Weekly     Wed   BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30 am, 
                 Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.
Monthly    Fri   SWVA meeting night and location varies each month.  
                 Please check with K4IQ.
Monthly          Over-the-Hill Lunch Bunch.  
                 Date to be announced.  Hosts listed on reference page.
summer           SWVA picnic to be hosted by John Mitchell, K4IQ.  Date TBA.
Aug 5      Thu   PVRC/NC meeting, Ryans at Crossroads Shopping Center, 
                 Cary, NC.
Aug 14     Sat   NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ park, 
                 Churchton, MD at 12:00 noon
Aug 14/15        Maryland/DC QSO party.
Aug 17     Tue   Northwest meeting, Tully's Grill, 
                 1080 W. Patrick St, Frederick, MD at 7:30 pm
Aug 17     Tue   Normal night for Tidewater Colony meeting with VA-DXCC.  
                 See reference page.
Aug 28     Sat   PVRC/NC meeting/cookout at home of K4MA, Fuquay Varina, NC.
Sep 13     Mon   Next Central meeting


It's Fowlfest time!.  The joint PVRC and NCDXA meeting will be
hosted again by Marty, W3YOZ, at his "park" near Annapolis. 
Festivities start at noon on Saturday, August 14, with BBQ chicken
and drinks.  Some folks may bring the optional salad, dessert or
other munchies.  Everybody should bring a big appetite! 

>From Bridge:   I-95/I-495 to MD Route 4 (PA Ave. South/East); turn
off at MD Route 258 (Bristol/Deale); take 258 to MD Route 256; turn
left and go to Rodgers Road; turn right, go to gravel road on left,
turn left; go to 1062 sign turn right and go to picnic grounds at
the water's edge.

>From U.S. DC Beltway/50:  Take Beltway to Route 50; take Route 50
east; after crossing Patuxent River the next turnoff is MD Route
424 (Davidsonville Road); take 424 and continue until it dead ends
at MD Route 2; turn right, go 200 feet and turn left on Mill Swamp
Road; continue to MD Route 468 (Muddy Creek Road); turn right on
468 and to MD Route 256 (look for Smith's Building Supply); turn
right on MD Route 256 and continue to Rodgers Road (first left
after the Churchton Post Office); turn left on Rodgers Road, go to
gravel road on left; turn left, go to 1062 sign, turn right and go
to water's edge.

>From I-97: Take I-97 South to MD Route 665 (Allen Blvd.); take 665
to MD Route 2; take Route 2 south to Mill Swamp Road (first left
after Route 424 on right); take Mill Swamp Road to MD Route 468 and
follow the directions above.

W3AO 7A FIELD DAY by Frank Donovan, W3LPL

    Band        Mode      QSOs
    160         CW        7
    160         SSB       12
    80          CW        320
    80          SSB       439
    40          CW        1141
    40          SSB       1120
    20          CW        1156
    20          SSB       1803
    15          CW        533
    15          SSB       1136
    10          CW        99
    10          SSB       300
    10          Novice    657
    6           CW        22
    6           SSB       331
    2           CW        12
    2           SSB       53
    222         CW        4
    222         SSB       3
    432         CW        4
    432         SSB       9

Total CW QSOs             3298
Total SSB QSOs            5864
    TOTAL QSOs            9162
Final score:            26,226 points

PVRC's operation was from Tolchester Beach on the Upper Eastern
Shore of Maryland.  The QTH is a 35 foot bluff directly on the
shore of Chesapeake Bay, overlooking salt water to the west.

The line-of-sight from the W3AO site is entirely over salt water
for ten miles from an azimuth of approximately 200 degrees thru 25
degrees.  Our Field Day operation was spread out over approximately
700 feet of the bluff, just back from its face.

We used nine 50 foot AB-577 "rocket launcher" masts, each located
just 30 feet from the edge of the bluff.  The 8 HF stations
(including novice) consisted of five FT-1000MPs, two FT-1000Ds, and
one TS-950SD.

We used dipoles on 160, 80 CW, 75 SSB, and 40, a Cushcraft 402CD
Yagis for 40 CW and another one on 40 SSB, a 3 element monoband
Yagi for 20 CW and another one for 20 SSB, a 3 element monoband
Yagi for 15 CW and another one for 15 SSB, a 3 element monoband
Yagi for 10 meters and another for the Novice, a 5 element monoband
Yagi for 6 meters, and somewhat larger Yagis for 2M, 222 MHz and 432 MHz.

Who says Field Day is not a contest??
        -  -  -
W3LEO notes that N1FD reported 24,726 as a 28A entry; W3AO may have
beaten all US categories. -editor

([email protected])

In attendance were members N5OKR, K3SX, K3IXD, W8ZA, WD3A, W3EKT,
K3LP, K3UG, N3UMA, K2UOP, K8OQL, and KB3CBW and guest Melissa

N5OKR, Greg, welcomed the members and introduced his daughter,
Melissa, who had just arrived the previous Saturday from W6-land to
spend the rest of summer vacation experiencing the humidity of the
"right" coast.  She was celebrating her 15th birthday that night
with some of Tully's finest cuisine.

>From the introductions:
K3SX, Sid, has been working some 6m and 2m, and has managed to bag
Puerto Rico on 6. He is also up on 432MHz ATV now, radiating a
respectable 3W.

WD3A, Tom, worked FD from home as a 1E entry and logged 400 Qs.

W3EKT, Ed, has been busy up at the K3MQH VHF superstation Working
on the microwave bands there in preparation for the September VHF

KB3CBW, Nat, was active in FD as a 1D entry and also took part in
the recent IARU contest. In the latter, he logged 360K points with
just a vertical and a G5RV. Next up for Nat is the MD/DC QSO Party
next month. 

Brain-teaser of the day: Nat recently bought a piece of property
and, climbing to the top of the hill, saw one of his new neighbors
is also an aluminum farmer.  He saw two large towers, the taller
one still awaiting antennas.  Anyone know who Nat's new neighbor
is?  Here is an additional hint: the tower owner is a very
prominent PVRC member.

K8OQL, Jerry, worked FD from the new N4MM "dream" QTH and provided
us with an update on W9LT, who is soon to depart the area.

K3IXD, Ed, has a new Icom 746 he rung out during the IARU, and
found the cause for the poor audio reports he received during that
'test. His new 220MHz module for the FT-736 didn't work, so it was
back to the factory for that piece.

K2UOP, Tom, reports no 6m openings during FD and reminds us that
the September VHF contest is now a club competition event.
W8ZA, Robert, continues his M/M contest station upgrade with new
hardline ready to go up. He also told us his TS-850 was back from
"Little Pink Chicken" (KA3LPC) in record time after burning up the
front end.

K3UG, Barry, has his new call, a new job, and very little radio
activity right now.

N3UMA, Ben, operated the June VHF contest from Gambrill State Park
on 6m, but caught no skip. He also played a little in the IARU
contest. Most importantly, Ben found out his log wasn't "in the
books" at the ARRL for this year's phone and CW contests. All is
well now, though, by sending his log again with proof of the
original submission.

Meeting adjourned.

OTH LUNCHEON, 20 JULY 1999 by Andy Anderson, W3XE

On 20 July 1999 the Over The Hill Gang met for their monthly
luncheon at the Holiday Inn in College Park, MD.  Nine of the bast
were there.  A couple who had made reservations I guess couldn't
get kitchen passes so missed out.

In attendance were W3ABC, K3ZO, K6IR, W3UJ, N3YDT, W3CP, K3WX,
W3EDZ and W3XE.  The guest host for this meeting was K3WX as I
didn't know if I could make it or not.  He did a good job in
getting the restaurant lined up.

The first topic under discussion was Henry's, W3UJ complaint about
being called old.  Well, if you know Henry he is anything but old. 
Other and sundry subjects were discussed but we did agree to meet
again next month in VA if Ben, AA4XU gets back from vacation. 
Before I retired I couldn't understand why retired people had to
take vacations but now that the shoe is on my foot I fully

If you are an old time PVRC member and can get a kitchen pass, you
may join this distinguish group send me an email at
[email protected] or call 301 384 7771.  We generally meet on the
second or third Wednesday of the month.

F.A.R.FEST '99 AT A NEW LOCATION (edited from a FAR press release)

The Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR) will sponsor the 42nd annual
F.A.R.Fest amateur radio hamfest on Sunday, September 26, 1999, at
Prince George's Stadium 1/4 mile south of the junction of US-50 on
US-301 in Bowie, Maryland between Washington, DC and Annapolis,
Maryland.  This is a new location for F.A.R.Fest.

General admission tickets into F.A.R.Fest '99 are $5.00 at the
gate; $10.00 for tailgating, which requires the purchase of general
admission.  Vendors and other exhibitors should contact Mary
Morris, N4TCI at [email protected], or at 703-971-3905 for
more information.

For general information on F.A.R.Fest '99, contact Al Brown, KZ3AB,
8645 Tower Dr, Laurel, MD 20723-1244, or at
[email protected], or at 301-490-3188.

More details and directions to the new location will be in the
September PVRC Newsletter.


My wife's son, Philip John Fry, age 29, died suddenly in his home
in Baltimore County on July 7th.  His memorial service will be held
at 12:30 PM on August 7th at the Unitarian Universalist Church of
Annapolis, 333 Dubois Road off Bestgate road.

Did you catch Don Lynch's article in May QST titled "The Norwegian
Lady?"  It was on page 31.  Don is president of Tidewater PVRC

Pete Soper, KS4XG  passed the word that
the July NC chapter meeting didn't happen.  The next regular NC
monthly meeting will be at Ryans in Cary on Thursday the 5th of
August.  A meeting and cookout will be held on Saturday the 28th
August at the K4MA QTH in Fuquay Varina, NC.

Have you sent your reunion score to K3DI?  Add W6UM to the scores
in the last issue; he had 107Q 14S for 2996.  Chas joined PVRC in
'56 as W6HOH.


The MDC QSO Party will run on August 14th 1600 to August 15th 0400
UTC and August 15th 1600-2300 UTC.  There are plaques and
certificates to be awarded.  Scores are to be sent by Sept 1st to
the sponsor, Antietam Radio Association, PO Box 52, Hagerstown, MD

MD stations work anybody while other stations work only MD
stations.  Exchange QTH and entry category.  The QTH is county for
MD stations and others send state or country.  (VE provinces no
longer count as separate multipliers.)  Categories and associated
points per QSO are:  Club 10, Mobile 5, Technician 4, QRP 4, CW or
RTTY 3, and Standard 1.

Multipliers for non-MD stations are the MD county, Balto city, & DC
(25 possible).  MD stations count the basic 25 above, 49 other
states and DX countries.

Suggested voice frequencies are 3.92, 7.23, 14.268, 21.37, 28.38,
50.15, 146.55, & 146.58 MHz.  CW on 3.643, 3.7, 7.07, 7.126,
14.055, 21.115, 28.055, & VHF/UHF.  Try CW on odd half hours such
as 1730, etc.

The score is QSO points times the SUM of the multipliers. 
Multipliers do not repeat on each band.

Questions may be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

REFERENCE PAGE.  Please send corrections to the editor.   No changes in July.

PVRC Officers
  President       K3MM   Tyler Stewar    301-414-5444  [email protected]
  Vice President  N3OC   Brian McGinness 301-652-6768  [email protected]
  Secretary       KE3Q   Rich Boyd       301-464-8014  [email protected]
  Treasurer       WR3L   Dave Baugher    410-DX1-WR3L  [email protected]
  Historian       K3SA   Steve Affens    301-774-0558  [email protected]
  Membership Sec  W2GG   Bob Dannals     410-472-2004  [email protected]

PVRC Charter Members: 
W3GRF (SK), W4AAV (SK), W4KFC (SK), N0FFZ (SK), 

PacketCluster Contest/DX System, MHz:
W3LPL   Glenwood MD   145.590 441.250
KE3Q    Bowie MD      145.570 445.375
N3RR    Rockville MD  145.510 441.325
N4OHE   Mt.Weather VA 145.710 440.925
K3MQH   S Mountain PA 145.630
WR3L    Baltimore MD  145.610 440.950
N4SR    Woodbridge VA 145.630 *
K4FJ    Mt. Vernon VA 145.770 *
KE3QZ   Hollywood MD  145.690 *
K3SKE   Frederick MD  144.930

This system is sponsored by the Potomac Valley DX Spotting Network 
except "*" are independently funded by each SYSOP.

PVRC on Internet. 
PVRC web site by K3SA:
PVRC/NC web site by KS4XG
PVRC reflector:   (editor N4AF)
     Get latest scores & activities info here
     To post: [email protected] 
     To join* send email to:
     [email protected]  
*Members only.  If your call is not within your URL, then send
msg to [email protected]

PVRC dues and ARRL renewals:  The annual dues are by donation -
hopefully at least $10.  Club gets a cut from ARRL renewals
sent via PVRC.  Both dues and renewal checks should be made to
PVRC and sent to Dave Baugher, WR3L, 615 Rockway Beach Av,
Baltimore, MD 21221.  Thank you.

Newsletter & Autocall column Editor:  Dick Wilder, K3DI, 913
Shore Acres Rd, Arnold, MD 21012-1724.  Voice 410-757-6706,
FAX/modem 410-757-6720, Dxcluster packet, and [email protected] 
The Newsletter deadline is normally ABOUT the day after the
third Friday of each month.  The FAR deadline is 60 days prior
to the issue date.

CENTRAL:  The Central Meeting is always the second Monday
(except June, July, and August) at 7:30 pm.  The central
meeting generally alternates between MD and VA locations. A
pre-meeting dinner is usually held between 5:00 and 6:30 pm. 
Check via 147- repeater.

    VA LOCATION:  The Patrick Henry (Public) Library, Route
123, Vienna, VA. Pre-meeting dinner at Outback, Old Branch Ave.

    MD LOCATION:  Church of the Nativity (Episcopal), Route 5,
Temple Hills, MD.  Pre-meeting dinner at Topolino's.

NORTHWEST:  Greg Altig 410-775-7313 [email protected]  Meets at
7:30 pm on the third Tuesday every month at Tully's Grill, 1080
W. Patrick St, Frederick, MD.  Same center as Shoppers Food
Warehouse.  Essentially includes WEST VIRGINIA area.

NORTH CAROLINA:  Chair: Jim Stevens, K4MA, [email protected];
Sec: Pete Soper, KS4XG, [email protected], hm: 919-362-4635, wk:
919-481-6874.  Activites: Jim Stevens, K4MA.  POC is K4MA &
KS4XG.  Howie Hoyt, N4AF, [email protected] is PVRC reflector
editor.  PVRC/NC meets at 6:00 pm the first Thursday of every
month at Ryan's Family Steakhouse at Crossroads in Cary. 

Don Lynch W4ZYT 757-486-0728 [email protected]  Meetings
are the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of every month in conjunction with
the VA DXCC at The Family Buffet, Virginia Beach Blvd at
Newtown Road.  Dinnter at 1830 and meeting at 1925. 

SOUTHWEST VA CHAPTER: Coordinator: John Mitchell, K4IQ,
Catawba, VA 540-384-7377, [email protected]  Monthly meetings
alternate between Roanoke area locations

THE BWI REGIONAL/PVRC:   Weekly breakfast Wed at 7:30 AM at
Basil's Deli Port on Elkrdige Landing Rd 1/4 mile South of
Winterson Road 410-850-4333.  Director: Ike Lawton, W2EOS,
410-263-2830.   Secretary: Howard Leake, W6AXX, 410-465-7008,
[email protected]

OVER-THE-HILL LUNCH BUNCH:  Rotating hosts announces meeting
info.  Ben Shaver, AA4XU, 703-534-4740;  Andy Anderson, W3XE,
301-384-7771, [email protected], Holiday Inn, College Park MD;
and Bill Leavitt, W3AZ, 301-292-5797, Ramada Inn, Oxon Hill

PENNSYLVANIA:  Steve Cutshall, K3TZV, [email protected],

RAPPAHANNOCK: Steve Bookout, NR4M 
(ex-NJ4F)   [email protected]  Also, Larry Schimelpfenig, K7SV,
[email protected]

WOODBRIDGE:  Jack O'Mara W4NF, [email protected] 703-680-4106
and Cliff Deel W4CE, [email protected] 703-491-0841 

CENTRAL VA:  Bob Morris, W4MYA 804-457-9011
[email protected]

SOUTHERN MD:  Chair: Barry Shapiro, WR3Z.  H:301-862-2466
[email protected]
Usually on the first Monday of Sep, Dec, Mar, and May at

EASTERN-SHORE (DEL-MAR-VA):  Dallas Carter, W3PP 302-875-0550
[email protected]

WEST (Shenandoah, etc):  Chair vacant 

NORTHEAST: WR3L, see info above 

EAST (Annapolis): KE3Q, see info above

OTHER MEETINGS based on prior year(s):
May.          Meeting at Dayton Hamvention
Jun.          W3LPL open house Sat before Field Day. With
              joint FRC/PVRC meeting on alternate years. (1999, 2001,...)
summer.       When joint FRC/PVRC is at FRC,
              they announce the date.
Jul.          PVRC/NC cook out 
Jul.          Open house, W4MYA, Goochland,
Aug.          NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at W3YOZ
Aug.          VHF++ meeting/workshop at ND3F
Sep.          PVRC meeting at the FARfest Bowie
Sep.          Open house, WR3L, Baltimore
Dec.          Christmas dinner, DC area.

Month and number of the full week end.
Jan 3               ARRL VHF Sweepstakes
Jan Last            CQWW 160m CW
Feb 3               ARRL DX CW
Feb Last            CQWW 160m SSB
Mar 1               ARRL DX SSB
Mar Last            CQWW WPX SSB
May Last            CQWW WPX CW
Oct Last            CQWW DX SSB
Nov 1               ARRL Sweepstakes CW
Nov 3               ARRL Sweepstakes SSB
Nov Last            CQWW DX CW
Dec 1               ARRL 160m Mixed
Dec 2               ARRL 10m Mixed

Standings at        http://jctc.org/pvrc5m.htm
Roster updates at:  http://www.pvrc.org/pvrcmm98.htm

ATTENTION ELMERS:  A FREE COPY OF CT 6.26 with updated CTY and
SEC files is available from K3DI.  Send an request to
[email protected] for a copy returned as an email attachment.  
CT 6.26 was released by K1EA as shareware, therefore it can be
legally distributed to prospective contesters.



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RF Connections,
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