PVRC Presentations


"Channelized 60+ Years Before 60M Band" by W3FA (sk)
"Chokes" by K9YC
"Contest station construction" by N4ZR (PowerPoint)
"Contests-Why Bother" by K2YWE
"Contesting - Best Practices" by K2YWE (PDF)
"Contesting for the little pistol" by K2YWE (powerpoint)
"M/2" at W4RM
"N1MM quick starter" by N4ZR
"N1MM Logger Download" (powerpoint) by N4ZR or View with browser
"Propagation Trends for 2013-2014" by W3LPL
"RFI" by K9YC
"SO2R" by K4QPL
"Stacking" by WX0B (powerpoint)
"Station Construction" by N3HBX (PDF) (Powerpoint)
"Sweepstakes 2014" by K3MM and WX3B     ** NEW**
"TenTec Orion" by W4PA
"Working the Weak Ones" by W0UCE
"You-Tube Propagation Trends 2013-2014 - Q&A from CTU" by W3LPL
"20th Year Tower & antenna Maintenance" by N3RR (pdf)  Audio available from N3RR