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Christmas Dinner 
December 14th time corrections
Starts at 6:00 pm.  Order from menu upon arrival.
Presentations at 7:30 pm.
AND I'LL ADD IN INTO FUTURE EDITIONS.  (The "Refererence page"
lists officers and regional chapters of PVRC plus other info.)
--- editor, K3DI

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Dec 10  Thu     PVRC/NC, Ryan's Family Steakhouse at Crossroads, 
                Cary at 6 pm (Date change)
Dec 11-13 Fr-Su ARRL 10 Meter Contest.  7 pm Fri - 7 pm Sun
Dec 14  Mon     Christmas Party replaced central meeting.  See below.
Dec 15  Tue     Northwest meeting, Tully's Grill, 1080 W. Patrick St,
                Frederick, MD at 7:30 pm
Dec 15  Tue     Tidewater Colony meeting with VA-DXCC.
Dec 18  Fri     Normal SW VA Chapter meeting night. See reference page.
Jan 4   Mon     South MD at Wayne Rogers, N1WR, Lusby, MD, 7:30 pm
Jan 7   Thu     PVRC/NC, Ryan's Family Steakhouse at Crossroads, 
                Cary at 6pm
Weekly  Wed     BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30 am, 
                Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.
We regret to report the passing of two PVRC members.
Jules Wenglare, W6YO, of Delano, CA (first licensed as W8DVS in 1930), on
Aug 16th at age 87.
Sherm Winings, WB4RDV of Columbia, MO on November 14th at age 66.
The Official PVRC Christmas Dinner will be held on the normal meeting
night (2nd Monday), December 14th, at 7PM.  Location is the same as last
year, the Olive Garden Restaurant on route 7 at International
Drive/Gallows Road, Tysons Corner, VA.  It is believed that we'll do the
"pay as you go" plan again this year.  See the central minutes below and
watch packet and the reflector for more details. 
Don't forget to send in all your claimed scores to W2GG ([email protected] )
and please include all information, such as running single op, power
level, or part of a multi-op or Dxpedition.  Multi-ops should include a
complete list of operators.  Guest ops should include the callsign of the
station owner.
Log Deadlines:
CQWW DX PhoneDec. 1stEmail to
        [email protected] - .sum and an ascii log file
        such as .all, .prn, .dat
ARRL SS CWDec. 8thEmail to
        [email protected] - .sum and .log 
ARRL SS Phone   Dec. 22nd.  If you email, be sure
        you get an email receipt and check
ARRL 160M  Jan 5th  The "logs received"
        listing when they come out at ARRL.
ARRL 10M  Jan 12th.  Put call, contest, and
        class in subject line.
CQWW DX CW  Jan. 15th.  Email to
        [email protected] - .sum and ascii log file.
ARRL 160 Meter Contest - (CW only) - 
December 4th 22Z to December 6th 16Z 
**Club Competition** - **5 Million Award**
Exchange:  W/VE: RST and ARRL Section. DX: RST
Period:ALL 42 hours - no limits
Score:2 points for W/VE QSOs - 5 points for DX QSOs Mults are ARRL/RAC
sections plus VE8/VY1 - max. 79 plus DXCC countries.
PVRC won the Medium Club Gavel last year with the top club score overall!
Unlike the CQ 160 contest, you can generate a reasonably good score with a
modest station because of the stateside points and multipliers.  Help out
the club and your 5 million total with a good effort in this one.
ARRL 10 Meter Contest - CW and SSB - 
December 12th 00Z to December 13th 24Z
**Club Competition** - **5 Million Award**
W/VE:  RS(T) and State/Province/DC
DX:  RS(T) and Serial Number
        All stations work no more than 36 of 48 hours
        2 points for each Phone QSO
        4 points for each CW QSO
        8 points for each Novice (/N or /T stns) CW QSO
Multipliers are States, DC, VE provinces, DXCC countries and ITU regions
(for /MM or /AM stations only) PER MODE.
Another PVRC Club Winner last year!  We topped the Unlimited Club list
ahead of FRC!  If you aren't serious about doing the contest in a single
mode, do it multi-mode as this will boost your score tremendously, helping
both PVRC and your own standing in the 5 Million Award totals.  Because of
the scoring method, an average mixed mode entry will be worth more than
double that of a single-mode entry.  
With a little luck, this contest should be a lot of fun now that the spots
are coming back.
DONATIONS REPORT by Dave Baugher, WR3L, Treas.
The club would like to thank W4PRO, K3SV, W3GN, K3SX, AF4CD, K3SO, W3JRY,
ND3A, W4HM AND N5OKR for the donation to PVRC in November.
PVRC/NE MEETING MINUTES 11/5/98 by Dave Baugher, WR3L
Site: Dennys, Timonium
Attendees: N3WJA, K3FT, N3YHC, N3ZYP, W2GG and WR3L
Club business and announcements: N3YHC was attending his second meeting.
Application was presented and given to W2GG for membership.  K3FT and
N3YHC will work as many contests as possible with WR3L.  N3WJA, past
president of BARC, and N3ZYP will try to attend other meetings to gain
membership and also operate with a multi station.  W2GG is committed to
W3LPL for some contests but has said he should also be available for some
contests at WR3L.  W2GG will operate his station in the SS.
Next meeting to be held after the first of the year.
PVRC/NC MEETING 11/5/98 by Pete Soper, KS4XG [email protected]
Site.  The meeting was held at Ryans in Cary 6-7:30pm.
Attendees.  AA4NC Will, K4HA Bob, K4MA Jim (chairman), K4QPL Jim, KF4ARS
Kemp, KS4XG Pete (sec.), N3QYE Jim, N4CW Bert, N4TL Tom, NT4D Jay, NX9T
Jeff, WX4DX George.
Membership.  This is the first meeting of George, WX4DX sponsored by K4HA.
George found us while helping with tower work @ AA4NC and has developed an
interest in contesting.  Welcome George!  Chapter membership remains at
Club business and announcements.  There will be a meeting at Ryans next
month but on the second THURSDAY.
AA4NC is looking for operators for M/S efforts for SS/phone and CQWW/CW.
Contact Will at [email protected] if you'd like to take part.
Next weekend is SS/CW so get on and send your points in for PVRC! SS/SSB
and CQWW/CW are coming too for a busy month.  Rich KE3Q will be WP3R for
both SS tests.
Propagation news: K4MA reports three recent solar flares have boosted the
index to 150 but may cause the K index to be 7 or more on Saturday.
K4TMC sent his regrets and said he's on the trail of an interesting
military 50' tubular crank up tower (AB577) that is good for 10 square
feet at 75mph.  Henry's working with KE3Q to try to get a quantity break
and maybe get some of these towers to the Maryland or Virginia area from
the source in New York.  The undiscounted price w/o shipping is $400 new
and $325 used.  The 9/97 "CQ" shows an array of these towers holding a
monster 15m monobander and the 11/98 "QST" shows another example during
Field Day.  Contact Henry at [email protected] for more details.
ARRL certificates and awards:
N4TL  - 10m 1st place Roanoke mixed
K4QPL - DX 1st place NC LP/CW
NX9T  - DX 1st place NC HP/SSB 15m
KS4XG - DX 1st place NC HP/SSB
N4TL  - VUCC for 100 grids confirmed on 6 meters
Around the Table.  KF4ARS will be doing the midnight to 3am shift during
SS/CW from the W4ATC club station at NC State U.
KS4XG enjoyed the AA4NC station with callsign W4MR for CQWW/phone (15m).
K4QPL will be using the KS4XG station for SS/CW. Jim mentioned that his
buddy John K4BAI will be using the W4AN station for SS.  We all wish John
well and look forward to witnessing his performance with competitive
equipment. Jim  continues to shop for goodies for a Rohn 25 tower of 70-70
N4CW is moving dirt!  Bert reports the tower hole and one guy anchor hole
have appeared in the clay and sandstone at his Raleigh QTH. He estimates a
tower raising party in December or January to put up 90' of Rohn 25. A
trip to his Maine QTH is coming up and he'll be hauling his Rohn 45 up
there. Bert will   be burning up his wire antennas during SS this weekend.
N3QYE has organized a serious effort for SS at the W4ATC station and has
updated log charts of SS rate graphs at http://w4tc.ece.ncsu.edu/~n3qye/
WX4DX has has the ex-AA4NC Pro67 up on his tower and is very pleased with
its performance. George took part in CQWW/SSB and has gotten a copy of CT
set up for upcoming contests.
K4HA took part in CQWW/SSB in between helping with NT4D and AA4NC antenna
work. Bob described tests he and K4PB made with their FT1000MPs after they
added the Inrad IF modification to reduce noise. They are very impressed
with the improvement available with this inexpensive modification.
AA4NC thanked those who helped with his tower work to get over lightning
damage and finish upgrades. Will reported that both 40m antennas are up
but there is a phase problem with the stack switching. He also recently
got a 2nd FT990 to replace his IC736 so he has matched transceivers now.
NT4D thanked those who helped with getting his KT34XA and M2 4el 40m yagi
erected. Jay is very pleased with the performance of his new tower and
antennas based on some tests during CQWW/SSB and he looks forward to
NX9T took part in CQWW and pushed his tribander and wires hard. Jeff is
also reving up for SS.
K4MA got his first opportunity to try his newly completed home station
with a serious effort in CQWW/SSB as SOAB w assist. Jim was very pleased
with his antenna performance on 40-10 meters. He got all zones except #21
on 20 meters and provided a few observations about propagation during the
Next Month.  The next chapter meeting will be at Ryans in Cary 6pm
CENTRAL MEETING MINUTES - 11/9/98 by Tyler Stewart, K3MM
In attendance were members:  WR3L, W1HIR, W3DQ, K3OSX, AA4KD, N4MO, W3ZZ,
WI2T, W3AZ, N3RC, N3RR, K4VV, N3OC, K7LU, K3ZJ, KU3M, K3MM and guest
speaker, N4XX.
Most of the allotted time was spent by N4XX, who gave a very interesting
presentation on 160M propagation.  
By unanimous vote, the board-recommended slate of officers nominated at
the last meeting were re-elected for 1999.
K3MM announced that the Christmas Dinner will be held at the same location
as last year, Olive Garden in Tysons Corner, VA on the regular second
Monday meeting night, December 14th starting at 6PM.  Features for the
evening will be an awards presentation with no less that SIX ARRL club
gavels and the first round of the PVRC 5 Million Awards.  After the
awards, we'll have mini slide shows from K3MM at PJ9B, N3OC at V26B, KE3Q
at WP3R, and possibly K4ZW from who-knows-where!
(We had just a few minutes for "intros" at the end of the meeting before
we got kicked out of the library, so please excuse the brevity/omissions.)
WI2T was at W3GNQ for CQWW Phone and missed SS CW due to his anniversary.
W3AZ wasn't on for WW, but got on for SS CW, missing ND.
AA4KD did 66k in WW ph and noted the confirmed lack of VE's in SS CW
KU3M has been having lots of antenna problems.
N3RR's IC781 died during WW ph and is back at the factory.  His group made
800 x 79 M/S in SS CW
K4VV was one of the op's at N3RR's for SS CW.
K3MM was at PJ9B for WW phone doing mostly 40 meters with a new 3 el 40
meter beam at 125'!  Numbers were 2552/139/34 on that band.  Beverage
antennas were very helpful to the performance on 40.  Overall claimed
score is just over their previous world record at 58.6 million, but
probably wont hold up after scrutiny.  SS CW was barely a personal best at
1306 x 79.
N3OC was at V26B for WW phone where he reports they had the best time
ever.  With a lot of operators available, they set up 6 hour operating
shifts which allowed everyone lots of R&R time.  Brian lamented the fact
that during he broke his Heil's during SS by yanking the long cord out and
didn't have a backup set.   Meeting adjourned.
EASTERN-SHORE MEETING, 11/15/98 by Dallas Carter, W3PP [email protected]
The ES chapter of PVRC met at noon on Sunday 15 November at the shack of
W3PP. Members present were Dallas W3PP, Ed KE3ZR, Ron W3OR, Jim NV3V,
Glenn N3HUV, Pat KW3Z, Gene W3ZZ and Fred K3ZO.  Present for his second
meeting was Layton KE3ZZ.
Dallas confirmed all telephone numbers and E-mail addresses for ES members
for update to the club roster.  Corrections will be sent to W2GG under
separate cover.  Layton submitted an application for membership, which
will be hand carried to the next central meeting by Fred.  Layton was one
of the three operators in the KE3ZR M/S RTTY Roundup in January that
netted 1st place for U.S. and Canada.
KE3ZR commented in his new antenna installation on Friday (the 13th).  All
went very well, and he now has a TH7 at 93' and a 2 el Cushcraft 40 at
82'.  He is in the process of installing his C3 on a rocket launcher, with
a Dipole and 900' horizontal loop for 80.  With his FT-1000MP and Titan
Linear he should be heard well in SS next weekend.
KW3Z said that he gave CQWW a try at home.  The event was planned to get
his son AA3KE involved in contesting, but it seemed that Girls and
computers took their toll and Erik made no QSO's in the process, although
he did walk through the shack once.  Pat will try again on the CW weekend.
NV3V mentioned that he has a stand alone DX node in Greensboro, MD, and is
looking for 220 gear to bring in the backbone from WR3L.  That would give
us a good second source for packet here on the lower shore.  AA1K hopes to
complete the FRC node in Felton, DE  within a week or so.
W3ZZ discussed low band antennas.  Of particular interest were his
comments regarding EWE antennas.  Gene says that he has been focussing on
VHF and UHF in the past few years and only made about 10 or 12 QSO's in
the SS.  

W3OR said that although he had some damage to his VHF/UHF arrays in the
summer storms, he is holding off on repairs until his new 5 GHz dish is
completed.  Then he will have a tower taken down, make repairs and install
the new dish.  He and Gene discussed something called F2 openings, must
have to do with VHF stuff, I didn't understand much of it.
K3ZO made note of his tactical error in the recent SS, by too much S&P.
He also noted that during the Aroura on Saturday night, by pointing his
40m beam north, he could here everyone everywhere.  It produced his best
runs.  Fred also mentioned that his new EWE antenna hears very well on
160.  Now he will be able to work someone there.
N3HUV mentioned how he enjoyed the SS this year.  He knew there was a lot
of DE activity because no one asked him to QSY north a few yards.  Glenn
lives on the MD/DE line.  He is now putting together a voice keyer and
will be ready for the SSB portion.
It sure was great to have Fred and Gene visiting us over here on the
shore. Hope to have more of you join us in the future.
NW REGIONAL MEETING MINUTES 11/17/98 by Tyler Stewart, K3MM
Greg being otherwise occupied, I took care of the NW meeting this month.
Due to Greg's absence, we had a record attendance of 24!
Those present were members: K3MM, K3IXD, N3KTV, W3EKT, WD3A, K3TZV,
KI4HK, W3NRS, KT4W, W6NRJ, and N3HBX.  Also present were guests K3ACG and
non-ham Tom Broderick.
After another fine meal and some huge mugs of beer, we called the meeting
to some semblance of order.
KT4W has been doing tower work recently at N4RV's QTH.  W3NRS, one of a
few recently lighter NW members reports he is down to 248 and falling, but
has no plans for SS phone.  WA3IKK, Dusty, reports working the BQ9 on 3
K3TZV recently finished his recabling project.  He managed to work VQ9 on
3 modes!  The PA region has had 2 regional meetings so far in 1998 and
hoping for a third.  They recently added 3 or 4 new members.  Steve
reports that KC3TL just had an antenna party for an F12 C4 raising that he
is very happy with the results.  WD3A did CQWW phone at W8ZA's.  With 175
QSO's in SSCW, Tom reports making SLOW progress towards the 5 million
W3EKT has been out of town and is doing lots of yard work now that he's
back.  N3KTV is contemplating a new 2 meter for his truck to make up for
the recent repeater troubles.  
K3IXD reminded us that N1KC is now taking orders for shirts, etc.  Ed
offered to deliver the goodies to a NW meeting of we wanted to order.
He'll be on for CQWW phone from home.  He recently put up a 2el 2meter Big
Wheel at 70 feet.  Local testing yielded QSO's through 1296!  
KI4HK had lots of fun at K1DQV's for CQWW Phone.  K3UT recently helped him
do a bunch of tower painting at his Point of Rocks QTH.  N3HBX will be on
for SS phone if he can get his rotator to stop slipping.  
K3DNE has been playing in the Leonid's shower with his best DX a W7 in
South Dakota.  Ed helped out the W8ZA crew for CQWW phone - his first HF
Multi!  He's going back for SS phone to do a single op.  
K1EFI was depressed after working CQWW phone with only a G5RV antenna and
is now looking for some 25G so he can build a better signal.  
K3UT has been doing a lot of antenna work.  He recently put up phased
verticals for 75/80 meters and he was at DQV's for WW phone.  K3ACP was a
guest of K3UT.  He's been inactive for many years, but is now retired so
is hoping to have some time for ham radio again.  
W8ZA put on a 3 station multi-multi for WW phone.  He put in a couple
hours in SS CW for 155 Q's.   Bob reports that the station has performed
well with only a few minor glitches left.  
N8II was lamenting the fact that he chose to do CQWW phone as a single
band 10 meter entry.  He beat his head against a wall trying to work EU.
He put in a great effort in SS CW LP with 1021 Q's x 78 mults, missing
Maritime.  He averaged at least 60 Q's per hour til 04Z but is was very
slow Sunday.  He'll be at W8ZA's for WW CW.  
NE3H thinks he is the Cumberland County winner of the PA QSO party.  He
did a part time effort in WW phone.  A direct quote:" My mother-in-law
died and screwed up my SS CW weekend!"   Joe recently spent some
considerable effort filtering his phones from RFI.  
Recent antenna work includes a K1FO yagi which he says was really tough to
deal with in 40 mph gusting winds!  He has a new brick amp on 2 meters.
He has also been working on low band RX antennas with a 160M EWE up and
some slinky's on the way.  
K3SX is almost skinny having recently lost 62 pounds!  He's been adhering
to a 1500 calorie and 1 hour exercise per day regimen and it shows!
Congratulations!  He says 160 has been disappointing so has been working
on building up his VHF station inside.  He worked his first VE's in last
weeks aurora opening.  
W6HZW did SS CW from N3RR's - his first CW contest!  He had a great time.
W6NRJ was at K1DQV's for CQWW phone and spent most of his time gawking at
Roger's Big Bertha array!  He's been  having success working with wire
antennas, especially 1/2 square phased loops.  
K3LP was J6/K3LP in CQWW phone had fun trying to work other PVRC members.
He had some problems breaking in the local operators, loading CT into
antique computers and putting up with a lot of cross station interference.
Tomorrow he will be pouring  concrete for 2 new tower bases at his home
QTH!  He'll be at W3LPL's for CQWW CW.
K8OQL will give out Berkeley County WV in SS this weekend and will be at
W8ZA's for WW CW. 
K3MM was at PJ9B MM for WW phone.  He operated 40 meters with WA3LRO
amassing 2550 QSO's, 139 countries and 34 zones using a new full-size 3
element 40 meter beam at 125 feet!  Use of beverages was very important
and they have lots of good ones.  Claimed score was  58.2 million...just
over their own world record, but probably wont hold after log checking.
SS CW was just barely a personal best with 1306Q's and a sweep.  With K3LR
reporting 1311, it'll be interesting to see what happens with the log
checking this year.  He'll be back on for SS phone and back at W3LPL's on
20 meters with K3RA for CQWW CW.
K3MM reminded everyone that the PVRC Christmas dinner will be at the Olive
Garden Restaurant in Tyson's Corner, VA on December 14th starting about 6
PM.  There will be lots of awards to present and the program will be mini
slide shows by K3MM on PJ9B, N3OC on V26B and FS, KE3Q at WP3R and ?, and
possibly K4ZW from who knows where!  It should be lots of fun and good
food, so don't miss it!  We also voted in 4 new members at this meeting!
W6NRJ is Jim Locke, an Extra from Darnestown, MD.  Jim enjoys many
activities but especially 160 meters.
W3INK, Stan Staten is an Extra from Gaithersburg, MD.  He's just starting
to learn contesting.  He's active in MARS and the Montgomery ARC.  He's
also run's the W3INK packet BBS.
W3CB, Cliff Bedore is an Extra from College Park, MD.  He's been meeting
with the BWI group and is now voted into PVRC!
N3WK, William Klocko is an Extra residing in Annapolis, MD.  Sponsored by
K3DI, he's operated at Dick's a couple of times now.  He also enjoys
traffic handling.
Congratulations to these new members!  With no more announcements, meeting
was adjourned!
OVER-THE-HILL LUNCHEON 11/18/98 by Ben Shaver, AA4XU
On Wednesday noon, November 18, 1998, the following attended the PVRC
Over-The-Hill Lunch meeting in Annandale, VA: K6ETM George Sinclair, K3ZO
Fred Laun, W3ZZ Gene Zimmerman, W3UJ Henry Herman, W3XE/M Andy Andersen,
W3GN Laurence Fadner, W6AXX Howard Leake, W4RV Sam Brown, W3AZ Bill
Leavitt, W4RX Jim Ahlgren, AA4XU Ben Shaver.
by Barry Shapiro, WR3Z [email protected]
Site.  Home of N1WR, Wayne Rogers, on 23 November 1998 at 7:30 PM.
Attendees.  WR3Z, Barry; KD4D, Mark; N3WZR, Chuck; N3HRT, Marty; N1WR,
Wayne.  All in attendance are current PVRC members.
Agenda.  Being the kick off meeting for the Southern Maryland PVRC region,
immediate attention was directed toward an outreach effort for recruiting
additional members for PVRC from the region.  Attendees had several
potential recruits in mind, which included hams who were both active in HF
and VHF/UHF activity.  More to follow on this.
Other discussion topics included recent and upcoming contest activities.
This mainly covered the recent Sweepstakes activities.  WR3Z reported
scores of 98K for CW, 96K for SSB.  N1WR reported a score of 95K for SSB.
KD4D reported a score of approx 97K for CW.  All were reminded of posting
their scores to the Reflector and submitting their scores to ARRL.  Also
discussed were the upcoming 160M and 10M contests (club competition
A vote was taken that future meetings will be held on the 1st Monday of
each month.  Location will be at N1WR's home until alternate locations are
found.  146.775 will be the monitoring frequency.  There will be no
December meeting (too close to the Christmas dinner).  The next meeting
will be held on 7:30 PM Monday January 4th at Wayne Rogers, N1WR, 2319
Park Chesapeake Drive, Lusby, MD.  410-394-0313  Monitor: 146.775 repeater
SHORT NOTES by the editor 
Though not a PVRC function, many of our members will be attending the
sixth annual "Beezer" Christmas dinner at the Cuckoo's Nest, 3333
Olney-Sandy Springs Road (Rt 108) in Olney, MD.  The dinner will be
Monday, December 21st with arrival about 6:00 pm and dinner at 7:00 pm.
All dishes are $20 (except $25 for the 16 oz NY strip steak) including tax
and tip.  Dishes are chicken parmesan, shrimp scampi, sauteed chicken
marsala, fried seafood combination (shrimp, haddock. oysters, backfin
crabcake), baked stuffed flounder, NY strip (10 oz), and prime rib (10
oz).  Served with tossed salad, backed potato, and coffee or tea.  Dessert
is chocolate sundae, apple pie, or sherbet.  Bob Lutz needs a head count
and menu selection no later than December 14th.  He requests a reply via
packet to W2BZR.  (His home 'phone is 301-253-2018.)
PVRC Member, Owen Wormwer, K6LEW, was elected as Vice Chair to the
National Frequency Coordinators' Council.  The NFCC's new web site is open
at http://arrl.org/nfcc.  Among other things, the site contains the
ARRL/NFCC memorandum of understanding, the NFCC Bylaws as amended last
January, and the NFCC Certification Standards. (ARRL Letter via K3ZO)
QSLing reminders: Effective January 1, 1999, the ARRL Outgoing QSL Service
fee increases to $6 per pound (or portion thereof). Other fees remain
unchanged; $1 for 10 cards, $2 for 20 cards and $3 for 30 cards, etc.  On
January 1, 1999, US first-class postage goes to 33 cents.  Remember to
send your Incoming QSL Bureau extra postage.   (ARRL Letter via W3LEO).
PVRC DX peditions:  Please send me your DXpeditions plans for inclusion in
the Newsletter. 
     NP2S (SO) by K3DI
     HK/San Andres. K5OF and AA3KX with score to Woodbridge Wireless.
     VP2V (M2) by W4NF, W4RM, W4CE, & W4DAV.
My goal is to have the Newsletter in your hands a few days before the
monthly central meeting.  I back time production based on the printer's
schedule (a one person shop who takes about 4 days), a guess of the postal
delivery, and my schedule.  I mention this because the January issue will
be close.  While away for the holidays, I hope to retrieve my email, edit
the material, and rush it to the printer when I return and hope she can
get it out in two days.
After the rush of scores and order forms, I'll be looking for more
articles.  If the article is text only, I usually convert it to an ASCII
text file before importing into the Newsletter so you don't have to worry
about making it pretty.  Also, I can pass the article by my XYL (former
English teacher) before it hits the presses.
As a way to entice new members into contesting, I have announced in our
Autocall column that PVRC is distributing free shareware copies of CT 6.26
with updated ARRL.CTY, CQWW.CTY, and SS.SEC files in the old CT6 format.
As yet, I have not built a MASTER.DAT file.  I am limiting distribution to
anybody in our 175 miles radius contest area or PVRC members living
anywhere.  Do you know of a Ham that could be a future PVRC contester?
For a copy, send an email request to the editor for reply via an email
attachment.  Or, send either a 1.2M or 1.44M floppy with return postage to
the editor.  See the reference page for addresses.  The disk will also
contain the popular VHF contest program by WG3E.
If you hear KF3P it is not via a time delayed propagation warp (or
whatever it is called) it is because that call is now  assigned to PVRC/NW
with Tyler, K3MM, as trustee.
Please notice that the C3I advertisement in this issue of your Newsletter
lists their VHF antenna line.  Support form C3I and HRO are important to
defray production costs and we request that you consider our advertisers
when upgrading your contest station.
Long time member Dick Phelps, N4RP, of Delray Beach, FL is currently
active as C6AKP.
The following by VE2DOH is from the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society
reflector.  In my relatively modern Naval career, PCH was a night or day
source to double check the calibration of the R390s.  
Any marine operator will remember the universal signal pervading the bands
and spanning many decades of Scheveningen Radio/PCH.   PCH was one
European station that could be heard in just about every corner of the
world, DAN was a close second.  The GKA, B and C broadcast signals from
Portishead, although beamed for the appropriate areas, were often dwarfed
by powerful PCH, which was one reason we relied so much on the Long
Distance Area Scheme.
An excellent video is available entitled QRT 500 portraying the last
signals transmitted from coast stations around the U.K. December 31, 1997.
The following quote details the closure of PCH,  yet another sad reminder
of the halycon days of professional CW.
On 1 January 1999 PCH will close down permanently, but there will be a
farewell day :
From 19 Dec 98 1500 UTC until 20 Dec 98 it will be possible to work PCH
crossband: CW only use call PCH (approved by DRD) on: 4250/3525,
8622/7025, 12799.5/14050, 17198.9/18085.
by Bob Dannals, W2GG 
* * *  Changes/additions/deletions to  * * * 
* * *    [email protected] or packet    * * *
### = missing information
ARRL CW SS Scores #6 11/16/98
 ARRL CW SS (#7 12/01) by W2GG
K3MM    B  1306  79    206,348
N4AF    B  1305  79    205,874
W4MR    B  1276  79    201,608
W3PP    B  1245  79    196,710
K3ZO    B  1196  78    186,576
N4ZR    B  1138  78    177,528
N8II    A  1021  78    159,276
N4CW    B   996  78    155,376
K1HTV   A   947  79    149,626
K3SV    B   930  79    146,940
K4MA    A   885  79    139,830
W4YE    A   841  79    132,878
W3MC    A   837  79    132,246
K4QPL   A   837  77    128,898
K7GM    A   763  79    120,554
N3NT    A   748  78    116,688
K3KO    B   715  77    110,110
N3AM    B   708  76    107,616
W3HVQ   B   641  79    101,278
W9LT/8  B   671  75    100,650
N3II    B   635  79    100,330
WR3Z    A   629  78     98,124
K3KY    B   623  78     97,188
N3OC    B   599  78     93,444
KM3V    A   581  78     90,636
W3DA    B   ###  79     90,000
K3AN    Q   576  77     88,704
K4IQ    A   575  76     87,400
W3UJ    A   553  79     87,374
N4MO    A   563  72     81,072
W3AZ    B   507  78     79,092
WD3P    Q   539  73     78,694
K2AV    B   464  73     67,744
K3SA    A   450  73     65,700
KU3M    B   394  73     57,524
W3CB    B   382  75     57,300
W4PRO   Q   344  79     54,352
K2UOP   B   364  74     53,872
W3CP    A   337  78     52,572
N4GU    A   355  73     51,830
K4PB    A   334  75     50,100
N1WR    Q   339  70     47,460
AA4KD   A   299  68     40,664
N3WK    Q   200  63     25,200
NX9T    A   200  60     24,000
K1GG    B   181  66     23,892
W4VC    A   161  73     23,506
ND3F    A   165  58     18,500
W3DAD   A   141  53     14,946
K4SO    B   129  56     14,448
W2CS    B   134  52     13,936
N3RC    A   104  50     10,400
W3GN    B    36  22      1,584
N4MM    B     5   5         50
W4MYA   B  1153  79    182,174
W4RM    B  1122  79    177,276
NJ4F    B  1031  79    162,898
N3RR    B   863  79    135,722
NT4D    B   870  79    137,460
WR3L    B   754  79    119,132
W4ATC   B   727  79    114,866
K3DI    B   718  79    113,444
W4ZYT   B   636  79    100,448
W2GG    A   523  79     82,634
NY3M    A   367  79     57,986
K3HH    A   222  65     28,860
KT4W    B   100  40      8,000
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
67 LOGS       TOTAL   6,239,148
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WP3R    B  1565  79    247,270
        by KE3Q
Visiting operators:
AA4NC was operator at W4MR
Multiop operators:
        K1SE K4EU Daisy
NT4D    NT4D packet
K3DI    K3DI packet
W2GG    W2GG packet
NY3M    NY3M Dave Long
K3HH    K3HH packet
KT4W    KT4W packet
                 logs Total CW & SSB
Potomac V R C     154   12,778,736
Northern Ca C C   115   10,923,976
Southern Ca C C    51    6,681,810
Yankee Clip C C    90    6,181,914
 CQWW DX SSB (#7 12/01) by W2GG
K3ZO      2353 140 457 3,961,095
K3LP/J6   2847  93 295 2,456,040
NX9T      1163 118 379 1,600,000
K2UOP      612  90 257   576,020
N4CW       552  85 248   501,498
WA4JUK     624  84 216   504,000
K4HA       502  98 258   489,144
W4MR   15 1033  30 120   430,030
AJ3M       511  88 214   401,056
N3RC       490  80 214   397,488
KC4B       514  64 195   376,327
KC3TL      464  81 226   360,418
KE3Q   10  793  31 133   330,000
N8II   10  737  29 125   311,388
W7CAV      395  64 180   268,888
K4RZ       ###  66 176   265,474
N4AF       ###  ## ###   200,000
K4IQ       252  49 142   129,689
N4ZR       242  49 136   126,170
K3SV       200  65 148   112,038
W4IF       186  39 111    79,500
W4SD       162  50 111    67,942
K3IC       242  22  75    66,833
K3MLA  10  218  28  71    58,905
N3QYE      167  38  86    55,924
N4MM       ###  ##  ##    44,892
W4PRO      116  88  49    42,333
K3OSX  10  118  21  60    25,758
W3JRY       78  27  53    14,960
K7LU        71  23  48    13,774
W8LRL 160   77  16  42    10,672
W3UJ       770  85 273   760,034
N4MO   15  642  31 118   274,309
K4TMC  10  345  25  89   109,896
W3YD       186  39  97    68,952
AA4KD      170  53 110    66,341
W3CP   15  223  21  80    61,812
K1SE       176  41  99    61,740
K1EFI  20  183  21  79    50,000
N3TG       117  38  78    35,032
K3GEG  10  137  19  53    26,568
W4YE       ###  31  58    22,517
N3EYB       57  19  40     8,437
N4BTO       37  16  25     3,977
K4MA      1464 153 511 2,675,256
N2QT      1294 138 473 2,161,718
W3HVQ      620 109 309   705,166
N3II       565 108 320   654,840
KB3AUG     569  94 301   616,595
K3KO       555  85 243   509,712
N3NT       448  87 230   378,181
K3IXD      425  83 242   375,700
NV3V       478  78 193   350,000
NT4D       417  85 222   348,445
N3GPU      403  64 177   261,967
N4GU   15  434  32 114   174,470
K4SO       241  56 167   147,626
WR3L   15  330  32 115   136,710
NE3H       184  54 122    86,592
W1WTG      153  53 105    69,046
KO4MR  10  179  30  99    63,468
W9LT      1833 153 544 3,526,123
W3GNQ     1551 144 515 2,831,723
N4RV      1484 147 531 2,780,000
HZ1AB     1394  93 311 1,576,408
N1WR      1018 111 368 1,338,720
W3LPL     6069 179 739 15,282,864
W4MYA     3839 172 639  8,440,077
PJ9B     19624 189 825  5,820,000
V26B      #### ### ###  3,227,000
W8ZA      1557 137 477  2,642,042
KH7R      #### ### ###  1,812,500
K3DI       907 131 462  1,462,931
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
73 LOGS  TOTAL        76,283,751
Frankford R C        360,666,652
Yankee Clipper C C   296,323,389
Potomac Valley R C   135,331,448
North Coast Contest   71,646,476
* * * * * * * * * * * * *  OPERATORS:
KH7R   ND3A plus 15 non-PVRC ops
PJ9B   K3MM plus 9 non-PVRC ops
V26B   N3OC plus 11 non-PVRC ops
       N3GB W3LPL K3RA KD4D K1RA
       K1RZ N5OKR K5OF
       W4HZ W4MYA W4PFM(5X4F) W4SPT
       WA4DAI WK4Y WU4G Lilly
 ARRL PH SS (#3 12/01) by W2GG
 **  SINGLE OP K3MM    B  1770  79    279,660
W4MYA   B  1545  79    244,100
K3ZO    B  1557  79    245,690
W3PP    B  1496  79    236,368
K4MA    B  1421  79    224,360
W0CN    B  1400  79    221,200
K4IQ    B  1300  79    205,400
K1HTV   A  1275  79    201,450
KE3ZR   B  1001  79    158,158
W4MR    B  1000  79    158,000
N4AF    B   875  76    132,848
KB3AUG  B   831  79    131,298
NX9T    B   750  79    118,500
W8ZA    B   726  79    114,708
W3HVQ   B   713  79    112,654
K3MQH   A   700  79    110,600
W4YE    A   663  79    104,754
N4MO    A   637  79    100,646
KC3TL   B   653  74     96,644
WR3Z    A   608  79     96,064
N1WR    A   617  77     95,018
4U1WB   B   578  78     90,168
K4SO    B   550  79     86,900
W3ZZ    B   540  78     84,240
KS4XG   B   500  77     77,000
N4GU    A   483  76     73,416
K3IXD   B   452  79     71,416
N3II    B   390  79     61,620
W3UJ    A   410  75     61,500
K4HA    A   363  79     57,354
NV3V    A   344  78     53,664
N4CW    A   350  75     52,500
W7CAV   A   301  79     47,558
K3AN    Q   298  78     46,488
N4ZR    B   290  72     41,760
W3CB    A   250  75     37,500
K4QPL   A   240  72     34,560
K3KO    B   206  73     30,076
W4VC    A   135  68     18,360
N3EYB   A    98  49      9,604
W3HVQ   B    28  26      1,456
N3RR    B  1156  79    182,648
WR3L    B  1126  79    177,908
NT4D    B  1027  79    162,266
W4ATC   B   865  77    133,210
K3DI    B   532  79     84,056
K3SV    B   524  79     82,792
K1GG    B   500  79     79,000
N3NT    B   429  79     67,782
W2GG    A   359  79     56,722
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
50 LOGS     PH TOTAL  5,451,644
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
67 LOGS       TOTAL   6,239,148
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
117 LOGS GRAND TOTAL 11,690,792
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WP3R    B  ####  79    ###,###
by KE3Q
VO1AA   A   515  77     79,310
4U1WB by AJ3M
Multiop operators:
NT4D    NT4D packet
K3SV    K3SV packet
N3NT    N3NT packet
W2GG    W2GG packet
                 logs Total CW & SSB
Potomac V R C     154   12,778,736
Northern Ca C C   115   10,923,976
Southern Ca C C    51    6,681,810
Yankee Clip C C    90    6,181,914
 CQWW DX CW (#1 12/01) by W2GG
K3ZO      3481 154 470 6,336,096
N4AF      3133 142 454 5,366,980
W4MR      2288 139 439 3,843,700
N4ZR      2122 129 421 3,389,100
WF3J      1300 124 377 1,863,219
W3MC      1421 110 337 1,842,534
K3OSX     1131 124 356 1,542,720
K3SA       932 116 373 1,306,119
W3GN      1006 112 343 1,267,630
NT4D       645 128 326   806,304
W9LT   15 1369  35 115   601,800
W3GG   40  939  33 117   410,250
N4MM       628 114 308   758,334
N3JT       500  74 207   394,805
W3CP   15  331  26  96   120,780
W4ZYT      154  54  92    61,612
W3TMZ  40  148  29  95    51,088
N4SLR  40  201  19  70    49,306
W4HM   10  190  23  68    47,957
K4VV   20   78  16  32    10,608
N1WR       967 109 344 1,257,258
W3UJ       864  98 320 1,080,948
K4PB       721 126 350   971,040
W3DAD      575  71 242   519,267
K7CMZ      546  87 246   497,169
N4MO   15  835  34 112   353,320
N3UN       359  82 203   281,010
AA4KD      346  63 175   223,958
W3CP   15  331  26  96   120,780
K7GM       188  47 103    77,850
K4EP        61  19  41    10,200
K3KO      1400 135 416 2,208,408
K3SV      1297 114 434 2,056,644
N4ZJ      1225 125 423 1,929,508
W3HVQ     1099 123 359 1,508,660
N3II       698 118 351   925,806
K3DI       622 113 335   771,456
K4MA       583 110 278   637,484
N4RV      2089 148 505 3,940,855
NY3M       497 100 297   552,227
K4KDJ      378  70 188    87,118*
A61AJ    13081 196 730 31,000,000
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
42 LOGS    CW TOTAL    81,081,908
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
73 LOGS   SSB TOTAL    76,283,751
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
115 LOGS GRAND TOTAL  157,365,659
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Frankford R C        360,666,652
Yankee Clipper C C   296,323,389
Potomac Valley R C   135,331,448
North Coast Contest   71,646,476
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
       T97M W3UR
K4KDJ  K4EP plus two non-PVRC ops
NY3M   NY3M Dave Long
* one third of total score
Thanks for sending your score to W2GG but even more important did you
remember to send your score to ARRL or CQ?  Deadlines are listed on page
one of this issue. -editor
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