PVRC CALENDAR  -  Please see the REFERENCE PAGE for details
Weekly   Wed      BWI Regional weekly breakfast. Wednesdays 7:30
                  am, Basil's Deli, Elkridge Landing Rd near BWI.
Monthly           Over-the-Hill Luncheon.  Date to be
                  announced.  Hosts listed on the reference page.
Mar 31  Fri       Carroll County meeting at 8:00 pm at Tully's
                  in Westminster, MD 
Apr  6  Thu       PVRC/NC meeting at Ryans Family Restaurant,
                  Cary Crossroads. 5:30pm, meeting at 6pm
Apr 10  Mon       Central meeting in Vienna, Virginia.
Apr 11  Tue       Central Virginia at First Mennonite Ch at
                  7:30pm.  Dine about 6pm at the Crazy Greek.  
Apr 14  Fri       SWVA meeting in the Roanoke area.
Apr 18  Tue       Northwest.  Special meeting and location.  See
                  the center column on page 4 for details.
Apr 18  Tue       Tidewater Colony.  Meeting with VA-DXCC.
May 27-28         CQWW WPX CW Contest.  This is a club
                  competition contest that earns PVRC 5 Mil points.
June 3-4          PVRC Reunion-on-the-air.
Jun 17  Sat       W3LPL open house
 ?  ?   Sat       Joint PVRC/FRC meeting in the FRC area. TBA
Jul 22  Sat       W4MYA open house
Aug 1   Sat       Fowlfest at W3YOZ park

by Dick Wilder, editor  [email protected]  410-757-6706

The May PVRC Newsletter is the annual jumbo edition that
includes a membership roster and announcement of the June
PVRC Reunion-on-the air.  Normally, the Newsletter is mailed
to 400 active members though the May issue is mailed to
nearly 800 PVRC members.  Of greatest importance is that you
send any changes of your address, email, telephone numbers,
and call signs to W2GG ASAP to be included in the roster to
be prepared on April 15th.  

I always look forward to receiving material for the
Newsletter.  The May issue is an opportunity tell the
distant members about summer activities that they may
include in their vacation travels and to remind inactive
locals that they are welcome back into contesting.  Possible
articles might tell how PVRC finished in club competition
contests during the past 12 moths, a state of the union
article about PVRC, an article about one (or more) contest
DXpeditions, or whatever may be of interest to contesters. 
Any volunteers?  

As a minimum, please send me the schedule for any summer
activities between now and September so it can be listed in
the above calendar each month.  Thank you!

PVRC President's Report from Brian McGinness
[email protected]

Last month has been busy for me, with the fantastic
conditions during ARRL, and lots of activity within PVRC.

We have produced the first video (of several, I hope!) that
will be circulating to the regional meetings that have
access to a VCR and TV.  The first program was produced by
N3RR and N3OC at Bill's QTH, and features a great
presentation on contest station automation.

The next video that will be available will be the Force 12
presentation that our VP, Jack K4VV has arranged for the
April meeting in Vienna.  So anyone that cannot attend will
be able to view the video.  We are trying very hard to make
PVRC available to everyone within the 175-mile circle.

And the Board of Trustees (PVRC's equivalent of the board of
directors) is working on making some minor by-law revisions
that will allow all regions to vote for club officers in the
annual elections.  That seems only fair!

Our timetable is to present the by-law revisions at the May
meeting, where they have to be tabled for 30 days and voted
on at the following meeting.  That would be the June meeting
at W3LPL, which is well attended.  That will allow as many
club members as possible to have a say.

We are also considering making a change that would allow the
Secretary and Treasurer to stay on beyond the current three
year term limit.  The term limit for the President and the
Vice President would remain.

The next contest is the WPX.  With the spectacular
conditions of the past few weeks, you don't want to miss it! 
I will be on from Ocean City for SSB, and from Antigua in
WPX CW in May as V26OC, so please work me!  GO PVRC!


I would like to thank the following for the donation to PVRC
in March:

W4JVN, N7PD, W3TMZ, and W6NRJ.

Here is a summary  report for the first 3 months of the year
as of 3/20/00.  Newsletter advertising due PVRC is billed
quarterly and is not included in these figures.

          Donations       $2044.00
          QSL Sales          95.00
          Newsletter        658.00
          Insurance         325.00
          Donation          100.00
          Plaques            60.00
   Balance:                $996.00

Please don't forget to send your ARRL renewal through PVRC.


In attendance, WX3B, N3SB, KA3BGZ, and K3LP.

Saturday evening, March 11, 2000 was the first official PVRC
meeting of the Carroll County group, and we are very excited
about having our group formally recognized.  As with many
new ideas, this one was born from a casual remark made
several months ago when a group of  Carroll County area PVRC
members got together and said "Why don't we make this a PVRC
meeting?  In fact, why don't we start our own chapter?" 
Since that original meeting, we have received encouragement
and votes of confidence from about 10 PVRC members that will
attend future meetings in this region.  I appreciate the
encouragement and assistance of Jack Hammett, K4VV for
helping make this a reality for us.  A special word of
thanks goes out to Brian McGinness, N3OC, who made the
leadership decision for us to become a region.

We are relative novices to the contesting arena (K3LP is a 
notable exception!) and we run modest stations.  What we
lack in aluminum we make up for with spirit and enthusiasm. 
Our group  has fertile ground for future contesters...the
Carroll County Amateur Radio Club.  There are about 5
members of this club that have already been identified as
future (potential) PVRC members.

Jim Nitzberg, WX3B is located on a beautiful 3/4 acre lot on
top of a hill in Manchester, MD.  The contest station
consists of a Force 12 C-3S up 50 feet, a few wire antennas,
a Yaesu FT-1000MP (and newest addition: a "1000D" !) and an
Ameritron AL-1200 amplifier.

Steve Beckman, N3SB sports a Yaesu FT-1000D, an Ameritron
AL-1200 and a High-Gain TH7DXX up 60 feet.  Wires and some
verticals are  used for the low bands at his house, and
there are some impressive VHF antennas available.  Steve is
located in Finksburg, MD.

John Chesley, KA3BGZ is just now assembling a formidable
multi-single contest station.  He has a Yaesu FT-1000D, a
(big) Henry 3K amplifier, and enough KLM beams in his
basement to weigh down a nice tower.   We all have high
hopes for the KA3BGZ (soon to have a new "contest approved"
vanity call) Multi-Single Station from Westminster, MD.

Dave Collingham, K3LP  is the best known DXer and contester
in our group, and unfortunately is temporarily off the air -
anxiously awaiting a buyer of his home so he can build a
true multi-multi contesting paradise.  Dave is recognized as
on of the leaders in assembling the A61AJ contesting station
in the United Arab Emirates.  He also frequents the shores
of St. Lucia and hands out contest points from that part of
the world.   We all hope Dave's house will sell soon -
because that means we'll have another BIG station to contest
from in the future.

Other Carroll County  group members include: K3UG, W3DF,
N3UN, NY3M, NY3A (soon!), and hopefully, N3II.

Our dinner meeting was held at a local Pizza establishment
in Westminster, MD.  After dinner, we went back to John^s 
house to do some amplifier diagnostics, and get on 20 meters
for awhile so we could say hello to Abdullah, 9K2GS.  Our
off the air conversation centered around KLM antennas, and
how many more weeks it would be before John was ready to
install a few of them.  There is a KT 34A in the process of
being assembled in his basement.

We agreed that our meetings will alternate between
restaurants  and our homes, and that we are going to try
putting a Morton^s dinner together downtown in Baltimore. 
If you live near Carroll County and would like to join our
gatherings, please contact Jim Nitzberg, WX3B
([email protected]) at 410-374-9233.  Our next meeting will be
at 8:00 P.M. Friday March 31 at Tully's in Westminster, MD. 
73 and good DX.

PVRC March 2000 Meeting Minutes, Temple Hills, MD by Brian
McGinness, N3OC

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Brian, N3OC,
after several had dinner at Mamma Stella's.

Members and guests were introduced.  Members attending were
Ed, N3HXQ was a guest attending his second meeting.

N3OC gave the president's report.  The first video taped
meeting presentation was produced by N3RR and N3OC,
describing contest station automation at Bill's station. 
The next presentation that will be video taped is the Force
12 presentation in April.  These tapes will be made
available to the outlying regions to view at their meetings.

The summer meetings scheduled to date are 6/17 W3LPL, 7/22
W4MYA, 8/12 W3YOZ fowlfest.  N3OC is checking with FRC as to
the status of the joint FRC/PVRC meeting.

Ed, N3HXQ was at his second meeting, and was asked to
describe his station and contest interests.  Ed lives in
Bethesda, has been a ham for 10 years, and has an advanced
class license.  He has a 70' crank-up tower, and a Force 12
C4S waiting to be installed, and an Alpha 99 amp.  He was
voted in, welcome to PVRC!  

New business that was brought up was a request to resume
putting meeting announcements out on packet, and a
discussion concerning the location of the Maryland meeting.

The video presentation was next, with a brief introduction
by N3RR.  The usual war stories concluded the meeting.


The PVRC Leadership Team is pleased to sponsor Tom Schiller
as our guest on April 10.  Lunch, Dinner, and Meeting events
are planned.

The Luncheon (11:30 AM to 1:30 PM) will be hosted by Rich,
KE3Q at a Restauraunt near Annapolis, MD.  Pay as you go, of
course.  Tom plans a presentation.  You may attend from 12
to 1:15 and hear the talk and Q&A.

The Dinner (5:30 PM to 7:10 PM) will be hosted by W3LPL and
N3RR at the Olive Garden Restauraunt in Tyson's Corner, VA. 
Arrive by 6 pm for the talk.

The Meeting (7:30 PM to 9:30 PM) at the Vienna Community
Center will be chaired by Brian, N3OC, allocating the
priority of time to the Presentation and Discussions led by
Tom, N6BT.  The Vienna Community Center is very close to the
Vienna Library, and the downstairs room we have reserved
seats 100.

PVRC and NCDXA members are welcome participants in all of
these events, and may selectively invite guests who are
interested in Contesting, DXing, or Antennas.  We will take
a reservation list for planning for the three events.

Tom will give remarks about the highlights of his experience
with antennas at the lunch and dinner events, and engage the
participants in discussions, addressing questions of
interest.  Tom will focus his presentation during the
meeting on the topic: "Antennas as a Key Driver of Station
Performance."  The tentative topic for the luncheon is "How
to debug an Antenna System."  Our objective is to learn as
much as we can from Tom that will be helpful in improving
our stations and operating strategies.  We will seek to
engage Tom with questions of general interest, saving the
detailed ones for the casual time.  Tom will be accessable
before and after each event to talk.

  1.  To Annapolis....location is TBD
  2.  To Dinner--The Olive Garden is on the SouthWest corner
of the intersection of Route 7 and International Drive in
Tyson's Corner, about 1/3d mile West of the 495 Beltway. 
The address is 8133 Leesburg Pike (Rt 7); telephone
703-893-3175.  Parking is available behind the building.
  3.  To the Meeting--The Vienna Community Center (VCC) is
at 120 Cherry Street; telephone 703-255-6360.  From Tyson's
Corner, follow Route 123 South (also marked as Maple Avenue)
into Vienna, passing the Safeway and Southern States on the
left, turning left onto Park Street, and going one long
block to the VCC on the right, facing Cherry Street.  If you
pass Park Street on Rt 123, you will see the Library at the
next intersection, turning left onto Center Street, then
left on Cherry to the VCC.  The VCC will be familiar to many
of you as the site of the Vienna Winterfest prior to 1999. 
Force 12 information on new products and the 2000 Catalog
are available at www.QTH.com/force12 and force12inc.com. 
The first site has directions for a new Force 12 Reflector. 
Reservations:  Pass a message to [email protected]), or
[email protected](W3DQ), or [email protected]
(Brian McGinness) indicating yes for L/D/M as appropriate. 
Reservations for lunch may also go to [email protected](Rich). 
We have about 43 reservations so far.  

The code for the following list is is: # is no input, n is
no, ? is maybe, and y is yes.):
N4ZR nyy, N3AN nyy, WR3L nyy, KE3Q yyy, N3OC nyy, K8OQL nyy,
K2UOP nyy, N3JT nyy, N3FX nny, WZ3AR nny, K2YWE n?y, W3PJ
n?y, W3DQ nyy, W3YOZ yyy, K4VV ?yy, W3LPL nyy, W4LIP nyy,
N4XX nyy, W4FQT nyy, K5RJ nyy, K3RUQ ?nn, K2BU ?nn, W3TMZ
##y, N3NT ##y, W2YE ##y, W3ZZ ##y, W3TOM ##y, N3RR ##y, W3XG
##y, N4MO ##y, N4MM ##y, N3HUV ##y, N1KCE ##y, W3UJ ##y,
AJ3M ##y, WR3Z ##y, W3MC ##y, W3RX ##y, W4RW ##y, K3MM n?y,
N3RC ##y, N3KTV ##y, W8ZA ##y.  Please provide changes or
additions so that we may plan space for these events.


The meeting was opened by Brian, N3OC, after a few of us had
a quick meal at the Outback with the Valentine crowd.

Introductions.   Members attending were N3OC, WR3L, K4VV,
N3JT, W3DQ, W4JVN, W3YOZ, and W1HIR.  Ed, N3HXQ was a guest
at his first meeting.  N3OC gave the President's report,
with emphasis on the initiative to sponsor quality programs
that may be video taped for use at local meetings.  Brian
has been active in recent contests and expeditions.     
WR3L provided an update on the Treasury, highlighting the
surge in contributions after envelopes arrived with
newsletters.  Dave hosted a recent Multi-2 with 3 Ops.

K4VV reported on the April 10 events with Tom
Schiller--President of Force 12.  A luncheon, dinner, and
meeting are in planning. Jack has had limited contesting

N3JT is looking for a house on a hilltop in Arlington or
McLean.  Jim wants a tower for contesting.

W3DQ provided the DC multiplier in the recent 160 m contest. 
Eric was in Athens on one recent contest weekend, and
watched the packet spots streaming fast.

W4JVN is building a house on the Northern Neck.  Dave is
using Force 12 antennas.  He lives 40 Miles from K4JA and is
helping to build the towers.

W3YOZ  reported talking to Norm, W3NRS who is just out of
the hospital, doing okay.  Marty and K4VV operated the YOZ
station in PA/FN00 in the January VHF Contest.  The building
has been expanded from 3 to 7 positions; towers are growing.

W1HIR continues to travel.  John has limited operating

N3HXQ was here for his first meeting.  Ed had tower questions, 
leading to a lively discussion of tower limitations and
building permit proceedures in the area.

Brian, N3OC made an interesting presentation on a portable
160m vertical antenna that he built and deployed on a recent contest
expedition.  Brian summarixed the design advice of W3LPL and 
his own choices made in the implementation.  A commercial 
telescoping mast was a key component.  Contest results were 
outstanding.  Brian also deployed the antenna for W3DQ for 
the 160m contest.  Our plan to video tape the presentation was 
derailed by a last-minute work requirement.  The meeting adjourned
promptly at 9 PM as the Library closed.

NW Regional Meeting Minutes - 3/21/00
By Greg Altig, N5OKR ([email protected])

In attendance were members N5OKR, N3KTV, K3SX, K3WC, NE3H,
K3MM, K1DQV, K3TZV and W0YR and guests Laurie and Tayler

Business:  Greg announced the return next month of Riley
Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, the FCC's amateur rules "enforcer".
Riley visited with us last year at the beginning of his
tenure and has agreed to return to Frederick in April. It
was suggested that we (temporarily) find a more private
setting for our guest, so Greg presented a few possible
restaurants in the Frederick area that had private meeting
rooms.  The Paradise Restaurant, a Mongolian BBQ place near
Tully's, was chosen.  Specific directions will be posted
separately. (See article below.)

>From the introductions:  K3SX, Sid, announced the addition
of a new FT-1000MP to his shack (and the deletion of SEVERAL
other pieces of equipment to pay for it).

K3WC, Dusty, appropriately followed Sid by announcing HIS
new 1000MP, the departure of his older model, and the
addition of a bunch of Sid's "rejects" in trade.

NE3H, Joe, mumbled something incoherent (obviously caused by
the Chairman's late arrival and a frisky waitress!).

W8ZA, Bob, did an Academy Award-style acceptance speech and
thanked all of his operators contributing to his M/2 score
from the ARRL DX contests.  Bob  also noted some domestic
aggravation due to TVI during the last contest, and
subsequently solved that problem by planting a "West
Virginia State Flower" (satellite dish) in his back yard. 
Even more interesting is his choice of mounting schemes for
the dish.  Dig a hole?  No! I'll just cut down this 'ere
tree and bolt it to the stump!

N4MM, John, received congratulations for his rise to the
ARRL VP position, but lamented that it left very little time
to get on the air. He went on to discuss the possible two 
new DXCC countries coming up, and a possible change to SS 
to include a 6 - 8 hour "sprint" embedded within it. Contact 
your CAC representative for more details and to give your input.

K2UOP, Tom, will be hitting the WPX contest hard this
weekend. He also reported tracking down some nasty RFI that cropped up
recently during the 160m contest that ended up coming from 
his Jacuzzi, of all things! Now, what self-respecting ham has 
a Jacuzzi in his shack?

K3UG, Barry, starting RG on the K3MQH TVI defense team,
reports the J6R QSL cards have come in and gone out just as

K3IXD, Ed, has been working his butt off to remove all
competition for this 
year's FUBAR award. First, he recently learned the
difference between the "high" and "low" positions on his
power supply, followed by sitting down Sunday morning of the
ARRL SSB DX contest all primed to tear up 20m, only to have
his rate near zero. It seems that for the first part of the
morning he was calling CQ on the 80m antenna from the night

N8II, Jeff, reported excellent 10m conditions while helping
out at W8ZA, but had a little line noise problem pointing
towards EU.

ND3A, Tom, has gotten a reputation as a poor tipper for taxi
service up and down W8ZA's mountain, but made up for it by
once again having to climb one of Bob's towers in
mid-contest.  Tom went on to complain about Bob's use of
"Grade Zero" bolts.

K3MM, Tyler, again graced us with the presence of his lovely
wife, Laurie, and adorable daughter, Tayler. He worked at
W3LPL for ARRL CW, home for the SSB half of that one, and
will be a "super rover" with ND3F in the June VHF contest.
(Hey, Laurie...do you think just once you and Tayler could
come dine with us WITHOUT the excess baggage?)

K1DQV, Roger, fired up the station during the ARRL contest
"just to check  things out", and reports all is in top working order.

W0YR, Mike, reported having a good experience with Virginia
Power in getting the area around his QTH "quiet". He will
provide the point of contact to anyone that is interested. 
Meeting adjourned.

April NW Regional Guest Speaker & Directions by Greg Altig,
N5OKR,  NW Regional Chairman

Greetings to the PVRC membership!  The April meeting of the
NW Region (4/18/00) will feature another discussion with
Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, head of amateur radio rules
enforcement within the FCC's Compliance and Information
Bureau. Riley last visited us in February of last year and
provided a lively discussion of the FCC's rise from the
ashes as it pertains to amateur radio monitoring, along with
some hilarious anecdotes of recent "busts".

In order to better accommodate our guest, we decided at the
March meeting to temporarily move our venue to someplace
with a private meeting room. We chose the Paradise
Restaurant, a new Mongolian BBQ establishment in Frederick.
Unfortunately, I did not have an opportunity to get specific
directions to this place before the newsletter deadline, so
they will be posted on the reflector and via packet
separately. For now, here is what I do know....it is on
Frederick's Golden Mile (U.S. 40), on the opposite side of
the road from Tully's and slightly farther to the west. It
is the old Hi Gear auto parts retail outfit, which I recall
being a "stand-alone" building in one of the shopping center
parking lots and much closer to the road than the other
businesses. Basically everyone will enter Frederick the same
way they do to get to Tully's, those coming from the north,
south, and east will go down U.S. 40 past Tully's and look
for it on the right. Those of you coming from the west will
have to look across the road and make a left turn across
U.S. 40.

SEATING IS LIMITED! Our room holds 40 at capacity and I have
half that number confirmed already. If you plan to attend,
let me know so I can get you on the "A" list. I look forward
to a good crowd and some great conversation.

SWVA PVRC Meeting Minutes, March 10, 2000 by John Mitchell,

The SWVA PVRC Chapter met on March 10, at the Sunnybrook Inn
in Roanoke, VA. Present were K1GG, Gordon; N4GU, Mike; K1SO,
Jerry; W4YE, Buddy; N4EL, Nat, and his son, KF4NVC, Jim;
K4IQ, John; KU4RG, Anthony, and Shilynn, KF4OKG; John W4JAM,
and Susanne, W0MAN.

After a good meal of seafood and prime rib, the group
adjourned upstairs to a meeting room.  Our first order of
business was to welcome Nat's son, Jim, back for his second
formal meeting.  A vote was taken, W4YE read the code of
conduct and described the retty-snitch he keeps handy for
those who fail to get on for contests and help the club, and
Jim was unanimously voted into membership.  Welcome Jim. 
Jim is a student at Blacksburg Middle School, and is active
in the school's (!) amateur radio club, K4BMS, where he
reports there are several budding HF contesters.  He was
given his first assignment to find out more and report back
next meeting.

Members then gave a short redux of their efforts since our
last meeting, nearly two months ago!  W4YE had a great
contest effort for the ARRL CW, putting in 32 hours, and
well over a million points.  He did all this with paper
logs, and said he probably could have worked 2000 QSO's if
he could get NA to work on his antiquated computer.  We are
sending a crisis response team to Buddy's qth to get him
automated!  W4JAM reported he spent the contest on his
tower, instead of on the air, after he found a dead short on
this KLM 40M beam.  He also reported he and Susanne are very
actively house hunting, and would appreciate anyone having
Rohn 55 sections that are excess to their needs to contact
him.  N4GU reported having some good runs on 10M during the
ARRL phone, and enjoyed dx'ing 80M during the CW test.  He
plans a multi-single effort for the WPX phone in two weeks,
bringing in some of the club operators from the Virginia
Tech station, K4KDJ to stoke the contesting fires.  K1GG
continues to suffer tower woes, as he had to curtail his
single-handed efforts to bring down the KLM 3-ele 40 beam
that was damaged in the big January wind storm, when the
winds started up just as he was about to remove the last
bolts holding the beam on at 150 feet!  He quickly fastened
the damaged beam back to the mast, where it remains,
awaiting another day.  K4IQ related his single-op assisted
effort in the CQ160CW, when he was surprised to find the
internet "packet cluster" from Finland worked very well in
finding multipliers.  He was even more surprised when, two
weeks later, he got a $148.00 phone bill and found he had
been logged on for more than 16 hours to the Alexandria ISP
phone number, instead of the local SWVA number!  He will
take a few minutes next time to ensure his laptop is
adjusted for SWVA conditions after a DC trip!  Bill Svec,
WA4BKW, emailed to say he couldn't attend, but reported some
nice rates during the ARRL test, and he wished he'd had more
time to operate.

We discussed upcoming contests including the VA QSO Party,
and discussed an antenna party for K1GG soon, so he could
have a little help with that 3 element 40.  We also took
another head count for Dayton.  Looks like we'll have better
than half the chapter showing up!  Someone asked if there
would be a PVRC meeting and sign-up sheet this year, as in
past years.  The formal meeting concluded with a viewing of
the video for the 3Y0PI Dxpedition.  We agreed to hold our
next meeting at the same place (all you can eat prime rib
and seafood for 12.50 ain't bad!) on April 28th.  As always,
representatives from distant chapters are encouraged to
travel down to the mountains to share in the fun.

CVCC MEETING of 3/14/00 by John Yovell, WA4QDM

We had a good turn-out on 3/14/00 both for the "Crazy Greek"
and the regular meeting.   There were about 20 members

A.J., W4NM - our Treasurer, reports we are in real good
shape! (For members not present, this info is available, but
I don't want to put it out in an e-mail). Anyone still owing
dues, send 'em in to A.J.  There were some problems with the
list in the CVCC newsletter as to who had paid dues - N4ZJ
had some computer problems and is working this out.

Jim Green, W4ML, offered his river place for a June 10
picnic. AC, W4HJ, will report on the availability of an
alternate site next meeting. At the next meeting we will
take a vote, if both sites are viable options. In any event,
we appreciate the offers and generosity, whatever the final

The Club Officer slate is set - nobody volunteered to let
the incumbents off the hook, so there will be a "Railroad
Job" next month.

Bob, W4MYA, commented on the recent ARRL SSB M/M score,
which was a record for his station and shows we are gaining
% on W3LPL. Also, for the first time in awhile, the SSB
score was higher than the CW score - good going guys, guess
we'll have to QRQ on CW next time! (Bob, KB4DI - that means
send faster)!

Bob, W4DR, has lined up Sam, W4PK, to do a presentation next
meeting about "A serious fox hunt a long time ago". Sam may
try to coerce some of the other hams in the western reaches
of the CVCC to come to the meeting.  We had tried to get Don
Hennsley to do a talk on his "Mercury-like" paddles (he was
featured in a QST some time ago, but he told me he is snowed
with work of late and would still like to do it, but not

Bob, W4DR, also made a motion, that was seconded and passed,

that the club sponsor the following upcoming Dxpeditions for
$200 each:  FT/T (I think), 3B6, and VK9WI.

Jim, W4ML and Bob, W4MYA are both going to do a M/M this
weekend for the Va. QSO Party. Interested operators need to
get in touch with these kind hosts!  This is an excellent
training opportunity and the CVCC is sponsoring the Club
competition plaque this year.  We do need at least three
logs to qualify, so if you can't make it to Jim's or Bob's,
get at least a few Q's and submit a log!

Bob, W4MYA is looking for operators for the SSB WPX weekend
after next.

Last, but certainly not least, was the featured attraction
of the evening:The DX4WIN guy, Steve, NR4M, our friend (and
CW guy) from the Fredricksburg area. Steve put on a very
thorough computer projected presentation of his DX4WIN
product, which is designed specifically for the DXer. I
can't to the presentation justice, except to say that it was
very thorough, impressive, fantastic, and (do I get a
discount yet?...) he was able to answer all questions from
the floor. We had several testimonials on support/service at
the end of the presentation. Thanks a bunch Steve!

Late-breaking stuff:  Kyle, WA4PGM, has volunteered to do
the CVCC web again.  I have pointed my CVCC link to his CVCC
page. If you want to go direct, it is:


The Over the Hill Group met at the Best Western Hotel in
Oxon Hill on Wednesday March 22.  Those attending were K3ZO
-Fred, AA4XU -Ben, W3CP -Jim ,W3GN -Larry, W3ABC - Hugh and
W3AZ -Bill.  Jim brought in some pictures of his station at
different times before WWII.  It sure brought back memories
of those days.  Discussions ranged from those days up to the
latest restructuring of Ham Radio regulations.  All left
well fed.

UPDATES AT K3SA - Steve Affens March 2000

My 73 foot tower/mast combination rates only as a
multiplier/backup system for today's competitive multi-multi
and single-op stations.  Nevertheless, I remain undaunted
and last year, did my best to improve the fun factor and
results of operating with a single tower with tribander and
rotatable 2 element 40.  The goal was to improve antenna
bandwidth to provide a good load to a new auto tune
amplifier, eliminate antenna selection errors by automating
antenna switching, and increase power to the legal limit.

The TH6 tribander was replaced with a Bencher Skyhawk and
the Hygain 2el 40, which was very narrow and unusable in the
rain, was replaced by a Cushcraft XM-240.  To achieve
sufficient antenna separation, a new Dillsburg mast was
installed.  Both new antennas work very well, and are
pointed in the same direction (Skyhawk at 60', 2 el 40 at
73').  A Top Ten Devices Switch was added so the FT1000
could automatically select the appropriate antenna upon band
changes.  The Alpha 87a linear replaced an SB-220 to bring
automation to its conclusion and accomplish legal limit
power.  I also added an auto brake release circuit to the
rotor so I could pull my hand away from the control without
having to wait for the array to coast to a stop.  Finally, I
switched to Writelog Contest software to see what it would
be like to have windows open while operating.  It was nice
to be able to open Geoclock on screen along with all the
other windows.

Arguably, conditions during the ARRL CW DX Contest couldn't
have been much better.  Nevertheless, I have been "driving"
my station through endless roads of contests and sunspots
and I can distinguish the difference between equipment
changes and conditions.  I could feel the power difference
(I'm presuming the antenna gain of the Skyhawk isn't THAT
much better than the TH6) and I could HEAR the difference on
the 2 el 40.  The frequency agility made operating much less
fatiguing and eliminated the inertia to change bands for
multipliers.  The 2201 Q's, 438 countries, 2.9 meg score was
a very significant improvement over past efforts.  I'm still
the same old me, so I'm presuming its the station
improvement that paid off.

I'd like to pass along some thanks to those who mentored the
project.  First, Mike Cizek, W3MC is a master tower man.  I
built the antennas, but he took the old down and installed
the new mast and new antennas.  He made a daunting project
look easy.  W3LPL provided thoughtful consultation and great
advice on the mast and where to get it.  K3MM helped on the
mast pickup and delivery.  Norm's (W3NRS) rotor brake delay
circuit is marvelous.  The new system uncovered yet unknown
nightmares of unwanted reception by my neighbor's new
surround sound TV.  Bob Curry KC3VO helped to team up on the
problem and clean my signal out of a stereo in the direct
line of fire of the array. (yet another story).  N3AM and
W3GG took direction well from me and W3MC.  They are good
ops as well.  Thanks to the PVRC members and leadership for
providing the team spirit and fosters station improvement
and operating participation.

Pictures and SWR charts of the project are at

Smith, N4ZR [email protected]

Effective March 14th, the PVRC 5M Award web pages have moved
to www.qsl.net/n4zr.  Later on, pages about N4ZR will
probably be added, but a link to the award standings will
remain prominently displayed.

The World Contest Station Database will be migrating to
contesting.com before April 1.  In the meantime,  I will be
continuing to update the database at its current location,
so don't hesitate to submit your new or revised info -- it
will not be lost.  Don't forget to update your entry in the
World Contest Station Database

SHORT NOTES by the editor, K3DI

Call sign changes:  Ben dropped the final "A" from N3UMA to
become N3UM.  KD4FBU changed to his father's (N1KC) former
call of N1KCE.

Barry Thaysen, K3UG answered my appeal for a replacement as
editor of the PVRC column in the FAR Autocall.  I had edited
it for about three years but felt that more could be done in
the column to attract some 3,000 area readers into
contesting.  Barry will start with the June column that is
due to Autocall by the end of April. 

A couple times, I errored in preparing meeting information
in the Calendar on page one.  It would help if those writing
minutes would conclude with a comment as to when and where
their next meeting will be.  Then, if I don't transport the
info to page one correctly, your readers will have the info
in your minutes.

Nat Heatwole, WZ3AR (x-KB3CBW) operated from the
Chincoteaque and Assateaque Islands in NE VA on February
19-21.  The two islands count as IOTA NA-083 in the rare
Accomack co, VA.  He's glad to QSL.

Larry Fadner, W3GN, lets us know that Howard Nurse, W6HN
(formerly WD6A) wants borrow a FT1000MP to beta test some
software on.  If interested you can contact W6HN directly at
[email protected]


by Bob Dannals, W2GG
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  Changes/additions/deletions to 
  W2GG via [email protected] or packet
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
     ### = missing information
160M CW RESULTS (FINAL 3/14/00)

W4MYA   950  53  37  258,750
K4ZW    644  53  32  162,860
N3OC    612  49  24  114,683
K2UOP   555  50  21   96,844
K4SO    410  50  20   84,630
K3MM    225   (66)    59,268
N4MM    243  47  23   56,700
K4HA    315  46  15   48,048
K3SV    220   (41)    40,140
W3GN    287  43  12   39,160
K4VV    250  45  13   37,642
N3AM    266  42  11   35,298
K4BAM   274  43   8   32,589
N4CW    260  43   7   30,650
K4IX    241  46   7   28,408
K3ZO     87   8  26   22,644
N4XX     57  21  17    9,956
W3AO     84   (25)     4,575

K7SV    568   (74)   108,188
WJ9B    525  44  15   69,384
W4YE    283  45  12   45,201
K4MA    323  43  13   43,064
W2GG    225  46  15   36,234
W0YR    236  40  10   29,400
W3CP    221   (48)    25,056
K3SWZ   204  43   5   22,080
N1WR    211  42   5   21,949
W3DQ    166  40   0   14,720
W4VC    137  33   0    9,768
W8ZA    108  32   1    7,788
N3UN    106  32   0    7,168
W3FA     43  17   0    1,513

WK3I    500  70  20   86,870

K4IQ    811  54  34  206,008
N4RV    642  52  39  194,194
K8OQL   540  51  25  110,276
W3HVQ   356  47  25   75,024
K4PB    230  46  21   45,493
K3KO    232  45  17   40,672
WA4QDM  306  45   3   31,392
K3DI    119  38   4   12,474
W3UL    132  28   0    7,728

TI7/N4MO 97  27  16   24,940

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
43 LOGS  CW TOTAL  2,439,429
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Multiop operators:
Single op plus packet unless 
  indicated below.

W3FA is new call for NV3V

ARRL DX CW #8 (Mar.20.2000)
K3ZO      3860  408   4,723,416
N4AF      3317  372   3,700,000
K4MA      3070  338   3,105,882
W4MR      2155  332   2,146,380
N4ZR      2324  302   2,103,732
K2PLF     2046  342   2,093,040
W0YR      1578  270   1,277,370
W4YE      1318  313   1,237,602
K2UOP     1286  280   1,080,240
W3AZ       889  244     650,748
W4ZV   10 1893  104     590,616
K2AV       693  241     498,147
N4MM       556  235     480,810
N3JT       500  102     273,000
W4IF       469  167     234,969
K4VV       352  163     172,128
W3GN       162   52      25,272

N1WR      1270  309   1,176,363
WJ9B      1303  291   1,137,519
W3UJ      1120  273     916,461
W3DF      1027  287     884,247
W4HM       919  292     805,044
W3DAD      669  229     459,603
N3UMA      466  216     301,968
AA4KD      399  174     208,274
W3FA       298  161     143,934
K6ETM      291  144     125,712
NE3H       251  111      83,250
WK4Y   40  358   58      75,072
W3CP       303   67      60,903
K4HA       168   95      47,880
K3YDX      151   96      43,941
KF4OAD     137  106      43,556
W4VC       128   79      30,336
W4SD       100   71      21,300
K3SV       140   45      18,900
N3WK        89   67      17,889
W3DQ        53   28       4,452

WD3P       101   57      17,271

N3RR      2749  441   3,634,281
K3SA      2201  438   2,890,800
N3AM      2033  391   2,384,709
W4NF      1936  363   2,108,304
W3HVQ     1363  326   1,333,014
K3UG       725  282     612,504
K3KO       808  225     545,400
K2YWE      663  260     513,240
NT4D       615  257     474,165
W3UL       549  233     383,751
W3OU       357  235     251,685
N4RV       ###  ###     226,548


WR3L      2733  425   3,483,300

W3LPL     8076  612  14,820,192
W4MYA     5964  535   9,538,515
NR4M      5261  479   7,519,821
K3DI      1069  363   1,164,141

8P9JA     5290  328   5,205,360
WP3R      4542  321   4,373,946
TI7/N4MO  1238   57     211,698
  (15 m, LP)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
59 LOGS  CW TOTAL    92,692,601
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       K4EU NR4M K7SV
       K3RV W3LPL K3MM

Note: W3FA is ex. NV3V
CQ 160M SSB #2 (Mar.21.2000)

W4MYA   659  55  17  111,312
W4HZ    608  48  13   84,302
K2UOP   561  49  12   78,263
K4IQ    471  51  15   74,316
K4HA    280  45   9   34,558
NX9T    303  40   8   33,696
K3SV    226  40  16   33,656
K3SA    207   (43)    20,683
KB3AUG  160  38   6   16,236
N4MM    107  35   7   10,752
W4HJ    110  28   8   10,152
K3DNE   139   (29)     9,019
K4VV     90  28   7    8,085
NT4D     50  22   4    3,276

WK3I    360   (47)    37,882
W2GG    197  39  10   23,275
W3CP    102   (27)     6,237
N3GPU    85   (24)     4,512


N4RV    434  43  17   62,940
K8OQL   209  37   7   20,636
K3KO    160  37   9   18,032
W3HVQ   166  40   6   17,940
K3DI    169  38   4   16,212
K3IXD   118  30   5   10,395
W3UL     60  22   0    2,838

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
25 LOGS SSB  TOTAL    749,205
40 LOGS  CW  TOTAL  2,398,718
57 LOGS MIX  TOTAL  2,874,108
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
LAST YEAR (combined SSB & CW)
Frankford R C       #,###,###
Slovenia Contest C  #,###,###
Contest C Finland   #,###,###
Potomac Valley R C  #,###,###
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

ARRL DX PH #6 (Mar.20.2000)
K4ZW       3709  417  4,633,704
K3ZO       2684  367  2,953,983
K2PLF      2069  372  2,307,888
K2UOP      1411  320  1,354,560
W4ZV   10  2589  127    986,409
N4MM       1067  278    889,878
AJ3M        824  255    630,360
KF3BE       801  247    592,800
N4CW        638  214    409,596
N4GU        665  186    371,070
W3AZ        585  201    352,755
K4VV        390  161    188,370
W0YR        435  143    186,615
W4MR   40   552   94    155,664
W3JRY       302  142    128,652
W4YE        278  133    110,922
KC3TL  10   419   85    106,845
W4IF        266  127    101,346
W2BZR  10   153   64     29,376
K3SV   80    98   49     14,259

W3UJ        937  250    702,750
N3UMA       354  206    218,772
W2CS        374  182    203,112
K4HA        338  171    173,394
KF4OAD      297  151    134,541
N3FX        257  138    106,398
W3DF        249  131     97,857
N3EYB       251  126     94,878
W3CP        258   66     51,084
K1SO        183  117     64,233
N8CH        126   77     29,106


N4RV      2255  425   2,868,750
N3AM      1462  404   1,771,944
KB3AUG    1091  321   1,050,633
N3NT       973  344   1,003,104
K3SA       855  303     776,286
W4JVN     1003  237     713,133
W3OU       643  257     495,753
K3KO       600  239     430,200
W3HVQ      484  262     383,328
W3YD       542  203     328,860
K6IR       496  219     325,872
W3UL       486  219     319,302
K3UG       442  173     229,398
K3IXD      153  116      53,244
K3DNE      178   62      33,108

NT4D      2039  366   2,238,822
N1WR      1398  348   1,458,468
W4PRO     1198  370   1,329,780
WX3B      1115  237     792,054

W3GNQ     3335  464   4,636,752
W8ZA      2660  442   3,523,182

W3LPL     8817  687  18,110,007
W4MYA     6066  604  10,978,908

TI7/N4MO  1840   59     325,680
  (10 m, LP)
8P9Z      6757  331   6,709,701
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
56 LOGS  PH TOTAL    79,276,446
59 LOGS  CW TOTAL    92,692,601
115 COMBINED TOTAL  171,969,047
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Club     Logs           Score
YCCC     265        282,469,426
FRC      162        225,763,743
PVRC     103        109,744,347

8P9Z   K4FJ plus one non-PVRC (K3KG)
       W4DR W4HZ W4NM WB4GVZ WK4Y                                               W4MYA
W4PRO  K4IX N8CH W4PRO W4SD W4ZYT                                               WB4DNL

Notes:  N8CH is former NW3K


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PacketCluster Contest/DX System, MHz:
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KE3Q    Bowie MD      145.570 445.375
WR3L    Baltimore MD  145.610 440.950
N3RR    Rockville MD  145.510 441.325
K3SKE   Frederick MD  144.930
N4OHE   Mt.Weather VA 145.710 440.925
NE3H    Harrisburg PA 144.970
K3MQH   S Mountain PA 145.630
N4SR    Woodbridge VA 145.630 *
K4FJ    Mt. Vernon VA 145.770 *
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