was no administrative business. My thanks to
N3KTV for his filling in for me in my absence and providing
these notes.

>From the introductions:  K3DNE, Jim, recently upgraded to
Advanced!  Was at W8ZA for CQ WW and had lots of fun.  He will
be at W8ZA for SS SSB. He is putting up a new A3WS on a rocket
launcher at home.  Hopes to work the meteors shower tonight and
tomorrow.  He is working 6 meters and looking for F2

W3JRY, John, was the only representative from PA tonight. 
Operated part-time in recent contest.  (100K in CQ WW)  Put up
a beam and tower recently.  Has worked 220 countries recently.

N3HBX, John, operated CQWW HP 15 meters only.  Reports his
worst effort ever! Lost the antenna relay on the tower half way
into the contest.  Also, his amp relay was stuck on transmit so
he used his backup amp.

K3IXD, Ed, put up an inverted V for SS SSB this weekend. 460K
for CQ WW.  Has been operating the VHF/UHF Fall Sprints. Having
fun with the new ICOM 746.

W8ZA, Bob, worked CQWW M/M from home.  Reports 5.36M points
with a bad 10 meter beam. Solution to last months puzzle was:
The coax pig tail had parted away from the connector on the 20
meter beam and the balun on 10 meters had a loose screw on one
side. This was the first time for M/M from W8ZA.  Used the
W3NQN filters and found they worked great! Sometimes the team
forgot to change the filters when they changed bands. They
remembered right before they started to replace the radio! Bob
also reports 28K for part time SS CW. K3DNE will be at W8ZA for
SS SSB.   Bob is looking for operators for CQWW CW!  Bob added
that K8OQL is quarantined with the chicken pox.

N8II, Jeff, missed SS CW. Was on for CQWW SSB part time. 
Operated all band. Reports 2700 Qs, 115Zones, 426 Cty for
4.29M.  Great Job!

WD3A, Tom, played in SS CW (8K). Tom was at W8ZA for CQWW SSB.
Started out on the tower for Bob!  Bob did let him operate 20
meters after that though. Reports having fun getting bumped
around on 20 by all the big M/M.  Loves his new 850.

W6NRJ, Jim, is looking for ELMER help to get up on packet to
access the spotting network. Also needs help hooking up his
computer for logging.  He operated last at K1DQV and had lots
of fun.

N3KTV, Jim, has been operating some DX over the past few weeks. 
More time has been spent resurrecting an old R5 and trying out
the MFJ -259B.   Meeting adjourned.


A lunch meeting was a hasty gathering inspired by K7LU's
pending departure for LU-land.  Attendees were K7LU, N4XX,
W4LIP, K4VV, K3SKE, and Ken/W8JVP (2d meeting).  The Olive
Garden fed us well with good service and a tasty lunch. 
Discussion topics included DXing from South America, the
challenges of 160m propagation linking winter to summer, unique
160m asymmetric ducting, Scott/K7LU's mission to teach physics
and deploy a sounder in Argentina and his contesting potential,
noise challenges in SA, recent enforcement successes by the FCC
with applause, some memories of well known PVRC'rs several
decades ago, some tower stories, sounders in Thailand, packet
node micro-tornado damage, working 140+ countries on 160m from
a 1/3d acre lot in town--showing up, the demise of KLM, and the
relatively modest potential of the current cycle peak.  A
pleasant lunch in 90 minutes.

PVRC WRTC 2000 Selection by Tyler Stewart, K3MM, Pres.

After much careful deliberation, the officers of PVRC have
selected Eric Scace, K3NA, as the PVRC Team Leader for WRTC2000
in Slovenia!  Eric has a long history of contesting and DX
accomplishments from around the world.  With his penchant for
propagation analysis and his job which keeps him in that
quadrant of the world a good part of the time, he's uniquely
qualified to represent PVRC in this prestigious event! 
Congratulations Eric and good luck OM!


The first meeting of the ANNAPOLIS CREW OF PVRC was Sunday
afternoon, November 14th at 2pm at the home of Bill Rogers,
W3UL, in Annapolis.  Attending were Bill and Dick, K3DI.  The
activity was to load CT 6.26 and install a CW interface, packet
via CT, and radio frequency control.  Bill has since become a
member at a BWI meeting.  He operated the CQWW CW contest from
his home with a kW amplifier from a 130' center feed dipole.

Dave Williams, W3OQ, of Pasadena has expressed and interest in
PVRC, contesting, and operating from K3DI.  Dave and his XYL,
Marilyn, have accepted an invitation from K3DI to attend the
Christmas party.

K3DI is building a 3 position M/M.  First, the septic system
was replaced as a prerequisite to being issued a building
permit for the additional square footage of a two-story
addition that is expected to be completed in December.  Two
positions will be in the new 10'x15' room and the third in the
adjacent old 12'x12' shack.  Then, in the spring, 100 feet of
used Rohn 45 will be painted and erected as tower number three. 
The new shack will have a 15' long desk covered with a laminate
designed to help the JA runs; the laminate color is named

SHORT NOTES by the editor

Dave Baugher, WR3L, treasurer, suggests that only the full name
"Potomac Valley Radio Club" should be entered for "club
affiliation" when reporting scores.  He correspond to ARRL and
CQ as well as insurance forms and tax forms and other paperwork
is submitted only with the full club name.

Though not a PVRC function, many PVRC'ers attend the Beezer
Christmas.  The seventh annual Beezer Christmas will be at the
Cuckoo's Nest, 3333 Olney-Sandy Springs Road (Rt 108), Olney,
MD on December 20th.  Arrive about 6 PM and dine at 7 PM.  Cash
bar.  Order from a menu of seven entrees for $20 which includes
salad, potato, beverage, desert, and tax and tip.  Please RSVP
via packet to W2BZR no later than December 9th.

S C O R E S  by Bob Dannals, W2GG

Changes/additions/deletions to
W2GG via [email protected] or packet
  ### = missing information

 CQWW DX SSB (#9 11/22/99)
K3ZO      3778 135 452  6,427,650
K4ZW      3164 148 516  6,072,280
N8II      2705 127 418  4,286,970
KS4XG     1889 115 377  2,646,468
W3MR      1489 118 369  2,090,691
K2PLF     1327 116 357  1,774,233
N4GU      1201 111 347  1,556,742
N4MM       930 123 366  1,289,982
K2UOP      964 115 351  1,272,180
K2UOP      964 115 331  1,212,674
W3HVQ      907 114 350  1,200,000
W4YE       785  81 247    735,048
N3HBX  15 1138  38 145    592,554
N3RC       760  63 199    575,352
KF3BE      540  81 242    474,487
K3ZJ/8 10  985  31 111    406,688
W3AZ       402  28  94    140,910
W4IF       244  52 128    125,640
WX4DX      237  59 126    113,775
W4VC       238  42 120    107,730
N4CW       175  47 113     79,840
K4IQ       166  48 114     69,336
K2AV       123  41  90     44,016
W4ZYT      115  17  57     24,864
W3GN        55  14  22      5,328

N1WR      1140 108 329  1,426,805
W3UJ       813  91 264    822,435
NV3V       598  85 240    550,800
NV3V       598  84 238    547,000
K1EFI      480  48 173    302,549
N4MO   15  668  35 121    300,924
W4NF       419  39 128    205,744
N3YUG      304  57 162    185,712
N4EL       311  53 156    183,084
W3INK      343  37 121    153,418
W3CP       287  53 134    151,470
KC3TL      240  64 144    136,268
W4SD       240  52 131    123,525
K3DSP      242  52 125    116,997
W3JRL      202  52 129    100,817
AF4CD      197  52 112     80,196
AA4KD      177  45 109     71,456
W3XG       109  36  78     34,770
N3EYB      134  16  53     25,668
W4XXX      101  25  62     22,272
N3QYE       96  30  50     21,200

N3RR      2900 161 593  6,261,970
KT4W      2235 155 501  4,208,085
WR3Z      1865 145 462  3,257,162
N3AM      1504 134 438  2,473,328
W4JVN     1117 125 374  1,588,317
KB3AUG     990 117 388  1,421,070
K3KO       940 118 337  1,201,200
NT4D       828 126 375  1,138,773
K3SA       572 100 316    682,656
K3SV       546 107 303    608,850
N3II       558  95 295    608,400
K3IXD      486  94 249    461,335
N3GPU      524  74 208    418,206
N3UN       420  90 242    394,084
K6IR       356  69 178    259,350
K3SX       265  ## ###    161,993
N4ZR       220  66 144    128,520
KO4MR  10  217  34 138    106,468
KC4B       121  29  72     35,148

W4MR      2715 147 500  5,029,131
K4HA      1255 119 353  1,682,680
K3DI       839  98 332  1,019,960
KU4RG      403  77 209    305,448
W4PRO      296  59 108    144,622

W3LPL     8743 193 795 23,946,156
W4MYA     4578 177 668 10,896,275
W8ZA      2674 160 543  5,364,593

J6R       7255 131 440 10,501,261
KH7R                    3,060,610
PJ4B                   10,592,276
V26B                    3,303,818
77 LOGS  TOTAL        140,150,293
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Yankee Clipper C C    460,442,158
Frankford R C         432,136,542
Potomac Valley R C    194,995,771
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
KH7R   ND3A plus 11 non-PVRC
KS4XG  from QTH of N4AF
KT4W   from QTH of N4RV
PJ4B   N4RV W3ZZ plus 10 non-PVRC
V26B   N3OC plus 10 non-PVRC
       K3RA K3MQH K1RZ NH6C W4XP
       WK4Y WU4G WX3B
W4XXX  N8CH (ex-NW3K)
WR3Z   from QTH of K1DQV

 ARRL CW SS (#8 11/29/99)
W3PP    M  1205  79    190,390
W4MR    B  1159  78    180,804
N4AF    B  1153  77    177,562
K3ZO    B  1139  77    175,406
W4MYA   U  1081  79    170,178
W4RM    M  1004  78    156,624
N4ZR    B   989  78    154,284
K2PLF   B   988  78    154,128
K3SV    B   925  78    144,144
K3MM    B   948  76    144,096
N4CW    B   883  78    137,748
K3SA    B   837  79    132,246
WR3L    M   820  79    129,560
K1HTV   A   833  76    128,282
W4ATC   S   818  78    125,580
K4QPL   A   815  77    125,510
WJ9B    A   813  77    125,202
W3HVQ   B   784  78    122,304
W4YE    A   774  78    120,744
K4MA    A   770  78    120,120
K3DI    U   749  79    118,342
K2AV    B   758  76    115,216
K3KO    B   738  78    115,128
W2CS    Q   717  79    113,286
WR3Z    B   716  78    111,696
W4ZYT   M   701  79    110,758
N3AM    B   702  76    106,704
K4IQ    A   676  77    104,104
K3TM    A   684  76    103,968
N1WR    A   662  78    103,272
W3MC    B   607  79     95,748
NT4D    U   572  78     89,232
K4BAM   B   542  76     82,384
N3OC    A   500  79     79,000
NY3M    A   500  77     77,000
W3UJ    A   505  75     75,750
K3AN    Q   453  74     67,044
N3II    A   426  78     66,456
W3CB    A   408  75     61,200
W3AZ    B   410  71     58,220
WD3P    Q   415  68     56,440
WA4QDM  U   358  78     55,848
W3CP    A   380  73     55,480
K4PB    U   341  73     49,786
W2GG    A   325  72     46,800
W8ZA    B   200  72     28,800
N3WK    Q   200  66     26,400
N4MM    A   174  75     26,100
N4GU    A   187  60     22,440
KI7WX   A   190  59     22,420
K4HA    A   175  62     21,700
W3DAD   A   128  50     12,800
W3GN    B    99  49      9,702
W4IF    B    80  42      6,720
N4EL    A    36  24      1,728

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
55 LOGS       TOTAL  5,212,584
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

WP3R    B  1481  79    233,000

Operator list:
        N8CH KF4ZAD

                 logs Total CW & SSB
Potomac V R C     149   11,953,728
Northern Ca C C   103    9,742,508
Soc Midwest Con    76    6,624,648
Yankee Clip C C    82    5,554,448

 ARRL PH SS (#4 11/29/99)

K3MM    B  1643  79    259,594
W4MR    M  1635  79    258,330
W4MYA   U  1579  79    249,482
W2GG    B  1527  79    241,266
K3ZO    B  1499  79    236,684
K1GG    B  1335  79    210,930
K2PLF   B  1314  79    207,612
W3PP    B  1295  79    204,610
K4MA    B  1279  79    202,082
N8II    B  1277  79    201,766
W4ATC   M  1231  79    194,498
N4AF    B  1101  79    173,958
N3HBX   B  1142  74    171,300
N2QT    U  1078  79    170,324
K3SW    M  1061  79    167,480
WR3L    M  1026  79    162,108
W8ZA    B  1006  79    158,948
KY3ORK  B   971  79    153,418
K1HTV   A   950  79    150,100
K4IQ    B   901  79    142,358
N4CW    B   855  79    135,090
W3HVQ   B   836  79    132,088
W4RM    U   829  79    130,982
N1WR    A   737  79    116,646
K3SA    B   730  79    115,340
K3DI    U   716  79    113,128
N4GU    B   702  79    110,916
W3UJ    A   639  79    100,962
KF3BE   B   508  79     80,264
K4QPL   A   500  79     79,000
N3II    A   500  79     79,000
N4MO    A   500  76     76,000
W4YE    A   462  79     72,996
N4ZR    B   439  74     64,972
W2CS    Q   409  79     64,622
W4PRO   Q   405  77     62,370
W3YD    U   346  79     54,668
N4MM    A   333  79     52,614
N3YUG   A   344  76     52,288
K3SV    U   301  79     47,558
N3AM    B   313  74     46,324
K3KO    B   300  75     45,000
K2AV    B   324  67     43,416
K3IXD   U   275  75     41,250
K3DSP   A   271  74     40,108
K3HH    A   250  77     38,500
N3EYB   A   245  74     36,260
WA4QDM  U   214  79     33,812
N4EL    A   228  73     33,288
W3CP    A   223  72     32,112
W4VC    A   218  73     31,828
K4VV    B   191  67     25,594
W3DAD   A   138  63     17,388
K4BAM   B   134  58     15,444
W4SD    B   105  54     11,340
W4ZYT   A   115  47     10,810
W3GN    B    53  29      3,074
K4VV/4  A    41  26      2,132
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
58 LOGS       TOTAL  6,166,032
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WP3R    B  3 669  79    421,702

Operator list:
W2GG    at W3LPL QTH
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 55 LOGS - CW        5,212,584
 58 LOGS - PH        6,166,032
      GRAND TOTAL:  11,378,616
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              logs Total CW & SSB
Potomac V R C   149  11,953,728
Northern Ca C C 103   9,742,508
Soc Midwest Con  76   6,624,648
Yankee Clip C C  82   5,554,448

"Specialist in RF Connection and Coax"
213 North Frederick Ave, Suite 11, Gaithersburg, MD  20877

Tech Support:  301-840-5477
24-hour FAX:   301-869-3680
Order line:    800-783-2666
email:         [email protected]

Please visit us on the web: http://www.therfc.com

Our catalog includes UHF Series, N Series, 
BNC Series, Adapters,  F Series, DIN Plugs,
Portable Radio Power DIN Plugs, Hardline Connectors,
Microphone Connectors, FME, Reverse Polarity (TNC, N, & SMA), 
and two dozen coax types.

Please send corrections to the editor.   
No changes were made during November.

PVRC Officers
  K3MM Tyler Stewart 301-414-5444 [email protected]
  Vice President                                  
  N3OC Brian McGinness 301-652-6768 [email protected]
  KE3Q Rich Boyd 301-464-8014 [email protected]
  WR3L Dave Baugher 410-DX1-WR3L [email protected]
  K3SA Steve Affens 301-774-0558 [email protected]
  Membership Sec 
  W2GG Bob Dannals 410-472-2004 [email protected]

PVRC Charter Members: 

PacketCluster Contest/DX System, MHz:
W3LPL   Glenwood MD   145.590 441.250
KE3Q    Bowie MD      145.570 445.375
WR3L    Baltimore MD  145.610 440.950
N3RR    Rockville MD  145.510 441.325
K3SKE   Frederick MD  144.930
N4OHE   Mt.Weather VA 145.710 440.925
NE3H    Harrisburg PA 144.970
K3MQH   S Mountain PA 145.630
N4SR    Woodbridge VA 145.630 *
K4FJ    Mt. Vernon VA 145.770 *
W4XP    Bull Run Mt " 144.990

This system is sponsored by 
the Potomac Valley DX Spotting Network 
except "*" are independently funded by each SYSOP.

PVRC on Internet. 
PVRC web site by K3SA:
PVRC/NC web site by KS4XG
PVRC reflector:   (editor N4AF)
     Get latest scores & activities info here
     To post: [email protected] 
     To join* send email to:
     [email protected]  
*Members only.  
If your call is not within your URL, then send msg to [email protected]

PVRC dues and ARRL renewals:  The annual dues are by donation -
hopefully at least $10.  Club gets a cut from ARRL renewals
sent via PVRC.  Both dues and renewal checks should be made to
PVRC and sent to Dave Baugher, WR3L, 615 Rockway Beach Av,
Baltimore, MD 21221.  Thank you.

Newsletter & Autocall column Editor:  Dick Wilder, K3DI, 913
Shore Acres Rd, Arnold, MD 21012-1724.  Voice 410-757-6706,
FAX/modem 410-757-6720, Dxcluster packet, and [email protected] 
The Newsletter deadline is normally ABOUT the day after the
third Friday of each month.  The FAR deadline is 60 days prior
to the issue date.

CENTRAL:  The Central Meeting is always the second Monday
(except June, July, and August) at 7:30 pm.  The central
meeting generally alternates between MD and VA locations. A
pre-meeting dinner is usually held between 5:00 and 6:30 pm. 
Check via 147- repeater.

    VA LOCATION:  The Patrick Henry (Public) Library, Route
123, Vienna, VA. Pre-meeting dinner at Outback, Old Branch Ave.

    MD LOCATION:  Church of the Nativity (Episcopal), Route 5,
Temple Hills, MD.  Pre-meeting dinner at Topolino's.

NORTHWEST:  Greg Altig 410-775-7313 [email protected]  Meets at
7:30 pm on the third Tuesday every month at Tully's Grill, 1080
W. Patrick St, Frederick, MD.  Same center as Shoppers Food
Warehouse.  Essentially includes WEST VIRGINIA area.

NORTH CAROLINA:  Chair: Jim Stevens, K4MA, [email protected];
Sec: Pete Soper, KS4XG, [email protected], hm: 919-362-4635, wk:
919-481-6874.  Activites: Jim Stevens, K4MA.  POC is K4MA &
KS4XG.  Howie Hoyt, N4AF, [email protected] is PVRC reflector
editor.  PVRC/NC meets at 6:00 pm the first Thursday of every
month at Ryan's Family Steakhouse at Crossroads in Cary.

Don Lynch W4ZYT 757-486-0728 [email protected]  Meetings
the 3rd Tuesday of every month are held jointly with the VA
DXCC at The Golden Corral corner of Battlefield Blvd South and
Volvo Pkwy in Chesapeake, VA.  Easy access from I-64 at Rte 168
(Battlefield Blvd S) exit.  Dinner at 1830 and meeting at 1925.

SOUTHWEST VA CHAPTER: Coordinator: John Mitchell, K4IQ,
Catawba, VA 540-384-7377, [email protected]  Monthly meetings
alternate between Roanoke area locations

THE BWI REGIONAL/PVRC:   Weekly breakfast Wed at 7:30 AM at
Basil's Deli Port on Elkrdige Landing Rd 1/4 mile South of
Winterson Road 410-850-4333.  Director: Ike Lawton, W3IKE,
410-263-2830.   Secretary: Howard Leake, W6AXX, 410-465-7008,
[email protected]

OVER-THE-HILL LUNCH BUNCH:  Rotating hosts announces meeting
info.  Ben Shaver, AA4XU, 703-534-4740;  Andy Anderson, W3XE,
301-384-7771, [email protected], Holiday Inn, College Park MD;
and Bill Leavitt, W3AZ, 301-292-5797, Ramada Inn, Oxon Hill

PENNSYLVANIA:  Steve Cutshall, K3TZV, [email protected],

RAPPAHANNOCK: Steve Bookout, NR4M 
(ex-NJ4F)   [email protected]  Also, Larry Schimelpfenig, K7SV,
[email protected]

WOODBRIDGE:  Jack O'Mara W4NF, [email protected] 703-680-4106
and Cliff Deel W4CE, [email protected] 703-491-0841 

CENTRAL VA:  Bob Morris, W4MYA 804-457-9011
[email protected] CVCC/PVRC monthly meetings are held
the 2nd Tuesday at the First Mennonite Church on Staples Mill
Rd at 7:30 PM.  Optional 6PM-ish dinner at the Crazy Greek
Rest, Staples Mill Rd.  Talk-in is 145.430 MHz.

SOUTHERN MD:  Chair: Barry Shapiro, WR3Z.  H:301-862-2466
[email protected]  Usually on the first Monday of Sep,
Dec, Mar, and May at N1WR's.

EASTERN-SHORE (DEL-MAR-VA):  Dallas Carter, W3PP 302-875-0550
[email protected]

SHENANDOAH: Bill Hinkle  KB3AUG [email protected]  304-567-3138

NORTHEAST: WR3L  See info above.

ANNAPOLIS CREW: K3DI. See info at left column.

OTHER MEETINGS based on prior year(s):
May.            Meeting at Dayton Hamvention
Jun.            W3LPL open house Sat before Field                                                                               Day. With
                joint FRC/PVRC meeting on alternate years. 
                (1999, 2001, ...)
summer.         When joint FRC/PVRC is at FRC,
                they announce the date.
Jul.            PVRC/NC cook out 
Jul.            Open house, W4MYA, Goochland,
Aug.            NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ
Aug.            VHF++ meeting/workshop at ND3F
Sep.            PVRC meeting at the FARfest Bowie
Sep.            Open house, WR3L, Baltimore
Dec.            Christmas dinner, DC area.

Month and number of the full week end.
Jan 3               ARRL VHF Sweepstakes
Jan Last            CQWW 160m CW
Feb 3               ARRL DX CW
Feb Last            CQWW 160m SSB
Mar 1               ARRL DX SSB
Mar Last            CQWW WPX SSB
May Last            CQWW WPX CW
Sep 2               ARRL VHF QSO Party
Oct Last            CQWW DX SSB
Nov 1               ARRL Sweepstakes CW
Nov 3               ARRL Sweepstakes SSB
Nov Last            CQWW DX CW
Dec 1               ARRL 160m CW only
Dec 2               ARRL 10m Mixed

Standings at        http://jctc.org/pvrc5m.htm
Roster updates at:  http://www.pvrc.org/pvrcmm98.htm

A FREE (SHAREWARE) COPY OF CT 6.26 (with updated files) is
available from K3DI.

(Their graphic ad is in the paper edition)