From [email protected] Wed Dec 3 21:30:27 1997 Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 18:10:06 -0500 (EST) From: "Dick Wilder (K3DI)" To: [email protected], [email protected], NCJ , [email protected], [email protected], W0CN , [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Cc: [email protected] Subject: PVRC December Newsletter

PVRC December Newsletter 1997

Wed     weekly  PVRC BWI breakfast 7:30 AM at Basil's Deli Port on
                Elkridge Landing Rd. Info from W6AXX
Thu     Dec 4   PVRC/NC meeting at Luna's, 3227 Avent Ferry Rd, Raleigh at
                6 PM.
Mon     Dec 8   Central meeting and Christmas party in Tysons Corners, VA.
                See page 1.
Fri     Dec 12  SW VA at Denny's Restr, West Salem, VA.  K4IQ
Tue     Dec 16  NW meeting, Legends Restr, Hampton Inn, I-270/Rt85,
                Frederick MD at 8:00 PM 
Tue     Dec 16  Tidewater Colony meeting, China Palace Restr, Jct
                Newtown/Kempsville Rds, Norfolk
Thu     Dec 4   PVRC/NC meeting at Luna's, 3227 Avent Ferry Rd, Raleigh at
                6 PM
Mon     Jan 12  Central meeting, Espiscopal Ch, Rt 5, Temple Hills, MD
                (Feb 9 at the library in Vienna, VA)
by Rich Boyd, KE3Q (From pkt messages- editor)
The annaul PVRC Christmas dinner will be at the Olive Garden Restaurant,
Route 7 at International Drive and Gallows Rd., Tyson's Corner near the
Beltway (Virginia), on Monday, December 8, 1997, 7:30 p.m.
The program will start with K3LP and KE3Q showing slides (if developed in
time)  of their A61AJ Dxpedition in CQWW CW.  Then the main program will
be travel tales from K3ZO.
The facility at the Olive Garden is a nice, separate area that seats as
many as 120.  Plenty of room to come and go, visit your friends at other
tables and there will be a podium at one we will hear the speaker,
this time. 
We will be able to choose from the entire menu.  The highest price entre
is $13.95 but, or course, you can order just a salad, if you wish.
If you're coming, please let us (via N3OC while I'm in A6) so we can get a
head count, but if you can't let us know ahead, please don't let that
deter you.  We had 73 last year.
by Brian McGinness, N3OC, Secretary
The meeting was called to order at 7:40 by Rich, KE3Q. Members and guests
were introduced.
A discussion of the recent CW sweepstakes and the upcoming phone
sweepstakes was held.  An article from a recent NCCC newsletter concerning
club competetion was also passed around.
A runoff vote for the central region on the logo was held.
A general discussion about contest dxpeditions was held, with information
about the V26B, PJ9B and 8P9Z operations.
The officer elections for 1998 were held. A motion to close the
nominations was made by W8ZA and seconded by K3ZO. The result of the
elections are: President - Tyler Stewart K3MM, Vice-President - Brian
McGinness N3OC, Secretary - Rich Boyd KE3Q, Treasurer - Dave Baugher WR3L.
Rich presented information about the possible locations for the annual
Christmas dinner, preferable on the second Monday in December (late note -
will be 12/8/97 at the Olive Tree in Tysons corner, Virginia).
War sotries about the CQWW SSB and SS CW were held until it was realized
that two applications had not been voted on yet. New applications were
received from K7LU, Scott, an extra class operator from Fairfax, and the
infamous KA3QPG, Joel Knoblock, the perpetrator of The R.F. Connection.
Both were elected into membership, welcome to PVRC!  The meeting was
adjourned at 9:30.
by Pete Soper, KS4XG,[email protected]
Site: The meeting was held at Luna's Pizza in Raleigh 18:00-19:30.
Attendees:  AA4NC/W4MR, Will; K4MA, Jim (activities);  N3QYE, Jim; N4CW,
Bert (chairman); K3CV, Jeff Keller;  K4HA, Bob;  K4PB, Alan; N4AF, Howie;
WB4HFL, Henry; KF4MOK, Dave; K2AV, Guy; W3GCG, Willy; W2CS, Gary;  K4QPL,
Jim;  KS4XG, Pete (secretary).
Membership;  This was the first meeting of Jeff Keller, K3CV, sponsored by
K4HA.  Jeff is looking forward to joining PVRC and contributing  his
scores.  Welcome, Jeff. Willy, W3GCG (formerly WB3GCG) has been a PVRC
member for 15 years and joins us after finding the NC chapter and the PVRC
club circle moved South.  Welcome to the NC chapter, Willy.  Chapter
membership is now twenty.
Club business and announcements :  Bert, N4CW commenced the meeting.   The
logo vote is down to a runoff between design #2 and #4. The designs were
passed around and a vote was taken to be forwarded  to the PVRC secretary
N3OC. Member's votes were as follows:       Design #2: 7 votes and Design
#4: 7 votes.
Example PVRC club QSL cards were passed around for inspection.  KS4XG
reported that PVRC secretary N3OC made it clear that there are no meeting
attendance requirements for claiming club affiliation for CQ sponsored
contests, only for ARRL sponsored events.
Member Activities:  Pete, KS4XG is down to two PL259s and hookup of the
control box for the relay switching to get his quad tribander on the air
for initial  tuneup.  Will, AA4NC said "CQWW rules, Sweepstakes sucked."
His effort at FS5PL was discussed and all agreed that their score looks
like it will hold up well.  Jim, K4MA will be active with callsign WP2Z
during SS/SSB. Jim  passed around the plaque he and Will received for
their #1 result from the ARRL DX/SSB contest. Mighty pretty!
Jim, N3QYE reports that the NCSU club station has put up a 160m fullwave
loop and expects to be active for the contest next month.   Their W4ATC
collegiate championship entry made over 600 Qs during SS/CW. Jim said that
membership at the university club is up and some members are upgrading
their license classes.
N4CW worked SS/CW from the K4PB station.  K4HA worked CQWW at the N4ZC
multi multi station. Bob said that  when JY1 called in N4ZC kept saying
"JY1 what?". Finally there was communication and someone asked "Is this
Hussein" and the answer in a very low voice was "Yeah!"
K4PB said he's going to make a M/S effort during the 160m test in December
and invites interested operators to join him.  N4AF said "SS sucked".
WB4HFL reported great results during CQWW on 10 meters. Henry  bagged
about 15 European contacts with his six element beam and many others with
his 10m antenna farm, including a novel design "rope yagi".  K4MOK is
preparing the W4ATC club station amplifier for SS/SSB and we'll be
expecting Dave's "CQ" this weekend.  
K2AV said SS sucked. Guy sorted out RFI problems but missed enough of  the
action that he's pledged an effort in the SS/SSB test, a precedent for
him.  He said that the blower noise of his AL1200 and the CW filter of his
recieer masked the Saturday night thunderstorms so much that he didnt'
notice anything. AA4NC said he didn't notice anything either, until his
station to a strike and caused the smoke to be lost from a power strip.
W3GCG explained that he moved to the area (north of Raleigh) 12 years ago
and is twice retired. He makes all band contest efforts, mostly phone, and
is experienced with tower work and offered to help others.  He has 100
feet of Rohn 45 up but almost last it due to the hurricane. He has wire
beams and eight 2400' beverages.
K4PQL said that SS/CW was his best SS in 25 years (i.e. since he took part
25 years ago!). Jim was grinning from ear to ear with enthusiasm as  he
explained how much fun it was to take part in the test using a TS850 and
TR (last SS was with a Globe King and other equipment the notetaker
couldn't catch). Jim chalked up 530 QSOs and 73 sections on 80 and 40
meters with a G5RV at 30 feet. Outstanding, Jim!
W2CS said SS/CW sucked.  Although Gary got a clean sweep (and abt 500 Qs?)
he couldn't put up with the aggravation for a full effort on QRP.
December Meeting:  Luna's Pizza, 1800 Thur Dec 4th
by Don Lynch, W4ZYT
The Tidewater Colony of the PVRC met 18 Nov at C&M Seafood, Newtown Road
(a new location) in conjunction with the Virginia DXCC.  Of almost forty
attendees, there were 14 PVRC members: W4SD, WA#QWA, K4UX, NW3K,
WD4GOY, and W4ZYT.  New members W8RJL, AF4CD, and KO4NX were inducted with
appropriate ceremony.  The chapter now totals 21 members.
An update on W4DHZ who was hospitalized shortly after last month's meeting
was noted.  He is recovering in a skiled care nursing facility but plans
to return home.  We anticipate an antenna stringing party once he is home
to get him back on the air.   Sea stories regarding group operations by
K4IX and his merry band at W4PRO's super station, and by the W4ZYT beach
pirate group from the Corolla beach house were shared with the group.
This year Bus and the K4IX group git the most Q's, but both groups were
able to make the clean sweep.  We''ll have to come up with some suitable
trophy to exchange for this now recurring annual friendly competition.  A
vote was taken on the PVRC Logo run-off: #2 = 0,  #4 = 17. 
Biref mention was made of the upcoming ARRL CW DX Test expedition to
KG4-land by NW3K, W4SD, and W4ZYT.  More details will follow.  Also noted
is that new PVRC member Lynn, AF4CD, now a Virginia Section Asst Section
Manager, will run for SM in the new year.  Plans for the upcoming CW WW
and ARRL Tests were briefly reviewed.  The meeting was adjourned around
11/21/97 PVRC/SWVA Meeting Minutes, 
by John Mitchell K4IQ
Site: Pargo's Restaurant in Roanoke, VA, 1800-2100
Attendees: K4IQ, John; W4YE, Buddy; K1GG, Gordon; N4GU, Mike; WA4RDI,
Membership: This was the first formal meeting for the SWVA PVRC Chapter.
Founding members are W4YE, K1GG, and K4IQ.  N4GU and WA4RDI have attended
previous informal meetings, and were voted into membership unanimously.
Welcome Mike and Dave!
Meeting Agenda:  The meeting began after dinner and small talk with a
fascinating presentation by Buddy W4YE (ex-W4YZC), of memorabilia from the
PVRC of twenty-five years ago, when Buddy lived in the No. Va. area, and
was an officer in the club.  Buddy brought photos from the period,
including many interesting shots of notables of that (and this) era.
Especially interesting was a copy of the Silver Anniversary booklet put
together in 1972, when Buddy was club secretary.  Buddy also regaled us
with some stories from that period, and left us with original qsl cards
from W4KFC, a legend if there ever was one.
We then went around the table to show and tell about our stations, recent
operating, and planned events.  W4YE has a short tower with a Lightning
Bolt quad and a wire antenna, but is planning to raise some AB-105 tower
in the near future.  K4IQ related his tower plans for the ridge top above
his house, and N4GU explained his current activity from his home, and from
the Club station at Virginia Tech, K4KDJ, where he is a life member.
K4KDJ was active during sweepstakes, and Mike will follow through to
canvass possible PVRC members. Mike plans to operate the ARRL 160M contest
from campus, suspending a variety of antennas for 160M from the top of the
engineering hall, which will be mostly vacant for the weekend.
Dave, WA4RDI, along with Mike N4GU and Gordon,operated the K1GG station to
what looks like a Division first in SS multi phone again this year.
Gordon, K1GG, provided the group with a description of his well equipped
station, which features three towers:
3 el. 40M at 150 ft, 5 over 5 on 20M at 100 and 50ft, 6 over 6 on 15M at
80 and 40ft, and a 6 el. 10M at 60ft, as well as wire antennas for the low
bands from the taller towers.  A second 10M antenna will join the stack on
tower three next year.  The K1GG (ex-KC4DY) gang has orked together for
the past several sweepstakes, taking the Roanoke Division multi-op plaque
several years in a row, now.
The location and date was set for the next meeting, at Denny's in Salem,
VA. at 6pm on December 12th.   The meeting was adjourned at 2045. 
The OTH bunch met at the Oxon Hill Ramada on November 12wth.  Those
attending wereAA4XU, W3ABC, K3ZO, W3EIV, W3CP, W3CP XYL, W3GN, W6AXX,
AA4I, and W3AZ.  The conversatons covered about everything in amateur
radio.  A copy of a Hallicrafters add from a mid-1950 QST was circulated
showing W3GN operating one of their new creatons.  It was a good picture
of the back of Larry's head.   Andy reported via Internet from
Murfreesboro, TN that he was on his way to Texas and in October the OTH
attendees were  K6IR, W3CP, W3GN, W3UJ, W6AXX, W3AZ,  W3EIV , W3ABC, and
The PVRC Exchange by Ed Steeble, K3IXD [email protected]
It is now time to pass these duties onto someone else.  In June I accepted
a new assignment at work and have been very busy. Plus for four years I
have been taking orders for PVRC hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and coffee
mugs.  I have informed the outgoing officers and the incoming ones that I
am resigning as the point of contact for the "PVRC items".
I encourage someone to step forward and handle this task.  It does benefit
the club.  I will be glad to pass on my lessons learned and the details of
the ordering.  With internet, there is no reason for my successor to be
local to me.  However, we could us the mail or LL.  HF and
PacketCluster(tm) shouldn't be used since the discussion are business
And please continue to support N3NT (ex-AA3HM) who handles the orders for
PVRC QSL cards; and N3OC (ex-WA3WJD) who handles the PVRC name badges
It is great to see pictures in the magazines of club members wearing the
PVRC badge and shirts, as well as being able to spot PVRC members easier
at hamfests.  I am not sure which logo won, but either way the new logo
recognizes all the states within the geographic boundary.
PVRC RECRUITING by Bob Dannals, W2GG [email protected]
To follow up on Rich Boyd's packet message about recruiting, I suggested
to him that a survey of this year's PVRC logs from CW and Phone
Sweepstakes could be performed to pull out contacts from the 7 sections
within the club's competitive boundary and "target" these stations as
potential new members might pay future dividends.
I would like to enlist your help in this effort.  You've already done the
hard part (working the stations).  For those of you who submit logs
electronically to ARRL, if you could forward a copy of that file (ASCII
text) to me via internet email (address above) or on disk, I will do the
following:  (1) pull out all contacts from MD, PA, VA, WV, NC, and DE, (2)
assemble those contacts into one database from all logs submitted, (3)
check the geographic coordinates of the stations and try to determine if
the station is within the competitive radius, (4) generate some statistics
on each station in the database (for example, estimate time on air,
contacts per hour, total contacts), and (5) provide the analysis back to
the club for future action
The more people who help in this effort, the better the portrait will be
of local activity during the contest.  I hope that you can help.
PVRC Contest Calendar for December
by Tyler Stewart, K3MM
Hopefully this will become a monthly feature of the newsletter.  I plan on
highlighting contests of major interest to PVRC members, especially all
club competitions.
ARRL 160 Meter Contest - Dec 5 2200Z to Dec 7 1600Z *Club Competition*
This is a CW-only contest which PVRC won in 1996!  In this one, W/VE works
everyone and DX only works W/VE (simlar to the ARRL DX Comp but with W to
W QSO's counting as well).  It's a lot of fun, even for those with modest
160 antennas, and it's easy to rack up a good sized score in just a few
hours, although the whole 42 is allowed.  Exchange is 599 + Section.  Help
PVRC win another gavel and get on if just for a few's a
guaranteed good time!
ARRL 10 Meter Contest - Dec 13 0000z to Dec 14 2400Z *Club Competition*
Yet another gavel winner in 1996 for PVRC!  This is a 36 of 48 hours for
all classes.  You may enter CW, Phone, or Mixed Mode.  Multi-ops may use
packet, etc., but only enter mixed mode.  Scoring is 2 points for phone
and 4 points for CW except 8 points for novice/tech QSO's on CW only.
Mults are US states, VE provinces, DXCC countries, and ITU Regions (for DX
mobiles only).  Exchange is 599 + QTH for W/VE and 599 + serial number for
DX.  Let's pray for sunspots and another PVRC win!
Internet CW Sprint Contest - Dec 21 0200z to 0400z
This hasnt been a real popular contest on the east coast, but it's surely
a challenge!  The exchange is Number, Name, and State.  The catch is that
after your first QSO, you send the name you received on the previous QSO!
In addition, there is a QSY rule.  If you solicit a QSO on a frequency,
you must QSY at least 1 kc to call another station or 5 kc's to call CQ
again.  You can work the same station again if you have made 3 other QSO's
inbetween!  The standard thing to do is to call a CQ'er and then after
that QSO is done, it's your frequency!  Be sure and read the rules if you
want to partake seriously because this one's a LOT different.
PVRC 50th Anniversary QSO Party - Dec 31 2300Z to Jan 1 0100Z
A 2 hour on-the-air 50 year celebration!  Be sure to kiss your loved one
at midnight and then continue on!  See the newsletter or web page for
North American QSO Party - CW - Jan 10 1800Z to Jan 11 0600Z   Team
This is one I always enjoy.  Single Op's do 10 out of 12 hours.  Exchange
is Name and QTH.  Score 1 point for any QSO times total sum of
multipliers.  There are separate band multipliers for 160 through 10
meters.  Be sure and join a team (no requirements...anyone can join from
anywhere, with up to 5 members on a team) for added fun.  Passing mults is
one of the keys to success for this one!  It's a fun way to spend a few
wintery hours on a Saturday, and it's great practice for both passing and
2-radio single-op'ing.
50TH ANNIVERSARY QSO PARTY by Leo Boberschmidt, KA3TGY, Chairman, QSO
Party   301-946-3738
PVRC 50th Anniversary QSO Party, sponsored by the Potomac Valley Radio
Club. Celebrating the formation of the PVRC in 1947. 2300Z Dec 31 to 0100Z
Jan 1 [2 hours, only]. All PVRC members will sign "/50" after their call
signs. Work PVRC members once per band and mode: 3.550 3.850 7.050 7.250
14.050 14.250 21.050 21.350 28.050 28.450. Each band-mode counts
separately. PVRC stations work everyone; others work PVRC stations only.
Exchange RST and QTH [state or country]. Score 1 pt/phone QSO, 2 pt/CW
QSO, 10 pt/QSO with club station W3GRF. Special certificate to overall
winner. Certificates for high score phone only and for high score CW only;
certificates for high score in each state and for high score in each DXCC
country. Send logs to PVRC, c/o KA3TGY, 3928 Denfeld Court, Kensington, MD
20895 or to [email protected]
By the time you read this, the PVRC reflector will be moved from
to  The change of reflector was motivated by three factors:
1) N4AF's ISP was getting clobbered by bounces of the Linux .Forward file.
With 100+ subscribers, there always seems to be some users ISP that is
down- producing a 'bounced email' message to originator & owners ISP!
2) It was felt that we should tighten security, without hassling members.
3) We wanted to change the subscribe/un-subscribe structure to allow
automagic response without human intervention.
4) Occasionally, junk mail would reach ID [email protected]     This was
faithfully sent out to all subscribers !  The new site will eliminate
Now that PVRC is the club to watch/catch up to, security is being
tightened. If your email id does not contain your call, please send email
to [email protected], from the subscribing id, and enclose your call in the
email so we can guarantee all subscribers are PVRC!
TIP: Folks with generic email ID's may wish to look at
to investigate how to get a free ID- such as [email protected] They,
rather generously, also provide web and ftp space in the process.
It is NOT a true email account, but rather a unix .FORWARD file set up to
forward the mail to your true email account.  As I anticipate moving in
the future, it provides a nice way to make the ID change transparent!
        More reflector info following "Scores."  -editor
Scores by Dave Blanchard, N3II.
CQWW DX SSB (#10 11/15) by N3II
K3ZO      2315 122 438 3,638,880
K4ZW      2014 137 452 3,340,000
W9LT      1056 109 345 1,307,974
W8ZA         0   0   0   730,000
K3ZJ/8 15 1064  32 127   479,067
K2UOP/8    542  84 241   467,025
W3AZ       488  64 199   357,680
N4CW       409  81 199   305,480
N4MXT  15  571  31 130   257,406
W4YV   10  601  26 111   206,322
K3OSX      321  65 173   202,062
W3EKT      300  63 160   176,839
W4IF       138  30  81    43,290
K4PB        82  30  59    18,690
W4VC   20   51  12  35     6,627
W3KN       576  85 227   490,152
N4MO   20  491  31 117   205,128
K3XZ       294  52 115   105,210
AA3LE      229  47 125   102,168
WB2BZR 10  224  23  66    53,756
W3EMH      134  35  69    36,920
WB4HFL 10  182  19  54    36,062
W3CP   15  108  19  52    20,590
N3TG/M 20   82  17  44    13,664
K3GEG  10   69  14  30     7,920
KS4XG  20   41  11  22     3,498
W3ECU      134  45  78    40,836
K4ZAM     1168 117 366 1,569,267
N3II       882 117 415 1,286,376
K3DI       868 100 358 1,090,498
K3KY       822 107 367 1,073,610
W2GG       822 106 350 1,009,584
W3UJ       739  81 270   716,040
W3HVQ      638  92 292   667,776
W4JVN      659  90 279   656,820
N3HBX  20 1182  35 142   547,638
K3SX       506 104 270   503,778
K3IXD      455  93 266   432,595
N3NT       447  78 229   367,172
K6IR       324  59 165   217,728
WR3L   15  436  32 130   200,394
W3GG       267  44 140   140,024
W3YD       263  58 140   138,204
K3KO   15  334  28 100   121,472
N4ZR       210  53 119    97,524
K4VV   20  275  23  89    88,032
NT4D       150  46 103    57,067
N3QYE      134  43  76    43,197
8P9Z      8416 151 598 5,160,509
FS5PL     8189 155 596 3,638,970
W3GNQ     1800 143 541 3,336,552
W3LPL     5940 172 724 4,000,000
W4MYA     2833 157 590 5,758,623
V26B      4144 169 716 5,618,300
PJ9B      5434 176 718 4,477,777
N4ZC      3448 158 589 1,420,000
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
56 LOGS  TOTAL        77,088,773
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Frankford R C        328,583,151
Yankee Clipper C C   276,565,298
Potomac Valley R C   130,778,491
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
       K9VV (PVRC=1/4 OF 14.55m)
N4ZC   K4MA  K4HA + OTHERS       
       (PVRC=  1/5 OF 7,062,138)
       (PVRC= 1/9 OF 40,300,000)
V26B   N3OC K3MM + WT3Q AB2E 
       W2UDT KA2AEV WX0B W3FV 
       N2SR N2TK N5NJ (2/11 31M) 
       K3NA  K3RA KT4W K5GO N3GB
       N5OKR ND3A ND3F OH2MM 
       ON7ZV W3LPL W3ZZ WM2H
       .. AND LOUISE
ARRL CW (#10 11/25) by N3II
K3MM    1290  79    203,820
KE3Q    1210  79    191,180
KT3Y    1209  79    191,022
K3ZO    1169  79    184,702
N4AF    1133  79    178,382
W4MR    1124  79    177,592
N4ZR    1061  78    165,516
WF3T     954  79    150,732
K3JT       0   0    150,000
W9LT     937  78    146,172
N4CW     900  78    140,400
N8II     888  78    138,528
K3SV     801  79    126,558
K4IQ     741  79    117,078
N3OC     700  76    106,400
N3II     630  79     99,540
W4BQF    606  75     90,900
W3AZ     432  77     66,528
K4GMH    535  62     66,340
K3OSX    405  79     63,990
N3JT     401  76     60,952
W4MYA    357  73     52,122
K2AV     301  73     43,946
W3PP     262  79     41,396
W8ZA     260  74     38,480
K4VV     290  65     37,700
W3GG     225  62     27,900
W3HVQ    132  59     15,300
W3GN      59  33      3,894
W3EKT     51  28      2,856
W3MC     822  79    129,718
W4YE     743  79    117,394
W3DA     680  79    107,440
W2GG     657  77    101,178
K3MQH    538  78     83,928
KM3V     498  79     78,684
W3UJ     496  79     78,526
K4QPL    530  73     77,380
AC4ZO    471  73     68,766
N4MO/3   415  74     61,420
ND3F     400  76     60,800
K4SO     361  73     52,706
K3RA     340  68     46,240
W3CP     286  71     40,612
WR3L     253  76     38,456
K3SA     250  68     34,000
WA4DAI   190  63     23,940
W4VC     137  62     16,988
K4EC     159  53     16,854
K3HH     135  60     16,200
W4HM     150  53     15,900
WD3A     122  51     12,444
N3UN     112  49     10,976
K4PB     108  46      9,936
NE3H      81  30      4,860
W3DAD     25  17        850
N3TG      10   9        180
W2CS     507  79     80,106
WV3B     215  67     28,810
W3UR      34  19      1,292
W4RM    1050  79    165,900
NT4D     850  77    130,900
N3RR     728  79    115,024
K4MA     725  79    114,550
K4IX     645  79    101,910
W4ATC    638  79    100,804
K3DI     546  79     86,268
N3AM     517  79     81,686
W4ZYT    458  79     72,364
WA4QDM   317  79     50,086
WD3P     309  73     45,114
NY3M     294  71     41,748
K3SW     130  68     17,680
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
73 LOGS    TOTAL  5,620,544
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Multiop operators:
N3RR:   N3RR  KT4W  K4VV
W4RM:   W4RM  W4NF  W4CE
SS SSB (#6 11/25) by N3II
WP2Z    2379  79    375,882
KH7R    1930  78    301,080
K3MM    1865  79    294,670
K3ZO    1807  78    281,892
W4MR    1701  79    268,758
K4ZAM   1532  79    242,856
W2CS    1422  78    221,832
W3PP    1365  79    215,670
NB1B    1279  79    202,082
N3OC    1200  79    189,600
N4RV    1059  77    163,086
K8OQL   1000  79    158,000
N3HBX   1022  76    155,344
K4IQ     953  79    150,574
KE3Q     931  79    147,098
KS4XG    874  78    136,344
N3II     835  79    131,930
WI2T     656  78    102,336
W3EKT    650  75     97,500
K4HA     610  79     96,380
W3EAX    595  78     92,820
K2AV     608  75     91,200
W8ZA     570  76     86,640
N4AF     586  73     85,556
W3XY     472  79     74,576
K4SO     452  79     71,416
N3NT     412  76     62,624
K2UOP    381  75     57,150
K3IXD    374  76     56,848
K4QPL    374  75     56,100
N3UN     348  76     52,896
N4CW     328  75     49,200
W3ZZ     274  72     39,456
K3OSX    200  55     22,000
W4ZYT    105  48     10,080
W3GN      98  48      9,408
N4ZR     102  42      8,568
W4VC      67  31      4,154
K1HTV   1079  78    168,324
K3MQH   1093  76    166,136
W3KN     650  79    102,700
W3UJ     514  76     77,520
N8II     435  74     64,380
N3JT     415  76     63,080
KM3V     318  79     50,244
W4YE     300  73     43,800
KA3TGY   211  68     28,696
N3RC     206  67     27,604
WB2DNE   191  61     23,302
W3CP     153  54     16,524
W3EMH    140  53     14,840
NV3V     126  56     14,616
N3TG     123  54     13,284
AA3NM    122  54     13,176
W3ECU    100  49      9,800
K1GG    1731  79    273,498
N3RR    1221  79    192,918
W3HVQ    936  79    147,888
W4ATC    810  79    127,980
K3SW     757  79    119,606
W2GG     757  79    119,606
WR3L     733  79    115,656
NT4D     705  79    111,390
K3SV     637  79    100,646
W3LM     500  79     79,000
K3RA     528  74     78,144
N3IQ     425  79     67,150
K4VV     436  73     66,656
WA4QDM   354  79     55,932
K3LYW    353  79     55,774
KA3EJJ   305  69     42,090
K3HH     218  74     32,264
NE3H     168  64     21,504
W3UR      67  41      5,494
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
         CW       5,620,544
        SSB       6,655,010
144 LOGS  TOTAL  12,275,554
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
N3RR:  N3RR   K4VV   KT4W
WR3L:  W0CN   WR3L
WP2Z:  K4MA Great! But not PVRC
                logs Total CW & SSB
Potomac V R C   117  8,875,578
Northern Ca C C  77  7,409,132
Yankee Clip C C  83  6,106,238
Mad River R C    52  4,893,534
The paper edition of this issue contained a graphic display
of a PVRC QSL card and an order form.  If you are interested
please contact Craig Lee, N3NT, 8136 Tamar Dr, Columbia, MD 
21045.  Tel.  410 379 0288.   The prices are:  
        Qty     Price     S&H USA     S&H DX
        1000    $46       $5          $14
        2000    $87       $10         $20
        3000+   $42/K     $5/K        $10/thousand
No S&H charge if you pick up the cards at a regular club meeting.
PVRC REFERENCE PAGE (Changes this month are underscored.  Other updates?
- editor)
-----Changes are not underscored in the electronic transmission.------
PVRC Officers   
PRESIDENT   KE3Q   RICH BOYD        (301) 464-8014 [email protected]
VICE PRES   K3MM   TYLER STEWART    (301) 414-5444 [email protected]
SECRETARY   N3OC   BRIAN McGINNESS  (301) 652-6768 [email protected]
TREAS,      N3KTV  JIM HORTON       (301) 258-9731 
HISTORIAN   K3SA   STEVE AFFENS     (301) 774-0558 [email protected]
PVRC Charter Members:    
PacketCluster Contest/DX System (MHz):
K3NA    Frederick MD    145.630
W3LPL   Glenwood MD     145.590 441.250
KE3Q    Bowie MD        145.570 445.375
N3RR    Rockville MD    145.510 441.325
N4OHE   Mt.Weather VA   145.710 440.925 
K3MQH   S Mountain PA   145.630
WR3L    Baltimore MD    145.610 440.950
N4SR    Woodbridge VA   145.630 *
K4FJ    Mt. Vernon VA   145.770 *
KE3QZ   Hollywood, MD   145.690 *.
This system is sponsored by the Potomac Valley DX Spotting Network except
"*" are independently funded by each SYSOP.
PVRC on Internet. 
PVRC web site: by K3SA. 
NC (N4AF) web   
PVRC reflector:         To post: [email protected] 
To join send email: [email protected]  Text: SUBSCRIBE PVRC
Dues are by donation.  The mandatory $10 dues have been discontinued.  So
please send your donation - hopefully at least $10 - to Jim Horton, N3KTV,
8527 Calypso Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20879-1522.  Make checks payable to
PVRC.  Thank you.
Newsletter & Autocall Editor:  Dick Wilder, K3DI, 913 Shore Acres Rd,
Arnold, MD 21012-1724.  Voice 410-757-6706, FAX/modem 410-757-6720,
[email protected], and packet.  Deadlines are the 25th unless prior
arrangements are made.
Rich Boyd, KE3Q, 301-464-8014 [email protected]  The Central Meeting
is always the second Monday (except June, July, and August) at 7:30 pm.
The central meeting generally alternates between MD and VA locations. A
premeeting dinner is usually held between 5:00 and 6:30 pm.  Check via
147- repeater.
VA LOCATION:  The Patrick Henry (Public) Library, Route 123, Vienna, VA.
Premeeting dinner at Outback, Old Branch Ave.
MD LOCATION:  Church of the Nativity (Episcopal), Route 5, Temple Hills,
MD.  Premeeting dinner at Topolino's.
Ty Stewart K3MM 301-414-5444 [email protected]  Meets at 8:00 pm on the
third Tuesday every month at the Legends Restaurant in Hampton Inn, at
I-270 and Route 85 in south Frederick, MD.  Essentially includes WEST
Chair: Bert Michaud, N4CW, [email protected]  Sec: Pete Soper, KS4XG,
[email protected], Activites: Jim Stevens, K4MA, [email protected]  POC
is N4CW and KS4XG.  Howie Hoyt, N4AF, 919-362-1301, [email protected] is
PVRC reflector editor.  PVRC/NC meets at  6:00 pm (may change to 5:30 pm)
the first Thursday of every month at Luna's, 3227 Avent Ferry Rd, Raleigh,
tel. 919-854-9600.   Luns'a is in s strip mall behind Courtney's
Restaurant.  Go in, and proceed to the back, and up the stairs to a large
table set and waiting for you.
Don Lynch W4ZYT 804-486-0728 [email protected]  Meetings are the 3rd
Tuesday of every month in conjunction with the VA DXCC at the China Palace
Restaurant corner of Newtown Road and Kempsville Road in Norfolk.  Take 64
to the Newtown Road exit south.  Kempsville Road is the second traffic
light.  The restaurant is across the intersection to the right.
SOUTHWEST VA CHAPTER:   Coordinator: John Mitchell, K4IQ, Catawba, VA
540-384-7377, [email protected]  Meets at Denny's Restaurant in West Salem;
exit 137 to intersection & left before the traffic light  OR  Pargo's
Restraurant in Roanoke, VA.
Weekly breakfast Wed at 7:30 AM at Basil's Deli Port on Elkrdige Landing
Rd 1/4 mile South of Winterson Road 410-850-4333.  Director: Ike Lawton,
W2EOS, 410-263-2830.   Secretary: Howard Leake, W6AXX, 410-465-7008,
[email protected]
Rotating hosts announces meeting info.  Ben Shaver, AA4XU, 703-534-4740;
Andy Anderson, W3XE, 301-384-7771, [email protected], Holiday Inn, College
Park MD; and Bill Leavitt, W3AZ, 301-292-5797, Ramada Inn, Oxon Hill
RAPPAHANNOCK or WOODBRIDGE:  Jack O'Mara W4NF 703-680-4106 and Cliff Deel
W4CE 703-491-0841 [email protected]
CENTRAL VA:  Bob Morris, W4MYA 804-457-9011 [email protected]
WEST (Shenandoah, etc)  Chairperson: vacant 
NORTHEAST:  Dave Baugher, WR3L, 410-391-9735, [email protected]
Brian McGinnes N3OC 301-652-6768 [email protected]
EAST (Annapolis)  Rich Boyd, KE3Q, see info above
OTHER MEETINGS  (based on last year):
Jun.      W3LPL open house Sat before Field Day with joint
          FRC/PVRC meeting on alternate years. (99, 01, ...)
Jun-Aug.  When joint FRC/PVRC @FRC they announce date.
Jul.      Cook out at N4AF, Apex, NC
Jul.      Open house, W4MYA, Goochland, VA.
Aug.      Joint NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ Park
Aug.      VHF++ meeting/workshop at ND3F in Ellicott City
Sep.      PVRC meeting at the FARfest in Gaithersburg
Sep.      Open house, WR3L, Baltimore
Dec.      Christmas dinner, DC area.