PVRC spent over a thousand dollars on plaques that we need to recover.

Please consider a donation to help.

From our treasurer:

Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 11:13 AM
To: Potomac Valley Radio Club Officer Communications ; daveb.mba@verizon.net
Subject: Financial report

What we spent last year:    (all numbers rounded)

Plaques:  ARRL, CQ, ect.  (this is not our awards) this is what we
sponsor.  $1005
Insurance: $320
Dayton Pizza: $300
Fowl Fest $125
Donations:  (qsl.net)  $50
Award dinner and awards:  $1450

Total expenses last year:  $3250

Income last year:
Donations: $808
NL Ads: $200
Dinner profit: $200

Total income: $1200

Loss of $3050

Balance at end of year in checking account $2872.45

When you look at the loss please note that the awards, that we do at the
end of the year, some is for endorsements that will be used this year
cutting this expense this season by about $500.

Proposed budget this year is:

Plaques:  $2000
Insurance: $320
Dayton: $300?
Fowl Fest $125?
Awards: $900

Total $3645

Income received to date:

Ad NL: $850 (pd)
Ad NL: $600 (open)
Donations $250

Income will depend on donations from this point. The loss was discussed
at the dinner meeting (AND A FULL REPORT WAS GIVEN) but no comments have
come back to me.

Every year is different. 2011 we had a $6000 balance from donations.