Weekly  Wed     BWI Regional weekly breakfast.  Wednesdays 7:30 am, 
                Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Road near BWI
Apr 2   Thu     PVRC/NC meeting at Luna's Restaurant, 3227 Avent Ferry 
                Rd, Raleigh, NC at 6 pm
Apr 13  Mon     PVRC Central, Library in Vienna at 7:30 pm. 
                Program is the XR0Y/XR0Z video.  Dinner before at 
                Outback, Old Branch Ave
Apr 21  Tue     NorthWest meeting, Legends Restaurant in Hampton Inn, 
                I-270 & Rt 85, Frederick, MD at 8:00 pm
April 21 Tue    Tidewater Colony meeting with VA-DXCC, D&M Seafood, 
                Newton and Virginia Beach Roads
May 7   Thu     PVRC/NC meeting at Luna's Restaurant, 3227 Avent Ferry 
                Rd, Raleigh, NC at 6 pm.
May 11  Mon     PVRC Central. Church of the Nativity (Episcopal), 
                Route 5, Temple Hills, MD at 7:30 pm 
                The program is a discussion of two radio contesting.
with a complete membership roster and reunion-on-the air 
announcement with a check sheet.  It will be mailed worldwide 
to anybody who has ever been an active PVRC member so 
please send your updated roster info to W2GG ASAP; I hope to 
finish the roster edit (and my 1040 form) by April 15th.  Please 
send Reference Page corrections to the editor by the 15th.  
Articles are welcomed but please check with me with your space 
requirements.  The final edit will be April 25th.  This is our 
chance to wake up dormant contesters inside our 175 mirad 
contest area and alert more distant PVRC^“ers to QSO us in the 
appropriate contests.     editor
Four articles are being held for a future issue due to limited 
space.  K3MM discusses warming up for a contest, N8II 
discusses WPX operating, K3MM describes a 2-radio circuit, 
and N4MM gives info on VA car plates.  Thanks all.  - editor
Log Deadlines:
April 7th       ARRL DX - Phone - email to [email protected]
May 10th        CQ WPX - Phone - email to [email protected]
There are no major contests this month.  
Go do some antenna work!
>From the Prez... by Tyler Steward, K3MM.
First let me apologize for not getting the Contest Calendar out 
last month.  Work and my trip to WP3X got in the way... (insert 
excuse # 69 here).  
I hope I don't sound like a broken record, but I want to remind 
everyone that we'd like to collect at least $10 from all members 
as a "donation" to help the club fund the newsletter, web page, 
and most importantly, it's awards program.  Although we decided 
several years ago to eliminate the mandatory dues to be 
considered an active member of PVRC, the club counts on the 
generosity of it's members to keep it's programs running 
Most of you probably remember that when we decided to get rid 
of MONETARY dues, we also decided that the club would 
require each member to submit 2 scores per year of any size to 
the contest sponsors of any club competition contest.  This could 
be part of a multi-op, etc., but we decided we'd rather have your 
score than your money!  Lastly, in order for your score to count 
in ARRL Club competition, you are required to attend 2 
meetings per year.  With all the regional, hamfest, and other type 
meetings we have these days, it's shouldn't be too difficult for 
anyone to meet this requirement, and hopefully it'll be a lot of 
fun as well!  We haven't been strict about enforcement on these 
requirements and we don't want to be policemen (or 
accountants), so please, don't make us! Hi!
We recently got a letter from WB4DNL who had a couple of 
criticism's of the 5 million award rules, so I thought I'd comment 
on them.
His first objection was to the rule that "Under no circumstances 
will anyone receive Award Points for more than one operation 
during a particular contest."    His example was that he 
participated in the multi at W4PRO as well as under his own call 
from home.  Under the current rules, he would receive a double 
share of points from the W4PRO score OR his share as 
WB4DNL single-op, but not both.  
While I don't want to discourage anyone from doing this, I will 
point out that this is not a very efficient way to maximize points 
for the club.  Since scores in most contests build dramatically 
toward the end, it doesn't help the club as much if you divide 
your efforts among two different stations.  Yeah, it's nice if you 
get on with your own call to work the other club members in 
contests such as SS if you are multi-multi.  However, the most 
powerful way to build club score is for every station to get on 
full time using single op's rather than putting on a few big multi's 
and leaving the home stations sit idle.  Since the share of a multi 
score is usually much smaller than a comparable single-op effort 
(and I didn't want to discourage guys like WR3L and W4MYA 
who really go out of their way to invite and train new contest 
operators) I decided to double those shares to at least make them 
a little more attractive.  From a purely club-centered aspect, it 
makes the most sense for guys with home stations to stay home 
and use them, while the multi's use op's that don't have a station 
of their own.  The other alternative is for someone with a home 
station who will operate somewhere else to let someone guest op 
at their home station while they are gone.  This probably isn't a 
comfortable situation for a lot of people, but this allows them the 
possibility to collect the Station Owner points from that 
operation, which quite likely will outweigh the multi-op points 
they earn elsewhere.  Again, the bottom line on this award is club 
points.  Whatever maximizes points for the club will tend to 
maximize your points for the 5 million award.
His other concern was with the score-reporting deadline for 
scores from previous contests, which I will clarify here.  For any 
score from a contest held in last half of 1997 which otherwise 
qualifies for the 5 million award, you may submit your claimed 
score at any time up until July 15th, 1998.  Once we close the 
books on the first calendar year, we will revert to the 45-day 
reporting time previously published.  We will remain as flexible 
on this stuff as possible as I'm sure we'll make some mistakes 
along the way and don't want anyone left out.
It is important that everyone get their scores into N3II in a timely 
manner as we will be issuing intra-club awards for various 
contests in 1998 and you will be left out if you don't meet the 45 
day deadline.
Thanks for your letter, Gary (WB4DNL), and I encourage 
anyone who has questions and/or suggestions to contact the other 
officers or me or chairmen.
I'd like to congratulate everyone who has sent in a score for 
PVRC this season on a job well done!  Rumor has it that we 
trashed an all out blitz from NCCC in the 1997 SS to win by 2 
million points.  The latest QST also has us winning the ARRL 
160-meter contest again this year in the medium category, even 
topping FRC's unlimited entry!  Looks like we'll be awarding at 
least a couple more club gavels (the ARRL club competition 
trophy) this year!  For those who may not know, we typically 
redistribute these club awards to the top single op entry 
(combined entry in contests with multiple mode weekends) who 
has not received one before.
Starting with the 1998 contests, we'll be issuing certificates of 
achievement to members for notable performances in the club 
competition contests.  My plan at this point is to mail them to the 
regional chairmen, who can hand them out at their local meetings 
with some fanfare.
It's important that everyone keep their membership information 
up to date including his or her region designation and Internet 
addresses.  The new roster will be mailed to all in May, so we'd 
like to have it as accurate as possible by then.  All changes go to 
the PVRC Membership Secretary, W2GG.
Thanks to the efforts of PVRCer Gordon Garrett, K1GG, the 
overhaul of the PVRC logo was finally completed.  The new 
logo looks great and can be seen on the PVRC web page. You 
can obtain a GIF version of the logo directly off the web page, or 
contact N3OC if a higher resolution version is desired.
This means the QSL card order and the badge order are finally 
back on track.  The badge order that I received last fall has 
finally been placed, and I should have badges for K3UT, 
K1DQV, W6HZW, NE3H, W3EMH, W3AZ, W4MYA, and 
WA0QII very shortly.
I would like to thank everyone for his or her patience waiting for 
the logo to be revised.  It is all volunteer work, and sometimes as 
a result gets done at a snail's pace.  We haggled over the design 
for several months, then finally got it to Gordon, had one rework 
with him, and we finally got the result we were looking for.
We are still looking for someone to volunteer to coordinate logo 
merchandise such as hats and shirts.  If interested in helping 
please contact K3MM or myself.
CLUB DONATION REPORT by Dave Baugher, WR3L, PVRC Treasurer
I would like to thank the following for the donation to PVRC in 
March: K3RR, K3RON, W0QED, W0CN, NY3M, 
W3YD, W3PLI, N4GU, K3TLX, N3GB, WI2T, W4VC.  The 
donation/dues are most appreciated and needed, keep them 
CENTRAL MEETING MINUTES, Feb 9, 1998 by Rich Boyd, KE3Q, Sec
Ten to a dozen of us met informally beforehand at Outback 
Steakhouse, Route 123, Vienna...early arrivals getting there at 5 
PM or so, stragglers as late as 6:45.  Had a great time.
Present at the 7:30 meeting at Patrick Henry Library, also on 
Route 123, were K3MM, W4VC, W1HIR, W0CN, AA4KD, 
WI2T, W3DQ, W4CE, K4VV, K4IQ.  K3MM read several 
membership applications.
WR3L gave a report on the status of the "GO-list" on 
packetcluster.  He's been working out particulars with the 
publishers, to continue to make this available to our packetcluster 
K3ZO mentioned that PVRC is starting to get under NCCC's 
(Northern California Contest Club) skin.  (This is a good thing.)  
He mentioned NCCC's frustration in trying to "make a 
comeback" in Sweepstakes '97.  NCCC was amazed at PVRC's 
score increase apparently and is suspicious that PVRC has people 
submitting scores from beyond the 350-mile circle.   This is not 
the case, so we're not losing any sleep.  It appears we will win SS 
this time ('97)...so let's start making our plans for November '98 
to do it again!
The main program item was N3OC demonstrating some 
advanced features of CT, the contest logging program...e.g. 
connecting to DXTelnet, etc. (packetcluster DX spotting via the 
internet...useful if you're on a DXpedition, etc.)
W3LPL gave a report on his recent visits to KC1XX, K1EA, and 
K1ZM...all very impressive stations.
We adjourned promptly at 9 PM, since the librarians kick us out 
MINUTES OF THE CENTRAL MEETING, Mar 9, 1998 by Rich Boyd, KE3Q, Sec.
Twelve were at Topolino's for the informal dinner and discussion 
before the meeting.  19 contesters were at the meeting at the 
Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Manchester Dr. at Route 5, 
Temple Hills, MD (just off the Beltway).  With K3MM not back 
from WP3X, VP N3OC presided.
We went around the room introducing ourselves by name and 
call.  Present were:  KE3Q, K6LEW, N3WZR, N1WR, 
N3OC, and W3DQ.
N3OC passed around a copy of the final enhanced, refined, and 
shaken but not stirred logo.  The QSL order should be in N3NT's 
hands on or about Wednesday.  QSLs can be picked up by 
arrangement from N3NT's or at upcoming general and NW 
regional meetings.  Or, they can be mailed to you, if you've made 
arrangements for this and paid the mailing cost.
N3OC explained and passed around a CT loop network box 
made and being sold by KA2AEV (80M op at N2RM and op at 
V26B).  Means you can network a bunch of computers together 
using one COM port on each instead of two.  It cost about $60.
N3OC noted the PVRC regions are doing very well...e.g. the NC 
region, Tidewater VA region, Central Virginia Region, and 
Delmarva region, our newest, which has been getting 11 or more 
attending meetings.  N3OC, who is often active from Ocean 
City, MD, is surprised there are so many contesters on the 
Eastern Shore.  K3MM and N3OC hope to get the regional 
system hitting on all cylinders during '98, with chairmen making 
regular contact with the individual members in their region.
K6LEW and N3WZR were voted into membership.  K6LEW got 
his novice license in 1952 (year I was born), upgraded to general 
in '54 and has had this call ever since.  He operated a lot from all 
over the world while in the military and has been operating with 
the K8GP group (WD8ISK, W3ZZ, W4XP, and others) in VHF 
contests lately.  He lives in DC and has HF in his truck...made 
many DX stations looking for the DC multiplier happy during 
the ARRL DX contest.
N3WZR is from Lusby, (southern) Maryland, one of the hams 
associated with the KE3QZ packetcluster node down that way.  
He also attended the previous Temple Hills meeting.  He notes 
increasing interest in HF operating, contesting, and DXing, 
among the southern Maryland hams and an influx of hams 
associated with Patuxent River Naval Air Station, with "NavAir" 
consolidating operations there (e.g. WR3Z).  With N3WZR was 
first time attendee N1WR who has recently put up a 90' tower 
with TH7.
N3RR was our featured speaker, giving us an update on the 
FCC's RF Exposure standards and ham compliance.  He stated 
that the bottom line is all Amateur Licensees must, AT ALL 
TIMES, be in compliance with the RF exposure limits 
(Maximum Permissible Exposure, MPE) which was effective 
1/1/98. The new rules require evaluation of station compliance, 
effective 1/1/98, if your station falls into the following 
   (1)  You submit a form 610 for any reason, 
   (2) you make any modifications to your antenna system, 
   which may affect radiation pattern, or 
   (3) you submit a form 610 for a new station license.
If your station does not fall into one the above three categories, 
you must comply with the evaluation requirement by Sept 1, 
2000.  IMPORTANT:  Even if you need not comply with the 
evaluation requirement until 9/1/2000, YOUR STATION MUST 
If you aren't required to evaluate your station, how do you know 
you comply with the MPE limits?  The answer  is I'll evaluate 
anyway.   Here are some important documents:
    1. February 1998 CQ magazine, page 95
    2. January 1998 QST, page 50 (N3RR has typo corrections)
    3. FCC OET Bulletin 65
    4. FCC OET Bulletin 65, Supplement B
    5. FCC Report & Order FCC 96-326
The FCC documents can be found on the FCC homepage; 
specifically:  www.fcc.gov/oet/rfsafety and 
Bill mentioned the importance of all this to himself, with his 
neighbor working at NIH specifically on RF exposure hazards.  
Bill recommends doing the evaluation of your station and having 
some copies in your desk drawer ready to hand to neighbors at 
appropriate times.
Other items:  mobiles excluded, handhelds excluded (from 
compliance requirement).  On 10M and VHF, rigs 50 watts or 
less are excluded.
On your own property you must limit access to areas of your 
property where RF would exceed exposure limits and must give 
educational instructions to family members and guests on the 
hazards.  No compliance is required in reasonably inaccessible 
spots (e.g. 50' above the ground, etc.)
RF exposure is calculated on exposure over time...6 minutes on 
your own (controlled access) property and over 30 minutes on 
uncontrolled (your neighbors') property.  Bill noted that SSB has 
a typical duty cycle of 20-50% (assume 50% for contesting using 
"heavy processing"), and CW is 40%.  This is while you're 
transmitting.  E.g. on CW, the spaces between dits, dahs, 
characters, and words, are non-transmitting times...so if you're 
transmitting 1,500 watts on CW, you are transmitting only 40% 
of the time you are sending.  This reduces your power, for these 
exposure purposes, to 1,500 watts times .4, or 600 watts.  Add to 
that that you may be CQing, then listening for answers...consider 
you may be transmitting just 50% of the time, so further reduce 
your power, for exposure purposes, from 600 watts to 300 watts 
equivalent, key down.
K3ZO noted he did these calculations and determined he could 
stand within half a meter of his 160M sloper and meet the safety 
standard.  Things get more difficult as you go higher in 
frequency, e.g. 10M and above.  But, at 10 meters, Bill 
calculated that with an antenna 50' high, you are safe if you are 
at least 40' or so away from it, and that's when it's pointed 
directly at you.  And...the higher your antenna is, the less RF is at 
ground level where the people are.  So, higher is better.
We proceeded from N3RR's talk to "war stories" of recent 
contest or other related experiences.  K3ZO noted his venerable 
DVK-100 voice keyer has quit; he did most of the ARRL phone 
"manually," with his own, live, voice.  Then his computer ran out 
of RAM, causing some logging problems 'til he got things 
straightened out.  Fred noted the last 3 hours of the contest, on 
15M, "were like the good old days," with Asia really pounding 
in.  I gather it may have been a great JA run.
W4MYA ran his station west of Richmond multi-multi as usual, 
in both CW and phone ARRL weekends.  As usual, the operators 
were in short supply so there was a lot of operating time for 
those who were there.
W0CN operated at W3AZ with W3AZ.  Dan just has a small 
station at home and really enjoyed using a bigger station.  
Several others noted they thought W3AZ sounded a lot younger 
on the air than usual.  Apparently both Dan and Bill had a very 
good time operating together.  Bill apparently lost a Jennings 
vacuum variable on something or other (must be on an antenna 
since he had to go outside in the rain to fix it)...so I noted that, of 
course, every guest op should carry a spare vacuum variable in 
the car for emergencies.  N3OC noted guest ops should carry 
spare optical encoders too.  W0CN noted that W3AZ's DVK did 
work.  W3AZ discussed the failed vacuum variable.
Two didn^“t get on. WK3I  has been busy rebuilding his 
hamshack room  and  N3WZR was busy working at a telethon.
 N1WR has been making QSOs with his TH7 at 90' and wires.  
And...being near the bay, and the more southern, saltier, part, 
can't hurt either.
K6LEW had his arm twisted (on the radio) by N4UK/WP3X to 
get on mobile from DC and give them the rare DC multiplier.  
Owen ended up making 251 DX QSOs from DC and didn't seem 
to put a dent in the demand.  These were all mobile from his 
truck driving to and from work.
KE3Q was at W3LPL, 80M, for both ARRL weekends, with 
N3OC on CW and with WM2H on phone.  80M won their band 
both times, W3LPL is the high claimed score on CW but it 
appears K3LR's time had come and after several years of trying, 
K3LR has the high claimed score on phone.  By the way, 
W3LPL has placed first in 23 out of 32 ^”opportunities^‘ in the 
ARRL DX contests with the first win in ^—82 ^—phone.  ^—LPL has 
finished first in at least one of the four DX contests every season 
since 84/85.  KE3Q operated the CQ 160 CW contest from 
W3LPL single op, with W4ZV's  W3LPL log from the previous 
year on laptop on the side, for interest.  It was interesting to note 
some stations called in at about the exact same time, from year to 
the next, including K4FJ who was worked in '97 and in '98 at 
precisely the same minute on Saturday.
N3OC was on 80M at W3LPL for ARRL CW, and at W3GNQ's 
for ARRL phone.  Brian notes it takes "10 men and a boy" 
(them) to try to keep up with N3RR, and they came close this 
year.  Brian says they ate very well, as usual.  When the power 
supply of the GNQ-1000 amp blew, Dick was able to fix it.  
Likewise, some polyphaser item that was up a tower...though he 
had to wait for the sun to come up.
N3RR was challenged on the air by K3WW to try to stay awake 
for 48 hours straight.  It resulted in some sound sleep during the 
Sunday morning Europe run time.  Bill also had a problem with 
his IC-775's main tuning knob scraping.  He started changing 
frequency by entering the frequency on CT.
N3CBJ operated with the K3IVO (Ft. Meade club) team.  They 
enjoyed using their new FT-1000MP.  Talk to these guys about 
their club budget sometime.  And if you want to eat well, go with 
them on Field Day.
K3MLA did single band 10 from home with 100 watts and 25' 
high antenna.  He felt he did pretty well, with 50% of the QSO 
total "da big boyz" (W3LPL) had.
W3CP operated on 15M some using his new quad.   W3DQ 
wanted to get on but didn't.  He said DC isn't usually as rare as it 
apparently was this time.  W3YD operated the KB3BLK club 
station with the Laurel boys and thinks they definitely should get 
a new club call.
W3DAD operated from home, just 1/2 mile from the K3IVO 
station.  He says the MP has lower phase noise than their 
previous radio, which really tore things up for him.
N3NT operated at WR3L for ARRL CW, a real joy compared to 
the stealth antennas at home.  WR3L noted again that he could 
use a bunch more ops for his fine station!  Dave not only did the 
CW weekend full time but got on some by himself during the 
phone contest too.
The meeting adjourned at about 9:20 p.m.  We enjoyed talking to 
W4MYA about his fiber optics work, on 2M as we drove home.  
He was headed to Delaware for Tuesday morning work.
PVRC/NC Meeting Minutes March 5, 1998 by KS4XG 
([email protected])
Site: The meeting was held at Lunas Pizza in Raleigh from 
Attendees: K2AV Guy, K3CV Jeff, K4HA Bob, K4QPL Jim, 
K7GM Rick, KF4ARS Kemp, KF4MOK Dave, KS4XG Pete 
(secretary), N3QYE Jim, N4CW Bert (chairman), N4TL Tom, 
NT4D Jay, OH2BMH Timo, W2CS Gary, W3GCG Willy, and 
WB8III Steve.
Membership: This was the second meeting of Rick, K7GM, 
sponsored by N4AF. Likewise for Steve, WB8III sponsored by 
NT4D and Kemp, KF4ARS sponsored by N3QYE.  Welcome to 
PVRC, Rick, Steve and Kemp!  Chapter membership is now 25.
Club business and announcements: N4CW convened the meeting 
by welcoming Timo, OH2BMH as a visitor.  Timo is in the area 
for a month courtesy of IBM/Finland and is an avid DXer and 
contester.  Timo even has his home dialup connections in his 
radio station so he can listen to DX while he works from home!  
February minutes were approved.
K3CV asked what the official place is for sending club scores for 
the 5 Million contest.. Scores that are eligible for PVRC credit 
and which are sure to be submitted to contest sponsors as official 
entries should also be sent to Dave Blanchard, N3II to count 
toward the PVRC 5 Million contest (and so the rest of us can see 
what you did!). Dave's email address is [email protected] 
and NOTE: you should indicate to Dave if you used another 
PVRC member's station and indicate their callsign so they can 
get proper credit.
N4AF sends his regrets. Howie's Dad is still very ill. Howie also 
sent some good news: he just got word from K3EST confirming 
first place in the '97 WPX/CW test in the TS category.  
Congratulations Howie!
K2AV asked about using the NY4A callsign for WPX/CW this 
year. He was directed to contact the trustee, N4AF.
The chapter website (http://www.pagesz.net/~pvrcnc) has gotten 
some minor improvements including the new PVRC logo. "Real 
soon now" there will be explicit text with the next meeting notice 
to provide a backup for folks with browsers that don't show the 
scrolling banner along the bottom of their browser window (e.g. 
AOL). There is also an experimental email archive in place that 
has all the past PVRC reflector email cross referenced by date 
and subject ("thread").  After discussion the consensus was that a 
moderate level of security would be adequate to protect the 
privacy of reflector mail. KS4XG will get a similar OK from 
PVRC and then publish the URL of the archive on the reflector. 
Because the exact URL will have to be known (folks can't 
casually browse the website directories and discover where the 
archive is) there will be moderate security. 
Member activities:  AA4NC and K4MA flew down to VP5 and 
met with W4WA to operate M/S for the ARRL DX contest this 
weekend as VP5NC. Will and Jim hope to put up a kite vertical 
to help with their low band performance.
W2CS has found 10 meters to be "wide open" and has worked 
HS1 and other DX using an 80-meter dipole. Gary plans to put 
up additional wires before tackling a tower project now that he's 
retired from IBM.
N4CW (also retired from IBM) just got a Cushcraft X9 and is 
preparing to put it with a 40m beam (probably a 402CD) on a 
tower "soon". Right Bert?
W4QPL described a humorous set of exchanges during the NC 
QSO party in which a runner gave out three consecutive #1 serial 
numbers, later explaining he did this because "the first guy I 
talked to said I was #1 so I assumed I was #1 too." Jim also 
provided some expert advice about property line setbacks and 
guidelines for putting towers and guy anchors close to the lines 
(Jim is a lawyer).
K2AV asked about Force 12 antennas and was told to be sure to 
find a supplier with stock because lead times at the factory can 
be very long.  OH2BMH said his C3 was the best tribander he's 
had at his QTH and he'd used many kinds before getting the C3.
KS4XG brought one of his new homebrew Beverage boxes for 
an ON4UN bidirectional design with a mod suggested by 
W3LPL to isolate the feed.  W3GCG provided tips about 
Beverages, describing one novel design using speaker wire lying 
directly on the ground, and showed a very high power current 
balun a friend had designed.
Next Meeting: The next PVRC/NC meeting will be 6pm 
Thursday April 2nd at Luna's Pizza, 3227 Avent Ferry Rd in 
Raleigh.  919-0854-9600
The Central Virginia chapter hosted YK1AO and YK1AR at 
their March 10th meeting.  Omar gave a talk on the history of 
amateur radio in Syria and information of interest for tourists.  It 
took him 14 years to obtain a license (we think our FCC is 
slow!), but the pace is picking up.  YK1AH got his license in 
only 6 months.  Omar was presented with a 160-meter vertical, 
coax and an Autek RF-1.  He has set a goal of DXCC on 160 and 
says his operation will be the first ever on 160 by a Syrian 
amateur.  I expect him to be QRV by April 1 on top band.  The 
antenna was a gift from the CVCC and many individual 
amateurs, including a number of PVRC'ers.  Tnx to everyone. 
by Greg Altig, N5OKR ([email protected])
In attendance were members N5OKR, K3MM, K3UT, K1DQV, 
W3ZZ, WI2T, K4VV, W1HIR, W8BOZ, and guest W3XG.
N5OKR, Greg, introduced himself as the new regional chairman, 
to the boos, whistles, and catcalls of the crowd led by W3NRS. 
After having to forcibly bring the mob under control, the initial 
discussion centered on whether the huge attendance this evening 
was attributable to the fact that Greg was taking over or that 
K3MM, Tyler, was stepping down. Six of one, half dozen of the 
other if you ask me. It was great to see the room filled whatever 
the reason!
Greg called everyone's attention to the club roster making the 
rounds at that time and asked that all review their information for 
accuracy. Greg will forward any changes to W2GG to ensure the 
May update is as correct as possible. That request is extended to 
all that could not attend. Please check your PVRC roster and 
forward any changes to Bob or me at your earliest convenience.
Greg further bored the crowd (does this guy ever shut up?) by 
calling for any new ideas for the region. Suggestions of new 
meeting locations, times, and/or dates are welcomed, as are any 
other thoughts on how we can improve what is already the best 
region in PVRC.
K4VV, Jack, op'd from EU PVRCer DK5AD and stayed with 
Knut during ARRL SSB.  Jack also has a new 3 element 20M 
beam up at 60', and is enjoying his newfound directivity.  
W1HIR, John, has a new QTH and is investigating the radio 
possibilities from there.
W8BOZ, Russ, has been traveling with little time for ham 
activities.  WI2T, Jeff, op'd at W3GNQ for the CQ 160 SSB test. 
W3ZZ, Gene, op'd at W3GNQ as a M/2 for the ARRL SSB test 
and reports good food/good points.  Gene also noted outstanding 
trans-equatorial propagation recently.
N3HBX, John, was a 20M SB entry in the ARRL SSB test, but 
lost his directivity late when his rotor quit. Could this be the 
directivity that K4VV has suddenly found?  K3IXD, Ed, 
participated in the CQ 160 SSB and both ends of the ARRL DX 
test from home.
N3KTV, Jim, currently has two FT-1000MPs occupying floor 
space at his house, which woke up the crowd.  Offers to relieve 
Jim of these tripping hazards flooded in!  W3XG, Kris, was in 
attendance as a guest of W3NRS and lives near WB3AVN.  
W3NRS, Norm, showed off the hardware that will comprise the 
new link for the K3WX/r on his tower. The increase tranceive 
capability for us out here in the "boonies" will be much 
welcomed!  N4MM, John, reviewed the new DXCC 2000 rules 
that are to take effect on March 31, and the new DXCC countries 
that will result from it. From the rumor mill, the FCC may be 
making some changes to the amateur licensing system soon. 
Standby for heavy seas on this one!
K2UOP, Tom, is a dedicated VHFer who dabbled in the recent 
HF tests. This foray into uncharted territory exposed some 
antenna flaws Tom was previously unaware of.
K8OQL, Jerry, has found that working all three of the most 
recent contests has caused some domestic harmonic imbalance 
that he is paying dearly for (Been there....done that!).  He was at 
W9LT for the CQ 160 Phone test, and at WD3A for both ends of 
the ARRL DX contest.
W8ZA, Robert, was with K8OQL at WD3A as a M/2 entry in 
ARRL. At home, he has installed the first beverage towards EU 
and reports greatly enhanced hearability.  K3SX, Sid, worked his 
170th country on 160M (a 3A), and took some good-natured 
ribbing for his "now QRT" spot of a 5B4 on the cluster recently.
WA3IKK, Dusty, reports he will be gunning for K3SX in the 
pileups...K3MQH, Dick, did a small effort in both the 160 and 
ARRL SSB contests from home, but has been otherwise busy 
repairing ice damage to the VHF contest station in preparation 
for this summer.  NE3H, Joe, has been working so hard (at his 
job, unfortunately) that he hasn't seen the sun in three weeks. 
Someone get that man a dosage of vitamin D!  
W3XY, Denly, gleefully reported breaking the 500K barrier for 
the first time in the ARRL SSB test.  Congrats!  K1DQV, Roger, 
has been working some antenna projects with BB and brought 
some  "Maurice Specials" to show. He was partnered with 
N5OKR at W3LPL on the 10M band for ARRL SSB (poor 
guy!). K3UT, George, reports no radio life. (He and NE3H need 
to be kidnapped and chained to a chair in front of a radio until 
they get their priorities straight!)
K3MM, Tyler, gave a report on his operation from WP3X in the 
ARRL SSB test. Their score (12.6M) appears to have won the 
world, and Ty's 15M effort (3550 Qs!) proves what kind of iron 
man it takes when conditions are good.  
A special thanks on behalf of the Northwest Region to Tyler for 
his efforts to make this region particular, and the club as a whole, 
what it is today.  Meeting adjourned.
[email protected], 703-281-1308, cluster
On March 25 a dinner meeting was celebrated at Mortons in 
Tysons Corner, VA.  Attending were Bill/N3RR and Barbara, 
Roger/K1DQV, George/K3UT, Owen/K6LEW, Marty/W3YOZ, 
John/K4IQ, Gene/W3ZZ, and Jack/K4VV.
We had great food and lively discussions.  Bill N3RR has formed 
a company to do technology consulting; he will address many 
challenges including consulting on RF exposure compliance.  
Roger K1DQV described and displayed photos of his Big Bertha 
tower rehab and installation with a stack of yagis (including 
80m).  George K3UT was a key crewman in the installation of 
the Big Bertha system.  Gene W3ZZ led a discussion of VHF and 
propagation issues.  Jack K4VV circulated the propagation 
information from the winter issue of the Communications 
Quarterly which suggests that Cycle 23 is likely to be second 
only to Cycle 19, and could be the best ever.  Owen K6LEW 
(new member in PVRC) discussed his support of the K8GP VHF 
contest group and the progress of his company (C3I) in renewing 
the Rutland Arrays VHF antenna production of K1FO designs.  
Marty W3YOZ participated in the discussion of VHF antenna 
design and performance.  John K4IQ led a discussion of elevated 
radial performance on 160m verticals.
[email protected]
    Be sure to send your score into CQ or ARRL.
CQ 160 MTR SSB (#5 3/31/98)
N4RV    912 57  32   200,072
W9LT    718 54  33   176,088
K8OQL   616 55  18   104,390
K2UOP   492 48  10    62,640
K3OSX   420 42  17    59,118
K2AV    210 37   9    21,804
K3SV    155 37  13    20,750
K4ZW    173 35   7    16,842
N4MM    126 35   9    13,464
N4TL    131 45   0    13,365
NT4D     57 22   3     3,275
WV3B     40 20   1     1,806
KS4XG   138 33   4    11,507
N3UN    120 34   5    10,725
WD3A    124 30   1     8,246
K3CV    110 34   0     8,092
KB3AUG   74 29   4     5,775
W8ZA     90 29   0     5,394
K3DNE    86 26   1     4,806
W3CP     64 23   1     3,216
N3TG     47 20   0     2,000
N4CW     46 18   0     1,764
K3IXD   513 52  21    89,644
K3MM    288 58   0    39,034
W2GG    257 49  12    37,332
N3RR    213 44  15    34,928
WA4DAI   66 29   4     4,950
              SCORE   #LOGS
     CW      3,075,978   39
     SSB       961,027   27
     TOTAL   4,037,005   66
1997 score (CW/SSB COMBINED)
Frankford Ra Club  8,568,548
Southeast^“n DX C   4,434,105
Contest C Finland  3,702,211
Slovenia C Club    3,584,745
Soc Midwest Contes 3,513,618
North Coast Contes 3,405,061
Yankee Clipper C C 3,344,810
Potomac Valley R C 2,747,588
ARRL DX SSB (#5 03/28/98)
K3ZO  C   2267 383 2,607,081
KS4XG C   1490 270 1,200,000
K3OSX C    860 272   701,760
N8II  C15 1243 124   462,396
N3HBX C20  968 117   339,066
K2UOP C    486  211  307,638
N4MXT C15  801  112  269,136
K3SV  C    400  190  228,000
N4CW  C    273  167  136,773
K3CV  C15  280   88   73,920
N4TL  C    169  100   50,100
K3SX  C    150   87   39,150
K4ZW  C10  207   50   30,750
W4ZYT C    107   75   24,075
K4HOT C    117   62   21,762
W3GCG C     57   42    7,182
W3LM  C20   41   29    3,567
N3UN  B    539  206  333,102
N4MO/TI7 B15 1608 58 279,792
W4YE  B15  282   90   76,140
N3TG  B    194  115   66,930
W4SD  B    168  115   57,960
W3CP  B15  167   62   31,062
WA4QDM B40 148   64   28,416
W2BZR B10  101   32    9,696
K3MLA B10  104   26    8,424
N3XQP B     38   24    2,736
N3RR   C  1700 435 2,218,500
K3DI   C   720  294  635,040
W3XY   C   633  285  541,215
NT4D   C   610  242  442,860
W3HVQ  C   528  258  408,672
KB3AUG C   519  259  402,486
K3IXD  C   516  254  393,192
K4SO   C   334  216  222,912
W4JVN  C   289  146  126,582
WR3L  C15  364  102  111,384
KO4MR  C   600  139   83,400
KA4RRU C   212  129   82,044
W2GG   B   735  303  668,115
W3UJ   B   758  252  573,048
K3SA   B   550  267  440,550
K6IR   B   374  155  173,910
N3GPU  B   284  139  118,428
W3DAD  B   161   96   46,368
VP5NC  C 6192 311  5,777,136
N4RV   C  754 377  1,983,774
W3AZ   C 1084 310  1,008,120
DK5AD  C  283  98     83,202
        MULTI - TWO
W3GNQ C  1905 428  2,443,452
W8ZA  C  1499 353  1,586,382
W3LPL C  5171 592  9,151,728
W4MYA C  2937 480  4,223,520
..........   TOTAL   ...LOGS
      CW     51,702,252   52
      SSB    41,342,634   53
GRAND TOTAL  93,044,886  105
FRANKFORD RC 139,419,582 170
YANKEE CCC   131,740,371 187
POTOMAC VRC   58,213,623  96
CQ WPX SSB      (#1 3/30/98)
KE3Q  C  3032  863 7,234,529
KS4XG C   257  169   118,807
N4MM  C     0    0    14,688
K4VV  C   200  166    87,316
W2GG  B   827  469 1,145,767
WA4QDM B  353  230   254,840
                MULTI SINGLE
A61AJ  C 3928 868 10,263,000
KT4W   C 2371 809  5,296,523
              MULTI - MULTI
KS3F   C 3660 1028 9,299,288
TOTAL SSB/LOGS  33,714,758 9
A61AJ:  A61AJ K3LP
KE3Q:   KE3Q  @ W3LPL
KT4W:   KT4W  N4RV   @ N4RV
KS3F:   W3PP  KE3ZR  N3WDL  
NX3A    KS3F
    A=QRP  B=LowPwr  C=HiPwr
More WPX results and prior year scores will appear in 
the next issue.  - editor
PVRC REFERENCE PAGE    (Please send corrections to the editor.)
PVRC Officers   
President       K3MM  Tyler Stewart   301-414-5444  [email protected]
Vice President  N3OC  Brian McGinness 301-652-6768  [email protected]
Secretary       KE3Q  Rich Boyd       301-464-8014  [email protected]
Treasurer       WR3L  Dave Baugher    410-DX1-WR3L  [email protected]
Historian       K3SA  Steve Affens    301-774-0558  [email protected]
Membership Sec  W2GG  Bob Dannals     410-472-2004  [email protected]
PVRC Charter Members: 
W3GRF (SK), W4AAV (SK), W4KFC (SK), 
PacketCluster Contest/DX System (MHz):
K3NA    Frederick MD    145.630
W3LPL   Glenwood MD     145.590 441.250
KE3Q    Bowie MD        145.570 445.375
N3RR    Rockville MD    145.510 441.325
N4OHE   Mt.Weather VA   145.710 440.925
K3MQH   S Mountain PA   145.630
WR3L    Baltimore MD    145.610 440.950
N4SR    Woodbridge VA   145.630 *
K4FJ    Mt. Vernon VA   145.770 *
KE3QZ   Hollywood MD    145.690 *
This system is sponsored by the Potomac 
Valley DX Spotting Network except "*" are 
independently funded by each SYSOP.
PVRC on Internet. 
PVRC web site by K3SA:     http://www.pvrc.org 
PVRC/NC web site by KS4XG  http://www.pagesz.net/~pvrcnc 
PVRC reflector:
  To join send an email to [email protected]
  with text of SUBSCRIBE PVRC.
  Post to [email protected]
Dues are by donation.  The mandatory $10 
dues have been discontinued.  So please send 
your donation - hopefully at least $10 - to 
Dave Baugher, WR3L, 615 Rockway Beach 
Av, Baltimore, MD 21221,  Please make 
checks payable to PVRC.  Thank you.
Newsletter & Autocall column Editor:  Dick 
Wilder, K3DI, 913 Shore Acres Rd, Arnold, 
MD 21012-1724.  Voice 410-757-6706, 
FAX/modem 410-757-6720, Dxcluster packet, 
and [email protected]  Deadlines are the 25th 
unless prior arrangements are made.
CENTRAL:  The Central Meeting is always 
the second Monday (except June, July, and 
August) at 7:30 pm.  The central meeting 
generally alternates between MD and VA 
locations.  A pre-meeting dinner is usually 
held between 5:00 and 6:30 pm.  Check via 
147- repeater.
     VA LOCATION:  The Patrick Henry 
(Public) Library, Route 123, Vienna, VA. Pre-
meeting dinner at Outback, Old Branch Ave.
     MD LOCATION:  Church of the Nativity 
(Episcopal), Route 5, Temple Hills, MD.  Pre-
meeting dinner at Topolino's.
NORTHWEST:  Greg Altig 301-898-1428 
[email protected]  Meets at 8:00 pm on the 
third Tuesday every month at the Legends 
Restaurant in Hampton Inn, at I-270 and Route 
85 in south Frederick, MD.  Essentially 
includes WEST VIRGINIA area.
NORTH CAROLINA:  Chair: Bert Michaud, 
N4CW, [email protected]  Sec: Pete Soper, 
KS4XG, [email protected], hm: 919-362-
4635, wk: 919-481-3587.  Activites: Jim 
Stevens, K4MA, [email protected]  
POC is N4CW and KS4XG.  Howie Hoyt, 
N4AF, [email protected] is PVRC reflector editor.  
PVRC/NC meets at 6:00 pm the first Thursday 
of every month at Luna's, 3227 Avent Ferry 
Rd, Raleigh, tel. 919-854-9600.   Luna's is in a 
strip mall behind Courtney's Restaurant.  Go 
in, and proceed to the back, and up the stairs 
to a large table set and waiting for you.
Don Lynch W4ZYT 804-486-0728 
[email protected]  Meetings are the 
3rd Tuesday of every month in conjunction 
with the VA DXCC at the China Palace 
Restaurant corner of Newtown Road and 
Kempsville Road in Norfolk.  Take 64 to the 
Newtown Road exit south.  Kempsville Road 
is the second traffic light.  The restaurant is 
across the intersection to the right.
John Mitchell, K4IQ, Catawba, VA 540-384-
7377, [email protected]  Meets at Denny's 
Restaurant in West Salem (exit 137 to 
intersection & left before the traffic light)  OR  
at Pargo's Restraurant in Roanoke, VA.
breakfast Wed at 7:30 AM at Basil's Deli Port 
on Elkrdige Landing Rd 1/4 mile South of 
Winterson Road 410-850-4333.  Director: Ike 
Lawton, W2EOS, 410-263-2830.   Secretary: 
Howard Leake, W6AXX, 410-465-7008, 
[email protected]
Rotating hosts announces meeting info.  Ben 
Shaver, AA4XU, 703-534-4740;  Andy 
Anderson, W3XE, 301-384-7771, 
[email protected], Holiday Inn, College 
Park MD; and Bill Leavitt, W3AZ, 301-292-
5797, Ramada Inn, Oxon Hill
Jack O'Mara W4NF 703-680-4106 and Cliff 
Deel W4CE 703-491-0841 
[email protected]
CENTRAL VA:  Bob Morris, W4MYA 804-
457-9011 [email protected] 
Dallas Carter, W3PP 302-875-0550 
[email protected]
WEST (Shenandoah, etc)  Chair vacant 
NORTHEAST: WR3L, see info above 
EAST (Annapolis): KE3Q, see info above
OTHER MEETINGS (based on last year):
Jun.    W3LPL open house Sat before Field
        Day with joint  FRC/PVRC meeting
        on alternate years. (1999, 2001)
summer.  When joint FRC/PVRC is at FRC,
        they announce the date.
Jul.    Cook out at N4AF, Apex, NC
Jul.    Open house, W4MYA, Goochland, 
Aug.    Joint NCDXA/PVRC Fowlfest at 
        W3YOZ Park
Aug.    VHF++ meeting/workshop at ND3F
        in Ellicott City
Sep.    PVRC meeting at the FARfest in
Sep.    Open house, WR3L, Baltimore
Dec.    Christmas dinner, DC area.
AWARD     Month and w/e number
Jan 3      ARRL VHF Sweepstakes
Jan 4      CQWW 160m CW
Feb 3      ARRL DX CW
Feb 4      CQWW 160m SSB
Mar 1      ARRL DX SSB
Mar last   CQWW WPX SSB
May last   CQWW WPX CW
Oct 4      CQWW DX SSB
Nov 1      ARRL Sweepstakes CW
Nov 3      ARRL Sweepstakes SSB
Nov 4      CQWW DX CW
Dec 1      ARRL 160m Mixed
Dec 2      ARRL 10m Mixed