Q: What historic calls are being activated this year?
A: I have not had any E-mail replies back to my requests to the current
   holders/trustees of the historic callsigns. So we will NOT be
   activating any of the historic calls this year. (BTW, this means that
   for the first time ever, I will be using my own call and name in the reunion!)

Q: What's this about typing both name and state into the name field
   for non-members for the PVRCREU16 module?
A: Typing state into the name field for non-members is the only way
   I could figure out how to stop non-members from counting towards
   a mult. Please use a "slash" or a "dash" or just run name and
   state together. If you try to use space bar here it won't work,
   because "space" means go to next field in N1MM.

Q: Problems with N1MM SO2R and/or roster prefills?
A: I have not had time to debug these. Please feel free to post any
   progress you make with these to the reflector. But the reunion is
   not such a high rate event that I think there will be much problem.

Q: What is a typical rate?
A: Last year, each 4-hour session started out with a good rate of 40-50
   in the first hour but quickly thinned out. The full-time stations
   made 200 QSO's over 8 hours and most QSO's were in the first two
   hours each night/mode. I am very enthusiastic that we will have
   better turnout this year but it seems unlikely you will run out
   of time before you run out of guys to work.

Q: How about spotting?
A: Self-spotting *IS* allowed. Please include "PVRC Reunion" in all
   your spot comments to let folks know what's going on. Remember, CQ with
   "CQ PVRC" to advertise your acitivity on the air too!

Q: How about non-members who ask me what's going on?
A: Tell them to Google "PVRC Reunion" to find the rules, tell them
   we're a great contest club, and if they're locals that express an
   interest in contesting, please ask them to fill out the online
   application and come two PVRC chapter meetings so they can join!

Q: Any operating hints in summer in this part of solar cycle?
A: 20M has been super good towards EU and also good to Pacific at
   start to pick up important out-of-circle PVRC members - Once a
   member, always a member! And be sure to get to 40M before
   it goes long. Later in the night most activity will be locals on 80M/160M.
   And after the initial burst of rate, try moving locals
   between all bands each night. Mults count per band so this really helps.

Q: Can I log with paper?
A: Yes - and you won't have to struggle with dumb loggers. Please
   use the score computation worksheet at to compute
   your score and include Q's, points, and mults in your final summary to me.

Q: Why is the exchange so complicated?
A: Every member's exchange, whether from a "historic call", from an old-timer, or from
   someone newly joined, is directly tied to the most important thing of all: The details of you as a
   member and your growth as a contester since you joined!

Q: Is there a N1MM UDC module for the Reunion?
A: Yes, for the 2016 rules and scoring, there is a new UDC module, PVRCREU16.
   Download it here:

Q: Any quirks with the PVRCREU16 module?
A: Yes, there is! For non-members you work, please enter the NAME and STATE in the
   NAME field and leave the STATE field blank. For PVRC members you work, fill out
   all 4 fields. This typography will help it keep score correctly.

Q: Any other quirks?
A: Yep. The Cabrillo you generate with this module will not include the year field.
   Don't sweat it, that's fine.

Q: Why so many quirks?
A: PVRC Reunion has a complex 4-field exchange and many odd scoring rules.
   Memo for next year: think about simplifying scoring A LOT. Contesters like it
   when the logger does the math for them.

Q: Can I use the older UDC module?
A: Yes, but it will not keep score right.

Q: Is there a score worksheet if I'm not using the latest N1MM UDC module or the scoring is wonky?
A: Yes, there is. is a score worksheet you can use.

Q: I can't remember what year I joined PVRC. How can I look it up?
A: Look yourself up in the PVRC Roster and you will find the year joined.

Q: How to install the PVRCREU16.UDC under N1MM+?
A: 1. If you have N1MM or N1MM+ running, shut it down.

   2. Down load

   3. You will find PVRCREU.udc in the zip file.

   3a. For N1MM classic extract PVRCREU.udc to [root]\N1MM
   Logger\UserDefinedContests directory. The exact directory may be different
   if you changed "N1MM Logger" to something else.

   3b. For N1MM+ extract PVRCREU.udc to \My Documents\N1MM
   Logger+\UserDefinedContests. If you are logged on as a different user than
   you used when you installed N1MM+ it will not find items under {user} and
   you will probably not find the necessary folder. You need to log off, and
   log back on as the N1MM Logger+ installation time user ID. You can also use
   literal paths if you know how to do that and all you want to do is extract
   the file at this time.

   4. Restart MM/MM+.

   5. Do "File", "New Log", and choose PVRCREU

   6. Add your data as with any new contest log.

   7. For N1MM+ download PVRC member call history file to \My Documents\N1MM
   Logger+\CallHistoryFiles . See caution in step 3b which also applies here.

   8. Do "File", "Import", "Import Call History...", and select

Q: Oh jeeze all this logger stuff sounds complicated. Maybe I shouldn't get on.
A: I will accept just about any kind of log and/or score summary. Don't sweat the logging too
   much: get on and work other PVRC'ers and hand out Q's to the non-PVRC'ers!
   Remember, every QSO exchanges an important bit of PVRC history - THE DETAILS OF YOU BECOMING A
   MEMBER -  whether you are an old-timer or recent member!

Any other questions... please drop an E-mail to the Reunion manager N3QE, [email protected] , or ask on the reflector
and other helpful members will help you!


2016  Rules

 Revised:  May 17, 2016

1.  Eligibility: 

Open format - all amateurs worldwide are eligible to participate.   The objective is to work as many members of PVRC as possible.   PVRC Members are defined as anyone who has ever lived inside the PVRC Circle and was a PVRC member at any time during their ham radio life.   As we say, "Once a member, always a member of PVRC!"

2.  Object: 

Contact as many PVRC members around the world as possible, using all 6 (non-WARC) HF bands from 10 – 160 meters.

3.  Date: 

Always the first weekend in June. The 2016 reunion will be June 4ththrough June 5th UTC.  In North America, these are the evenings of Friday June 3th and Saturday June 4th. 

4.  Suggested Frequencies

  • CW – Friday night only: 1817, 3547, 7047, 14047, 21047 & 28047 kHz

  • Phone – Saturday night only:   1847, 3847, 7247, 14247, 21247, 28447

5.  Contest period:  

  • CW:  June 4, 0000Z-0400Z (Friday evening, 8PM to midnight EDT).

  • SSB: June 5, 0000Z-0400Z (Saturday evening, 8PM to midnight EDT).

6.  Two segments:

  • Two 4-hour segments:   CW Only (Friday night), and SSB Only (Sat. night)

  • Check for activity on 1015 and 160 meters on the half hour.

  • When rate is low, feel free to move callers between bands.

  • If you use the spotting network, please be a “reunion cheerleader” and spot PVRC’ers as being part of the “PVRC Reunion”.

7.   Exchange:

PVRC members - (once a member, always a member!) -- send the year you became a PVRC member, your name, your QTH (50 U.S. States plus DC, 14 Canadian provinces or DXCC country) and call sign when you joined PVRC.

Non-PVRC members – send name and State / Province / Country.

Example QSO:


K4ZW:     K4ZW

WX3B:     K4ZW 1998 Jim MD WA2GPQ

K4ZW:     WX3B 86 Ken VA KE9A

WX3B:    TU WX3B

8.   Scoring:

  • Each station can be worked once per band per mode
  • Point Values:
    • Bonus Stations:  Historic calls W3GRF, W4KFC, and W3AU count for 10 points per QSO, once per band/mode.
    • PVRC members:  Count 1 point per QSO.

         Count total number of PVRC QSOs * number of PVRC multipliers. 

         Only QSO's with PVRC members count towards multipliers. Multipliers are States, DC, VE Provinces, and DXCC countries (excluding USA).

         All multipliers count once per band, regardless of mode. 

         PVRCREU.udc module for N1MM is available.

9.   Awards (electronic recognition / publication of results)

         Separate Rankings for 'PVRC' and 'Non-PVRC' participants

         Top 5 scores – high power

         Top 5 scores – low power

         QRP class awards will be added if scores are deemed significant.

10.  Score Reporting
Please report a summary of your activity as follows:

         Power Level

         Total Multipliers

         Total Score

         Soapbox Comments

         Note:   Combine all CW and SSB QSO's into the same log

Email reports to Tim, N3QE, at [email protected] within 14 days after the Reunion.



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