Roster Database Lookup

To look up the roster entry for any member of PVRC, enter what you know about the member in the relevant form field below.  If a match is found, the system will return the complete entry for the member or members who satisfy the search criteria.



Last Name   

ZIP Code      



Note:  You can now insert a partial ZIP code (e.g., 254) and the search will return all records where the zip code contains the number provided.  This will be useful if you want to know which members are near you and include more than one ZIP code.  Enter the first 3 or 4 digits of your ZIP and the entries will appear.  You can also search partial last names and partial calls (e.g., W2 and Smi) to return results that match the information provided. 

If you want to correct your entry, please follow this link and send your changes by e-mail to WM3T.  Thanks!